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Monday, September 1, 2008

So Excited... for Sasuke 21

(EDITED TO ADD MORE INFORMATION September 07, September 9, September 12 and September 15, 2008

Video Clip of Chiyo-Chan from Azumanga Daioh

Sasuke 21 is taping this Sunday and for the past month I've been chanting this song LOL. Looks like there will be a bunch of us waking up at 5:30 am (Eastern) on Wednesday, September 17th to watch Sasuke 21 air live. So from Sunday to the next 2 Wednesdays I'll be chomping at the bit trying to figure out what happened. As of today we have a few people already confirmed and/or rumored to be coming:

ETA: TBS has its own page for Sasuke 21 finally! Thanks to that page I can finally update this now.

ETA: September 12 - Ube put up his list as well and I'll incorporate that list.

ETA: September 15 - Found a couple more.. + adding the ones from Sasuke Navi - hopefully this is the last time I update this list! LOL


  • G4 Crew: 6 people (2 hosts (Kevin Pereira / Olivia Munn), 2 previous from ANC2 (Levi "Hits" Meeuwenberg / Brian Orosco), 2 new people (Luci Romberg / Mark Witmer)


  • Lance Terpend from Sasuke 18 and 19


  • 5 Allstars (Makoto Nagano / Toshihiro Takeda / Katsumi Yamada / Bunpei Shiratori / Shingo Yamamoto (as expected though Kazuhiko Akiyama is not listed.. he only came back from retirement for Sasuke 20)


  • Daisuke Miyazaki + his handball teamates:
  • Katsuyuki Urawa
  • Sho Iwanaga
  • Masakatsu Izuma



  • 8 Qualifiers from Sasuke Trials (Kazuma Asa / Jun Satou / Tomohiro Kawaguchi / Ryo Matachi / Murakami / Hashimoto Koji /Miyagi / Kubota Takayuki)



  • Taiwan's Lee Enchi - from Sasuke 17-18


  • Provided we get the same guys as usual (Mr. Octopus/Famous Gut of Japan/Hang Glider/Creapy Model Maker Guy)



  • Surprised guys that were in the Sasuke Trial but didn't time in.. but TBS invited them anyway! (Recently was brought to my attention that they had the best times and represent one of each age Category.. 30's, 40's 50's)
  • Ida Koji (50's representative)
  • Katsuo Yamanaka (40's representative)
  • Craftsboy.. (Found his name online - Shiyunzou Kikuti) (30's representative)


  • Muscle Musical. With the corrected date (I thought it was Sunday but it was MONDAY) they finished Muscle Musical the night before Sasuke so they were there in full mass on Monday. (according to website.. 13 went to Sasuke including the 3 below)



  • Kenji Takahashi (Kongo Express)


  • Henry Cejudo - United States's Gold Medalist in men's wrestling at the Beijing Olympics
  • Tomohiro Matsunaga - Japan's Silver Medalist in men's wrestling at the Beijing Olympics

59/100 +

  • Yuji Washimi




Not showing up.

  • Shunsuke and Takamasa Nagasaki (confirmed)
  • Koji Yamada (possible - not 100%)
  • Jordan Jotchev (confirmed)
  • I've been checking the US tour of Gymnastics and September 7th they will be in Reno.. so I doubt the Olympians will be there in Japan. (This would include the Hamm brothers)
  • Michael Milner - Awwww.. Hopefully we can petition to have him back in Sasuke 22


Cynthia Pesantez said...

Hi, my husband and I are in Japan and DYING to check out Sasuke 21! We think we're not too far from the site (maybe 2 hours) but we haven't been able to confirm anything about the exact location or the date and time. (I know that they only let family and friends sit in the stands...we just want to be near them!) Can you please post any details about the date and time? We're desperate to go! (And we'll attempt and take pics and video for you!) Thanks.

Arsenette said...

Hello Cynthia!

I think the best that you can do is to attend the brand new Sasuke Festival they announced to run concurrently with Sasuke 21. It runs this Saturday and Sunday (both days 10 am- 4pm). They tape on Sunday for Sasuke 21 but that is still locked to just family and friends of the competitors. (at least that we know of.. who knows.. they might bend the rules..)

Sasuke 21 tapes (usually) late afternoon into evening (and sometimes well past midnight). Same site.. which is the TBS headquarters in Yokahama, Japan.

Ube found this just this morning:
That is promoting the Festival and has details as to what's going to be there. (and it's free!)

Ube posted on this event (and another on the 15th) on his blog. Hopefully the information you need to find it is in there:

lostinube said...

Unfortunately, the SASUKE Matsuri is only open to those who applied prior to the August 31st deadline.

Arsenette said...

The Challenge part of the course right? They still have a Training one that's open.

Just read this morning there are 2 courses.

lostinube said...

Yeah. The course needs registration. Everything else is free.

I doubt that they'll open the taping to the public if they want to keep the results a secret until the 17th.

Arsenette said...

Very much agreed but still it's a great way to get the experience and even a photo op with the competitors they plan to get there (Ube is hearing that All-stars might show up.. I can only assume on Saturday only.. dunno..). Oh.. if you get any videos or pictures PLEASE send them to me :) /passespopcorn

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

I am laughing at Kevin and Olivia for actually trying out the course.

Hopefully in 21st, someone will reach the final stage... I have a guess with little proof right now, but it doesn't prove 100% of my theory =P

Anyways, thanks for the contestant info. :D