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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 6


Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. STAGE TWO!!!! We got NINE (9) People... Let's count them shall we..

(49) Lee Yen Chi (75) Brian Orosco (83) Bunpei Shiratori (88) Daisuke Nakata (91) Matsunaga Tomohiro (97) Daisuke Miyazaki (98) Toshihiro Takeda (99) Levi Meeuwenberg (100) Makoto Nagano

Because I can.... Anyway.. welcome to the second stage.. 9 cleared!

Next is a graphic representation of the jobs and hobbies included in the list of 9 competitors:

We have an Olympic Wrestler! (Matsunaga Tomohiro)

We have a professional handballer! (Daisuke Miyazaki)

We have 2 freerunners (Levi's video) - (Brian Orosco and Levi Meeuwenberg)

We have a rock climber! (Lee Yen Chi)

We have a Fire Fighter! (Toshihiro Takeda)

We have a commercial Fisherman (Makoto Nagano)

Poor Bunpei.. he gets no graphic representation.. he is a social worker and Triple Jumper! Anywho.. they go into the prerequisite interviews for Stage 2!

Daisuke Miyazaki getting interviewed

Matsunaga Tomohiro getting interviewed

Daisuke Nakata getting interviewed

Lee Yen Chi getting interviewed

Brian Orosco getting interviewed

Lee Meeuwenberg getting interviewed

Announcer then talking about "Sasuke All-Stars" (yes we got 3!)

No bloody clue what they are talking about.. but he looks terrified LOL

Toshihiro Takeda getting interviewed

Bunpei Shiratori getting interviewed

Makoto Nagano getting interviewed (LMAO She looks like she's got the hots for him.. ROFL)

Found out there's Butter Pecan Icecream sandwiches.. I need to try them out..

Second Stage Folks! WHOOOOOOOT

They show the obstacles (all of them) but I'm concentrating on this badboy.. Looks mean today the way the backlight it LOL

Lee Yen Chi's turn! Stage 2!

He moves cautiously through the obstacles.. well but a bit slower so he is already at 7 seconds left and he's going up against the walls...

But he runs out of time before he even lifts the final Wall.. Awwwwww Great showing back though! I hope he comes back!

All-stars all feeling his pain... So far.. we got off to a bad start in Stage 2..

Nakata: Gaaaaaaaaaaaah.. braiiiiiiins.. LOL sorry just a funny picture..

Lee: That sucked.. I wanted to go further.. (I have no idea LOL I don't know Mandarin Chinese either..)

Matsunaga Tomohiro going through the motion of what he has to do in the Salmon Ladder. This is the first time he sees it up close

Shiratori and Takeda share a moment...

Brian Orosco's first crack at this Stage. He's got the chalk

Brian Orosco getting ready for his Stage 2 run

ANC in da house!

Brian doing very well going up the Salmon Ladder!

Gaaaaaaaaaaah he slipped off the top wrung when it hit sideways.. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Brian clapping after the fall. He had a great tournament! Sucks he lost his grip!

Olivia and Levi horrified at the fall.

Replay.. gaaaah.. he had that grip and right hand lost is when the bar hit sideways..

TBS Showing their approval of Brian's reaction at the loss

Awwww he got conked in the had somehow!!! Brian Orosco getting interviewed after Death by Salmon Ladder

Daisuke Nakata also going through the motion of the Salmon ladder

Handball guy working on Daisuke Miyazaki's hand

Daisuke looks uber nervous... other handball guy working on his other arm..

Bunpei getting interviewed before his run

Incoming fluff piece! Bunpei's backyard Shrine!

Bunpei recently made modifications to fit current specs of the course for practice

Dude's got his own salmon ladder

Can I have his back yard? Seriously.. he's got an awesome back yard!

Okay.. the purpose of SASUKE SPRAY on TOP of chalk?

Bunpei Shiratori getting ready for his shot at Stage 2

Noooooooooooooooo.. he's lost his balance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's okay on the take off.. what went wrong...

Oh.. he leaned back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Omg.. did he hit is back???

I'm devastated too Bunpei!!!!!!!

All-Stars gutted.. everyone in shock.. it's like watching Nagano in Sasuke 20..

Nagano explaining what happened.. Leaned too far back when he lost his balance..

Nagano still yapping about it..

Leaning again.. okay I get it..

Okay.. looks like his back did not hit the platform.. just hope he didn't reinjure himself! Please come back Bunpei!!

So nice to see a smile from him.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm devastated!

Nagano ever the friggin' emotional basketcase (and I thought I was bad) is already feeling the pressure with 3 people up and eliminated already

Daisuke Nakata getting ready and getting pumped by his fellow Muscle Musical friends

Off he goes to get ready for his run!

Okay.. I NEVER do this.. I need to warn you about what you are about to see.. I had warning before.. and I still found it hard to see.. (no he doesn't split his head open...) Here's the backstory if you know nothing of Daisuke Nakata .. if you don't.. welcome to Sasuke he's been here for years and was/is a fan favorite.

Newspaper article of Daisuke Nakata (I think this is when he was involved in the accident)

9 time All Japan (and Olympic) Trampolinist from Japan, Daisuke Nakata was quite dominant in Sasuke for a few tournaments always basically guaranteed to at the very least clear the first stage, has made it to countless second stages and has been to 3rd stage about.. 4 times? I digress.. I'm being lazy and not checking his stats right now. In May of 2004 some jerk in a pickup truck rammed into the back of his motor cycle almost killing him (oh it was a hit and run by the way....). He spent 3 long months in the hospital recouperating from his horrendous injuries (of course compounded by some nutjob that stalked him..). He had spinal cord injury and of course his writs/hands were never the same.

A very blond Daisuke Nakata during his rehabilitation from the accident.

I don't even want to know how painful this was...

More Daisuke rehab video from 2004

Even things like pulling putting was excrutiating

Daisuke Nakata made a triumphant return to Sasuke 17 (September, 2006)

Got all the way to the Third Stage but his hands just gave out.. Quite frankly that was the gutsiest performance I've seen in my life.. until now..

He's had massive grip strength issues and has remarkably come back to Sasuke after his painful defeat back in 2006. Since then he has trained even harder and continued to coach trampoline to the next generation after his career was cut short. He's even trained another fan Favorite Shunsuke Nagasaki (Sasuke 17 finalist and last seen Sasuke 19 - September, 2007). Lately he's been a wonderful addition to the Muscle Musical Show and I for one am happy he's battled back from something that would have crippled most people on Earth. This is one tenacious bastard :p (in a good way :) )

Daisuke stretching out his arms before his run at Sasuke 21 Stage 2

Okay.. with that background.. roll the tape... (readies Kleenex box.. I swear.. I went through an entire box watching this..)

Daisuke Nakata starting his Sasuke 21 run

He clears the water but lands on his wrists...

He stops for a second to check out his arms.. he's already hurt here..

He ignores it and starts to run towards the Salmon Ladder

He grips the bar...

I can only imagine he felt shooting pain.. He jumps on the bar and tries to swing on it a couple times.. and then hops off and grabs his arms.. He gets on his knees and starts to work on his arms as much as he can..

Muscle Musical family is already panicking .. this is one of their own..

You can see the pain on his face when he tries yet again..

He pulls his arms off and starts to shake his hands out as if to try to jump start them

He starts to bite his arms willing them to cooperate!

Trying again.. he's determined to get them moving (I'm barely seeing the screen I'm hysterically crying at this point..)

He starts to jump on it and you can almost feel the pain and he falls to his knees.. must be shooting pain as soon as he tries to grip..

He's dropping down now. I'm screaming for him to stop (though I already know he wasn't going to.. that's not his style)

He lashes out in utter frustration that his body is not cooperating with his sheer will.. I can hear (what will be shown later in replay) him slamming his arms on the mat in anger

You hear a few screams of encouragement.. but otherwise.. everyone is watching in horror

He jumps on.. tries to swing..

He's willing his body and soul to get his arms to grip long enough to jump up with the bar..

Bar moves a little and his grip fails him for the last time.. he falls in the water.

I hope he didn't hit his head on the mat.. at this point I can't see the screen I'm just clicking the printscreen .. I'm just listening at this point

To me this is worse than Sasuke 17.. he's just spent.. You can hear a PIN Drop...

I'm praying too Daisuke.. I'm praying too... Oh life is so unfair..

They start to replay the reactions in the crowd and Daisuke Miyazaki starts a resounding clapathon to acknowledge that heroic feat. I can't believe he's that headstrong.. but that took GUTS.. I mean.. he did very well in Stage One.. I mean a LOT better than I thought was possible... I didn't even think he'd be able to grab rope (several times.. even here in Stage 2 to survive the downhill part of the obstacle).. but NOTHING could have prepared me to watch this.. even spoiled. I found it hard to watch.

Nagano can't even bear to watch..,

Takeda comes over to try to console him

Here's the replay.. just.. watch.. his face...

Here's the anger part they cut away from earlier

Iketani.. typical fashion cracking a joke (they are friends and colleages. otherwise this would have been horrible to say to someone)..

Daisuke ever the optimist just explains by showing his hands and what he tried to do.. I don't need translation for that.. it's written on his face.

Takeda feels the funk in the air..

Nagano is crushed.. I mean look at his body language..

Daisuke Miyazaki just wants to crawl under the rock.. he's tense like crazy and his buddies try to bring up his spirits

Nagano getting very introspective.. it's like Sasuke 19 where he shut himself in a corner and sulked when there were only 2 clears before his run (he ultimately failed)

Takeda just mutters something on a passing shot by the cameras

Daisuke Miyazaki .. I'm getting used to his nervous smile when he's uber nervous.. I wasn't sure during Sasuke 20.. if he was cocky.. I mean.. he seemed different.. then I realized he smiles when he's nervous.. I've gotten used to it..

Part.. er.. uh.. I think 6? no wait. Part 7 coming up


Panther said...

Butter Pecan Icecream Sandwhiches are available at your local Wally World. Very very yummy ( holds up her midnight snack) see, I eating, you can stop all fussy now.

uNCLEsAM098 said...

I too was upset with Daisuke's hands failing. I once knew about the hit and run, but forgot who it was... First time I've seen footage of the rehab though.

But man, I knew something was dead wrong when he couldn't grab the bar... I wonder if the a$$hole who hit him has any remorse...

Arsenette said...

I was chowing down on Wawa's Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream (think vanilla ice cream with broken up Ice Cream sandwiches.. trust me.. it's to die for..)

Sam.. agreed.. I remembered him from Sasuke 17 after the accident.. I knew he was going to have trouble even before I was told what happened. I was ECSTATIC he passed the first stage but crushed with what happeneed in the second stage. Still. he's one friggin' soldier out there! I love him even more!