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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - September 28-29, 2008 - Final Show

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that ran every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events. Today's show was the last show... after 108 episodes (2 1/2 years) the show is now cancelled. Live Station did not play it today.. TVU doesn't show TBS anymore so my old trusty KeyHole program was the only one showing Sasuke Maniac today!
Feeling very meloncholy today.. This show is cancelled. Today is the last day of this show.. /sigh.. figures when things get good that things get cancelled. At least it doesn't only happen in America... To top it off.. LiveStation no longer carried TBS... so I couldn't even tape the last show... I'm so pissed right now...
Anywho.. last Babelfish disasters.. (sorry I'm depressed...)
25:05 - サスケマニア Sasuke Mania - Sasuke Mania tournament 21 times based document translation of the tears of men ...? Scenes fromAlbum
And finally on the main page:
Last time Sasuke Mania

SASUKE2008 be held in the fall of the holy land of 21 times SASUKE! Played up to eight qualifying wins men! The heat is too close for one day!
In addition, the swans came back to all one in a beautiful swan in the 1st Stage Clear! What is the truth behind the scenes was in?
Over two years and three months has been broadcasting Sasuke Mania! All 108 times during the broadcast of the event was held at a number! So was born the playback scenes!
Attack of the ultimate survival of the SASUKE
The last was held 20 times, the "name of the Olympic men also lost" a total of 2,000 people so far, it has been challenged.
But the moment of joy goal is to be tasted, only two men. What is the probability of a complete domination just 0.1 percent.
Why men, continue to fight? It's Magic Castle at the top of a steel What's on?
Long, on the summit of Sasuke, and the number of times beyond hope history will never be run by dreamers. SAN the power of self, castles NARU freak who will be brave. And the man to cheer for their love of the people.
That's the fascination of SASUKE all
The mania for Sasuke
Muscle Park - September 15, 2008 (opening to Sasuke Maniac for today)
I'm sad to see this show disappear. Yes granted.. it was late-night Japan.. half the country didn't even see the show because most affiliates stopped showing TBS around midnight.. most people in general wouldn't keep up with the show week after week.. but it was fun while it lasted. I missed a couple years worth of it as it was (only caught it from late March, 2008) and quite frankly the best clips were from this show! All of the backstories and fluff pieces that are referred to in Sasuke fandom came from this show. And now it's gone.
Katsumi Yamada and Makoto Nagano (and company) arrive in Muscle Park (September 15, 2008)
I thank TBS and Monster 9 for this show. I hope it comes back in some form in the future. I hope TBS keeps Sasuke as a whole even if it kills the baby offshoot show of Sasuke Maniac. For the while it lasted I had a lot of fun watching. And for the life of me.. they better not cancel Sasuke.. not yet at least.. I know all good things come to an end.. As far as I'm concerned it's only started in the United States.. don't get me started about the rest of the world.

Toshihiro Takeda taking on the Shin-Cliffhanger

Since when does 7-11 have 1100 stores in Japan??? Sorry.. commercial.. Okay we start.. Yay! TBS started with showing us a clip of the festivities in Muscle Park on September 15, 2008. I wrote about it in this at the end of my blog that 4 of the All-Stars were taking on 4 of the Muscle Musical Guys in a Quick Muscle Competition just for fun at the end of the Sasuke/Muscle Musical Season.

Katsumi Yamada and Shingo Yamamoto watching Takeda

Makoto Nagano taking on the Shin-Cliffhanger in Muscle Park

Okie dokie up and over...

Doh! PWNED!!!! ahahhahahahah

Nagano sheepishly moves away from the Shin-Cliffhanger

Takeda, Yamada and Yamamoto are enjoying this!

Guys lining up for a picture.. and it looks quite familiar....

Yep.. Takeda, Yamada, Nagano, Yamamoto taking a picture ©Muscle Park Blog

More of Sasuke 21!

Next section reminds me of a Sasuke All-Stars highlight reel. Granted.. Akiyama is missing but they did have the 5 that competed in Sasuke 21. Let's meet them one last time for old sakes.

Shingo Yamamoto makes it to the Final Stage (I think Sasuke .. 5?)!

Bunpei Shiratori makes it past Stage 1 in the hellish Sasuke 15

Toshihiro Takeda with his awesome Stage 1 scorcher (fastest time ever I think.. dunno don't care!) in Sasuke.. er.. 13? or 14? okay I don't care either :D

LMAO.. They chose defeat for Mr. Sasuke.. in Sasuke 10? Can't keep track of the failures..

Ube take a drink.. Mr. Sasuke Crying...

Makoto Nagano immortalized in Sasuke 17

Makoto Nagano king of the hill in 2006

I love these shots.. (I think that's Shingo Yamamoto, Toshiro Takeda, Katsuhiko Akiyama cheering Nagano in Sasuke 17

Takeda and Akiyama (as the camera pans) corner of Bunpei Shiratori

corner of Katsuhiko Akiyama, Bunpei Shiratori and Katsumi Yamada

Nagano's epic speech.. THAT G4 CUT YOU FRIGGIN' MORONS.. ehem.. Happy thoughts happy thoughts...

Again.. only shown in Sasuke Maniac for the longest time.. The famous Nagano dunk..

HA! You thought you were going to go home dry you bastage!

LMAO! It's even funny in slow motion! Poor guy had no chance!

Take a drink.. pic of Nagano in the boat!

Another! Takeda in his uniform!

OMG.. TBS hates him.. Katsumi selling hotdogs..

Shingo selling Gas

Bunpei the social worker helping the elderly in his community

The next section is all about the Sasuke Trial finalists. This is in addition to the Sasuke 21 Blog with them in it.

Sasuke Trials Finalists hit Sasuke 21!

Asa Kazuma's tearful defeat at the hands of the Great Wall

They start by showing the whole story of where they started (check my blogs from July-September to see the whole show - ran for 9 weeks) (Shout out to Casey Cummings for showup up naked.. er.. except for Old Glory covering him up..)

They went from over 1000 entries.. to 80 contestants.. then down to 33 contestants

The final went from 33 to the final 8

Final 8 stroll into Sasuke 21

Final 8 take their place in the starting line.. one right after the other

Kenjiro Ishimura (Fresh from his AWESOME AWESOME try at Sasuke 21) offering pearls of wisdom

Kubota Takayuki eats Midoriyama's septic sludge.. Death by Half Pipe Attack

Kubota Takayuki can't believe his luck (I think the green text is that they showed this in the original TBS airing of Sasuke 21)

Ishimaru - Yep.. they didn't listen... I got past that..

Yamada - Uhm.. I haven't gotten that far.. ever.. but I can beat it!

Hashimoto Koji is one with Sasuke Spray... I swear I have to buy stock..

So far so good.. he passes the Half Pipe Attack!

Nagano who doesn't know what shorts are.. likes what he sees.. Shingo and Toshihiro can care less LOL

Another shot of Nagano.. because I can... get over it :p

Hashimoto Koji dying a slow death .. at the Warped Wall

Yamada and Ishimaru applauding the great effort... Secretly.. he's happy he passed that thing :)

Sato Jun getting a good luck hand shake from his idol Levi Meeuwenberg and the rest of the ANC guys and gal (Brian, Levi, Luci and Mark)

Sato Jun dies early.. Log Grip claims another victim

Asa Kazuma gets ready.. LOL wtf is up with Yamada's face? He talking sideways? Anyway.. had to include the clip.. just thought it was funny

Asa has TWO cans.. TWO cans of Sasuke Spray Hahahahahha!!

Nagano: Dude.. I think he's going to do it.. (while Yamada and Takeda look perplexed.. maybe mesmorized by the pants? I can hear it now.. (Takeda: Where did he get those pants? I want them..))

Asa Kazuma died another slow death.. Warped Wall..

Katsumi mysteriously morphed into Shingo while Makoto and Toshihiro have a moment

Nagano: Duuude.. they are boned..

Takeda: Yep.. they're boned..

Yamamoto: I look hot in this gray wife beater™.. Women suddenly find me hot now..

Matachi Ryo gets to the rope in the Flying Chute...

Nagano: Hang on Hang on.. Hang onnnnnnnnn...

Only to lose his grip and drop into the water...

Takuya Miyagi and Kawaguchi Tomohiro are now the last 2 men standing.. while you see in the background the reactions of the All-Stars

Nagano is taking a seat..

Now.. about those pants.. BUY SHORTS!!!!!!!

"I expect the next 3 to do well".. yeah yeah.. WHY ARE YOU ROLLING UP YOUR PANTS!?!?

Yes yes.. I'm having fun with Nagano.. it's my last Sasuke Maniac blog.. you bet your bottom I'm going to milk it for what it's worth...

Shingo: I daringly predict next guy is going to make it

Dangit Shingo.. you cursed Kawaguchi Tomohiro.. he fell off the course!

Kawaguchi Tomohiro wife or girlfriend.. or otherwise considered.. is having kittens.. (so are Shingo and Takeda apparently.. Camera guy thinks it's funny)

Nagano having kittens too..

seriously.. he is.. trust me on this..

Daaaaaayum.. he fell of the course.. yes.. Nagano.. we get it..

Trial guys having kittens too.. luckly the rain the night before made all the ground convenient kitty litter so they are all covered..

Nagano: Okay okay.. Mr. Sasuke's guy can't lose.. .. right?

Mr. SASUKE's Assassin! Takuya Miyagi! Aww crap.. it's Yamada.. still.. WTF is up with no hair Miyagi? GROW IT BACK!!

Cue dramatic music...

Nagano: Good luck kid.. you are sooooooo gonna need it..

Oy.. this does not look right...

Not from this angle either...

Yamada: Looking good.. looking good (and he means him...)

Yamada: Sooooooooo been there.. dang that sucks..

Nagano looking hot as usual watching the spectacle..

.. and they say Japanese men don't show emotion like Americans.. apparently they were not talking about Nagano..

definately not talking about Nagano...

No sirree.. Pass the popcorn someone.. I'm dying here..

Speaking of dying.. the last of the Mohicans just landed..

Okay.. that water is just nasty.. seriously.. pool liners.. folks.. it shouldn't be that expensive..

Yamada: Yeah I taught him wrong on purpose.. just like Wimp Lo..

Prerequisite cue of dramatic music.. the Sasuke Trials 8.. just got pwned..

All for one....

Hope we come back next year....

And they walk off into the sunset.. wait.. it's cloudy.. USE your imagination folks..

Ah yes.. next is what I call TBS farewell and love for the returning All-Star :) Yay! Bunpei Fluffpiece!!!

Bunpei Shiratori arrives at Sasuke 21 (yay)

Because I have to show him from different angles.. yo..

.. and him smiling :)

They show him playing with balls ... er.. sorry.. helping one of his townsfolk workout with a ball

Reminding us of Sasuke 12 when he made the final!

and aaaaalmost.. almost made it..

Sasuke 15 he got ridiculously dehydrated and suffered heat stroke...

Clip for the fangirls :D

Mental note.. don't do Sasuke in the middle of JULY!!!

Allstars Yamada and Takeda help Shiratori back on the course (he technically ran last)

but he managed to harness enough energy to pwn the Warped Wall!

AND beat Stage 1!!

I LOVE this shot of him.. (dude check out the time.. that was just sick!)

Shiratori taking on Sasuke 18

where he lost his concentration and fell off the Spider Walk part of the Jumping Spider

Sasuke 19 he just ran out of time before the Flying Chute

Depressed Allstars Takeda and Nagano walking back after that...

This was the last anyone saw of Bunpei Shiratori in Sasuke... he would skip 20

TBS caught up with him before Sasuke 20 in February, 2008 to give us a report on how he's doing.

They went to Shiratori's Shrine to see him not even practicing on his course...

He was not able to compete.. and Sasuke 20 felt his void

May, 2008 he was back out running again

More of Bunpei out running (this was shown at the end of the Maguro Festival)

July, 2008 they visited him again as he was back to doing weights and actual training

More of the July, 2008 workout session

September 8, 2008 marked the return of the Swan :)

yes.. thse are fangirl pics.. bear with me...

almost done.. c'mon.. it's Bunpei love.. just feel the love :)

I swear Bunpei is gonna have to sit Nagano down and tell him where he buys his shorts..

.. seriously...

Clips of Sasuke 21 before Bunpei's run show Lee Yen Chi getting to the red button

Lee Yen Chi celebrating his win of Stage 1!! First clear!

Brian Orosco DIVING for that button!!!

Brian Orosco.. FRIGGIN' YEAH! Made it to the Second stage

ANC/G4 having kittens enough for a continent..

All-stars becoming one with the pole during Shingo's run...

Farking no.................. (Shingo's run)

And there's Shingo.. dramatic red letters..

Bunpei is nervous as Hades.. just sitting.. watching.. intently..

Rarely see him this serious....

.. remind me never to piss him off...

Dang.. he's.. serious..

Nagano knocking his friend back into Happy land

Nagano all happy while Bunpei and the others remind him OF HIS BACK INJURY...

Nagano: See? The smile is becoming! Use it more often!

GROUP HUG!!!!!!!

Nagano.. CUT THAT OUT!!!!!!!

Shingo's new hotness has gone to his head.. he's now naked..

Takeda agrees with me!

Okay.. follow me on the next set of clips.. for ya'll who didn't have a video (like I did..) Just pass the popcorn shall we?

Takeda can't even look..

Nagano wants him to turn around...

that's it.. put the Sasuke Spray away.. I got something better..

Yep lemme help you ...

that's right.. sit down.. (Takeda crying or anything? LOL)

That's it.. put it down..

Bunpei is really tired.. LOL Nagano is all happy.. this shot doesnt' look right...

Bunpei is being submissive.. Nagano .. oh nvm..

SLAM! Stupid Nagano...

Bunpei: Dangit that hurt..

Shinji "Flying Teabag" Kobayashi: Need an aspirin?

Feel better?

Guys.. get a room..

wtf did you just say??

Nagano looking hot again.. I assume interview about Bunpei..

Takeda channeling his inner Elvis...

Bunpei TOTALLY getting into the Jumping Spider

Center of the platform? Screw you I'm hot I can do it without the stinking trampoline!

I'm friggin' Spiderman!

HA! See???

Holy frickin' crap I'm friends with Spiderman!!!

Dude that was hardcore!!!!!!!!

Bunpei heading down the Flying Chute.. this time he's got tiem on the clock!

And you know he jumped on the rope in 19 to get a feel of the shock dropping on this thing..

YES he catches his feet!

Nagano yelling as he sees Bunpei with enough time to clear stage 1!!

Kittens.. it's Kittens I tell you!

Dude he's totally into this.. passing popcorn..

Bouncing Nagano citing.. I want a doll..

That's it.. I want a bouncing Nagano doll..

It's just too cute.. we have to invent one.. dangit.. I want a bouncing Nagano doll!

All-stars happy over Bunpei :D

seriously.. how many screenshots of this did I do? LMAO

btw.. back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress..

Yay! He passed Stage 1!!!!!

YEEEEEEEEEEEES! (again.. I love this shot.. Love the Victory poses!)

.. bouncing Nagano.. dangit.. I want bouncing Nagano... Takeda is happy too!

Hellz yeah!!!


Shingo still naked for the occasion...

Bunpei: OMG I'm gonna dieeeeeeee!!

TBS has schizophrenia.. NOW they show Yamada smiling! WTF.. I give up.. An intern must be editing the show...

Nagano doing high fives in the air for HALF THE COURSE getting back to Bunpei..

Seriously.. half the course...

Still going...

C'mere dude.. I got something for ya..

Nagano high fives Shiratori

Takeda and Bunpei high five.. (reading shirt.. Surfers represent.. .. er.. based on.. Naturally.. of ocean.. LOL at least it wasn't obscene.. I doubt he knows what it means either)

Bunpei: Dude.. I was hauling on that rope.. I mean .. I was running out of gas..

Bunpei: I'm totally tugging at it.. I was hauling since I was running out of time but I was running out of steam...

Bunpei: Almost fell backwards.. but then I jammed the button and it was over!

Bunpei looking RELIEVED that it's all over with.. while Shingo is still miffed he didn't get a high five.. and he was naked too.. no love for Shingo..

Bunpei notices and promises love for the next time..

Next after the commercial is the pwnage of the 3rd stage! Miyazaki scrapes himself out of the septic sludge..

Takeda proving he knows English as he secretly says "Sh%t"

Nagano being Nagano and .. does he suck on helium? NO human should be this happy all the time! Dude has no fear!

Miyazaki and Takeda having a moment

Miyazaki: but.. I LOVE you man..

Takeda: Dude.. get over yourself.. we are being recorded!

Takeda: I can't BELIEVE I feel ooooooooooooooffff.. Daaaaaaaaaaaaangit..

Cue dramatic music.. (we are back from commercials)

Incoming spoiler.. wait.. nvm.. Miyazaki falls here..

and his fangirls are taking pictures... he's like totally wet..

Takeda renacting Spider.. wait.. Superman. he's flying..

Yep.. I'd close my eyes too..

he's taller than me.. HOW DEEP IS THAT WATER??

Nagano swinging in vain...

SPLASH.. down he goes.. and thus ends Sasuke 21

Nagano: Aaaaaaaaaawww crap...

Takeda looking hot.. ehem.. guys having a discussion.. about.. squiggly letters I can't understand...

Cameraman helping me get a shot of Nagano looking buff.. while Miyazaki looks like he's got a crush on Takeda or something..


SASUKE 22 IS MENTIONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay.. date for wedding.. Sasuke 22 okay? Er.. date for the next tournament..

Nagano: I feel like the third wheel...

Another shot of Nagano.. BECAUSE I CAN :D

Takeda flashing the dimples

Miyazaki getting all melancholy.. he wants something..

Miyazaki: Dude.. I want that.. (pointing to Stage 4)

Next is the end of Sasuke Maniac. They flash images of the past Sasuke Maniacs. 108 episodes over 2 1/2 years. I only got the last 20 or so.. but still.. a great run.. I wish I could see them (COUGH.. DVD TBS.. I WANT A DVD.. COUGH)...

108 episodes.. of butt smashing entertainment..

and humiliating face plants..


And made up fake competitions!!!!!!! (hey I blogged this one!)

Created drama all for the sake of the almighty red button!

Why have 1 person fall on a balance beam when you have many more to do it!!

Woman walked on air!

and... wtf is that? I dunno.. I just work here.. I seriously missed this one...

Pretty women with make up cried...

and we made one a Muscle Queen!

We channeled our inner Michael Jackson....

And tried to make Asa Kazuma a star!!

Asa.. TBS loves you! - last shot of Sasuke Maniac

BTW.. Nagano compells you to buy some game for your phone..

Gonna miss this show.. Pray for Sasuke 22 and more Sasuke related specials. Until then.. It's been awesome!