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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 9


Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. And the last guy standing is Makoto Nagano. My jaw hurts from smiling so much.... /passing jumbo size popcorn, pixie sticks, pocky, icecream sandwiches, Doritos, mini M&M's and alkas seltzer for later... LOL

Nagano gets ready for his run at Sasuke 21

.. kiss the ring.. KISS IT.. LMAO j/k.. Bunpei Shiratori respectfully wishing Makoto Nagano good luck. Man this guy is so classy.

Takeda off to start trouble with his buddy.. er.. sorry.. I'm rammy.. He's heading over to see how the emotional spazzed out basketcase is doing.. he's got duct tape just in case..

All-Star convention.. Yamada (cough), Takeda, Shiratori all descend upon Nagano to wish him well and Yamada and Shiratori congratulate Takeda on a great tournament

Nagano assumes the position..


I swear one day dude's going to hack a lung out with one of those slaps..

Brian and Levi approving of corporal punishment.. er.. uh.. sorry .. they announced Nagano's name for his turn LOL

Makoto Nagano .. looking sheepish.. walks up for his turn at Stage 3 Btw.. now that a lot more people saw the TBS broadcast.. WHAT IS HIS THEME MUSIC???

But first.. we have another car for you.. SUBARU!!!!!!!!!

Nagano: Do I have to go????? Dude is constantly staring at Takeda

Piece of cake :D Arm rings done!

Takeda: That's my boy!!!

Nagano trying to squeeze what's left of the SASUKE Spray bottle.. since Miyazaki and Takeda hogged it all

Nagano already invoking his own rule.. as he sits on the mat .. for a while.. then starts to get up while he's already beating on his forearms to get the blood flowing..

Nagano attacking the HANGING BALLS!!

Okay.. that's done.. back to gooping his hands...

Nagano making the Devil Steps look friggin' easy..

More.. Sasuke Spray.. Maybe I should consider buying stock on it...

Takeda feeling the withdrawal.. begs for some.. LOL j/k He's cheering on his buddy. Wow.. Yamada is pissing me off.. he's cheering too!

Nagano invoking rule again.. yeah.. make it look like he's stretching out the arms.. but from this angle.. it looks like he's doing the "Thinker" pose.. only problem. Dude has to be nekkid for that pose to work.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it (feels evil glare from husband)

Nagano is giving me the look for insinuating that he should be nekkid.. ignores the clock.. I mean seriously.. how long is he on this platform?

Oooooooh he decided to actually TRY the obstacle! He JUMPS (I expect commercials..) Yep.. right on cue..

Setting up!!!!.. and?????? Will he become only the second man to beat this thing?


Farking AWESOME! That's 2 All-Stars ever to beat that demonic thing.. next year.. we see SPIKES OF DOOM WITH FIRE AND ... SHARP POINTY.. NASTY.. nvm.. they won't change this thing..

Nagano is more relieved that pumped right now

Does celebratory fist pump

Then does it again with Takeda

Daisuke Miyazaki looks like he needs a looooooooooong nap..

I swear Yamada is mental.. he's like .. no reaction man.. Takeda is happy :)

See? Shiratori is happy too! Takeda sporting the sexy I'm nekkid underneath my trench coat look.. and for bling.. a rope like a dog collar.. .. ohh.. kinky

Takeda still sharing the love

Nagano invoking his own rule.. parks it again to enjoy the scenery while he makes love to SASUKE Spray again...

Yep.. what.. they going to THROW ME OFF of here? Nah.. I'll sit.. maybe bake some cookies.. go to sleep maybe?

Nope.. just gooping appendages...

yep.. applying directly to the soles of the feet.. that's right.. kill some time.. that's right.. It's my rule dammit..

Yep.. now clap your hands.. burn that time...

Nagano makes a noise as if to day.. WHO THE F' MOVED THIS BAR?

Aww who cares.. he pwns the Jumping Bars and onto Takeda's death trap

Oh.. he's showing off now.. he walks up this thing like it's on the friggin' floor..

Takeda is laughing.. he just got pwned... He's thinking it.. yep.. Friggin' hotdog..

.. almost.. there.. almost.. there...

Holy.. wow.. right INTO the Heartbreaker from Viking?

Nice he has experience on this thing.. Good lord.. this is obscene...

FINALLY a rest.. they named this the Spider flip because you have to climb down the other side (as opposed to Viking's Version where you climped up to a platform and finished) Btw.. Same distance jump as Viking.. 6.6 feet.. so just under 7 feet across the gap

Nagano invoking his rule.. takes time to recoup.. his arms must be burning..

Takeda looks on concerned as he sees Nagano go in a hibernation mode

He stands like this for a little while concentrating.. you can hear a pin drop and just far off.. the sounds of crickets..

ANC guys (Brian and Levi) trying not to breathe.. Brian mutters something about what he is seeing as smart (can't figure it out it's really muffled)

Nagano turns around..

.. uber determined look.. complete concentration..

AND HE MAKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the jump again!

gah.. and unlike the Heartbreaker in Viking.. he has to go down...

Takeda is awe

There he goes.. just .. need.. to get .. to ledge.. for Final ring...

And.. scoots himself on the green pole..

SAFE! Phew.. Wow.. that was impressive..

Okay.. Nagano rule again...

Takeda looking hot.. er.. I mean intently watching. Shiratori and Yamada (why) is there too

Gets himself ready for the slide and he jumps off.. and...

Procter and Gamble.. .......... /bangsheadonwall

OKAY WE ARE BACK! And off he goes!

WWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFF? Gliding Ring.. doesn't.. GLIDE? He's friggin' grinding that thing down the STUPID pole...

OMG.. he ran into the thing that's supposed to make this easier...

Nope.. he can't jump the metal part at the end.. Gaaaaaaaaaaah

He's trying to hard to get it over that stupid hump!! You can hear him panting and yelling all the way down the friggin' bar...

Arms are dead.. down he goes.. Oh.. I feel gutted!!!!!!!!

Nagano .. yelling in the water but still smiling.. he's exhausted....

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKA.......... (my paraphrasing :p )

Everyone else is crying.. He's just laughing...

Takeda screaming at the drop..

Nagano gets out of the water.. gaaaaaaaah frustrated.. and exhausted..

Giving thanks to the audience of family and friends watching him compete

All-Stars reacting

Final interview..

Not sure what he's saying... but he laughs as soon as he's spoken to

Nagano staring at what he was just a couple feet away from... farking Final Stage..

With no momentum from the pole (like the Ring in Sasuke 17 in the first stage).. it's dang near impossible for him to be on this as long as he was..

Credits roll.. I'm frustrated..

Awwww Nagano finally gets Miyazaki love :) He dumps Takeda for him...

Much Man-Crush action

Takeda feeling jilted comes over for a chat..

Nagano: Dude.... (P.S. to MeriMask .. YOU ARE TV!!!!!!)

Final chat with the last 3 men standing.. I see Sasuke graduated to pink towels this year since yellow was in the laundry...

Last shot of Sasuke 21.. NEKKID NAGANO! See you all in Sasuke 22!!!!!!!

Thanks to those patient people who allowed me to blog this but take time in between to deal with Migraines. Thanks to Ube again for inspiring me to be a blogger. Thanks to the girls (and Buzz) in SasukeFans for being very supportive of my blogging. Keep watching here for more Sasuke as long as I can still see it via streaming. Next should be Sasuke Maniac where TBS promises to show more Sasuke 21 (deleted runs). It was a great tournament!


uNCLEsAM098 said...

I know I already watched the broadcast, but others were right on the forum. You have a really cool blog :D Very funny!

Panther said...

*repeatively bowing up and down raising and lowering her arms* WE'RE NOT WORTHY, WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!* *clears throat* Sorry, Whane's World Moment there.

You really rock. How dare you say that Nagano left Takeda for the other dude. That's not cool but hey, I was munching popcorn away and fanning when it came to Takeda's nekkie pic.. THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!

Now maybe you can rest for a day until Sasuke Maniac on Sunday. You did great work and got this up for all. I hope your headache is better. And I hope I am included in the girls. Hugglebears, smootchies and lots of Butter Pecan Icecream Sandwhiches.

pamwax said...

I swear to God the man is not human. I do not know how he does what he does...and looks so good doing it.

But do you think the final leap to the platform is possible for anyone. It looks so far away.

Great blog as always. And great pics.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your entire fifty-seven part blog on Sasuke 21. Keep up the awesome blogs!

I also want to mention something about where they showed Brian and Levi having some chit-chat while Nagano was on the Spider Flip. Basically, Brian mutters something about how resting there like that is really smart, and Levi says, "Yeah, I didn't know you could do that."

Arsenette said...

Ah thanks :) Everyone! Oh thanks chaos.. didn't think of that and you are right. I was also curious how he managed to hang himself like that.. then again. I'm sure he was thinking he did it in Viking.... he could do it again here!

Panther I was totally wiped out when I went mancrush LOL Heck I'm still recovering!

Glad everyone enjoyed the blogs.. I'm still in awe as to what these guys can do. I'm still in a high of seeing Takeda confirm his All-Star status by being the first to pwn the Shin-Cliffhanger and Nagano repeating his success in the Heartbreaker!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Nagano wedged his right leg from below the knee down to the foot to rest.

I made a little compilation of his runs that's up on YouTube right now. Just do a search for "sasuke 21 makoto nagano full run"

Anonymous said...

Bummer, looks like TBS is okay with every other clip out there except any of the most recent one.

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

arsenette, Brian said "that's smart" or "that's really smart", and levi replied "yeah i didn't know that was allowed"

ArtemisFowljr said...

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF damned fuc...erm, "gliding" ring!!!!!! he'd be champion twice, i'm sure!!!!Damn the third metal tower is easier than the second in my opinion...nagano would have pwned it!!!!! /smacksforehead
loved the nagano&shiratori moment, they seem so close friends...and nagano&takeda too

talking about the nagano-without-t-shirt-start.... Rawr! girls love you tbs unidentified guy! LOL

Arsenette said...

LOL Glad you enjoyed it :) I myself was happy to see so much of Sasuke 21. 20 was my first one so I missed a lot of stuff.