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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sasuke Fanmail - New Monster 9 Address

Sasuke 22 is now on the horizon and I get questions like "where can we write to Shingo or Bunpei or Akiyama or Shinji?".. I send just about everyone to Monster 9, the producers of Sasuke. It has come to my attention several things.. one.. it's a pain to try to do a custom's form for presents in Kanji... and two.. the address changed. Here's their new address in English:

Please use this address for fanmail to our favorite Sasuke competitors. All-stars and Non-Allstars alike! Want to write to Shinj Kobayashi? Kenji Takahashi? Octopus Man? Shingo Yamamoto? Please write them here! As an added bonus.. Monster 9 sees who has fans and maybe they will do better in telling TBS who not to cut from their broadcasts! (hint to Shinji and Kongo fans..) Let them know they are admired and we hope they will return for Sasuke 22!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel a bout of "fangirl" coming on. I'll be sending letters to them all. And you can be sure I will inquire about Kogi Yamada. I wonder if he's still "3% body fat fireman from Gifu"? Maybe he's got 4% body fat now, eh? :)

I wonder if Mr. Octopus knows (or cares) that he has fans here in America?

Arsenette said...

Oh I'm sure Mr. Octopus (I have his name written somewhere hang on.. Minoru Kuramochi there we go :) ) would be perplexed but still happy he was missed in Sasuke 21 (damn those Kevin and Olivia for stealing his spot..).

Ooooh let us know if you hear anything back from Koji! LOL maybe someone chased him and fed him a hamburger!

Chaki said...

I can just imagine Holly on Midoriyama with her burgers and fried chicken... Hiroshi would get fed a few servings I'm sure. He is built like Lee Enchi. LOL.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey! That's MY fantasy, chaki! I have a very sensual one about feeding Yamada Koji a bacon double cheeseburger and a large fries. :)

snowy said...

Thank you! I've never done the fan letter thing, and have no idea wha to say, other than "Dude, you're hot!" and I couldn't bring myself to do that. I'll think of something.
The worst part will be going to the post office to figure out how much postage to use.

Panther said...

I agree with you Snowy but at least I know now where to send everything.. Crazy Japanese Postage... At least now I hope the postal system is better than it was around eight years ago. A friend of mine sent me a Japanese released CD that wasn't available in the US, she sent it out for Christmas in October.. I didn't get it till March. Go figure.

Thanks Elsie for putting this up.

Arsenette said...

Not a problem! :D LOL I'm having fun with Holly's fantasy :) Though she'd have to make a lot because I'd be eating some too :p

I do hope more people mail them other than the 2 times we did that group thing. That way Monster 9 can see it too! And.. for those woh don't have public addresses they can get their fanmail as well! It has to be at the very least exciting to get mail from someone overseas.. even if they will be bewildered and probably not write back. I know Shiratori was downright bewildered and couldnt' figure out a way to respond.. so he didn't LMAO

Rufus said...

I was totally planning on writing to Shiratori, too.
But I don't want to bewilder the man :(

Arsenette said...

Hey do it anyway! It's been 2 years since the bewilderment :D You might get a response!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I especially want to send a note to Shiratori, but... had to rip up the first one. :)

I shall begin anew...

Pittsburgher said...

Wow. This is great info. Thanks for posting it. Now I'm tempted to write to all of them :-) Wonder if they would compare crazy fan notes at the next Sasuke.

Unknown said...

I'd love to write the New Generation and Shingo a letter and send it to them. But what address do I send it to?

Arsenette said...

Sorry this site has comment moderation as I noted at the top.

Sadly Monster 9 went bankrupt 2+ years ago so this address is now null and void. Your best bet is to find them directly on Facebook (a bunch of them have their own) or send a mail to TBS directly and they can send it to them. Sorry that's the only information I have. I no longer have other addresses as we did in the past.

Unknown said...

That's OK and thanks for the info. I will do that.