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Friday, December 15, 2017

Animation Hangout - Choosing a Career Path

Published December 15, 2017

Title: Animation Hangout - Episode 3 "Choosing a career path"
Recorded on December 5, 2017

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and former Final Stage Podcast partner William on a informal chat talking all things animation, anime, cartoons as we share our passion for animation.

This is Episode 3 where we continue to review an anime we haven't seen and as part of the show we review more episodes from "Shirobako" and "Mr. Osomatsu" along with other topics including news in the world of animation.




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:36 Introduction
1:40 Catching up with each other since the Episode 2
William saw the series finale of Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
7:54 William is watching Black Clover on Toonami (Cartoon Network) which is being simul-dubbed by Funimation.
12:00 Arsenette finally marathoned Recommendations of a Wonderful Virtual Life (Net-Juu no Susume in Japanese)
Turned into a long discussion about sub vs. dub qualities of voice actors and the strengths and weaknesses of Funimation's simul-dub.
24:25 Arsenette was taken by surprise that Funimation license rescued "Star Blazers 2199" (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)
32:41 Don is watching a few current season series on his own.
23:23 Don is also marathoning a series on VRV/Funimation (English Dub) that William is ecstatic that he is re-watching.
Also conversation about what makes a good Shounen show and how Yu Yu Hakusho was one of the best shounen series ever made.
40:41 William also saw SpongeBob SquarePants Musical on Broadway.

Part of an ongoing series - where we watch show each hasn't seen:

49:20 Arsenette is reviewing "Osomatsu-San" or "Mr. Osomatsu" - Episodes 7-10

1:08:30 William is reviewing "Shirobako" - Episodes 9-12 (End of the first "Exodus" arc) - Season 1 (Amazon Affiliated link)
Long discussion about the making of anime and other creative media.  This series gets "real" with life decisions that hit very close to home.

1:42:30 Closing
1:44:16 End

Music Credits:
"Cartoon Bank Heist"
YouTube Royalty Free Creator Sound Library
by: Doug Maxwell: Media Right Productions

Visual animation:
"Film Reel Animated Background" by Videvo

Editor: Arsenette

Monday, December 11, 2017

Videogame Hangout - What Nintendo did right but EA got wrong

Published on Dec 11, 2017

Title: Videogame Hangout - "What Nintendo did right but EA got wrong"
Episode 2
Recorded on December 5, 2017

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and fellow Animation Hangout partner William on a informal chat talking all things gaming! Videogames whether on Console, computer or even mobile! We share our passion for gaming.
A schedule is not set for this podcast though I would expect every couple months?  Depends on what we are playing and what we want to share.

This is Episode 2 where we cover games we played during November, 2017.




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:36 Introduction - The 3 hosts talk briefly about what games we played in November, 2017
2:30  William goes in depth of his gameplay through Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.
Amazon Affiliate Link:
16:16 William segways to the current controversy of the micro-transactions problems and Don talks about the problems that have embroiled EA Games of late.
35:40 Arsenette takes over talking Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free to play Mobile game)
40:00 William talks about Megaman 11's announcement.
45:45 Viewer question: (KianMike on YouTube asks about the 2017 Nintendo World Championship). William does a full review of the event.
Reference:  Official stream of the 2017 Nintendo World Championships (YouTube):
54:40 Viewer question: (SasukeDoctor - Sasuke Maniac Forums) - Have we played Stardew Valley.
57:04 Closing
58:18 End

Music Credits:
"Corporate Intro 1" by DL Sounds

Visual animation:
"Future Orange Internet www web 2319" by Pixabay

Editor: Arsenette

Saturday, December 9, 2017

2018 Rambling Rican Calendar is for sale!

2018 Rambling Rican Calendar ©Rambling Rican
I was surprised to be asked to do this again.  I wasn't completely ready to do it this year given so much has happened but it doesn't cost me anything to create something that apparently many of you enjoy! ♥  Thank you! I'm really happy about that since I'm still friends with a lot of the Sasuke/Ninja Warrior community despite the political junk in the background.  I'm also very thankful for Jin to have sent me photos of this year's activities along with fellow competitor's photo donations last minute! ♥  Maybe if more are interested in it I can continue yearly doing this for the community regardless of my lack of participation in day to day fandom.  I still love and support those in the ninja community and they continue to fill my life with positivism and support.

March 2018 snapshot ©Rambling Rican

So, back by popular demand the latest calendar is now up on the website!  Thanks for the support everyone has given me the past few years I've been doing this. I did one for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Just like last year any proceeds (and they are little since I don't sell many of these to warrant much attention) is for the completion of the Sasuke-themed book I've been working on forever.  The publishing part is not that expensive, but hiring an professional editor is. Each time I've done a fundraiser I've broken even so I don't have a reserve for covering the costs of publishing the book. I've mentioned before the process of writing the book has been daunting. I've also never really raised much money doing these calendars since it's really made for fun with the community who supports my work.

August 2018 snapshot ©Rambling Rican

I kept most of the format like last year since those who bought the calendar seemed to like this format best.  The majority of the photos came from Kung-Cheen Howng 洪 恭芹 (aka "Jin) with permission of those he took photos of, Geoff Britten sent a couple earlier this year and got permission to use for this project and the rest I took myself during my trip to Japan last year and my friend Dr. Cathi Jones who took pics of the same event (Sasuke 32).  I wasn't expecting to do this calendar this year so I was limited in who I could get in this short period of time.  Most are from get-together events that took place in Gunma, Saitama and Tokyo Prefectures along with the yearly Sendai  PTA event that the city runs and photos from Taiwan.  As usual thanks to Philip (from SMF) for designing my logo! I also added more birthdays of those who have competed in Sasuke this year to add to the normal array of Sasuke regulars (like the All-stars/Shin Sedai) to fill out the months.

June 2018 snapshot ©Rambling Rican

Full disclosure on the "fundraising part" I mentioned pertaining to these Calendars.  I'm getting about $5-7 US dollars per calendar created. All of the prices are up on their website along with a description as to how this works.  I'm very happy with the quality of the calendars and have used this website for 4 years running!  At this point I highly recommend the calendars! These calendars are really good quality and sturdy! (VenusHeadTrap - Griffin Tremaine did a video on the calendars last year if you are interested in seeing what last year's looked like). The calendars are only printed when someone orders them as opposed to other companies that require for a certain amount to be ordered up front.  While they also had an option to do a fulfillment drive (like they do in local schools with the sign up sheet) I chose the other route available since the amount most people would get would be much smaller.  The company will be doing the fulfillment so I don't have to be the middle person.  I won't know who orders what from as the website since they take care of that privately between the buyer and them.  So far I've had zero issues other than creative issues on my own.  I appreciated they had no set up fees (some websites can cost 100-200 bucks just to set up) and again, my experience from the past few years was quite positive.

All months in the 2018 Rambling Rican Calendar ©Rambling Rican

Feel free to use the $10 referral code! ♥
On your first order just type in Referral Code: E9VWYS for $10 off your first purchase (one coupon per account)!  The way it works is that you put in your profile "Where you referred" and that is where you place your referral code (E9VWYS). I do believe it goes to making your own content on the site rather than a coupon per se. It's a bit convoluted but you will end up getting a $10 credit on your account when the option becomes available. 

August 2018 snapshot ©Rambling Rican

I also noticed that they added a lot of other things like like photo books, cards, and even T'shirts, etc.) if people are interested in buying some sort of merchandise that will help me as well. It doesn't cost me anything to set it up and it would help me tremendously if you buy stuff from the store.  So if you want to contribute to the kitty and get the 2018 (it comes in 2 sizes apparently although I formatted it for the smaller one) you can buy it directly on CreatePhotoCalendar's website!

The website accepts Visa, Master Card, Checks, Money Orders, and even PayPal.

Shipping Zones

Website list with shipping, locations, pricing, etc.  (as of December, 2017)

Zone 1
United States

Zone 2
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands

Zone 3
United Kingdom
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Zone 4
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
November 2018 snapshot ©Rambling Rican
I've mentioned before but if you are interested in getting a calendar and it is NOT on the list that the company sells to, I am willing to mail out orders. I'd like to limit that as much as possible though as it gets complicated and extremely expensive. All shipping costs would be paid by the person who is ordering them.  However, considering that if your area is not on the list, that means that your shipping will be quite high.  I don't make the calendars so I have to pay for my own copies. Please don't ask for free calendars. As always I am eternally grateful for your continued support throughout the years. Please spread the word and hopefully I can sell more calendars this year!  The website has share options to all major social media. Please use them and spread the word!  If anyone is interested, I can create more products to put up on the store. It doesn't cost me anything but time to design things. If you are willing to buy it then I'm willing  to diversify the portfolio. ♥

Friday, December 1, 2017

Writer's block, reading comments and Story time!

Published on Dec 1, 2017

Monthly update for stuff I'm doing and things I'm working on.  I read comments from the past couple months, talk about writer's block, a trip through Sasuke land, update on things I'm working on and even get into story time!

YouTube Royalty Free Music:
"Ever Felt Part 1" by Otis McDonald