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Friday, December 31, 2010

Makoto Nagano Sings!

Cover of the Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki CD
友情と闘いの軌跡 CD

Edit: 3/13/11 - I updated below the English Lyrics to the song.
Edit: 4/6/11 - Youtube video was removed as was indicated previously (was a preview video announcing the song). Information about actual release is being sifted through and as I get them I will update this page (all the way at the bottom of the post).
Edit: 5/25/11 - Forgot... but added the full English Lyrics and Romanji so people can sing along if they like.
Edit: 7/1/11 - Readded video from new official Facebook page.

Music・ Pr・Video_NetSizeVer

It's finally happened! All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 has released (April, 2011 release is expected) his first music CD where he sings and plays guitar. He did pretty good on his first venture! We wish him success! Lyrics below.

Edit: 3/13/11 - I updated below the English Lyrics to the song. Makoto Nagano wrote the lyrics for the song and has been arranged and music was composed by Hironori Kaneko 金子裕則.

Lyrics: Makoto Nagano 長野誠
Music: Hironori Kaneko 金子裕則.
English Translatio: Carol Hui Akiyama

(An Ode to) The Fighting Spirit of Men

I am starting to run, to leave behind evidence I existed
To a place where there is the tears and sweat of men, but also strong bonds

No matter how tough things got, we were all there together
To encourage each other, to compete and to take on challenges

And the times when I got afraid, my buddies, you lifted my spirit and kept praying
So all I had to do was believe, to believe in myself and go

Keep on going, towards tomorrow
No matter how broken down you get, always pick yourself up
Don’t get defeated by your greatest opponent – yourself
So one day, you can turn these tears of defeat into tears of joy

You are also starting to run, to fulfill your dreams
To that place where you can shine, where your lives have meaning

With the sun setting on your backs, you still dream and challenge yourselves
No matter how deep you fall, you always crawl back up

So one day I will see you shine, and shed tears from my heart
Because your happiness is my happiness


We are starting to run, to find some meaning in our lives
It is a place of defeat, hopelessness, pain, sadness and tears
But… (Chorus)

It’s my life, is the stage.

* * * * * *

Romanji version: Carol Hui Akiyama

Ore wa ima hashiri dashita ikita akashi o nokosu tame ni
Soko ni wa otoko dachi no ase ya namida ga ari, kizuna ga atta

Donna ni kurushii toki mo, kimidachi wa soba ni ite kureta
Hagemashi ai, kisoi ai, idomi tsu tsuketa

Osoreru ore ni kiai o ire, inori tsu tsukeru nakama dachi
Ato wa jibun o shinjite, shinjite susumu dake

Sa a yuke! Ashita ni mukatte
Don na ni uchi kuda kare temo
Akira mezu ni tachi mukae
Makeru na! Jibun to iu saidai no teki ni
Itsuka no hi ka kuyashi namida o yorokobi no namida ni kae yo

Kimi dachi mo ashiri dashita idai ita yume o kana eru tame ni
So ko ni wa onore o kagayaka seru basho ga ari, jinsei ga atta

Senaka ni yuuhi o abite, yume o oi, idomi tsu tsuke
Don zoku ni oto sare temo, hai agatte kita kimi tachi
Itsuka no hi ka kimi dachi no kagayaku sugata o mite,
kokoro no namida o nagashitai
Kimi dachi no yorokobi wa, ore no yorokobi dakara

Otoko dachi wa hashiri dashita
Ikiru imi o sagasu tame ni
Soko ni wa zasetsu ya zetsubo, kuya shimi ya kana shimi ga ari, namida ga atta

It’s my life, is the stage

Cover of the Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki CD
友情と闘いの軌跡 CD

American Release Information:
USA Amazon Information: Release date is May 11, 2011
Title of CD: Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki
  • This is the MP3 worldwide release of the songs. There are 2 songs (each with their own karaoke (or instrumental) versions. First song is the single I was writing about and the second song is a Takasui company song.
  • The CD is $3.96 USA
  • Songs individually are $0.99 USA

Itunes information: Release date is May 11, 2011
Title of CD: Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki
  • The CD is $5.16 USA
  • Songs individually are $1.29 USA

Japanese information:
Japanese Amazon information: Release date is May 11, 2011 (thanks Tiger for finding it!)
Title of CD: 友情と闘いの軌跡
  • The CD is ¥ 800 (approximately $9.50 with the conversion rates)
  • Songs individually are ¥ 200 ($2.37 USA)
Music JP Ringtones:
  • Release date 5/11/11

Mora Information:
  • Release date 5/11/11
Mora Win Information:
  • Release date seems to be today 4/6/11.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sasuke 26 Navi - Part 1

Title of the Sasuke 26 Navi

It's that time again! This is Sasuke Navi - which is a 1 hour special promoting Sasuke 26! Previous Sasuke Navi's can always be found on my site (Sasuke Navi 25, Sasuke Navi 24, Sasuke Navi 23, Sasuke Navi 22 and Sasuke Navi 21). Massive thanks to Jason again for helping us with the paid service (WIST) and to Supersheep for hosting a stream for the community. Massive thanks for Jams for helping us all out in getting a clean copy of the show so I can do this blog (my copy kept breaking out.. grrrrrrr sooooooo annoying)! Everyone online at that time was able to see it thanks to their help! It's wonderful seeing everyone support each other in viewing Sasuke. That's what makes this experience so fun!

As you can tell already .. this is Sasuke 2011.. granted.. this sucker was recorded WAY back on October 19, 2010 but it won't air until January 2nd in Japan. Full times, etc. are available here. And unlike G4.. Japanese actually enjoy showing the Americans TOGETHER with the rest of the tournament.. okay.. happy thoughts.. happy thoughts.. I'm not here to bitch about G4.. Lalalalalalala.. I know that the 2011 background is confusing the hell out of people here in the United States but it's actually very simple. They put the year of Sasuke according to when it AIRS.. not tapes. So even though it was taped back in October it was always supposed to air during the New Year (thus 2011). We had 2 Sasuke 2010's already (Sasuke 24 being New Year 2010 and then Sasuke 25 which was Spring 2010).

Btw.. this is Naoto from EXILE.. trust me.. you will become INTIMATELY familiar with this kid.. okay okay.. 27 is not a kid.. but trust me you will know about him. He's TBS' ticket to ratings this time around. They will try to gain the HUGE fangirl audience by taking him to Sasuke from one of the most famous musical groups in Japan right now. There are plenty of blogs already talking about how they haven't seen Sasuke in about 5 years but ZOMG they have to see it if Naoto is there! ZOMG.. LOL


Junior members of EXILE cheer him on!

Geez.. he's in the spiderwalk and doing well?? About time a celebrity does well ;) Btw.. January 2nd, 9 PM Japan time.. Be there!!!!!!

Someone taking a dive .. wtf is that.. Oooooooh new obstacles! Oh my..

I know those panties anywhere! Ehem.. that's Kojima :)

W.. T.. F.. Yikes.. it's a friggin' salad shooter!!!

Wtf.. I see the Jump Hang got a steroid injection! LOL

Holy crap! The break gave Yamada some emotions!

Did I explain? JANUARY 2nd BABY!!! Mwahahhahha oh crap.. someone got eaten by the Double Salmon Ladder..

Someone eats it at the door knobs...

First Commercial

TBS getting all dramatic.. LOL

Ominous opening.. Ohhh. I see.. half this special is to milk EXILE for every last second.. LOL

And milk it they will.. LOL

Did explain how huge EXILE is in Japan?

Sasuke 2011 brought to you in part by.. EXILE..

Ahahahahahah that's their theme this year.. Sasuke vs. Exile.. Yeah.. I don't even have to know the ending to know that's not going to go very well..

Doh.. they juiced the steps and put a rope at the end to grab onto.. Oh that's going to eat people.. like this poor soul...

Dooooh another one.. this is wtf is this thing.. Oh I'll get to it in a minute.. but he apparently missed this new obstacle.

And since it's not sexists.. it eats females too!!

There's the salad shooter.. ehem.. sorry.. it's not called that but omg it's spitting out contestants left and right.. LOL

Seee? This one went Superman on us!

LOL they give you a birdseye view (more like vomit view...) Oh I'd totally be either falling off or throwing up being in that circle thingie...

Geeez.. they added a swinging bar onto the cargo net! LOL

And apparently they are shocked at someone's failure.. Duh duh duh duuuuuum...

And since G4 doesn't give a crap about the Japanese in ANW.. Someone has to show it! TBS to the rescue!

ANW getting the Japanese love

And the Sasuke stars enjoying the view of people getting pwned!

And they seem to like David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル!

NINJA WARRIOR!! (Yes yes.. Levi isn't there.. dude broke his wrist in three places!)

I'm bracing for an epic Yamada fluff piece to end all fluff pieces for all time!

And.. wtf is this.. random Japanese trying to identify Sasuke competitors?

Oh.. it's pretty specific.. hmmm.. more on that later

LOL They stopped anyone on the street.. this ought to be .. interesting..

Don't freak out guys.. this is Sasuke 26.. just 3 months late.. LOL

Time to sign in folks! Because even gods need to go to registration.

Yay he's back! Mistah Handbol!

Wow I recognize just about everyone in this group of comedians! Seems very Comedian slim this year..

Oh hell.. moving on...

There we go! Current champion baby!!!

Mistah Sasuke himself!

Doing a quick pan.. sorry Shingo.. you are blurry (like the hair :p )

And Nagano! Yes.. Takeda, Akiyama and Bunpei are missing this time around. Just 3 this time.

Long intro of a van pulling up to show the man of the hour! Naoto!! (no Kanji for him either.. LOL)

Yes.. not only are they big.. they are BIG.. (10 members I think..) Looks like Menudo on steroids.. LOL

Ube told us about this. EXILE has their own show on TBS

As Ube said they did a big wheel (with all of the names of the members) to see who will be the sitting duck going to Sasuke

But the thing was totally rigged.. it stopped early and then magically signaled Naoto's name out of nowhere!

And he's cracking up since he was TOTALLY set up

Naoto totally not dissing the boss and getting in shape (trust me this segment was long.. I'm sparing you the training scene)

He arrives and Sasuke and has a major attack of the giggles when he sees the Final Tower.

LOL some of the members who are with him go into an attack of the giggles as well! LOL

Dude wtf that's totally HUGE!!!! You are going to do THAT??

He walks up to the Warped Wall ⑥ Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁

He's getting a private overview with the camera and his bandmates and just freaking out over the whole course while his taller buddy is messing with his mind..

First stage!

Oh we get a view too!

Okay! There are 4 new obstacles!
^Step Slider ステップスライダー
^Hazard Swing ハザードスイング
^Rolling Escargot ローリングエスカルゴ
^Giant Swing ジャイアントスイング

Yay! Competitor sighting! I see Kouji Hashimoto 橋本亘司 on the right behind Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

All-Stars Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 and Makoto Nagano 長野誠 and Current Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治

Comedians Eiko Kano 狩野英孝 who TBS calls Mr. Narcissist.. and Yoshio Kojima 小島よしお

Who should look familar :p Thanks Ube!!

... TBS hates me... anyway.. Mr. NHK himself.. Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道

Okay! This is a tester. He's on the ① ^Step Slider ステップスライダー

So those who can't catch the rope to get to the other side will fall into the septic sludge..

TBS head cam™

Oh.. the comedians are not happy about that upgrade...

And if that didn't take them out.. ② ^Hazard Swing ハザードスイング

TBS Head cam™ shows that you can get on the swing and get to the other side

And pray you grab the bar...

LOL Yuuji is getting the giggles, Shingo is stunned, Nagano wants to cry and Yamada is wondering there the hell the Sasuke 25 went to.. he could have done that!!! LOL

Shingo starts to yell.. Nagano gets the attack of the giggles while Yamada ponders if he came out of retirement too early...

Nagano can't watch anymore. now Yamada looks like he's going to cry.. Yuuji's cackling now..

Kojima is not so happy about this.. Eiko just laughs

Another way to get past the ② ^Hazard Swing ハザードスイング is to just GEEERRRRRROOOOOONIIIMOOOOOOOOO your way across..

Take a drink... this has to be the 5th reverse angle of the broadcast.. LOL

And the camera swings over to reveal the collective Jaw dropping...

I see David's shiny noggin! LOL Now you get to see the salad shooter.. no wait.. it has a name.. wait for it.. wait for it...

^Rolling Escargot ローリングエスカルゴ

And hopefully people have a more graceful landing..

.. now do you see why it's called that? Might have been easier to call it a snail? I'm sure the katakana to this is not easy to pronounce... (P.S. Thanks Rider)

And.. a whole bunch of "whoooooooooah".. as Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 makes an appearance jumping to the front for a better look

Yes.. Nagano girly giggle in FULL effect :p

Seems Naoto and company do a dance that reminds them of this obstacle

Naoto: "Dude I'm totally going to do that.."
Tall EXILE Dude: "You're killing me man... You're killing me!"

And yet another marriage of obstacles.. welcome to the ⑦ ^Giant Swing ジャイアントスイング

Think Jump Hang without the trampoline. Oh btw this is the 4th new obstacle but the 7th one in the first stage. The 3 in between are recalls from previous Sasuke tourneys.

TBS getting their mileage out of head cam™

Okay sorry.. that's kinda cool :p

Now.. lemme explain something..

If you look up in the dictionary the definition of conniption...

Shingo's name is all over it.. LOL

He's FREAKING OUT.. he's bouncing around like a bunny... and yelling...

Then the attack of the giggles and starts to clap in utter .. I guess "no friggin' way" mode.. Er.. note that Nagano just crapped a brick... because he hasn't even moved from that position..

Leaving Nagano and Okuyama in utter SHOCK.. Shingo is looking for support and finds is in UNCLI/STQ land. In the red of Shinya Kishimoto 岸本 真弥 and the one in White pants is Ryo Matachi 又地諒 (aka Arty's love interest :p aka UNCLI #2)

Yuuji (who is UNCLI #3 btw) joins in to help Shingo recuperate from the shock

The shock fully set in .. LOL and now starts the giggles.. Looks like Taiwan's Lee En Chi リー・エンチon the right is praying!

Omg check my pulse.. Yamada has emotions! wtf...

Meanwhile.. Kojima is ... not happy...

TBS doing the prerequisite "oh... sooooo... how do you like the.. ehm.. changes?".. Kenji bites his lip...

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑 大輔 is totally verklempt.. LOL

This is the first stage!

Wait.. wtf.. Announcer.. .. OMG they are doing RUNS!!!!
Sorry.. ehem.. Announcer.. Oh yeah I know him

Less annoying announcer Fumiyasu Satō 佐藤 文康 (and this is what he looks like)

Okay he has no number.. er.. so far.. Tomohiro Satou 佐藤友弘

Ah he's #4! Give it up for Tomohiro Satou 佐藤友弘 and his clan!

Awwww.. Tomohiro Satou 佐藤友弘 Death by Step Slider

The cameras are on! Look bewildered! Ehem..

No idea what it says..

Shobun Setsu 薛翔文 (Ube says he was #3)

Oh he barely hangs on...

But he made it past the Step Slider

Safe on the Hazard Swing!

Menudo.. er.. the guys from boy band Shinsengumi Rien 新撰組リアン

Onwards to the salad. er.. uhm.. Rolling Escargot!

Doooh and ripped right off! Shobun Setsu 薛翔文 Death by Rolling Escargot

boy band Shinsengumi Rien 新撰組リアン is hopefully not jinxing themselves! Yamada looks.. concerned..

Kazutaka Miyazawa 宮澤和隆 is up next! Ube says he's #5

Unsure what that says :)

Okay he's past the Step Slider!

Dooooh.. not enough swing on the swing and down he goes.. Kazutaka Miyazawa 宮澤和隆 Death by Hazard Swing

And the Miyazawa fanclub cracks up

Next is #16 Tomoyuki Suzuki 鈴木智行

He's a baker who oooooh.. that looks like a pretzel.. probably isn't but dammit I'm now craving pretzels! Btw.. nice handywork!

And he does a flip! but.. wait...

Nagano is watching

LOL Something happened.. I'll show it later..

Whatever it was it made Nagano girly giggle!

And suddenly he's uhm.. embarrassed.. LOL

Tomoyuki Suzuki 鈴木智行 Death by Step Slider

REPLAY.. this is what happened.. He forgot to take off the Sasuke necklace.. and it uhm.. wrapped itself around the cameraman! LOL (P.S. Thanks Rider)

Tomoyuki Suzuki 鈴木智行 is speechless.. LOL

I've got bunnies.. I'm a bunny.. look at my bunnies..
Ayaka Suzuki 鈴木彩香 is a woman in a cage!

Somehow I don't think TBS is zooming up to see the actual bunnies.. ehem.. at least she didn't wear a low cut shirt...

Time starts and she's finding it a little tricky getting out the pen without kicking the rabbits.. LOL

Hurray she got the rope!

Yay! She's past the Step Slider!

Doh.. hang on.. hang on...

LOL Hazard swing slaps her butt...

Her cheering section is freaking out!

Onwards to the Rolling Escargot!

Whoah.. not even close.. off she goes!

ANW2 guys all freaking out about the girl

Ayaka Suzuki 鈴木彩香 Death by Rolling Escargot

LOL sorry.. she goes on for about a minute freaking out and pointing at the obstacle.. she's FREAKED OUT by that thing!

I got your fish right here!

Omg are they going to digest Mr. Octopus??

Sorry but this commercial both mesmerized me and freaked me out at the same time!

Starts with this hot chick (dressed) looking at this guy across the way wearing red.. then all of a sudden they BOTH start stripping out in public!

This music of .. er.. groovy finally screeches to a halt when all of a sudden she pulls out this bucket and pours herself with what seems to be white ... paint..

Then she gets on the ground....

Then HE (who also doused himself in red paint) gets on top of her.. and WTF ARE THEY SELLING!????

..... SUSHI!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! I was going wtf are they selling... anyway.. welcome to Japanese television ya'll.. LOL


Back to Sasuke and we have Tabito Okayasu 岡安旅人

Ooooooh.. Japanese Parkour..

And he's a pretty boy

Doing well on the Step Slider

HUUUGE jump and avoids the swing altogether!

Shane Daniels シェーン・ダニエルス just had himself a HELL YEAH moment!

Next up is the Rolling Escargot

OOOOOhhh he almost made it to the end but came off it too early!

Tabito Okayasu 岡安旅人 Death by Rolling Escargot!

Shane's dreams just got crushed

Tabito Okayasu 岡安旅人 is crushed..

Nope he's just fine! LOL at least he has a sense of humor

OMG a model.. that means.. ooooh that's a cool one.. I want one..

Omg are they going to digest the Dynamic Trio of Death!?!?!?

Omg look at his arm.. SOMEONE give this poor man a burger or something..

Yasuo Aoki 青木保夫 - or better known as creepy sculptor guy to me.. Sucks he's getting most likely cut from the main broadcast but at least we see him this year since they gave Levi his number last year!

Seriously.. Food.. he's dying.. he's 83 pounds!!!!

Doh.. same as usual.. but at least he TOUCHED the first step..

Yasuo Aoki 青木保夫 Death by Step Slider

Wow.. here's the 2nd member of the Dynamic Trio of Death!

Hang Glider Guy - Masami Harashima 原島雅美

Okay he's #46.. still shocked we are seeing them in Navi...

carbon copy.. he always rushes head first!

Wow totally missed the rope.. didn't even reach for it he was moving too far forward

Masami Harashima 原島雅美 - Death by Step Slider

We've got sushi!

Mmmm sushi.. ehem.. wait..

LOL they showed him at the start.. then cut to a fluff piece.. but.. they cut his run! LOL

Okay back to Sasuke.. and the crowd is clapping in unison!

wtf is he wearing.. well... at least this won't try to kill him.. LOL

The Leader of the Dynamic Trio of Death!!!
Mr. Octopus (Tako Tencho (btw Tako is Japanese for "Octopus" and Tencho 店長 means "Store manager")) - Minoru Kuramochi 倉持稔

He's the manager of the Edokko Pub in Tokyo

LOL wtf.. he called him.. Tako.. Ninja?

LOL yep he did! Tako Ninja ....

LOL he's amused

But wait.. that was a teaser too! We don't see his run today! Must tune into Sunday's official airing to see his run!

Okay now starts the funny/sad moment of the airing of Navi...

TBS went to the streets to ask totally random people to pick your top 10 people from the pictures who they think will be the next winner (Kanzenseiha) in Sasuke 26

So next are the picks as chosen by totally random people from a list TBS created LOL This ought to be a big wtf moment

Oh boy.. kids too.. buckle up sparky we are in for a ride..

So we start at #10!

Dude I totally pick him..

Yeah he looks tough.. I pick him

Definitely him!

.. wha? Okay okay.. wrestling fans know who he is.. Minowaman ミノワマン

Minowaman ミノワマン is in Sasuke 26

Hmm another fighter is being introduced...

Ya'll gonna have to help me on this.. I can't find his name anywhere.. but he's in Sasuke 26 as well

Okie dokie we reveal #9

Yes totally...

Yep Yep..

Oh yeah!

.. okay.. Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Better known to everyone as Monster Box Co-World Record holder (yeah.. with like 5 other people LOL).. SUCKS no Sportsman #1 this year.. I'm so bummed.. I wanted a full tournament :(

Speaking of Sportsman.. that was from the Special I blogged about last year

Dude I totally know him

Yep every year

He's totally made it to the final twice!

Hi Mom!

Gasoline Stando!

All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

Shingo rocking the shorts before he was married! LOL

He's been in all 25 (now 26) Sasuke's and this is his record!

And during those 13 years.. we've witness the rise in his profession. He started off as a Gasoline Station Arubaito アルバイト (which means Part-timer) or what we call Gas Jockeys

Then progressed to .. crap I don't know this one..

Then progressed to Store Manager (Tencho 店長)

And now Area Manager エリアマネージャー

I should visit him.. I can read most of the signs! LOL

Shingo hanging around at work.. LOL

Finding training anywhere he can!

Now.. where's Mario.. I need to throw this at him..

All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

LOL the guys seemed surprised about a face.. from EXILE...

Uhm.. girls.. lay off the dye and make up.. you look like a blow up..

Fangirl birthing kittens..

And yes.. they had him in there too... and if you don't know who this is by now.. you are totally not reading this blog..

Number 6!

Oh they are outside the Apple store! Sorry.. I recognize not only the obvious sign but . uhm.. yeah.. that.. So yep.. they are in Ginza..

Yeah I recognize him

Dude he's totally champion now..

Yes.. he's the one that hit me...

Current Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治

TBS loves showing his rise to glory.. so they start the reel of him sucking trying to get past Sasuke Trials...

Yet another failure..

Finally his breakthrough.. again.. he was there before.. but yeah.. G4 likes ignoring he was in Sasuke 21.. LOL

Sasuke 24 winner!

Third Sasuke Champion!

In Sasuke 25.. you know.. the one TBS downplayed.. /sigh.. he was finally #100

and the weight of it all knocked him out in the 2nd stage on a total fluke ..

OMG I WANT THAT CAT! Dude.. he just went up in kudo points.. That's a Silvertip Himalayan
Cat: Dude.. you totally better not be interrupting my sunbathing with that stupid camera of yours..

And the owner of that awesome cat is Yuuji!! OMG I WANT THAT CAT.. wait.. I want to know the cat's name.. hmm .. must.. find.. out..

Dude.. the weight of the 100 suuuuuuucked..

Now I know wtf Nagano was going through...

Time to train for the TBS cameras!

Hey I know him! I've seen him a LOT in Youtube videos, etc. etc. etc.

Quoting Ube:
Also, a special SASUKE shout-out goes to Yuuichi Okada 岡田祐一, who I believe is the guy who maintains 星空パーク in Saitama, where UNCLI and co. go to train sometimes. Yuuji Urushihara was shown training there during Navi.

Yep.. definitely seen this course before

UNCLI goes there a LOT

Nice to finally put a name and owner to it!

As you can see they rammed an Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー in there!

Previous attempts were made in Sasuke 25 where Kouji fell

And Kenji

But in attendance were Yuuji and Kanno

So Yuuji goes here every so often to test it out

Hopefully this training will help!

TBS enjoying the camera angles

And he has a fascination with sticky fingers and tape!

and because TBS beckons.. the Sprints! I swear I'll die if they ever cue this to Chariots of Fire and crack out the slow mo...

Totally going back to the 3rd stage ya'll...

So to recap.. Bottom 5 of a list totally made up by random people.. LOL