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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sasuke 21 Related Updates - Birthing Quintuplets

Again going through websites and such to see if we get more glimpses of their experience in Sasuke 21. Oh.. and as a result had to update my So excited about Sasuke 21 page.. again.. Here's what I found so far:
Kenjiro Ishimaru and family take time during Sasuke 21 to pose for a picture ©Kenjiro Ishimaru
Incoming bablefish Disaster:
Sasuke Day
The challenge for a year and a half years.
A year and a half, it was around WAKE not.
And last but one before, my job to give up the convenience of playing.
And after repeated harsh discipline,
Abandon the last minute.
The minutes, the level of excitement is ?
My nose is highly sensitive to SHITARASHII.
Tara ~~
Now, today is the first stage mark!
And the enthusiasm of his nose, the tissues are too clogged, lumbering.
By the lack of Tohsaka.
public is the least someone was happy.
Sasuke Broadcasting, TBS series, September 17, 2006; 19:00 to 11:04 hours Special
The bloody nose-wiper, 10 second challenge and how!
13 consecutive times, he's cheering you Wren

Sato Hiromichi - Celebrity TV host's blog for September 12, 2008:

Incoming Bablefish disaster:

SASUKE2008 fall
Oh-AA body aches. Muscle pain. Oh AA to have a sore knee. Contusion. Why?
In fact the other day "SASUKE2008 fall," we went to go outside.
The first stage is the last time up, the result was disappointing, but this morning to jump-start to roll in, have been passed to me! Weather, unlike pecan from the morning of the day! Natural feel and atmosphere. The All-Star, he gentlemen, I Miyazaki handball, MASSURUMYUJIKARU colleagues, Beijing medalist, it is still all the eminent members. Will, but this is the complete domination? Hiromiti Sato How far? That is, I look forward to the broadcast, please.
TBS will air a week from 17 to 18:55 system. Please do.

Stage 4 tower ©Ryo Shirai

Also Model/talent Ryo Shirai blogged about his Sasuke 21 trip:

Incoming Bablefish disaster:


SASUKE (^-^) v made it safely over.
YURURI paragraph in the afternoon to enjoy one's retirement

To resume the blog, and the cheer us m (__) m

Blog about a month off from all kinds of things… there were only summer

Later I would like to up!

first waited for me in the hospital for dehydration

During autumn and winter and hot shooting did not supply water for (((^^;)

Still hot from everyone please be careful (^ o ^)

SASUKE the topic to a one-shot deal is the tension that was irresistible!

I'm excited to throb TAMARIMASEN ♪

Also SUPOMAN who fought together and also looking forward to see one!

The Alumni feel like (^ o ^)

From next autumn for the fall sports is something that beginners ☆?

But, first, appetite!

IYAIYA ascetic life to the reduction of greed of the training, I was drinking, eating, Van radio… ♪

Go say: Oh SU (^ o ^)


Stage 4 picture @Maho Tanaka

Maho Tanaka - Pro Snowboarder, Pro Wakeboarder and Kunoichi competitor also had a blog saying she was there!

Incoming bablefish disaster:

We came

SASUKE always be grateful to lure customers.

Unfortunately is not accepted.


Completely secret, so nothing is, ON AIR please everyone watching me!

Of course it came to All-Stars TBS SASUKE

TBS SASUKE broadcast four hours Special September 17, 2006

In other news.. 4 of the All-stars (Nagano / Takeda / Yamamoto / Yamada) went to Muscle Park before they went to the Muscle Musical Theater to do battle with them for bragging rights.

(L-R) Random Person, Toshihiro Takeda (Front), Katsumi Yamada (Back), Kid (Front), Shingo Yamamoto (Back), Makoto Nagano (Back-cackling), Random Employee (Front) I can't help myself.. Doesn't Nagano look great?? ©Muscle Park

According to the Muscle Park Blog - these 4 competed in various events. (Great pictures too! I love how they have been doign high quality photos!) /passespopcorn

Sasuke Park AllStars vs. Muscle Musical Dream Team ©Muscle Musical

Apparently they did a Quick Muscle Competition:

Round One: Keitaro Katayama vs. Makoto Nagano!

Katayama is leading the first half, but the second half of catching up in Nagano

Katayama, 142. Nagano, 158. SASUKE team wins!

Round Two: Toshihiro Takeda vs. Tatsumi

Tatsumi, 153. Takeda, 157. SASUKE team wins!

After two rounds, the total is SASUKE team 315, MUSCLE team 295!

Round Three: Shingo Yamamoto vs. Daisuke Nakata!

Nakata, 168. Yamamoto, 149. MUSCLE team wins!

The score is now MUSCLE team 463, SASUKE team 464!

Final Round: Katsumi Yamada vs. Naoki Iketani!

Iketani, 161. Yamada, 160. MUSCLE team wins!

And the final total is...SASUKE team 624, MUSCLE team 624. Unbelievable! It's a tie!

This morning appearance on September 27, is 9:30 (planned),
MX being televised (Grr.. I don't get Tokyo MX)

AND in Final news...

(clipped picture) Takeda/Nagano/Akiyama ©Kasuga Mori Mori Matsuri Poster

You remember when I was blogging about Sasuke Navi that I thought this event with Nagano cutting logs.. thing.. in Gifu looked familiar? I was right... the event was back in October.. and Guess what? Ube found out that they have one again for THIS year!

Kasuga Mori Mori Matsuri

Oct. 19 (Sunday) 9:00 to 15:30

Embers of a special site parking MORIMORI village (Ibi District in Gifu, Japan)


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh My God!!! Bablefish Disaster indeed. :) I read every single word and I have no idea what it said.... it was funny tho. Thanks bunches!

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...

omg... The brightness of the tower makes me feel that there is a really good news.

Arsenette said...

I hope so too Supernova :)

LOL SKW :) Yeah.. I put that in partly because I thought it was hysterical.. and partly because I didn't want to spend 4 hours trying to decipher each one...