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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Videogame Hangout - Nintendo Anticipation!

Published on Oct 28, 2017

Title: Videogame Hangout - "Nintendo Anticipation"
Episode 1
Recorded on October 26, 2017

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and fellow Animation Hangout partner William on a informal chat talking all things gaming! Videogames whether on Console, computer or even mobile! We share our passion for gaming.
A schedule is not set for this podcast though I would expect every couple months?  Depends on what we are playing and what we want to share.

This is Episode 1 where Arsenette wanted to talk about a specific game before our regularly scheduled Animation podcast and then this podcast was born as a result.




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:36 Introduction - Arsenette talks about why she wanted this mini podcast and introduces hosts
1:40 William talks about his anticipation for Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.
5:34 Reference: E3 Trailer (Nintendo) -
Amazon Affiliate Link:
8:07 William discusses the story and mechanics announced for the game.
Reference: Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Trailer (Nintendo) -
10:09 William successfully segways conversation to Arsenette gushing about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!
10:49 Reference: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Digest (Nintendo) -
14:27 Reference: Animal crossing: New Leaf (For Nintendo 3DS) -
16:51 Reference: World Chef (mobile game) -
20:21 Reference: EuroGamer Article: "I've seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards" Former BioWare dev speaks out against EA's monetisation of games.
22:30 Reference: Animal Crossing Mobile Direct October 24, 2017 -
23:03 We discuss what is the market for Nintendo to branch out to mobile games and what other possible franchises they can monetize for mobile.
29:15 We discuss the Nintendo GameCube adapter on the Switch mistake.
Reference: The Know (Rooster Teeth) -
36:06 William updates the GameCube adapter story with recent article.
36:50 Closing
38:00 End

Music Credits:
"Corporate Intro 1" by DL Sounds

Visual animation:
"Future Orange Internet www web 2319" by Pixabay

Editor: Arsenette

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Animation Hangout - Episode 1 "Let's talk about Shirobako and Mr. Osomatsu!"

Published on Oct 2, 2017

Recorded on September 25, 2017
This is a new podcast-style show.  Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and former Final Stage Podcast partner William on a informal chat talking all things animation, anime, cartoons as we share our passion for animation.




Show notes:
0:13 Introduction
1:45 Catching up with each other since the Pilot episode
2:30 Don is watching Elegant Yokai Apartment Life and ends up doing a quick review.
Referenced series: Natsume Yujin Cho
7:00 William was curious and went to check on a show solely based on it's title.
9:30 Don also remembers a show about taboo subjects - Ixion Saga DT
12:30 Arsenette finally saw Shin Godzilla (2016 Toho films, 2017 Funimation live action movie)
and that continues with Godzilla talk (including recent American versions).
13:20 Referencing the story of Lake Texarcana Dub.
20:00 Reading comments on YouTube and Rambling Rican website.  Update from Badalight regarding Dragon Ball Z's Goku's voice actress in Japanese.  (William just can't... and Arsenette talks about her favorite scene involving the Japanese voice actress)
23:30 Comments from Badalight referencing his own anime introduction.
25:00 Comments from Griffin Tremaine (Venus Headtrap) regarding Dragonball Z.
Referenced collection: Rock the Dragon Collection
Referenced: Team Four Star -
26:00 Comments from Jack Roland (Universal Tuber) questioning how we like Dragonball GT and/or Super.
Referenced series: Dragonball Super (on Funimation and VRV)
Dragonball GT (Amazon Affiliated link)
Referenced series "Wrath of the Dragon" (movie with Tapion - how Trunks gets his sword) (Amazon Affiliated link)
33:41 William asks if Arsenette is looking forward to Dragonball Fighters (Amazon Affiliated link) - coming out in 2018
Referenced: Maximillian Dood's YouTube channel - Dragonball FighterZ Playlist

Hopefully part of an ongoing series - where we watch show each hasn't seen:

37:10 William reviews the first 4 episodes of the anime series "Shirobako" in detail. (Spoilers) - Season 1 (Amazon Affiliated link)

48:00 William transitions from the end of Episode 4 of Shirobako to introduce the concept behind the first episode of the series that Arsenette is watching.
Arsenette reviews the 4 episodes of the anime series "Osomatsu-San" or "Mr. Osomatsu".
Arsenette messed up the order she was supposed to watch (given the original Episode 1 was pulled off television, streaming and even physical media) and watched Episode 1, Episode 12 "Horse racing" episode (Thinking that was the replacement to episode 1), Episode 2-3.
58:00 Comparison of sketch gag comedy to Looney tunes formula of the 1940's-60's.
1:06:00 - Trivia for Episode 3 from William.
1:10:30 - General response about both series we are watching and why we chose these series to watch as part of Animation Hangout.
Reference to Excel Saga
Funimation - VRV Link (Amazon Affiliated link)

1:14:20 Are you excited for any new series coming up for the Fall season?
The Ancient Magus' Bride
Season 2 of Hozuki no Reitetsu (Hozuki's Coolheadedness)
Referenced: Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love (Uchu Senkan Yamato Ni-ni-zero-ni Ai no Senshi-tachi) or Starblazers 2022)

1:21:30 Closing
1:23:30 End

Music Credits:
"Cartoon Bank Heist"
YouTube Royalty Free Creator Sound Library
by: Doug Maxwell: Media Right Productions

Visual animation:
"Film Reel Animated Background" by Videvo

Editor: Arsenette