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Friday, December 15, 2017

Animation Hangout - Choosing a Career Path

Published December 15, 2017

Title: Animation Hangout - Episode 3 "Choosing a career path"
Recorded on December 5, 2017

Hosts Arsenette, her husband Don join friend and former Final Stage Podcast partner William on a informal chat talking all things animation, anime, cartoons as we share our passion for animation.

This is Episode 3 where we continue to review an anime we haven't seen and as part of the show we review more episodes from "Shirobako" and "Mr. Osomatsu" along with other topics including news in the world of animation.




Show notes:
0:00 Theme song
0:36 Introduction
1:40 Catching up with each other since the Episode 2
William saw the series finale of Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
7:54 William is watching Black Clover on Toonami (Cartoon Network) which is being simul-dubbed by Funimation.
12:00 Arsenette finally marathoned Recommendations of a Wonderful Virtual Life (Net-Juu no Susume in Japanese)
Turned into a long discussion about sub vs. dub qualities of voice actors and the strengths and weaknesses of Funimation's simul-dub.
24:25 Arsenette was taken by surprise that Funimation license rescued "Star Blazers 2199" (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)
32:41 Don is watching a few current season series on his own.
23:23 Don is also marathoning a series on VRV/Funimation (English Dub) that William is ecstatic that he is re-watching.
Also conversation about what makes a good Shounen show and how Yu Yu Hakusho was one of the best shounen series ever made.
40:41 William also saw SpongeBob SquarePants Musical on Broadway.

Part of an ongoing series - where we watch show each hasn't seen:

49:20 Arsenette is reviewing "Osomatsu-San" or "Mr. Osomatsu" - Episodes 7-10

1:08:30 William is reviewing "Shirobako" - Episodes 9-12 (End of the first "Exodus" arc) - Season 1 (Amazon Affiliated link)
Long discussion about the making of anime and other creative media.  This series gets "real" with life decisions that hit very close to home.

1:42:30 Closing
1:44:16 End

Music Credits:
"Cartoon Bank Heist"
YouTube Royalty Free Creator Sound Library
by: Doug Maxwell: Media Right Productions

Visual animation:
"Film Reel Animated Background" by Videvo

Editor: Arsenette

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