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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 3





Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. We have found our first Allstar! It's Shingo Yamamoto! Why is he always the first? Couldn't he swap with Yamada?? Meh....

Shingo Yamamoto! Cap on! Please let it fall off!

Shingo praying to the Gods he passes Stage One.. meanwhile.. wtf is up with Nagano? He looks like a cat who has a live bird in his mouth.. sinister and goofy at the same time.. what is he thinking? Shiratori Flashing skin (he knows what shorts are... REAL shorts..) and Takeda is just striking the pose)

Shingo.. PLEASE let me get passed this.. Nagano is still finding this funny.. he maniacal or something?

Wow.. Shingo looks nervous..

I'm KING OF THE WORRRRRRRRLLLLD!! WHOOOOOOO (Please see SASUKE NAVI to see the video of him climbing Mount Fuji)

Okay.. it's 1 am when I'm typing this.. and.. for some reason.. this overhead shot.. well.. I'm hungry.. and Ramen isn't cutting it.. I'm craving these..

Shingo's Turn. .Shingo's Turn!

Shingo Yamamoto ready to serve!

YES! Passed the Jumping Spider.. that's a good sign..

YES! Revenge on the Half Pipe Attack.. but I'm concerned.. HIS CAP IS STILL ON!

Monster jump on the Warped Wall.. still hat is on.. I'm getting worried..

Wow he's flying check out the time.. GO SHINGO GO!!!!!

Shiratori is going hoarse.. Lee is intently watching and Takeda.. is on crack. sorry.. he's calm..
There we go. for spazz all I need to look for is Nagano.. okay.. they are cheering him on..

Cap is on.. he's dangling like Takeda from Sasuke 20!!!!!!!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUU

The All-stars are now becoming one with the pole.. they are all trying to get close to him to get him to miraculously swing!!!!

Daaaaaaaaaaaangit.. his long legs.. he hit the water with his foot so he just jumped off.. STUPID CAP!!

Nagano is in dispair.. sooooooooo close!!!!!!!! He was soooo ahead.. Shades of Takeda..

They all hug the pole.. tender moment..

Bastard Yamada is unaffected again..

Shingo is distraught... why does this keep happening to him??

Stupid foot.....

Okay.. story on cap.. My darling husband has a theory that is downright full proof.. IF Shingo's cap does not FLY off him halfway through the course.. he's going to fail.. when it DOES fall off he clears stage one.... STUPID CAP!!!!!!!

Call me Krillin.. EVERYTHING happens to me...

Digest part.. .. er.. I think Ube missed him? Or do i have this reversed? Oh who cares i't s 1 am .. and he died on the Log grip..

Red Moeyan .. Death by .. Sextuple Steps

Unidentified pwned by Log Grip

Keitaro Katayama .. death by Flying Chute

Norio Haryu.. death by.. AWW CRAP.. AT THE ROPE CLIMB!! TIME UP!!!! Oh that sucks..

Brian citing! Okay.. I'll get this off my chest... G4 dropped the ball.. Brian deserved to back to Sasuke 21.. but he should NOT have gone through the agony of going through voting process.. I mean DAMN He's your champion from ANC2.. Give him the courtesy for Pete's sake.. okay. off soapbox..

Speaking of Sasuke 20.. oy.. he was sooooooooo close! Brian.. Death by Flying Chute.

Brian Orosco is here to take names.. and he's .. PUMPED!

Brian Orosco turning into the Incredible Hulk!

OKAY.. Flying Chute.. Part Deux.. looking gooood...

YES got it with his foot.. STILL HAVE TIME!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOO!

OMG.. 20 seconds.. RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!

ANC people Freaking out!

HOLY FRIGGIN' CRAP!!!!!!!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me! HE DOVE for the finish line and MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! Brian Orosco! Second Stage One CLEAR!

G4 is having kittens!

LOL Luci with her "kick me" shirt!

G4 is already creating their fluff piece.. that's okay.. YOU GOT TWO MONTHS...

Everyone is beside themselves with glee

Brian is over the moon! BRRRRYYYYAAANNN!!

Brian DIVING for the red Button.. I mean LITERALLY.. squeaking in...

Brian celebrating before his interview

Group hug!! Levi congratulating Brian

Kongo Express!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO They digested Kenji Takahashi!!!

Kenji Takahashi.. aww sorry Snowy!! Death by Jumping Spider.. again..

Kawashima from Muscle Musical .. death by Jumping Spider

Wow... craftsboy (from Sasuke Trials.. dangit.. I forgot his name) .. death by Flying Chute

Crap.. Another Handball dude.. Time out on the ROPE WALL! Oh that sucks..

Almost to the end.. Toshihiro Takeda loosening up for his run

Nagano.. oy.. only 2 people.. crap.. please let the rest go through.. less pressure for me...

Nagano: Uhgh.. I got a migraine..

Hiromichi Sato and his grin oh and his family too..

Drama.. Taiwan.. 1.. United States.. 1.. Japan .. 0

Hiromichi Sato and his grin (THERE you go Ube!! .. hears a housewife in Japan freak out)

Hiromichi Sato .. can't get past this stupid wall..

Hiromichi Sato wondering why he can't jump it this time... TIME UP.. U.. Death by Warped Wall...

Part Four Here

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