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Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Sportsman No. 1 Monster Box Special - Part 1

2010 Sportsman No. 1 Monster Box Special


As you know by now there was an announcement made in November that the Sportsman #1 competition for 2010 was on January 7th. Of course being right in the middle of my mammoth 21 part Sasuke 24 Blog.. I had to delay the blog for Sportsman until now. For a preview of what Monster Box is please refer to my blog on the 2010 Sportsman No. 1 Navi (a half hour show). For brevity's sake I will not post what I already did there. I also want to make clear that the entire show will not be posted here. I am only concentrating on Monster Box and any specials tied to previous Sportsman #1 events. For some unknown reason there was a lot of footage in this show that had nothing to do with what I consider to be Sportsman #1. It seems they delved into old Muscle Show, Banzuke and other shows of that type and crammed an hour's worth of footage or more in the 3 hour "Sportsman" show that had nothing to do with Sportsman. Ube covered the entire show since he was live blogging it at the time and it was kinda difficult to separate between them. Besides.. he knew wtf was going on anyway :D

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔 - Handball dude who now plays for Spain

Ah yes they start with the reason why there's only a Monster Box Special and not a full fledged show.. Miyazaki! He's hurt this year actually and I'm surprised he's actually here doing this! I think it was a knee injury that had him sidelined for about 2 months. Actually the show started almost like a long commercial of everything we've seen before in Navi and in the commercials themselves. Since I'm only covering the Monster Box and Sportsman Stuff I am starting here.

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 seems really excited to be here!

If ya'll don't know where the heck you've seen him before.. I've.. got no help for ya :p (cough..) btw this is from Sasuke 23 (Stage 1 Part Deux)

OMG TBS GOT HIM IN SHORTS! MWahahhahahahahahahha.. ehem :) (flashes evil grin)

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 seems to be kicking a$$ and taking names!

Kittens being born!! Shingo and Nagano and company are enjoying the show

Miyazaki looks to be laboring.. hope he didn't get injured even more during this...

And the $1,000,000 dollar question.. will Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 break the record.. I mean.. he will win this thing.. right?

Clips again from stuff I'm not covering - NBA Star Michael Jordan in 2 basketball related challenges (note the Bulls uniform.. that should tell you how old this footage is..)

Tennis Star Maria Sharapova in a .. yeah.. Tennis related challenge

Men will Balls.. er.. one big ball.. oh I'll get to that later.. seems like a challenge between Sumo Wrestlers (I think.. I'll get to that later :)

This also from Navi actually is the list of the 50 competitors that will be taking a crack at Monster Box today. Obviously they won't get to all of them so they scroll the names of those competitors for ya. I .. will spare you the list :)

Iketani in the air.. will he break the record!

Dramatic opening to Sportsman No. 1 as they make it look like it was taken from the Parthenon in Greece.. LOL

The building is taking shape.. THIS is where Sportsman takes place.. ahahhaha ehem Cool graphics!

Men lining up! They all wear shorts!

Current champion Miyazaki in the middle.. with Nomura towering over him.. Blanik is much smaller than I thought.. and Iketani also a former champion in the front row

Awww.. they shoved Nagano in the back but he's being shown!

Wakky ワッキー is the current Celebrity champ from 2007

Cool shot actually.. that's not 50 but who cares!


Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 at age 21!

I skipped over a lot so far a baseball challenge with Hideki Matsui that was actually taped a few years ago. They showed his age now is 35 and the challenge was when he was 26 (so the challenge was 9 years ago) and still with the Giants back in Japan. Another baseball challenge with Sadaharu Oh followed (currently he's 69 years old and the challenge was when he was 57 (so the challenge was 12 years ago). And another baseball challenge with Shigeo Nagashima who is 73 years old and was 61 in the video (so that's 12 years ago!). Finally we get to this.. a 50 meter .. backflip competition.. (actually back handspring but that's getting technical :p ). They do a few people I don't know then they got to this.. yep.. the Iketani brothers going head to head!

Yukio Iketani 池谷幸雄 at age 24 (back at the height of his popularity)

So which brother will have bragging rights?!

Naoki pulls ahead!

And it's over! Naoki wins by a large margin!

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 wins!

Okay after a bunch of commercials and more hype for other stuff later (cough more baseball, etc.) they prep the Monster Box!

They keep the same graphics from previous shows

Again the mighty list but this time you see Nagano testing out the springboard to see the tension on it since he's more used to trampolines

Nagano keeps going back and forth on it.. off it .. on it.. off it..

and on it again

Leszek Blanik of Poland レゼク・ブラニク - the gold medal winner in the vault at the Beijing Olympics is hoping for the WR of 24 boxes

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔 being interviewed

Junichi Miyashita 宮下 純一 - Olympic Bronze medal Swimmer (cough.. double fail guy)

Wakky ワッキー - Comedian and part of the duo Penalty ペナルティー

LOL he has notes on how he did and what he has to do!

A very young Iketani showing Gon Nakayama how to do the Monster Box

Trust me.. you will see a lot of this guy in the broadcast.. this is Masashi "Gon" Nakayama 中山 雅史 - He's a soccer guy.

To explain how famous he is.. At the 1998 FIFA World Cup finals in France, Nakayama scored the only goal of the tournament (for Japan) and the first goal for Japan in the history of the World Cup (in the match against Jamaica on June 26, 1998). Pulling directly from the wiki - Affectionately known as 'Gon', Nakayama is a fan favorite among many casual Japanese football fans for his outspoken and humorous nature.

We start at 11 boxes - 1 meter and 86 centimeters (approximately 6.1 feet)

Okay now that I've seen the show just letting you know the format. For every single box they add they will go back and show the "famous people who jumped # amount of boxes". So they go back in time and show that.. then return to present day to show the current 2010 competition.

Here's Gon's successful attempt at 11 boxes (Past)

I'm not sure who this is but he cleared (Past)

Another unidentified.. (Past)

TBS Announcer Ryusuke Ito 伊藤 隆佑
(Who incidentally was #31 in Sasuke 24 and fell on the Jumping Spider...)

Okay! Back to the present! Our first man of the evening.. for real..

Yay! Masaki Nomura 野村将希 - Actor (he's done many Sportsman competitions and we all know and love him from Sasuke)

Aahahahh he gets to wear pants!

And he clears 11 boxes!

Yoshiaki Kanemura 金村 義明 - Baseball player formerly of the Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes

And he's ecstatic because he jumped 11 boxes!

Yukio Iketani 池谷幸雄 - is up next...

.. front handspring..

Yep.. hotdoggin' already..

Takeda and Wakky react

Naoki finds it hysterical

Yasuei Yakushiji 薬師寺 保栄 - WBC Bantemweight Champion

DING!! Oh they really need a sound for that nut crack.. ouch.. he's out.. at this early stage you only have 1 shot at jumping this.

Miyazaki feels that internally..

Yasuei Yakushiji 薬師寺 保栄 is gone

Oh.. we got the caning ritual! WTF is Shingo (on the far left) doing? ROFL he's stretching it seems. Wakky is present for the ceremony

Takeda doesn't slap him too hard..

Just a light "tap"

Wakky approves of this message

Nagano selling cars again (yes.. commercial time.. I mean seriously.. he sells cars!)

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 is ready for 11 boxes!

(sorry.. chuckling that TBS forced him to wear shorts ABOVE his knee.... he must be furious... ahahahahh)

Sorry .. back to your regularly scheduled program .. already in progress..

And he's up... aaaaaaaand..

Wow the tap is aall the way at the end of the other side..

But he still clears...

Nagano waving his approval.. he's cleared 11 boxes!

LOL he's all lackadaisical. Btw.. notice he's got that hand wrapped up.. same as he did during the Muscle Park appearance..

All-Stars plus Wakky wait for him to jump

And he's over

And they approve of the message

And the conversations start :)

Replay of his jump

He got good height but he had his hands waaay out infront

Not a problem now but could cost him in the later stages

Still had plenty of spring though

and plenty of space to do any corrections in the air

Next we have the firefighter!

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 also making his Sportsman #1 debut!

Doing a nice run

He I expect will do good since he has a better form already

He's up...

and just flies over with no issues

massive distance from the horse.. er.. box :)

Wakky mentioning that having the Sasuke All-Stars in this is totally "Sugoi" (or "Cool" or "amazing")

Hirokazu Oyama 大山大和 - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

.. he should do well since he practices on this thing.. daily.. for money.. LOL

LMFAO He totally hotdogged it.. he didn't even TOUCH HIS HANDS!

Now THAT is how you do it folks!

All-Stars in awe.... a huge "oooooooh hohohoho..." comes out of Nagano

Shingo looking at Nagano for a reaction

Now everyone looking at the replay

And then Nagano looking for Takeda's reaction

Oh yeah.. they aren't getting outclassed or anything..

Wakky going wtf....

Iketani not entirely happy he's being shown up...

.. the Iketani smirk and polite applause.. (as his mind works on how he could hotdog better...)

Much is placed on his small shoulders (Dude is SHORT!) since he's the reigning Olympic Champion on.. Vault.. :p
Leszek Blanik of Poland レゼク・ブラニク

HE jumps waaaaaaaaaaay up..

and pulls out spread eagle in a pike position

Blanik proving that Polish dudes can hotdog .. and fly too :p

The guys that WISH they could do this are enjoying the hotdog competition :p

Uh oh.. he's got his gameface on.. Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹

HUGE momentum.. wtf is he doing..

lmfao.. round off...

to a back somersault in a tuck position...

and THAT is how it is done boys and girls.. LOL (Iketani grin)

HOLY friggin' crap..

Blanik just smiling (after clapping) at the display of testosterone..

Wow haven't seen a round off on this thing for a while now..

ROFL sorry he didn't stick the landing but it was a thing of beauty :)

Yoshiaki Kanemura 金村 義明 getting his certificate.

Shows he completed 11 boxes (my guess is that he failed 12 boxes and they wanted to show him in the segment)

Yoshiaki Kanemura 金村 義明 says goodbye!