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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Feeling honored!

Weeeeeee :D I have an official Sasuke 21 T'Shirt! (that's the back of the shirt)
I got a surprise today when hubby came home with groceries and mail .. while he was grumping about having to lug so much stuff up the flight of stairs (we live in a second floor apartment) .. I was happy to see a box from someone I know :) Weeeeeeeeeee!

Sasuke 21 gifts :) Thanks Meri!

A friend of mine I met through my blog (of all places...) went to Japan on a surprise trip and managed to go see Sasuke 21! Oh and as giddy as I was to hear her stories (including very funny ones about Japanese porta pottys..).. She went shopping for me!! Oh... it arrived today :) I got a Sasuke 21 T'shirt (the funny one with the guy falling off the Shin-Cliffhanger that I saw earlier in the month and was freaking out because I wanted one!!) (complete with pee smell (long story on that one LMAO) and a good luck charm from the Meiji Shrine. Whoot! Not only did I experience Sasuke 21 through her eyes.. now I got a piece of it too!! Trust me Meri.. I'll wash it first before I wear it! (Does happy dance...)

Oh btw.. sorry for the photoshots being so dark.. I was too giddy to mess with lighting... oh and the packaging was so cute! Green and purple paper (with BUTTERFLY stickers!!)


uNCLEsAM098 said...

Aww... Now you made me want one... :'(

Wonder if there's a way to buy one online?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog :)
Have been following Sasuke on it since 20 cause it's coming too slow in France and I just love your live blogging and all :D.

Keep going :)!

Ps : That shirt is awesome, I just wish I could somehow get one too :)

Arsenette said...

Hey Uncle Sam :) I'm hoping with the recent influx of Sasuke 20 and 21 T'shirts selling out that they decide to do something for us outside of Japan! I wasn't expecting something like this so I was uber surprised and VERY happy to get one! I can't stop laughing at the guy falling off the Shin-Cliffhanger!

Thanks Atma :) Oh I wish Europe was up to date.. moreso .. I wish Europe didn't get the segmented Ninja Warrior either.. but I digress. Am very happy you are enjoying the blogs :) I wish I could get another shirt for just about everyone here but I was given this as a gift.. I wouldn't even begin to know how to get one .. provided they even have any. There were 2 kinds of shirts and the second kind sold out first.

Anonymous said...

Well :) Europe is like the worst i think.
I even think it's segmented G4 version, i mean today they managed to put stages 2,3 and 4 (I think at least 2 and 3 couldn't watch till the end) in like 25 minutes. I mean geez lol.

Anyways :) I guess i'll just hunt for one of those t shirt (too funny lol) if the occasion shows up :).

Good continuation (dunno how to say that my english is just what i learnt from high school :D)

Arsenette said...

Your English is fantastic! I appreciate your stopping by! I am happy you can read this even though I constantly use American "slang". :D