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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Videogame Hangout - Nintendo Anticipation!

Published on Oct 28, 2017

Title: Videogame Hangout - "Nintendo Anticipation"
Episode 1
Recorded on October 26, 2017

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and fellow Animation Hangout partner William on a informal chat talking all things gaming! Videogames whether on Console, computer or even mobile! We share our passion for gaming.
A schedule is not set for this podcast though I would expect every couple months?  Depends on what we are playing and what we want to share.

This is Episode 1 where Arsenette wanted to talk about a specific game before our regularly scheduled Animation podcast and then this podcast was born as a result.




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:36 Introduction - Arsenette talks about why she wanted this mini podcast and introduces hosts
1:40 William talks about his anticipation for Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.
5:34 Reference: E3 Trailer (Nintendo) -
Amazon Affiliate Link:
8:07 William discusses the story and mechanics announced for the game.
Reference: Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Trailer (Nintendo) -
10:09 William successfully segways conversation to Arsenette gushing about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!
10:49 Reference: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Digest (Nintendo) -
14:27 Reference: Animal crossing: New Leaf (For Nintendo 3DS) -
16:51 Reference: World Chef (mobile game) -
20:21 Reference: EuroGamer Article: "I've seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards" Former BioWare dev speaks out against EA's monetisation of games.
22:30 Reference: Animal Crossing Mobile Direct October 24, 2017 -
23:03 We discuss what is the market for Nintendo to branch out to mobile games and what other possible franchises they can monetize for mobile.
29:15 We discuss the Nintendo GameCube adapter on the Switch mistake.
Reference: The Know (Rooster Teeth) -
36:06 William updates the GameCube adapter story with recent article.
36:50 Closing
38:00 End

Music Credits:
"Corporate Intro 1" by DL Sounds

Visual animation:
"Future Orange Internet www web 2319" by Pixabay

Editor: Arsenette

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