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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 2




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. and I'm still tired LOL.. anyway.. we have entered the Sasuke Trials portion of the show.. What is Sasuke Trials?? Check Late July/August/Early September blogs here at RamblingRican if you are interested! So far .. 40 up.. NO one has passed yet..

Kubota Takayuki is ready to take on the course!

Kubota Takayuki Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Death by Halfpipe Attack! (Ube says his foot left a nifty little mark on the wall.)

Hashimoto Koji is up next.. Dude.. chill with the SASUKE Spray.. it's not Deodorant!

Hashimoto Koji is jumping up and down.. he can't wait!

Hashimoto Koji getting to the Warped Wall.. and... up he goes. crap.. too far up.. Goes up again.. OMG.. almost an entire minute of him going back and forth.. he keeps going until the last moments!

Hashimoto Koji is spent.. he times out.. Death by Warped Wall (well.. Timed out but you know what I mean..) Speaking of.. there seems to be a theme going on now....

Murkami Akinori also times out..

Sato Jun.. nope.. Death by Log Grip!

Kazuma Asa doing the Half Pipe Attack!

Kazuma Asa noooooooo death by Warped Wall! (er.. Time UPU!!)

Matachi Ryo is up!

Matachi Ryo nooooooooooooooooo falls off the Flying Chute!

Yamada (actually interested..), Nagano and Takeda checking out the spectacle

Yamada, Nagano, Takeda finally reacting to a death...

Takuya Miyagi and Kawaguchi Tomohiro are the last 2 SASUKE Trial .. wait.. wtf did Miyagi do to his hair????

Shingo Yamamoto, Nagano, Takeda.. Ah.. I see legs.. figures it's not shorts.. but hey I'm not picky today...

Uhm.. Nagano.. BUY SHORTS!!!!!!!! Friggin' men.. I swear.. He's saying "LOOK I'M ALL ONE COLOR NOW!".. No more glow worm legs... (Shuddap Holly I'm keeping this Rated G!)

Makoto is doing everything he can to make this sound all insightful... 2.. 1.. what is he doing.. counting? Dangit.. I can't read Kanji......

Damn.. Makoto Nagano.. I'm informed.. that's why I have 4 THOUSAND pictures.. /sigh.. /passespopcorn

Kawaaaaaaaaaaiiiii Shingo looks adorable... and HOT wtf is up with that?

Okay he looks just cute again :) Do I know what he is saying? Er.. nope.. Do I care? Er.. nope..

Kawaguchi Tomohiro wife or girlfriend.. or otherwise considered.. is having kittens.. Why do I feel as if I'm staring at a scene from a Japanese Soap Opera?

Kawaguchi Tomohiro poised for his run

Kawaguchi Tomohiro to the leeeeeeeeeeeeeft.... c'mon.. you can dooooooo eeeeeeeeeeet..

Kawaguchi Tomohiro... Death by.. aww crap he had too much momentum to the riiiiiiight and he fell off teh course... Stupid Half Pipe Attack...

Kawaguchi Tomohiro's wife .. girl.. WOMAN.. is distraught..

Nagano: "GAAAAAAAAAH".. The others are not as loud about it..
Nagano is having kittens.. end of story..

Shingo: Uhm.. he wasn't supposed to do that...

Mr. SASUKE's Assassin! Takuya Miyagi! Aww crap.. it's Yamada.. still.. WTF is up with no hair Miyagi? GROW IT BACK!!

Mr. SASUKE's Assassin! Takuya Miyagi! Because I look cool! (I mean seriously.. did he just have an accident with the clippers and thought it'd be easier to cover it up by taking it off?? Did he turn into a monk? Oh God it better not be Yamada's doing..)

Mr. SASUKE's Assassin! Takuya Miyagi! Oh shoooooooooooooooooot.. Death by Jumping Spider! Yep.. he's Yamada's alright... Poor Miyagi.. Death by Association...

Mr. SASUKE.. YOU SURPRISED? You touched him... ew...

Sasuke Trials great Japanese hope went down into the Septic Sludge...

Ube.. you had the best line.. "Thus endeth the dream of the SASUKE Trial Qualifiers"

One more time for the folks at home.. This pose looks awful familiar...

Mr. SASUKE's Assassin! Takuya Miyagi can't BELIEVE his luck.. Who convinced him to go with Yamada? I mean.. gaaaaaaaaaaah..

Lee Yen Chi! Or Lee Enchi! Yay! Taiwanese guy from Sasuke 17-18 with the best pictures I've seen in a long time.. is BACK!

Lee's Sasuke 17 run was a success!

He's past the FLYING CHUTE!! Look at the time.. C'mon Haul it boy!

Lee's hearing me scream (poor neighbors downstairs) GO LEE!!!! GO LEE!!!!!!!

Lee Yen Chi! Or Lee Enchi! He's MADE IT! Took 49 competitors but we have our first Stage 1 Clear!!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!

Lee's uber happy!

Nagano is beside himself! He remembers him! (hint.. the year Nagano won..) Olivia is hopping up and down and Takeda is soaking in the moment

Okay.. the rest of the All-stars catch up to cheering!

Lee's BEAMING :) That's okay.. I don't know Mandarin Chinese either :p

Okay.. I see ANC/AOTS people.. Ninja Warrior 2 is coming up!

Mark Witmer is up! Go Ninja Warrior! (Drink.. oh screw it you should be drunk by now..)

Mark.. noooooooooooo oh such a fluke! That sucks!!!!!!!!! Death by Log Grip!

About 2 minutes of "Oh no's" ensue. I'm still in shock.

Poor Mark.. he can't figure out what happened either.. That's just tough luck!

As a nonexpert.. I think he had his arms too close to his body.. aww just so sad.. Mark had much more to give to the course!

He sounds in shock.. Awww.. I'm so sad for Mark Witmer! Happy he had a good time and has a positive attitude.. G4's going to have a cow though...

I screwed up and so I got bored and left this up since I didn't want to dig and figure out which one of the million pics I forgot to crop.. that's my view all morning.. I'm cropping the top right of the screen.. Fuzzy pic bottom left is LiveStation.. VLC is running the same picture (actually ahead.. ) but doesn't screencap when I use Clipper.. just for the geeks at home :p Oh. and yeah.. I had a lot running.. that's why I wasn't on AIM.. I don't want my brain to explode! Oh.. Takahashi Hiromitsu is up next (psst.. top right.. in KeyHole window)

Ah yes.. you remember our clothing-challenged Ballet Dancer.. right? A lot thicker and a lot older! Takahashi Hiromitsu is up next!

Takahashi Hiromitsu nooooooooooo.. Death by HalfPipe Attack..

Sato can't bear to watch.. Omg. am I actually agreeing with him?

Iwanaga Sho! He handles balls! (I love you Ube...).. Miyazaki's teammate

oh.. that's Daisuke Miyazaki.. Trust me.. .. if you saw Sasuke 20.. you saw him a LOT!!

Iwanaga Sho! Yes! Revenge! He passes the Half Pipe Attack!

Hand ball guys having kittens!

They just birthed another litter!

Iwanaga Sho.. awww crap.. full speed into the sludge... Death by Flying Chute

Oya! He's the Random Muscle Park Staff Guy. He's a Muscle Park demonstrator... wait.. that's not his name..

I guess they need a Jumping Spider in Muscle Park!

Digest. .he rides bikes!

Digest Snowboarder

Snowboarder... death by Jumping Spider..

Monk.. I think..

Monk thinks this is holy water.. er.. nope.. it's .. not..

Aww Dante got the digest.. at least he was shown!

Dunno if he fell on pole maze or not.. that's all they showed.. nevertheless he didn't pass

Yamamoto Hiroshi also got the digest..

Yamamoto Hiroshi death by Log.. wait.. he could have practiced on a punching bag!

Setoda! He's from the Muscle Musical.

Setoda.. wtf???????? He jumped.. didn't like the takeoff.. IMMEDIATELY did a handstand and STUCK IT.. thus saving himself!! WOW..

Setoda! wow.. I'm sure he can't believe it either!

Setoda! Second time's a charm!

Setoda! Gah.. Half Pipe attack ate him!

Okay.. good time to get a break.. Part 3 next.. oy...


Chaki said...

Mr. SASUKE.. YOU SURPRISED? You touched him... ew...
ROFL(Did I get it right?)
That outdid Ube... really.

Nagano's comments are bland: "I really thought the number 3,2,1 guys had a chance." Shingo: "The obstacles are way different here. You can't take Sasuke so lightly."

Everyone's asleep but I'm rooting for you girl!! I'm here for another hour stuck doing some technical writing, about cutting edge metal cutting technology... Unfortunately, not my bedtime.

Arsenette said...

That's what I get for doing an all day blog event! I mean.. it was going to be long.. but I had no CLUE how long that was going to be.. I'm having fun though if not a bit drained..

Yes.. I had waaaaay too much fun with Yamada.. and yes.. you got ROFL right :D I'm corrupting someone else with internet chat! You know what what wtf is.. LOL I'll be using that a lot more.. since you saw the broadcast anyway so yeah.. :) It's coming :) I'll be done Part 3 shortly.. uploading the pics then I'll write the captions and hit enter.. Might just do Stage One today then rest. .if I can.. then Stage 2, etc... I can't believe I've only covered the first hour of the show... oy..