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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sasuke 21 related updates - Triple your pleasure!

Sasuke 21 is next week on TV! Final Tower (Stage 4) ©Muscle Park Blog
Ube found another gem!
FYI, SASUKE Navi (サスケナビ) is a one hour special that will air on TBS on Sunday the 14th at 3:30 to 4:30 PM JST.

He's calling it Sasuke Navi - Checking the TBS page for Sunday, September 14, 2008

Incoming Bablefish disaster...

SP SASUKE just before the Beijing Olympics gold medalist, Daisuke Miyazaki VS VS Makoto Nagano National VS Ninja More

Who??? What?? Where?? Nagano? Yes.. Makoto Nagano.. I don't care what it is.. it's Nagano.. (has kittens... a whole litter...) hmm time..

Gah.. remember folks.. this is daytime Japanese time.. (3:30 their time in Tokyo).. So.. here in the USA.. hmm.. 2:30 am my time (Sunday morning).. or. 11:30 PM (Pacific time - Saturday night).. Oh.. and this is in addition to Sasuke Maniac:

Sasuke mania
The mania, he has 21 world championship qualifying tournament, the strongest countries in which the pinnacle of men who break through?

While I prepare myself for a really long Sunday morning.. LOL I'm checking blogs again.. and we got live ones!

Masaki Nomura with Naoki Iketani ©Naoki Iketani

Okie dokie! We got a reciprocating shot of Masaki Nomura with Naoki Iketani .. this time it's Naoki's blog :) Wow.. he talked about Sasuke! Good for him! Here's the translation of the blog for tomorrow.. er.. today.. oh.. who cares LOL It's September 12 for him so there it is :).

Nomura, he's recorded in the dressing room went. Nomura is a private golf or go to that. University senior, but very gentle and interesting to talk to the people! …… Two naked in…… take it. Nomura says were also put a blog! He is 17. Please see everyone!

LOL that's a funny translation :)

Daisuke Nakata taking his own picture for a blog entry @Daisuke Nakata

WHOOT! YES!!!!!!! I read Daisuke Nakata's website and right on his schedule page he said he went to Sasuke!!!!!!!!! OH so happy to have him back!!

The fall, SASUKE2008 (TBS) appeared. Broadcast Day on September 17, 2008 (Wednesday) 18:55 to 4-hour broadcast! SASUKE a long time she has! MASSURUMENBA has been with the challenge! Enjoy!

So remember everyone.. Sunday has 2 shows (Sasuke Navi and Sasuke Maniac) + Wednesday is Sasuke 21!!!!!

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