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Friday, January 30, 2009

Nagano and Takeda work Odaiba - The Video

Makoto Nagano and Toshihiro Takeda - Video Part 1

First and foremost.. sorry for the lateness of this entry! If you all remember.. this is from their visit to Muscle Park back in October, 2008. I received the actual video of this for Christmas, 2008 and it took me this long to convert it so I can actually take proper screenshots :) .. You already know me with my screenshots :p This blog is to dish about the video I made (see above). It's in YouTube in 5 parts.. SO SORRY FOR THE QUALITY! It's bad I know.. I got it in .mod format.. then had it converted to .avi .. then put it through Windows Movie maker.. then put it on YouTube and it looks horrible.. gaaaah.. as you can see from the screenshots I have.. the original is MUCH cleaner and quite frankly it would have been better if I got that up instead.. oh well.. live and learn..

Toshihiro makes his debut as a guest in Muscle Park! I'm still surviving Military haircut Takeda™

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this marks the first time Toshihiro Takeda is a guest in Muscle Park! I mean.. he's been there before right before the Muscle Musical showdown.. thing.. (shown also in the last Sasuke Maniac) but never really as a guest. Oh and to reiterate.. Takeda was taking a certification thing for firefighting and had to cut his hair (sorta like boot camp) and this was the absolute shortest he could get away with (LMAO).. he's so wanting his hair longer again.. you know it.. ahahhahah

Takeda: Uhm.. I've only been here for 5 minutes and I totally broke this mic..
Nagano: ppsssst... idiot..

Takeda: Yeah.. I try talking through this thing and it's totally not working..
Nagano: Fark.. these things are totally hosed?

Muscle Park Employee: You .. see.. here.. uhm.. it's a button.. it's really actually simple
Takeda: Uh.. button? (wtf is up with how he's holding it? LMAO)
Nagano: (doing exactly what you SHOULDN'T do to a microphone) Nah.. this ain't working either.. (flick flick flick.. bap.. bap.. flick.. )

How many men does it take to turn on a microphone? Apparently 3.. and women everywhere are laughing at this comedic scene... men don't get it.. they would be fussing with this thing..

So help me... wtf.. Someone just come up and turn the damn thing on already.. Takeda's got crazy hands.. friggin' pansy..

After much ado about nothing.. He got the stupid mic to work and they both are interviewed (don't have translation for that) and they just yap for a while while I'm passing popcorn. Most of it sounds like anticipation for the demonstration and probably some retrospect of Sasuke 21.

Takeda is totally afraid to touch the mic now.. he's holding it with his finger tips.. (ahahahhahaha)

Seriously.. look at it! He's holding it like it's going to break.. again..

Awww he looks like a fish out of water.. he's so nervous he's out of his mind.. and check out those fingers.. LOL Dude.. it's made of steel.. you are not going to break the dang thing....

Meanwhile.. in Nagano's corner he's friggin' manhandling that mic and is ingesting it... (P.S. one of the many times he wipes his nose.. dude totally had to have a cold.. I haven't seen this much snot in a looooong time..

See what I mean? I mean wtf.. Takeda barely touches the mic and Nagano is molesting it..

Sorry.. distracted by greatness.. Gimme a moment...

sorry.. having kittens.. ehem.. Did I tell you how I think he should be Latin? He waves his arms when he talks.. that's totally not Japanese.. ya know?

Takeda poking fun (constant theme all day.. trust me on this).. at his buddy Nagano

Nagano totally blowing off the host as he sees his impending death.. he's downright staring at that stupid thing.. (remember this is after Sasuke 21) and last time he was here for the unveiling he totally fell off it too!

Toshihiro starts first with the DEMONSTORATION.. sorry.. just sounds funny in Japanese :p He flies through the arm bike.. then onto the Shin Cliffhanger.. well.. at least the first attempt..


LMAO!!!! Takeda jumps up and wipes down the bar with a .. napkin.. er.. hankerchief.. whatever it is.. some paper product (hopefully not used..) while Nagano directs him where to go!

Takeda on a mission to defunkify (try that on a translator mwahahhaha ehem..) the Shin-Cliffhanger.. bar thingie

I see Nagano has his recent T'shirt while Takeda has his old one from last year... oh.. mission complete.. wipe snot off Cliffhanger..

Aahhahaahh sorry.. only things you see when you pause.. Check out Takeda trying to clean his hands on his ass.. I assume he's trying to dry his hands..

... and while he's back there he fixes a wedgie.. smoooooooth Takeda.. smooth.. He totally grabbed it.. ahahhahahahhahaha dang I love raw video :)

Attempt number 2 .. Shin-Cliffhanger.. so glad this isn't timed..

About to make the middle.. er.. nope.. pwned again.. Dude totally can't do it without 17 pounds of that damned Sasuke Spray..

Nagano impending doom.. is now totally drying his hands across his thighs.. ahahhahahaha

Nagano: Oh F... figures I just spent half hour wiping snot off my nose onto my hands.. now what??

Totally showing off now.. he goes up the Salmon Ladder and down to the 2nd rung backwards.. Friggin' Hotdog..

Takeda: Der... I totally farted..

Death by dismount.. Takeda style.. why does he always faceplant?

Part 2 of the video

Nagano still having issues with falling off this thing when he can pwn the real one in Sasuke.. what gives man...

Nagano: Dude.. we just got pwned.. again.. in front of an audience

Takeda: Dude.. ya know.. I think we totally need that Spray stuff that Yamada's hawking.. like fur reelz

Nagano: Dangit.. I need to call Yamada.. I sent back his Christmas Package..

Nagano is STILL futzing with his pants! He's trying to dry off his hands! LMFAO

LOL awwww he's totally nervous now that Takeda got pwned.. and his hands are filled with snot..

LOL is he blowing off what the announcer dude is saying? He's totally not paying attention!

Okay nevermind.. he was just avoiding it.. He was just asked for him to do a demonstration..

He goes fine (arm bike) then to the Cliffhanger (past the point where Takeda just dropped) and is going for the middle section of the Shin-Cliffhanger.. when suddenly...

Looking good..

Almost... er.. nope.. already see him falling off .. (check out right hand..)

Nagano can't possibly have Takeda one up him.. so he jumps the first 2 runs.. and is now coming back down.. (notice the far right how he didn't land cleanly..)

Yeah.. Nagano can't Hot Dog..

Ouch.. that hurt.. (mostly ego.. but still)

Nagano is trying to shake it off.. LOL he's not pleased..

Aahahahah Nagano can't reach.. baaaaaarely.. he's on tippie toes and is grabbing the bars with the tips of his fingers!

He's pissed.. LMAO!!! Dude.. wtf.. I'm not that short.. wait.. I AM that short..

Nagano: Er.. anyone got a stepstool?

Okay.. VICTORY! He yells as he FINALLY lands properly out of ALL the Sasuke Park appearances he can actually say he dismounted!!!! (that's 2 years folks.. 2 YEARS)

He's downright pleased with himself.. He didn't faceplant and it was to a live audience!!

Nagano pointing at the guys shirt - He's talking about the Shin Cliffhanger picture of the dude falling! I totally agree :D

Time to wipe off snot.. this time.. he uses his sleeve!!!!! ewwwwwww.. someone get him a friggin' tissue!

Next is when they take volunteers to try the course with help from the All-Stars. The video didn't have all of them but the Muscle Park Blog had a few good pics of a few that did do it.

Takeda helps kid up and around the Cliffhanger - kawaiiiiiii

Apparently Takeda and Nagano went to do the other attractions in Muscle Park killing time before the afternoon demonstration downstairs. This clip is of them doing a shooting gallery. I'm told they are wearing the Muscle Park towels.. so they can be visible in a crowd! LOL All the Sasuke Park All-Stars were there with official T-Shirts and some (including Matachi Ryo from the back) could be mistaken for them!!! LOL Still.. gratuitous product placement at their own facility is perfectly acceptable as well :D

Dejected Takeda can't shoot to save his life...

Nagano totally showing off now.. he's in his element..

Takeda.. trying.. again..

Nagano is now mocking Takeda.. he can't shoot for sh... wait.. why are there Ritz crackers on the shelf? What kind of prize is that??

Poor Toshihiro.. He's 0/4 in this video..

Nagano now totally razzing Takeda.. he just shot a two-fer! (made it 3/4 with 4 prizes)

Toshihiro and Makoto teaming up to hit the big one.. but even the force of both corks going to one target (Toshihiro actually HIT this one) was not enough to bring down the big prize!

In the end all of Makoto's prizes he threw to the kids in the crowd who were huddled behind them watching the spectacle. Awwwww :)

Nagano pointing at Takeda's totally awesome score (I think he has to count and hope he gets under 30 seconds.. it's like a version of the Bio Clock.. thing..) Nagano was not far off but Takeda was right on the nose!

Takeda is uber pleased with himself! Correction. he is shocked out of his noggin'!

I have no idea what he's pointing at but they seem to be having a ball right now
(Edit: Takeda is pointing and laughs with Nagano after he perfected the body clock because he pressed his start button at the same time as the timer for Quick Muscle. By looking at the Quick Muscle time screen, he knew exactly when 30 seconds had elapsed...) soo.. he cheated..

Whatever they saw.. they found it hysterical! (Now I know Nagano is laughing at how Takeda cheated.. while he worked for it..

Sasuke Park All-stars siting! (Matachi Ryo in the back, "Moody" Makoto Yahagi sitting sullen in the front (dude.. does he ever smile??), unidentified Park dude next to him and behind him is Kawaguchi Tomohiro (Ryo and Tomohiro were in Sasuke 21 and they qualified to be there from the summer's Sasuke Trials - Moody got pwned there too..)

Video - Part 3

Okay this is bothering me now.. Takeda squints.. A LOT!.. so follow me here..

.. Does he wear glasses normally??? And dude is totally not wearing them? No wonder he can't shot for sh... he's not wearing glasses!! ©Makoto Nagano

Being introduced downstairs this time

Mic change.. again.. LOL and the last one worked.. they are just covering their bases..

Two friends having fun watching the kids play games

Next section in the video is cute. The kids go up against them one by one in various video games. One way or the other the scores are changed around (usually by Nagano I'm told) to make sure the kids win the matches against them. Sometimes they won fair and square because Nagano sucks at videogames LOL

Takeda talking trash to his opponent... (Edit: I can't BELIEVE I got this right.. this is what he said.. - "I'm gotta have to show the kids what the harsh reality of competition is all about.")

She is not amused... (I can hear her saying "bring it..")

Ready for liftoff of the Spaceship Takeda..

And WHAM through the ceiling he almost goes! LMFAO

Okay so that is what 71 centimeters looks like.. (calculating.. 2.3 feet)

LOL I am told Nagano asked to put a "one" before the little girl's number.. (so she beats him with a 128)

Takeda admiting defeat.. Yes.. yes.. bow to the queen..

He patted her head like a dog.. (c'mon Reina.. bite him!) I'm sure she's muttering.. "I pwned you bastard..")

Okay okay he admitted she's champion .. all is forgiven!

Ooooooh she got a house from the Sylvania Families collection!

Guys again checking out the kids playing games

Video - Part 4

Kids are done and now for the adults. Time for Quick Muscle and their scores are being tallied

LMFAO LOOK AT NAGANO!!! He's doubled over in pain he's laughing so hard!!!

Guy on right apparently slammed onto the mat and so his score was 0 (and they don't add past that.. so even if he did 100 past the point of reset.. it won't count.. because he's disqualified!) (ahahah Look at Nagano he's covering his mouth from laughing!!!!)

It's over and Nagano is now trying to regain his composure!

It's totally not working! Nagano is cracking up again!

There he goes... ahahahhahahah Nagano is in stitches right now.. he can't STAND it!

Moody's turn!! He's so pumped he's doing this barefoot!

Nagano enjoying the show as Moody puts a clinic on

Poor other guy couldn't keep up as Moody takes the competition (in raw score) at 177 in the Quick Muscle (out of the audience participants)

Takeda and Nagano's turn.. Nagano has to adjust his pants.. stupid pants.. GET SOME NEW ONES!!

.. Do I need to ask why he's almost harfing here? LMAO I won't ask..

And they are off! Nagano is going slowly while Takeda totally necks this thing.. his body barely moves!

It's ovah! 184-152 Takeda wins! Was that even legal?

Nagano is still rubbing his chin.. Takeda just flops around like a fish out of water..

.. and rolling off...

and rolling.. Nagano turns back to see the display..

Lots of Japanese I don't understand fly by and then I hear the words "Chance Cards".. All of a sudden.. both Takeda and Nagano turn around.. kinda.. not .. entirely ... happy.. Nagano of course has hysterics..

Chance.. what??

Dude.. you want ME to pick a Chance Card?

No way.. (lol Nagano is animated here it's hysterical!)

Nagano: Look at this face.. do you want ME to take one? (okay okay I'm not sure what he's saying but he's not happy of the turn of events..)

Takeda's turn.. Girl is totally scoping him out..

I smell conspiracy..

LOL she picked a card out for him and is STEERING it in his direction! ahahahhaha

Pwned! Lost 10 points to your score..

Takeda working the crowd.. at Nagano's expense.. he's promptly taking out all of the PLUS cards

Even more drop.. LOL Nagano's now officially protesting..

Takeda: Fine.. whiner.. I'll put your damn cards back in..

Trust me.. would I lie? Nagano's not buying it.. Takeda is attempting to play it smooth..

He picks a card and...

Takeda sees it's a -10 as well!!! He's totally cracking up! Crowd sees the card and laughs!

Nagano now notices he still got hosed..

Aww crap.. (this was cute after it was explained to me what actually happened)

Video - Part 5

Final lineup! Yahagi (fixing his wedgie..) is 3rd place! (apparently he refused to pick a chance card so he dropped to 3rd place (otherwise he would have won.. potentially)

Kawaguchi.. is a friggin' giant.. LMAO (he's second)

Winner is a shortie with a snot problem.. is EVERYONE sick? LOL

Given that sometimes in mundane events like this you get people being invited to Sasuke.. I wonder.. MAYBE.. does that mean Moody might get an invite? Oh for the love of everything holy.. Someone invite him.. Shortie dude won so he should go too.. and Kawaguchi HAS to get another crack at it!

OKAY! Final section! I actually got a translation for this! Yay!!!!!! Okay lemme start cutting and pasting here. This is not a direct translation but merely a summary of what they said. The video starts in the middle of Takeda speaking.. clearly, the question was the stunningly original “How do you practice for Sasuke?”

Takeda’s response was:

“I don’t practice much at all. I don’t think practice helps at Sasuke very much. Even you practice for it, it doesn’t help. It is important to go out there and try out something that you have never seen before and challenge your coordination. So much of it is about doing well under pressure and reacting to the situation of the moment. Certainly, there are obstacles [probably like salmon ladder and new cliffhanger] that you need to figure out the technique to do. And climbing up ropes is something I always practice. I won’t tell anyone to NOT practice but I don’t believe in practicing too much for it. For me, work is the most important and staying in shape for work is my first priority.”

Nagano corrects his buddy

At (At 2:56) Nagano is shaking his head and grinning. “Family, remember with you, family is the most important.” Takeda looks confused.

“Oh, sorry family before work. Right, that’s what I’m suppose to say. Family is important.”

Dude.. I totally fouled that up didn't I? LOL

Very interesting what Takeda said about not practicing too much. Nagano looked kind of surprised because it's almost dissing Yamada and Shiratori for practicing so much. But he is really addressing the Park Stars since they are the ones in the audience (and the kids in G4 who post every day on their progress). He totally has a point.

Nagano is half-mocking how Takeda is saying work is the most important thing in his life when according to the show, his persona is The Family Man. Toshihiro Takeda is truly devoted to his family and his older son is his biggest fan. But Bunpei Shiratori is just as much of a loving father and husband. He readily shows goofy pictures of his kids taken on his cell phone. But he has been painted a different persona.

Nagano still laughing at the family man thing.. and Takeda forgetting about it LOL

Now it's Nagano's turn..

Nagano’s answer:
There are lots of hanging obstacles in Sasuke, especially in the second and third stages so upper body strength is necessary. But to pass the first stage, you need lower body strength. So total fitness is needed.”

5:41, this is my favorite part.
The parent tells them that the kid won’t eat green peppers. (The question was asked by a little kid in a Halloween costume. Couldn’t tell whether it was a girl or boy.)

Takeda: Oh it’s good to eat lots of foods.
Nagano: If you eat lots of green peppers, you will become strong.

Takeda: (his hands on Nagano’s shoulders) Yes you will become like this.

Takeda: This body is made of green peppers.

(Look at Nagano in pain... as he hears his friend LIE THROUGH HIS TEETH!!!)

Nagano: Now will you eat green peppers?

I'm still laughing at how calm Takeda looks..

Meanwhile Nagano is having kittens and checking out his friend..

(6:13) Nagano swats the air at Takeda. Nagano is getting back at Takeda for being pure evil. Nagano is repulsed by green peppers. He is famous as a picky eater, avoids vegetables at all cost. But he has to look good for the kid. Takeda lied through his teeth. Nagano is in pain. He’s a honest person, but hates to be a bad role model.

Awwww.. LMAO!!!

Nagano still in disbelief! I'm laughing my head off..

Okay! Final section is the autograph line. Getting T-shirts signed for gifts to be sent back to the USA :) They are such great sports aren't they?

Takeda writes reaaaaaally fast..

Nagano is slooooooow...

He's still writing..

Takeda's done.. He notices the camera.. can't tell if it's a video or a regular camera!!

Goofing around!

Final shot of the video :)