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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sasuke 24 - Spoilerific Review - Part 9




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 24.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI FALL 2010 (1 hour review of Sasuke 24 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!) and the SASUKE PREVIEW SHOW that aired an hour before the official broadcast. Bare with me.. this show was 5 1/2 hour long (not including the specials..).. Geez I thought I was kidding about getting sick.. I'll have to slow down how I do this so bare with me! Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist..


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Last man standing in Sasuke 23 is now hoping to the the 13th Warrior of the Second Stage!

Takeda: .. hey man.. want a hit?

Takeda: I've got some good stuff man.. really good deal too...
Nagano: Dude.. I have some already..

.. sorry .. getting punchy.. my 4th blog today? I lost track honestly.. I just wanted Stage 1 done today :) ehem..

The Konpiramaru 28 (for those of you who have no idea wtf the 28 is for.. that is the age he became Captain of this ship. Simple enough eh?) This ship is one of a fleet that work for one company - Takasui Corp

Nagano at his job.. usually he is asleep during the day so this is rare LOL

Already a Champion of Sasuke, Nagano almost made it 2 times just the previous tournament when he was within a few feet from the end until time ran out

Determined to make it this time.. he dusted off the crane at work and started working on his rope climbing skills again

His beautiful wife Asami (1 year Anniversary coming up this month btw) kicked some butt in Kunoichi 8!

and their adorable tyke Kaiou who is just a curious little thing! Look at that head of hair and those cheeks! OMG.. those cheeks!

Kaiou: But.. I want to eat the camera!!!!!

Makoto who looks like he just woke up is unaware that Kaiou is already making dinner plans for the camera he's mesmerized with right now..

Awww.. he found something he likes! Look at that smile!
LOL from the side he looks like a little rooster!

Kaiou perfectly awake

Wife and son get ready to cheer on Daddy!

Nagano getting prepared for the ritual he started...

Can of Sasuke Spray also in attendance..

Takeda actually gets ON the platform to get a better angle (see that Shingo??)

Takeda whispers to Nagano if he's ready

Seems he is

.. Takeda fussing with the towel which is remarkably THICK this time around..

Guess the fan-made red ones from 23 dang nearly destroyed their backs.. LOL

.. he's taking an awful long time.. but Nagano is still yelling something.. a cheer maybe?

You'd think that he would have learned from Nagano' s slap to the back that no windup is necessary..

.. LMAO.. he stops to lift his sleeve...

He wants to make sure he gets whole range of motion on this thing..

I can almost hear Nagano grumble right now..

Takeda's cheesing already..

I wonder if Nagano secretly regrets ever starting this ritual...

Takeda: Oh look.. a penny....

Okay.. for realz...


.. times...



LOL Takeda looks hurt by that one ...


I got it .. I got it :)

I can still stand after that beating..

Oww.. where are my legs...

(looks to the audience who was watching the whole time...)

Thank you.. Thank you very much..

Meanwhile.. if you need a potty break take it now.. they started Nagano' s introduction.. I mean seriously.. it's one of those things that is so long.. I think it's in book format.. hard cover.. maybe special edition by now..

Blah blah blah.. blah blah. oh yeah the All-Star Suckitude chart.. Circle gets the square, X is about to win, one person didn't go and another decided to fold his hand..

9 blogs later and the sun already gone for a while.. it's 99 people down and 12 people have cleared and gone for drinks

Takasui in da house! Sems they got a lot of banners this time! 4 of them! And no even one can I read.. no wait.. I can read his name.. LOL That's about it..

Oh and I can identify Mr. Takasu's cheesy smile on the far left (that's his boss.. NOT his Dad as G4 would like for you to believe...) and in the middle holding their Son Kaiou is Nagano's wife Asami. Hey I got that picture in my hardrive of Nagano .. LOL I call that picture "I'm bored with a fish".. Seriously they could have picked one where he's smiling at least..

Still smarting from the slap.. Nagano channels his energy to concentrating for his run

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Sasuke Champion and Captain Fisherman

But first (oh you should be used to this by now..)

Oh wait they are going to spoil half his run for you

Yep already at the Log grip..

Ice fishing is fun!

He's back at the starting line and still not cooperating for his photo...

Okay screw it.. fast forward to the Jumping Spider

Trademark flying through the Spider Walk



HOly.. .. ... bleep.. bleepidity bleep...

WOW.. omg is he okay?? I heard a lot of banging down there...

okay wtf happened.. Oh boy I already see it.. he's WAY low..

And he couldn't keep himself up when .. did he slip? hang on..

K can't tell from here I think he slipped

Ouch his arms snapped back.. and I hear a whole lot of crashing noises...

Ouch grate on the right of the picture moved considerably

and did he crash under the barrier?

He hasn't come up yet...

OMG he's completely under the water...

And.. the spoiler shot #1 that was at the top of the show...

Mr. Hanglider saw it first followed closely by Kota Honma..

And the BIG spoiler pic from the top of the show that I was waiting for...

Making Dogs wail for a few years now..

Yuuji just goes into complete shock..

This unfortunately (not him.. the shot) killed my Nagano screw up moment. Watching it I was just waiting for something huge to happen. First I thought he's wail for Kanno.. but we know how that turned out.. so that only left Nagano.. the last guy in Stage 1.. so I already knew he was going to fail simply because I hadn't seen the Yuuji shriek picture yet.. and that's disappointing honestly.

This part is always painful. Watching family go through the agony of a fail

Especially a blooper like this one..

This LITERALLY came out of nowhere

.. and there goes the baby..

Seems Takeda was the only one doing the walk and he hears the crash..

Then realizes he didn't come out of the tunnel...

And it hits him.. seriously.. he didn't come out of the tunnel

And the announcer has gone literally bonkers

No one wants to see a crash like that (cough I'll shut up about Sato now.. cough)

Especially the finalist from the last show

Poor Takeda feeling the pain. This is his buddy..

This.. isn't happening...

Now I'm sure he's worried if he's okay.. he hasn't come out yet..

finally Nagano emerges with a smile on his face

wiping the crud off his hair..

wow smoke is coming off him. it's so cold that the heat from his body is just .. wow I'd be freezing..

The WTF moment of Sasuke 24.. hands down..

Disbelief is setting in...

I mean.. I expected him to lose simply because of the spoiler at the top of the show but I wouldn't have DREAMED it would be something like this..


Nagano can't believe how stupid a mistake that was...

You can see him replaying it in his mind...

As he is thinking he starts to get up and all he can do is nod "okay" "okay" like maybe 10 times..

Obviously we can't see what he's seeing but I'm sure Mr. Higuchi is having kittens in the director's booth.. he freaks out BIG time when Nagano goes down..

.. especially after the debacle at the Slider Jump just the past tourney. Seems this was no mechanical failure... this was just a monumental screw up..

.. just occurred to him that his shoulder hurts..

Hmm.. could this be the injury that Nagano was sporting in late December?? It is the same arm...

Yuuji is still in shock...

I mean seriously .. wtf happened?

Iono.. but that looked nasty..

Takeda can't believe what is happening..

.. then.. a thought just occurred to him...


.. I wanna cry..

Okay.. let's analyze this ..

He's FLYING along like he usually does.. and right about there we can see the problems..

Seems he was much too low.. but at this angle we still can't see if he slipped down or if he just whiffed..

And he does go down pretty hard.. The whole grate on the right moved like a full foot and a half..

And his body hit the left side as well

Seems at this point he pinned himself under the grate on the left side of the screen because he didn't immediately come up

Okay.. much better angle.. wow he is low..

Right there.. total whiff he just came down too low and ran out of plexiglass and his foot just hit net...

And with no footing he came crashing down.. but you see him try to hit the platform if he could...

That's one of the crashes we heard.. he hit the landing platform with his toes most likely..

but all of his momentum is going straight down and backwards..

and there he goes careening out of control backwards..

He's still trying to correct himself...

All-Star Suckitude chart complete.. X gets the square..., Bunpei still didn't compete, Takeda is the only survivor and Yamada is still retired..

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Death by Jumping Spider (well technically the Spider Walk but it is part of the obstacle)

That.. was bad.. (LOL Look at his face)

He explains that he was really gunning for a fast time

To allow himself more time at the end of the course where everyone was having so many problems (like the Warped Wall for instance)

But in his rush to get there he misstepped..

And just like that.. we are in Stage Two.. 12 people survived this trip..


Jelena said...


Arsenette said...

.. I feel your pain..

btw.. I'll get to stage 2 in a couple days.. I did 4 blogs in one day and I'm totally feeling it.. in the meantime.. it SUCKS he failed so early :( Though he does stay for the rest of it so you see him later cheering people on.

Jelena said...

I totally understand! And since I've become addicted to your blog, I'll come back in a couple of days! Take care! And take a nap :)

Rufus said...

The great thing about Nagano is that he really seems to know how to analyze his mistakes so they won't happen again. I'm not worried b/c I'm confident he'll make it next time!

Yeah, take it easy Rican. We want you healthy and strong to blog the rest of this thing doggon it (meanwhile I'm downloading the competition so I can watch it)!!!

On another note, how many competitions must I go without my beloved Bunpei?? Oh well, at least he was there cheering everyone on... *sigh*

ArtemisFowljr said...

my God that was so painful...
I was really worried about the trampoline jump.Heputs up his legs so fast he could easily fall backwards if he misses it with his hands. He made it..ok, no problems..and then just a couple seconds later...I see him falling down.The first time I had a WTF? moment...then they showed it the second time from a different angle and I went "no..." but still so wtfed I couldn't realize...then the third time, and I went "NO!NO!NOOOOO!NO!no..."
I would have screamed if I only could .My parents after 23 threatened to shut down internet if I had heart attack-like I just started to rip hair off my head while trying not to scream...and cried...I simply couldn't believe it.I SO wanted him to achieve Kanzenseiha...after 18, the Shin-cliffhanger...21, the Grinding Ring...23, the Slider Jump (in my opinion, the double first stage run affected his final stage run)...and poor Takeda...poor Asami...
I kept ripping off hair and crying until I heard my grandparents coming. If they saw me like that, THEY would have had a heart attack, so I ran to the bathroom and stayed there some minutes to recover and wash my face.
That was one of the worst experiences in my life.
I hope he recovered better than me...

Arsenette said...

I'll be enjoying Sportsman tonight and then take a brain relax after that then get back to it to finish 24 and then move on to Sportsman if nothing else to blog about Takeda, Nagano and Shingo all in a completely different show :D

Rufus enjoy the tourney! And yes.. I miss Bunpei but not sure if he will ever be the same.. that back injury he has is baffling his docs as to what's causing it :(

I feel your pain Arty.. albeit his loss was anticlimactic ONLY because of the stupid spoiler pics at the top of the show.. it really did baffle me as to how that happened. Hearing his excuse later made me realize how stressed he was about messing up on the HPA, WW and SJ that took out so many people.