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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DVD Petition Project

For those who don't know I've been working on an ongoing project to try to get Monster 9 to talk to TBS to release Sasuke 1-22 (at least) into a DVD collection and/or box set. I sent a proposal with details and options they can use including a Region Free DVD so it's not just limited to North American (region 1) or Japan (region 2). This way everyone around the world can buy the same DVD and have access to the original tournaments as they were aired on TBS. They acknowledge that they received the proposal but at this time I wanted to add something else to show it's not just Americans asking for this. I am creating an online petition form in hopes of getting at least 500 signatures so then I can send that to Monster 9 to show there is demand for it worldwide. In order to show it's worldwide I want to translate a line of text from English to and any other language I can get it translated to. There were a few limitations on the petition form (in terms of amount of characters.. So I put the other translated text here!

Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) is aired in:

United States - English
United Kingdom - English
Germany - Deutsch
Greece - Greek
New Zealand - English
Italy - Italian
Finland - Finnish
France - French
Malaysia - Malay
Spain - Spanish
Serbia - Serbian (Hungarian, Croatian, Slovak, Romanian, Rusyn in some regions)
Denmark - Danish
Taiwan - Chinese (Mandarin)
Singapore - English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
Indonesia - Indonesian

This petition is to request from Monster 9 the release for sale a region-free DVD of all Sasuke Competitions to be made available for purchase to the general public.


這個請願是要求Monster 9 公開發行銷售無區域限制的Sasuke Competitions DVD 給一般消費大眾購買

이 청원은 Monster9 에게 SASUKE 대회를 코드 프리 DVD로 시장에 판매해달라는 요청 입니다

Esta petición es para solicitar a Monster 9 el lanzamiento para venta un DVD multi-región de el programa SASUKE que se harán disponibles para la compra para el público en general.

Cette pétition est de demander à Monster 9 à la mise en vente d'une région exempte DVD de tous les SASUKE Concours pour être disponible à la vente au grand public.

Diese Bitte soll vom Ungeheuer 9 die Ausgabe zum Verkauf eine DVD ohne Gebiet aller Sasuke Konkurrenzen bitten, für den Kauf zur breiten Öffentlichkeit bereitgestellt zu werden.

Tämän anomuksen tarkoitus on pyytää Monster 9:ää julkaisemaan myyntiä varten alue-vapaan DVD:n Sasuke kilpailuista niin että sen voisivat ostaa normaaliväestö.

Petisi ini ditujukan kepada Monster 9 agar meluncurkan DVD keseluruhan Kompetisi Sasuke yang bebas regional sehingga dapat diperjualbelikan secara umum.

My wish.. OFFICIAL Sasuke DVD's

Thanks to everyone especially on the Sasuke Maniacs' site for help with the translations. I didn't get a chance to get them all but the limitations on the Petition website prevented me from adding them all. Hopefully by adding them all here it will help. Please spread the word any way you can. Thanks again!


crazykid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lammy742 said...

At least we'd finally get to see Sasuke as it was meant to be seen, with theme songs and all.

SasukeAddict said...

I vote for it I wanted this too for AGES I've only seen SASUKE 2-20 and I especially want to see SASUKE 1, 21 and 22 :D

2D2Will said...

I signed. Let's hope this works.

Arsenette said...

I hope it works too!

Wish more people would sign it. Let's see how this goes.