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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - September 21-22, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events. For those of you who keep asking how you can see and record this I created a blog to to show what I did in terms of recording through LiveStation. Hopefully that will help ya'll to figure out where and how to catch this on your own and even record it!
Well... this week's Sasuke Maniac deleted scenes from Sasuke 21! I went to check TBS to make sure that it was that and they already mentioned it in their page for this week! Incoming Bablefish disaster: Sasuke Sasuke mania major release of non-broadcast scenes! Robert women struggling behind the team's first challenge. Then I went to check what the page for Sasuke Maniac was showing: The 21th tournament SASUKE major release of unpublished images! Due to time and narrowly failed to broadcast a number of challenges full of personality, a large public exhaustively! Athlete nova artist, "Robert" Hiroshi Yamamoto, known for his mobile phone CM from Dante, female comedians celebrity model, All of them try to look behind you!

Toshihiro Takeda pwning the Shin-Cliffhanger in Sasuke 21! Opening of Sasuke Maniac this week!

This week started with a montage of Sasuke 21 clips from the main TBS broadcast on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 (which was actually taped Monday, September 8, 2008). Sorry Ube I couldn't put Levi's flip back in there..

Makoto Nagano pwns the Spider Flip in Sasuke 21!

Next are the deleted scenes from the main 4 hour broadcast. They just about cut all the commedians out of it so they plan to use this show to add them back in!

Death by Flying Chute! (Spoiler for this week)

Competition for today begins with Hiroshi Yamamoto, of the comedy team Robert (ロバート). They waste a lot of time talking about his boxing license as they talk to Comedy ladies Moeyan and Wakky.

Hiroshi Yamamoto, of the comedy team Robert

Hiroshi Yamamoto, of the comedy team Robert .. death by Log Grip!

Hiroshi Yamamoto, of the comedy team Robert interview

Dante (Ube says he's a model!) and a boxer from Imaoka Boxing Gym located in Shibuya, Tokyo and former Geinojin Sportsman No. 1 show competitor.. interviewed by reporter.. he mentions he's "Nervous.. EXTREMELY nervous"..

Dante gets some encouragement from Daisuke Nakata

and from Levi Meeuwenberg from Sasuke 20

Mark Witmer (ANC3) and Levi Meeuwenberg (ANC2) cheer Dante on!

Levi Meeuwenberg and Brian Orosco (both ANC2).. wtf is with the celophane Brian? LOL

Dante manages to get to the Jumping Spider!

Dante having all sorts of issues with the Spider Walk version of the Jumping SPider...

.. all sorts of trouble.. he rests his entire body on the metal part of the obstacle holding the walls up! He times out!

He manages to at least dismount it.. but he's completely out of time! No water dunking today!

Dante getting interviewed "Exhausted!.. Chotto tsukareta!" "It was fun. I enjoyed it" (very classy guy actually.. didn't know what to expect from him)

From there we get clips of the chicks coming up.. starts off with Olivia Munn screaming "Okaasan".. why is she screaming for her mother? I assume she's trying to be funny? Eh.. it must be an acquired taste..

Model Yuumi Seimiya.. ya'll might remember her as the chic Brett Simms tried desperately to pick up in Sasuke 20...

Magazine cover pic of Yuumi Seimiya

Yuumi Seimiya's unceremonious dump off the Sextuple Steps in Sasuke 20

Yuumi gets to the platfoooooooooorm...

But falls backwards.. Nope.. didn't make it in Sasuke 21..

Yuumi Seimiya interview after death by Sextuple Steps

Comedy ladies Moeyan (apparently only Red competed while Blue cheered)

Red Moeyan getting pwned by the Sextuple Steps

Red Moeyan still in character!

(Quoting Ube) Momomi Yoshino! She's your Muscle Queen! We saw what happened to her too. She has her trophy! And her ball!

Momomi Yoshino - Clip from the Muscle Queen competition! (back when I took a break from the Sasuke Maniacs in June/July since KeyHole was MIA at that point.. you know.. crying pretty girls in makeup? Yep.. that's her!)

Momomi Yoshino .. death by Sextuple Steps.. so much for that :p

Yuumi secretly happy she went further than the Muscle Queen!

Momomi Yoshino smiling at the end of the day

Shot of ANC guys and Kevin.. that must mean...

Yep.. it's Olivia Munn.. someone erroneously told TBS she's a Commedian..

Olivia Munn decides to wait about 20 seconds before she tries this thing.. and gets lost on the steps.. Death by Sextuple steps

Olivia Munn screaming "NINJA WARRIOR".. uhm.. she forgets she's in Sasuke.. again.. at least she chose a word she can pronounce.. she can't pronounce Sasuke anyway.. so I guess it's appropriate..

Olivia Munn.. I assume was staying in character.. whatever it was supposed to be.. "It was scary.. I want my Mommy.."

12 year old JFA Free Climbing Champion Onoue Aya

She gets to the Pole Maze but doesn't have the momentum to move it forward..

Oh.. she tries to pull it back to dismount and try again but she falls in the septic sludge!

Next are clips of challengers but they didn't exactly show their Sasuke 21 runs.. just .. well.. pictures.. Ube says this is the montage of people who "brought something with them".

Sasuke.. got wood?

Yep.. the Monk.. but they only showed his wood.. not the run.. he was a Digest in the main broadcast

Asa Kazuma.. I know those Sasuke Pants!

No name... but he has his kid's name on the scroll

All-Stars liked that apparently!

Next is.. Kiritoshi something (Cough.. Ube.. I got the pic.. who is he?.. he says Seijiro Kiritori)

Time starts and instead of moving.. he er.. starts to strip..

Pants off.. he's.. #78

All that .. and he plunks in the septic sludge.. Death by Sextuple Steps

Maeda Ke! He's a castanet performer!

Death by Log grip!

Oh I remember him! Yuuji Urushihara (From BUG IN MIKI)

Toshihiro Takeda having WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much fun.. Even Shingo is laughing but nothing like evil Takeda who are both reacting to Katsumi Yamada get pwned by the Shin-Cliffhanger! (From BUG IN MIKI)

Shingo Yamamoto and totally spazzed out Bunpei Shiratori laughing at Toshihiro Takeda get pwned by the Shin-Cliffhanger (after much trashtalking) (From BUG IN MIKI)

Yuuji Urushihara getting dissed by Katsumi Yamada.. (From BUG IN MIKI)

Katsumi Yamada attempting to give Yuuji Urushihara some advice.. LOL Yuuji seems cold to him.. he remembers being dissed :p

All-Stars Takeda, Shiratori and Nagano all watching to see if he gets further than Shingo just did (this apparently was right after Shingo Yamamoto's run)

Yuuji Urushihara looking good.. makes the Jumping Spider

LOL why does Nagano look irritated? Shingo is intently watching and Bunpei.. er.. is distracted..

Shingo: Dude.. did he just pass me? Nagano: Nah.. he's going down Takeda: Yeah.. he pwning you..

Yuuji Urushihara gets to the Flying Chute.. the deathplace of Shingo Yamamoto.. lol he's practically standing up on it

he's got the rope...

Gaaaaaaah falls off the rope!

Nagano: Dude the sucks.. (LMAO WTF is Bunpei staring at?)

Crowd reacts to Yuuji Urushihara's demise

Let's see that again.. (doing my best Marv Albert impression)

Yuuji Urushihara getting interviewed

Next is the men crying montage.. I can only assume this is the preview for next week's show.. if it is.. should be good! Looks like it's a combination of Sasuke Trials Finalists, Yamada having a coronary and Stage 3 goodness!

Matachi Ryo losing it..

Asa Kazuma can't stand it..

Mr. Rampaging Maniac SASUKE Katsumi Yamada losing it

Matachi Ryo getting consoled by Kawaguchi Tomohiro

Sasuke Trials Finalist reacting to the death of one of their own

Sasuke Trial Finalists .... walk into the sunset.. well.. sorta..

Stage 3 goodness.. wow.. check out Toshihiro Takeda's arm wrap.. around his shoulder, down his arm.. around his chest.. around his stomach.. ouch...

Daisuke Miyazaki talking about how Handball is easier :p

Nagano swimming?.. nah he's giving pointers to Daisuke Miyazaki before his run..

See? Dude's paying attention!

Miyazaki and Takeda having a man crush moment

See you next week!


lostinube said...

78's name is, I think anyway, Seijiro Kiritori.

Robert (ロバート) is the name of the comedy trio Yamamoto is in.

And Dante is a "model" who mainly does TV commercials.

Thanks for the pics!

lostinube said...

Whoops, you had the comedy team thing in there. I was only looking at the weird translation. My bad!

Arsenette said...

Sweet thanks :) No worries I've been screwing up a lot lately! LOL so yeah I'll go back and change that to show the new name.

A million thanks for your blog!

Panther said...

I tell you girl, I am still shaking my head at the whole "MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYY" and "IT WAS SCARY"

Oh good grief.. She is an adult.. She just wanted her time on TV as usual. I was shaking my head and praying that the All-Stars and you know who doesn't think all American's are that way.

As for Bunpei.. I think he was looking for Meri..LOL!! Sorry, I need sweep.

Grifter said...

Wow!!!! You people really need to let up on Olivia Munn. You act like she desecrated someones grave. She went on a japanese tv show where people run around on a obstacle course and fall into muddy water. It's not the Olympics. She was having fun trying something a lot of female american celebrities wouldn't even think about.

So she's not a reguler contestant or trained for 50 yrs to bet the course that doesn't give you the right to stick your nose up at her for trying. Judging from those screen caps there were a few women from japan that weren't so hot either and your not giving them a hard time.

The sad thing is that the people at Sasuke where more kind and open to her running the course then anyone I've seen post on this blog.

NINJA WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arsenette said...

Well there's only one person writing this blog and that's me. Granted I come from a country where I can voice my sole opinion and that's what I'm doing. There is no "right" to do anything but watch a TV show and say what I want. No different than a Lost episode, no differen than a Survivor, or Big Brother or whatever. Write your own blog if you want praise Olivia. I haven't gone after Kevin yet because TBS hasn't found him worthy to be shown yet.

Rufus said...

@ Arsenette: Because of you I learned how to steam TBS! Unfortunately I never got the recording feature to work, thus missed both the Sasuke Broadcast AND Sasuke Maniac. But I will prevail...

And man, all those pictures of the All Stars are so beautiful, I can barely cast my eyes upon them. Considering the overall turnout was much better than before, I am really happy. I'm just waiting for Shingo's breakthrough... *sigh*

@ Grifter: No, Sasuke is not the Olympics, but most of the contestants (and fans alike) take the competition VERY seriously. That's why we get a little miffed when people that don't seem to really know about the show go on and make fools of themselves for 10 seconds of fame. That includes the Japanese contestants. As for Ms. Munn, it's not as though her character was insulted or anyone said she was a terrible person. What's with the Munn Defense Brigade?

Back @ Arsenette: On the bright side, your popularity is just... *beams with pride*

Arsenette said...

Hey Rufus :) Aww sorry you couldn't record it but am happy you got to see them! Recording them can get tricky and I'm sorry my notes are not that good.. I'm just enough technical to get totally screwed up.. meh..

Thanks for the compliments.. I never noticed the sheer amount of people who read this blog.. I mean.. seriously.. I thought like 2-3 people would read it during Sasuke competition time.. You should see the emails I get from the Olivia Defense Brigade (thanks .. I'm totally coining that term crediting you :D It's just.. awesome!). It's actually a little scary.. (not them.. I mean the amount of people reading at all).

I'm happy so many people HAVE an opinion of the show and their contestants... not even a year ago many people didn't know about Sasuke.. just whatever bs G4 gave them.. now.. MANY people can say they woke up at the butt crack of dawn to see a show off a tiny screen airing 6 thousand miles away in a language they cannot understand.. If in some small way people watched it because of my blog then that is what I am proud of. Ube gets first dibs though.. because he ROCKS :D

Ninja in Nikes said...

Thanks for pictures, Rican!

Anonymous said...

>>If in some small way people watched it because of my blog then that is what I am proud of.


I find no reason to fault or praise Olivia on her performance. She did what she (and probably Kevin) was supposed to do: act like a total doofus. The reason she was mistakenly labeled a "comedienne" is probably because she served the same purpose. She looked silly, she failed miserably, and she got to play the "baka gaijin" card, which I guess is a bonus.