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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 4






Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. Next Allstar! It's Bunpei Shiratori! Oh you have NO idea how HAPPY I was to see him back! I'm praying his serious back injury is healed!

Okay.. I'd like to slap Nagano.. He didn't read my introduction.. HE'S RECOVING FROM A BACK INJURY YOU MORON!!!

Oh I give up.. Shinji (Flying Tea Bag) Kobayashi! I"m dissapointed in you.. you didn't stop him! Oh well Bunpei doesn't seem to mind... Gah... I see the Sasuke Spray...

Shinji Kobayashi (WHO GOT CUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!) offers his support before Bunpei's run..

Shinji Kobayashi and Bunpei Shiratori are having a tender moment.. Where's Nagano.. Oh.. he is back there isn't he?

I expect fanmail for this picture.. ehem.. HEY I'm being GOOD!

Nice Shiratori picture :) He looks very tired though.. God I hope he's going better...

Bunpei pwning his Shin-Cliffhanger at home (From Sasuke Maniac this week)

Focused and ready to go!!!!!!! Bunpei Shiratori is back!

All-Stars out in full force cheering and yelling at Bunpei! Shingo is so into it he's going nekkid! Nice to see Shinji a part of the group!

Bunpei's pwnage from Sasuke 19.. he defeats the Jumping Spider!!

First shot he gets the Warped Wall!!!!!!!!!

WOW Bunpei's going fast is Nagano and Kobayashi are having a hard time keeping up!

Nagano's in a full run now! LOL

I'm Yelling with Nagano! GOOOOOOOOO BUNPEI GOOOOOOO!!!

Nagano having kittens.. Everyone else is just in awe...

COMMERCIAL WTF! Aww crap.. they are going to give me a heart attack.. Bunpei enters the Flying Chute!!!!!!!!

Nagano Jumping up like a Mexican Jumping Bean!! BUNPEI BUNPEI BUNPEI!!!!!!! Takeda is all composed.. I'M JUMPING OUT OF MY SKIN!!!!!!

OMG... Look at the time! He's already passed the net for the Flying Chute! JUST THE WALL LEFT!!!!!!

GOOOOOOO!!! See the All-Stars screaming in the background?

On the wall and almost home.. Does he have enough Juice? Oh.. under 20 seconds.. C'MON BUNPEI!!!!!!!!!


UNDER 4 seconds!!!!!!!


Sweetie.. you are going to throw out your back again.. but WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!

Shiratori: Omg.. I'm so tired..

Nagano is beside himself with Glee!

All-Stars are elated! Shingo's gone nekkid for the ocassion!

YAY! First All-Star through the course! Cause for massive celebration!!!

Inba Residents are elated! He's got his own fanclub! Can I hold the sign too???

BASTARD Yamada is too absorbed to be happy.. Shiratori is a bad back.. and ONLY 2 years younger just PWNED YOU!!!!!!!!!

Bastard Yamada.. can't even CHEER for a fellow All-Star? Go back to the hole you came from moron... OMG I hate him.. you CAN'T CHEER FOR THAT????? What is WRONG with you!

GOD I love this man.. He put his guts out there.. I mean.. He's having a farking heart attack out there! THAT'S SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!

Wow.. Bunpei is spent.. he's got nothing left!!! I'm in tears!!!!!!!!!

Bunpei coming off the tower from Stage One..

And he collapses!!!!!!! He's wasted!!!!!!!!!

But happy as anything! Look at that smile!!!!!!!!!!

Bunpei's interview.. Awww he's exhausted but VERY happy!

Muscle Musical member Haga Tomoyo

Haga Tomoyoooooooooooooooo!!!!! Holy crap he had Waaaaaaaaaaay too much momentum! HE JUST FLIPPED OVER THE ROPE!!

Muscle Musical member Haga Tomoyo.. Death by.. wow that looked painful..

And up.. doing okay.. wow he's flying..

And OVER.. ouch.. (hears singing.. YOU WIN)....

Yay! I'm bouncing up and down.. it's Daisuke Nakata!!!!!!!!

Let's relive his past dominance!

God I hope he's healthy.. I don't care.. he's back!!!!!!!!! Wow I'm not that much older than him!

WHOOT.. He's still got his trampoline skills.. hang .. in.. there...

YAY!!!!!!!!! Over the Warped Wall!!!!!!!!!!

FLYING CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE.. Let's go to break.... Right.. HERE...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn commercials!!!!!!!! Yeah yeah.. Fuji Film.. yeah yeah..

WOW almost 30 Seconds!!!!!!!!!!

Phew.. squeeked it out!!! but he's THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Daisuke Miyazaki is doing what I'm doing.. WHOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

Back with a vengence BABY!!!!!!!!! Japan has 2 on the board now!!!!!! Had some MORON almost killed him.. he'd be an All-Star for sure!

I have no bloody clue what you are saying sweetie but I'm grabbing Kleenex by the handful.. Omg I'm so proud of him!

Time passes and we see eveyrone getting ready... wtf is Yamada doing now.. What is trying to do.. channel Jim Morrison of the Doors? No .. he's not that cool.. wait.. Morrison was high on drugs.. Nevermind.. he's channeling Jim Morrison... that's the only explanation..

Meanwhile. I can watch this exercise allllllll day :)

Girls.. I'm passing popcorn.. I got case here....

Takeda and Nagano can bob their butts up and down.. aaaaaaaaaalll day... Hoisting up.. hoisting down... yep.. work them abs...

Aww man we get back to the competition.. ah okay we got Olympics in da house!

Silver medalist Matsunaga Tomohiro.. he looks bored LMAO GO JAPAN!

Silver medalist Matsunaga Tomohiro.. holy crap.. he's PWNING this course!!

Okay.. I"m not the only one who thinks so LOL! Handball boys are going wtf.. wow...

Silver medalist Matsunaga Tomohiro looks like a farking veteran!!! CRIPES.. 40 seconds!!!!

Silver medalist Matsunaga Tomohiro.. has 10 seconds to spare.. take THAT Sasuke.. I'm a farking wrestler! Japan has 3 baby!!

Yamada is uber pissed.. mwahahhahahahahahahah Some kid who never TRAINED for the course just pwned him too! I'm dying here!

Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo looks like a boxer

Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo YAY Jumping Spider!!

Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Haaaaaaalf Pipe.. attaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.. Did he just...

Yep.. he tried to hug the rope..

Omg.. I'm agreeing with Yamada.. the world has come to and end...

Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo.. Aww crap. .I tried to hug the rope "Thank God that wasn't the Olympics" LMAO

Iketani Naoki from Muscle Musical.. and Sportsman #1.. and if you don't know who he is right now YOU ARE BLIND HE'S BEEN HERE FOREVER! Go Kewpie.. even if I don't like you!

Iketani Naoki wow.. that's a REALLY high jump lmao!

Iketani Naoki flying up the Warped Wall!

Iketani Naoki holy crap.. another over end jumper.. he flipped OVER the rope!

Daisuke Nakata and company are feeling his pain.. that's gotta hurt men...

Yep.. he's feeling it.. he can't even stand!

Iketani Naoki was going really fast..

and splashed down in a flurry..

Nakata: Omg.. I felt that over here.. ouch... ouch....

Iketani Naoki showing that acrobats/gymnasts really can flip this thing.. sucks that's not what is supposed to happen...

Iketani Naoki.. I'm not going to be a daddy anymore.... /cry

Someone.. making love to Sasuke Spray... (LOL that's Wakky)

Wakky from Sportsman #1 and Comedian ready to pwn you and your mother!

Aww crap.. Death by Jumping Spid.....

Ooooooooooooouch.. he landed backwards and creamed his back to add insult to injury!

Okay.. Yamada found his pulse.. he's thinking he hasn't tried that.. and he doesn't like it..

Yamada.. oy.. here we go..

Let the drama begin.. he makes you aware.. "I'VE GOT AN INJURY LOOK AT ME!".. Take it like a man and cover it up like everyone else does.. I mean Friggin Takeda's got a farking brace on.. Grow some!!!

All-Stars.. "Damn.. I have to stand here and look supportive".. Looks like a funeral line-up..

TBS reminding you of his Suckitude of late.. I mean damn.. they cracked out the Chart for this!

Yamada: Awww crap... I'm so going to die.. aren't I?

Yamamoto, Nagano and Shiratori as doing their best to support him

Yamada just strolls to the Jumping Spider.. I mean seriously... he's not running..

LOOK AT THE TIME.. I expect to crack out a cot and fall asleep here on the course!

Nagano: wtf is he doing now?


All-Stars: YES he's moving.. he's MOVING (P.S. he finally beat the Jumping Spider)

Nagano: Aww hell what now?

That.. Okay okay.. he may be hurt.. but the drama??? Only Yamada can pull this off.. not showing injury the entire day until now..

Nagano: GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Yamamoto is just standing there stunned..

Nagano: S.O.B. he stopped again... He forgets this course is TIMED!! All-Stars have no idea what they are staring at..

He.. stopped..

Nagano looking at the time.. "can I stop cheering now?"

Nagano is shell-shocked.. "he was fine 5 minutes ago.."

Okay... he started moving.. 15 seconds have elapsed..


Yamada hit the wall.. literally..

Okay okay.. I can't do this wall either.. so I won't grouse him trying his technique and figuring out if he needs to change his obstacle course.. it is. well.. 10 years old by now..

Last gasp of Yamada on the course...

Mr. Rampaging Maniac SASUKE Katsumi Yamada.. Death by.. Warped Wall.. (Time out)

I have no idea what he's saying.. but he cracked out the black wifebeater™ and he has a rope.. or chain around his neck.. since when does he wear BLING?

Yamada: He's got QVC eyes..

Okay.. time to work on Part.. where am I now.. Oh .. Part 5 if here

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