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Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach sports Miyazaki Prefecture Competition 2009

Beach sports Miyazaki Prefecture Competition 2009 Banner ©MRT

Kazuhiko Akiyama Banner ©MRT

Last year we found out about cool events that the All-Stars get invited. One of them was in July in Miyazaki City in the south Island of the main Japan Island Chain. Same prefecture that Makoto Nagano was born. Both Toshihiro Takeda and Makoto Nagano were there as guests while they watched and even participated in beach sports. In the end they ran a Sasuke mock course for fun and got burnt in the process because of the hot sun along the beach. We finally saw blog pictures of it and I was scared we wouldn't see it at all. MRT was the host and they had 5 hours of live coverage of the event through their TBS affiliate only showing in that area. So for us streaming from Tokyo.. we couldn't see the event. They finally did show clips in the Sasuke 21 Sasuke Navi show.

Takeda and Nagano talking to the press.. My GOD.. Nagano is BURNED.. look at the shoulders! ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

Thanks to adorable Ube - he found some information and posted it on one of the postboards I go to - Sasuke Maniacs. He found an article stating the show's intent of not only coming back again for this year, but of actually qualifying the top spot to be an automatic bid to Sasuke 23 (which was just announced btw). So I went back to my old blogs and check the links and found that MRT already has a page for the event ready.. and to my surprise.. KAZUHIKO AKIYAMA is invited!! I'm sooooooo excited! Now.. I really want to go.. /cries.. He NEVER gets invited to these things.. okay okay.. he does for Maguro Festival but that's because Nagano is in charge there.. and I'm sure he's invited again because it's a Nagano local event. I don't care.. I'm so happy he's going! Granted.. he's going to spontaneously combust in the sun.. he needs to pack some serious sunscreen.. he's going to be toasty..

2 lucky bastards from last year posing with Toshihiro Takeda and Makoto Nagano ©MRT

Okay going to start with the article first and dissect what is in there:
Copyright 2009 THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS. All rights reserved

(Incoming Bablefish Disaster)

Infiltration! No. Detective studio: Beach Sports Miyazaki No. 1 Championship 1 / Miyazaki

◇ I目指SE young SASUKE - 25 next month, a tree leaf in Miyazaki SANBICHI

This time he's been bought for the event.

We should, I think young people should try it.

MRT "Miyazaki Beach Sports Championship No 1." I think I may SASUKE Miyazaki version. Moreover, it is. 2 is the second year of a special project. MRT to explain the growth of the branch's Takuya Management Division.

"The winner of the men of the TBS television show, you can play SASUKE"

More -.

"SASUKE and Makoto Nagano was born in Nobeoka, guests were greeted by Mr. SASUKE Takeda Toshihiro ORUSUTAZU of some exemplary performance."

Call it now.

July 25 event, a leafy tree SANBICHI Miyazaki. Eligibility is more than a high school student living in the prefecture. 200 men, 50 women have been seeking. Textures of the tournament, on August 8 will broadcast from 2 pm (a time frame).

All five athletes in sports. Arm wrestling qualifying BICHIFURAGGUSU ▽ ▽ ▽ Kayaking four swimming events. Top performer (10 men, four women), challenge the final event of the jungle gym beach.

Tell a little beach of the jungle gym. The length is about 35 meters. And low clouds, pipe slider, and the rope, while a small set, and intellectual powers that require physical strength.

Applicants must mail or fax. (I cut out the rest)

Okay! First thing is first.. If ya'll want to run over and try this event.. er.. don't bother - it's for people who live in the Miyazaki Prefecture only. Which is nice. It's a local event (in Miyazaki City) that did well last year and Monster 9 is going to give them one spot for Sasuke 23. I find it funny that since Nagano is the local guy HE is considered Mr. Sasuke :p Thought you might find that of interest. Same as last year they are taking 250 people (first come first serve). 200 Men and 50 women to take on the 5 part course. In the end the top 10 men and top 4 women who survive will take on the Sasuke course they have. They also beefed it up from last year it seems.

Takeda doing the cliffhanger from last year's event ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

Okay now for the main MRT event website.

(Incoming Bablefish Disaster..)

So here are the events for this year again. They look almost identical to last year's event.

5勝CHI抜KE a gateway, a number of beach sports win the crown of somebody!

We look forward to playing with confidence in your strength.
Special Guests

* 長野誠 Nagano Makoto - TBS TV "SASUKE" The complete domination of the tournament 17 times. From Nobeoka. "The 28th round金毘羅" captain.
* 竹田敏浩 Takeda Toshihiro - TBS TV "SASUKE" SASUKE ORUSUTAZU members. ORUSUTAZU in at number one with a sense of stability. Born in Gifu Prefecture. Firefighters.
* 秋山和彦 Akiyama Kazuhiko TBS TV "SASUKE" SASUKE complete domination of the tournament four times. SASUKE who complete the first conquest. ORUSUTAZU a member. From Hokkaido. Institute director逢和treatment.

2009 Saturday, July 25 Registration 8:00 to 9:00 (tentative) / Start 9:30 (tentative) / End 4:30 pm (tentative)

250 persons (200 males 50 female names) ※ bon appétit it is a first-come basis. We ended up in capacity.

① person living in Miyazaki Prefecture. ② high school than healthy people.

Department of man: the first three runners-up winning the women's division: first runner-up winning third place

Male winner TBS television sector "SASUKE2009 fall" to earn a spot!

How to Apply>

Entry form, fill in the required information, please apply by mail or FAX.

What sport>

They compete in terms勝CHI抜KI five sports at the gateway.

  • The first hurdle: BEACH FLAGS (FURAGGUSU Beach) 200 → 80 Female Male 50 → 30 names name (They seem to be whittling down top 80 from the 200 just on beach flags and 30 women from 50) GARI slept in the dark state of depression, 15m scramble for the speed contest in the first flag
  • The second hurdle: ARM WRESTLING (arm wrestling) 40 Male 80 Female 30 → 15 Guest (er.. whittling down from 80 to 40 just on this for males and down to 15 for women from 30) As its name implies, the arm wrestling.
Takeda and Nagano enjoying kayaking ©Makoto Nagano
  • The third barrier: SEA KAYAK (sea kayak) 40 → 20 male and 15 female names name → 8 Rowing in a kayak paddle and compete with the power balance back to the sea and sport.
  • Semifinals: SWIM BATTLE (Battle Swim) 20 → 10 men and eight women name name → 4
  • Finals: BEACH JUNNGLEGYM (jungle gym Beach) 10 women, four men try to name

Familiar with TBS TV "SASUKE" appeared at the gym!
The残RERU far only 14 men and women together.

(Cut the end with fineprint)

Now in closing . This event was off a pier off some place called Sunbeach. Ube was so kind as to find links and locations and stuff like that. The event was a part of Phoenix Seagaia Resort (gorgeous looking resort btw.. nice website) presents "Pirates' Adventure Beach". Nagano did Viking.. with the norse gods.. why not go after the Pirates? AAAAAAAAARGH.. Okay.. another link to this Pirate's Adventure Beach page... wtf is up with the technicolor burgers??

Also they don't list any prizes this year. Last year they announced FREE BEER and money :P

Anyway if I get additional information.. yeah yeah.. you know by now :) I'll do my best to post it.

Note that the air date for this event is actually on August 8th. Still unsure if it's going to be MRT only? or part of Sasuke Navi in TBS.. Still time for that though.

Sasuke 23 Official Announcement

SASUKE 23 Announcement!!!
With the fear that Sasuke 23 wasn't a sure thing I've been emailing Monster 9 (the Creators of Sasuke) about making some sort of announcement since we were not sure there would even BE a Sasuke 23. Further confusing things was G4's (about friggin' time it only took them 3 months) broadcast of Sasuke 22 noted that there was a Sasuke 23 (which the TBS broadcast didn't even elude to one and subsequent interview with Nagano were nothing seemed to be confirmed as they usually are by this time).

As with the announcement for Sasuke 22 I noticed something about THIS announcement. They are asking for applications to be sent directly to Monster 9 and not TBS again.

Incoming bablefish disaster!!! (Official Link to the original here)

The ultimate survival of the attack, fall SASUKE2009
The World Cup decision 23 times! !

Last held 22 times,

This "lost the Olympic men's" total so far in 2200 has been challenging people.

That humans have had a moment of joy but just two goals.

Probability of only 0.1% complete domination!

The last tournament was the birth of conquering hero FINAL completely new pieces to promote the dream stage and散TTA ...

Magic won the top of the castle of steel here and wanted the three brave bid to raise the complete domination of the public eye! !

[Wanted] Large players

"SASUKE" big recruiting participants!
And enthusiasm for playing sports history Name Age Address Occupation

Applicants please write your address below.

"Photo" or "VTR" please enclose.

※ There is qualifying audition and examination of documents

Monster 9 Inc.
18F Shibuya Inforce Tower
20-1 Sakuraoka cho
Shibuya, Tokyo
"SASUKE2009" seeking entry clerk

Looking for the players!

A couple things to note. Monster 9 is handling the applications.. (please note new address) AND as of this date.. there is no deadline. Where the part of "Looking for the players" is set at the end.. the previous time it said the actual deadline. Given that it is early.. they probably don't have a set date from TBS yet but are at least acknowledging that they ARE having another tournament. THIS is awesome news :D

Anyone else getting excited? :D

ETA (6/29/09): Muscle Park finally put up their announcement and check out the date of the deadline! It's Mid-October!

ETA again: This is a huge translation failure


Literally, it means
8 Month Middle

If you put it together, it means

And yes, I translated it to Korean just to make sure. It says mid-August.

It seems that there is an error in Google translations. I know for a fact that it means mid-August (because of those three letters.... THANK YOU KOREAN SCHOOL!!! NEVER KNEW THAT LEARNING CHINESE CHARACTERS WOULD BE USEFUL) but Google translates it to October to every single language, except Korean (I checked Chinese also... and it goes to October out of sudden). I checked babelfish right after, and it translates to: The middle of August it probably will put out the deadline of application, is!! Aim, the demon castle and perfection conquest of the steel iron.

So for now, I think its safe to say mid-August.)

And THIS folks is a great example why NOT to rely on translations from websites!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DVD Petition Project

For those who don't know I've been working on an ongoing project to try to get Monster 9 to talk to TBS to release Sasuke 1-22 (at least) into a DVD collection and/or box set. I sent a proposal with details and options they can use including a Region Free DVD so it's not just limited to North American (region 1) or Japan (region 2). This way everyone around the world can buy the same DVD and have access to the original tournaments as they were aired on TBS. They acknowledge that they received the proposal but at this time I wanted to add something else to show it's not just Americans asking for this. I am creating an online petition form in hopes of getting at least 500 signatures so then I can send that to Monster 9 to show there is demand for it worldwide. In order to show it's worldwide I want to translate a line of text from English to and any other language I can get it translated to. There were a few limitations on the petition form (in terms of amount of characters.. So I put the other translated text here!

Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) is aired in:

United States - English
United Kingdom - English
Germany - Deutsch
Greece - Greek
New Zealand - English
Italy - Italian
Finland - Finnish
France - French
Malaysia - Malay
Spain - Spanish
Serbia - Serbian (Hungarian, Croatian, Slovak, Romanian, Rusyn in some regions)
Denmark - Danish
Taiwan - Chinese (Mandarin)
Singapore - English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
Indonesia - Indonesian

This petition is to request from Monster 9 the release for sale a region-free DVD of all Sasuke Competitions to be made available for purchase to the general public.


這個請願是要求Monster 9 公開發行銷售無區域限制的Sasuke Competitions DVD 給一般消費大眾購買

이 청원은 Monster9 에게 SASUKE 대회를 코드 프리 DVD로 시장에 판매해달라는 요청 입니다

Esta petición es para solicitar a Monster 9 el lanzamiento para venta un DVD multi-región de el programa SASUKE que se harán disponibles para la compra para el público en general.

Cette pétition est de demander à Monster 9 à la mise en vente d'une région exempte DVD de tous les SASUKE Concours pour être disponible à la vente au grand public.

Diese Bitte soll vom Ungeheuer 9 die Ausgabe zum Verkauf eine DVD ohne Gebiet aller Sasuke Konkurrenzen bitten, für den Kauf zur breiten Öffentlichkeit bereitgestellt zu werden.

Tämän anomuksen tarkoitus on pyytää Monster 9:ää julkaisemaan myyntiä varten alue-vapaan DVD:n Sasuke kilpailuista niin että sen voisivat ostaa normaaliväestö.

Petisi ini ditujukan kepada Monster 9 agar meluncurkan DVD keseluruhan Kompetisi Sasuke yang bebas regional sehingga dapat diperjualbelikan secara umum.

My wish.. OFFICIAL Sasuke DVD's

Thanks to everyone especially on the Sasuke Maniacs' site for help with the translations. I didn't get a chance to get them all but the limitations on the Petition website prevented me from adding them all. Hopefully by adding them all here it will help. Please spread the word any way you can. Thanks again!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post your questions for David Campbell!

David Campbell posing in front of the Final Stage in Sasuke 22

Now that Sasuke 22 has aired on G4 I can finally blog about David Campbell! I was very fortunate to get David to let me blog about him :) Just like I did with Michael Milner (from Sasuke 20) and Lucy Romberg (Sasuke 21) I'm going to be doing a blog entry on David! For those who remember who he is - he is the sole winner of American Ninja Challenge (or ANC) 4. I'm posting this here and on both the G4 boards, and Proboards and on Twitter. For this blog just use the comments section at the end of this entry. I'll only keep the questions open for a short time. I figured since everyone will be checking the site for Sasuke/Ninja Warrior stuff I might get a lot of responses really fast.

Guidelines - please don't get too personal. I also have the right to not include all the questions and he also reserves the right to not answer all the questions :P Also - please keep this thread to questions only. Once the blog is done I'll create another thread with the answers and of course the blog entry.

Feel free to state your name, age (optional), City (or state, etc.) and your question and I'll send them over to David to answer. Thanks again David!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nagano baby has arrived!

Kaiou Nagano

I got a private message in a postboard last week apparently but since I don't get email notifications from most boards and have been taking a break from postboards lately giving myself a break from overdosing on all things Sasuke :D I totally missed this entirely! Thanks to the person who sent me this link! I feel bad because I really wanted that person to get credit for finding the link for me to share! You know who you are and I thank you!

Kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii He looks like daddy!!

Apparently the blog is a friend of Nagano's (based on other posts in the past.) This person who posted the pictures he got from Nagano himself is from Nobeoka which just happens to be Nagano's hometown. Seems the baby was born and from all accounts (seems like they are hospital pictures) Makoto was present for the birth! Which (poor Asami) was a cesarean birth.

Father and Son look great!

The date of the post was June 6th (which was a Saturday) . From other emails I got when I first posted this blog entry, the baby was born on Wednesday, June 3rd. So these pictures shows him about 2 days old..

Hopefully his main page will update with the kanji and another family photo :) If I find more information I'll post it! Until then.. CONGRATULATIONS NAGANO FAMILY!! (Makoto and Asami)

Update: We all know that Daddy's name is Makoto Nagano 長野誠 (Everyone's favorite Fishing Captain Bada$ of the Millenium) Apparently the meaning of baby Kaiou's name is really cool! Thanks to my friend @BretMayer I found out some really neat things about the new baby's name! I see on the blog post the name was written in hiragana but not kanji. This is what Bret wrote me:

He says his name is かいおう (Kaiou) , and that it makes him sound like a man of the high seas. So perhaps the kanji is 海王.. 海(ocean) 王(king)

Also possible: 海皇 → 海(ocean) and 皇(emperor), kanji names can be tricky and vary widely (as in American spellings Lindsay, Lyndsey, Lindsey)

(I then told him that his daddy was a professional fisherman)

definitely 海王 and 海皇 are the top two possibilities. However, かいおう he wrote himself in the blog

(I told him he wasn't the originator of the blog.. it was a family friend)

Possible he didn't know yet, or he just wanted to use hiragana so people wouldn't have to guess the pronunciation

Thanks again
@BretMayer for much help! Both kanji names sound totally cool! Now to figure out which one of the kanji he chose :D (P.S. I'm elated he's not named Sasuke...)

Muscle Musical returns to Las Vegas, Nevada

Muscle Musical - Las Vegas 2009 announcement ©Monster 9

I noticed a couple days ago that Monster 9 updated their page with Muscle Musical stuff. Sure enough I went to their website and saw a posting of new information about their show coming back to Las Vegas, Nevada here in the United States. I checked and the specific page and sure enough they had it (both English and Japanese - which is very nice - there is a tab on the top right of the pages you can toggle - except the listing of performers but that is understandable). I emailed Monster 9 to see if they had any dates yet but didn't post it but I just got an email today:

We are sorry, but the start day of the show is not decided yet.
Any details of the dates and sales will be decided by the hotel.
Would you ask to the imperialpalace if you want to know the details.

As of this date the actual precise dates are not confirmed though it is slated to be July, 2009 (late) and going throughout the summer. Seems like they will be splitting the normal cast(and even a few of the MM participants in Sasuke) since there will be summer show back in Japan during the same time. This means perennial Sasuke participant Naoki Iketani will not be going to Las Vegas this year. Please check the list of participants (it's split between male and female and as of yet there are no photos) in the latter pages of the website. No word yet if Daisuke Nakata will be in Muscle Musical (Japan or USA). I might later do an analysis of the names so you know who is actually coming. Even so it's a great way of getting to see the show for those who can't go to Japan.

If I get an actual time line I'll post it here. In the meantime feel free to go to either the Muscle Musical Las Vegas website or the actual place itself - The Imperial Palace in Las Vegas.