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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 7


Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. STAGE TWO (Part 2)!!!! Next we have the Olympic Silver Medalist Matsunaga Tomohiro!

Matsunaga Tomohiro receiving his Olympic Silver Medal just last month at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China

Matsunaga Tomohiro getting ready for his run at Sasuke 21 - Second Stage

Gaaaaaaah.. Couldn't make up the last rung (the furthest one apart) from the Salmon Ladder!

All-Stars react to Matsunaga Tomohiro's death by Salmon Ladder

Toshihiro's been there.. this is definately not building his confidence.. No one's passed yet.. things are looking very very grim...

With that fresh in his mind.. Daisuke Miyazaki gets ready for his first chance at Stage 2..

Daisuke Miyazaki gets ready for his run.. starts off with chalk.. no wait.. drops the chalk.. starts to make love to the SASUKE Spray.. Dude empties half the can on his left hand.. /sigh

Levi Meeuwenberg gets a quick high five from his teamates as he gets ready for his run at Stage 2

Matsunaga Tomohiro flashes the first smile AAAAAAALLL day :) He must have been ridiculously nervous!

Final 3 start to prepare for their Second Stage runs (Levi, Makoto, Toshihiro)

Nagano's interview.. you can hear the stress in his voice (again no BLOODY Clue what he's talking about) but he keeps repeatingly hitting his right hand on his thigh.. over and over and over..

Toshihiro says something about Levi as Nagano just smiles at Levi. My only guess is that they are confident Levi will pass through to Stage 3 again

Levi trying to stay focused

Back to the ramp.. Daisuke Miyazaki gets ready for his Stage 2 run

He lands safely after a wild swing off the rope

Daisuke is flying up the ladder like a man on a mission

Clears Salmon Ladder and now clears Stick Slider!

Handball Teamates are quite impressed!

Swing Ladder living up to it's name.. it's going all over the place but Daisuke manages to get across

Small note.. the walls no longer slam to the ground.. notice the massive gap underneath the wall.. clear daylight underneath.. No more Shingo problems like we did before with the wall going directly into the ground.. (poor guy had that sucker crunch his feet more than a few times...) or Levi crunching his ankle from last year. I find the change interesting.. anyone else notice that? You dont' have to go all the way to the ground to pick up the wall making it loads easier... You also barely have to go underneath it anymore (weight has not changed though).. just noticed Daisuke didn't have to lift the walls as high to get underneath. Clearly this obstacle was made much easier for the new people.. I'm not sure if I like it.. they took the challenge out of it..

YAY! First CLEAR!!!!!! Daisuke Miyazaki is through to the Third Stage!!

Nagano who's chillin' in a corner yells at Daisuke during the wall lift

Toshihiro cheering Daisuke on as he's on the wall lift

Daisuke elated he cleared the second stage

Toshihiro getting ready for his run at Stage 2

Nagano's fragile emotions taking a toll...

This just look funny.. LOL sorry

Daisuke's interview.. he's friggin flipping out :)

Nagano being interviewed again just before Takeda's run (Something about Salmon Ladder)

Bunpei Shiratori yells up at Toshihiro Takeda to offer last minute support

Takeda: Thanks dude!

Btw.. I'm told the Kanji spells out "Breakthrough" (I like it :)

Toshihiro Takeda getting ready for his run at Stage 2

Okie dokie Salmon Ladder (and stupid Stick Slider) completed!

Wow.. Takeda the first to take on the Swing Ladder .. sidesways!

Ah yes.. so nice to see people actually RAISE the wall as opposed to scoot underneath (Sorry Shingo.. I love you but .. you can't lift these things LOL)

Nice time! Takeda is back!!!!!!!!

Shingo and Katsumi watching the show in awe

I can hear Ube screaming SHUT UP YAMADA (LMAO)

Levi and Makoto have a moment

Awwwwww :) ... awkward :p

Toshihiro interview.. that's 2 to Stage 3!! Yay we got one All-star!

I love his haircut...

Uber fan Lee Yen Chi offers his congratulations to Toshihiro Takeda

Bunpei Shiratori going to a corner to find Nagano hiding...

Okay I love this progression of pictures.. a couple of the girls on our board call this the birthing kittens picture.. like Nagano giving birth.. LOL Poor guy is freaked out nervous..

Hold my hand please...

Dude.. thanks...


Levi looking confident

Nagano still freaked out.. I mean seriously.. he's having a coniption..

Dude! You're totally freaking me out! Get a hold of yourself LMAO Sucks being last to go.. someone help him (hears a rush of women going ME ME ME ME ME ME.. I think I'm getting trampled..)

ANC cheering Levi

Poor Luci looks freaked out nervous

Levi Meeuwenberg getting ready for Stage 2 in Sasuke 21

Clears downhill jump and onto the Salmon Ladder

Oh crap.. Karma's a beotch.. he falls off the last rung.. He's like the 3rd today to get blown off the last part of that obstacle! In fact it was almost identical to the Brian's.

Nagano freaks out.. he was sure Levi was going to make it

Toshihiro so ready for Levi to make it he was already going down the course ahead of him..

Kevin Pereira is gutted "Sooooo close.."

All-Stars gutted.. Nagano's next...

Levi in shock...

Smile on Levi's face though he's still bewildered as to what happened.. He mentioned it felt different.

Nagano is .. nervous... again.. poor guy..

Hopefully that helps.. (I'd be yelling OOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW)

Still freaked out.. Nagano moves to climb the tower

ANC still loves Levi

I can almost hear it.. "Been there.. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!" - nice to see them all smiling

All-Stars hoping Nagano doens't have a repeat of last time..

If he sighs anymore.. good lord..

He's doing pull ups while he waits! LOL

Yes Ube his shirt says M. Nagano

Shiratori looking on

Takeda yelling his support

Makoto Nagano getting ready for his run at Stage 2 in Sasuke 21

Okay I feel a WHOLE LOT better he's not drinking septic sludge right now..

LMAO He's happy too! (Shout out to Takeda - YEAH! I MADE IT!) with a chest pump then proceeds to totally PWN the Salmon Ladder...

Hmm.. Sideways Swing Ladder.. .. it.. barely moves.. dang this guy is smooth..

THAT'S how you lift a wall... LOL

Yeah baby YEAH! Best time? Oh heck I'm not paying attention.. it's a friggin' CLEAR!

LOL he's so stressed out LOL

All-Stars enjoying the show :)

There we go :) Stage Clear :D

Daisuke is relieved.. we got All-Stars :D

Shingo and Katsumi all happy... Katsumi starts to talk and Shingo ignores him :p

Nagano friggin' relieved LOL

LMAO he's dropping to the ground again...

Yeah.. he's relieved... he starts to pump his chest again (over his heart I think.. and yes YOU GIVE ME A FRIGGIN' CORONARY.. now STOP! LOL)

Replay of him landing on the mat.. already better than Sasuke 20 :p

Shout out to Takeda with chest pump :)

Dude.. he was swinging WILDLY on that stupid Stick Slider!!

LOL is he almost falling off???

Gah that would have sucked...

Revenge on Metal Spin :D

Whoot! No repeat here either!

Reporter: I so love you.. er.. uh.. so how are you Nagano-san?

Ooooooooh you have no idea.. (seriously.. I don't.. I can't understand him LMAO) Check out the chart.. 9 went up.. 3 only cleared.. wow.. I don't think I've seen that in quite a long time..

See you in the third stage!

Part.. er.. 8 of 9


uNCLEsAM098 said...

I think Nagano's shirt should change to say "I'M NAGANO" rather than "M NAGANO" :P

Seriously though... I'm shocked you were not putting how Olivia was shooting for more air time crying over Levi like she was...

uNCLEsAM098 said...

Oh! Also, I got a response from Levi (It's like you getting a response from Nagano... it's just awesome...) saying that the Salmon ladder had indeed changed. Not only does he say that weight was added, but from what I saw, the round metal pieces on the sides make it so you really can't fall off the pipe slider poles anymore. The long pipes go all the way past the landing pad, so the pole is forced to roll all the way past.

Arsenette said...

LOL Sam I was totally thinking people thought that without pointing it out.. besides.. I would have to have included ALL her pictures and I can't possibly fit them all in the blog.. nor do I want to LMAO...

Cool! So much for G4 gag order! YAY!