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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sasuke 22 Official Announcement by Monster 9

SASUKE 22 Announcement!!!
I was starting to worry that there were no announcements as to Sasuke 22 (officially) and I checked my Muscle Park Blog and the words SASUKE 22 popped on my screen. I cannot understand kanji so even those words written in English were awesome!

As I noted in my previous blog, Monster 9 moved.. I also noticed something about THIS announcement. They are asking for applications to be sent directly to Monster 9 and not TBS!

Incoming bablefish disaster!!! (official link to original here)

SASUKE's ultimate survival of the attack, starting as early as the year 2009!
The 22nd Conference decision!

The last was held 21 times, the "Olympics of the men also lost" a total so far in 2100 has challenged people.

That people have experienced the moment of joy but only two goals.

Probability of complete domination is only 0.1%!

Magic Castle won the top of the steel here and wanted the three brave bid to raise the complete domination of the public eye! !

By recruiting big players]

"SASUKE" big recruiting participants!
And enthusiasm for playing sports history Name Age Occupation Address
Please apply it to the address below. VTR is a plus photos.

Monster 9 Inc.
18F Shibuya Inforce Tower
20-1 Sakuraoka cho
Shibuya, Tokyo
"SASUKE2009 Spring" seeking entry clerk
Deadline mid-March

A couple things to note. Monster 9 is handling the applications.. (please note new address please) AND the date is later. The deadline for the application is MID MARCH.. so my ONLY guess (I do not know the exact date) is that it's Late March/Early April? Anyone else getting excited? :D


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Wonderful news. I was getting worried, too.

Arsenette said...

Yeah I was getting worried though it will be warmer this time around :D I hope the date change is better for ratings!

MG (KSx4) said...

I'd like to thank you for this fantastic/awesome/wicked/cool blog. I really appreciated your efforts with lot of update info about Sasuke plus lot of pictures, which really help. Love how you inserted Nagano pics whenever possible. Keep up good work! I will keep check back for more info about upcoming Sasuke. :)

Arsenette said...

Hope you enjoy it! I'm totally embracing my uber geek :) I'm just as excited about it and I love how they give us the opportunity to get on the show as well :) I miss Sasuke Maniac but will do my best to try to keep up so we are up to date so when Sasuke 22 tapes/airs in Japan. And yes Nagano rules :D

fiffo said...

yep! I'm so happy about it!
Anyway, you got some advise for where to find the videos of sasuke 22 when it is going to be "on air"? How many days will we internet-guys have to wait? Yeah. Thanks.

Arsenette said...

Yep! Please refer to this thread :D