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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 5





Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Okay! We are back.. HANDABOL TIME! Er.. Handball.. okay.. Time for the main event! Daisuke Miyazaki's back for his revenge!

Daisuke Miyazaki.. Ube says he plays with balls..

Okay! Moment of truth! Daisuke runs to beat his demon.. the Half Pipe Attack!

And he's over.. wait.. abort mission.. he doesn't like the landing...

Uhm.. he swung back.. Oh good lord.. no.. He goes back to kick off the wall again..

Oh good he had momentum.. PHEW.. that would have SUCKED!!! His teamate did that in Sasuke 20 and it didn't fare too well..

And yes.. Miyazaki is still in it!!

Gaaaaaaaah.. he touches the top but can't grab on.. he runs all the way back for another run..


Teamates are happy!

Flying Chute!!!!!!! Great grab.. he's cleared!

Hauling! He can see the end! He can clear! Keep running!

C'mon! Running out of time!!



Teammates elated!!!!

Miyazaki: Are you SERIOUS?? Did you see that crap????

TBS is now really cutting things quickly.. quick interview and them BAM right into Takeda.. and to think.. we are still under the 2 hour mark!!

Takeda is getting interviewed while he makes love to SASUKE Spray.. .. Nagano.. Aahahhahaha Look at Nagano.. he's got the "Dude.. lay easy on the Spray.. you know what happened the last time you layed it on thick.." look

Toshihiro Takeda just ignores him and continues to apply the 100th layer of protective .. gooo...

Incoming fluff piece.. hey I haven't seen this video in a while.. God I'm afraid of heights..

LOL he must be too.. he's safe on the other side watching the spectacle :p

Remember.. Takeda is now the poster boy for Japanese fire fighters! (Great Photo btw.. I have the .pdf of it :p )

Dude.... they just did a full fluff piece on you.. lay off the spray..

Toshihiro flashing that grin of his..

TBS reminding us.. 97 finished.. 6 clears!

Toshihiro Takeda poised for his run!

Whoot! Off the warped wall from the PLATFORM.. almost no run up at all!!! Camera didn't even set up for the side shot!

FLYING off the rope he grabs the rope wall with his feet! REVENGE FROM SASUKE 20!!!!!

He's got a massive smile as he HAULS around the corner!

MASSIVE GRIN on his face! He see's the red button!!

Ecstatic he made it he's already smiling! He's BACK! He emphatically slams the button!


Meanwhile.. Levi's turn to make love to the Spray.. while Takeda's triumph is shown on the jumbo tron

Levi acknowledges the accomplishment

The time is flashed.. fastest time today!

Nagano's already heading back since he's about to go right after Levi

Takeda is RELIEVED!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh it feels so good to finally clear again... (I missed the shot of him yelling after this pose)

Takeda turns to the camera are salutes (LOVE this shot)

PAM .. this is your shot! (Shades of a previous Sasuke.. forgot which one.. the one where he was going for the fastest time).. Aahahah I love this pose :D

Takeda: OMG you have NO idea how relieved I am!

Takeda: Yeah.. It's good to be back :D

Levi almost ready.. Nagano stands to watch right next to the platform

Levi ignoring him.. he's getting in the zone. Levi Meeuwenberg's run is next! Last 2 on the course!

OKay.. I'm going to cut and paste this from Sasuke Navi when I first saw this shot:

I'll make this short and simple. You do not showboat during the timed course on your turn in Sasuke unless you are known to do this i.e. Comedian, etc. that is EXPECTED to do this.. otherwise it looks bad.. WORSE off it you are not Japanese. Call me old fashioned but it is in poor taste. You are a guest Levi. You didn't do this in Sasuke 20 and they adored you for your humble personality. We see a different Levi here from the clips I've seen (more on that later).. I'm not sure if that's who he really is or not.. time will tell. Again.. to keep it short.. I don't like the attitude that young athletes have today. This includes multi-Gold Medalist Usain Bolt. To give you an idea of how much I detest this.. I turned off the Olympics the SECOND I saw him showboat BEFORE THE FINISHLINE at the FRIGGIN' OLYMPICS GAMES.. okay.. off my pedestal.. and apparently back in the dark ages.. I swear.. I'm getting old.. I'm all for having an awesome time.. Would in a heartbeat see Levi do freerunning outside of Sasuke. I consider myself a goofball but there is a time and place for everything. People used to be naturally humble and kept their antics in the privacy of their own home or in a party with friends.. not International Television.

He's flying at this point and it's clear barring any disaster of epic proportions.. he's going to be the 8th Clear!

........................ 3rd trick of the day.. Crowd is very quiet right now..

Levi clears with clearly the best time of the day.

Okay.. my digest and opinion on this. The first trick was appreciated (judging by the sound).. didn't take anything from it.. didn't slow him down.. nada.. Second one.. as Ube pointed out.. Crowd was split.. especially since it was on the wall.. a graveyard to many today. Third.. was so clear on the showboating (which is Freerunning) you can hear a friggin' pin drop. Final one (after buzzer) appropriate.. he was happy he finished.. that part wasn't timed. Even so.. when he finished.. there was no massive cheering it was clapping showing their acknowledgement of a great feat.. not "OMG OMG OMG" chants and screaming his name as I expected he'd be receiving at this point. He was built up as a hero from Sasuke 20 which is pretty hard to live up to.. but I think many were dissapointed in the tricks in the middle of the course.

Brian's reaction is .. interesting.. I don't know him.. never met him.. but I find his .. face interesting.. Olivia lmao.. she's having kittens.. she doesn't care.. it's CLEAR NUMBER 2 for Ninja Warrior!

I don't know either Brian.. I don't know either.. I have that look too.. and I was prewarned in a very general way too (about Levi's run.. I didn't ask too many questions about it).

No one can argue with the time.. It's outrageously awesome! Would have been faster if he didn't showboat which makes the argument even more prevalent.. he could have made it closer to 30 seconds just eliminating the wall trick.

TBS takes time to show the tricks.. specifically.. which is very telling on their viewpoint.. This one was off the Pole maze into the Jumping Spider area

This is the one off the wall.. THIS one pissed me off more than anything actually. It did nothing to show the moving UP the wall... it was clear it was clearly for show. At least one can argue with the jumping spider it was a forward movement to take nothing away from forward momentum. This was all show.

TBS chick asking the question on our minds "WTF" (paraphrased she was quite PC about it). He loves to move that way and mentions it's how he trains .. which is very true.. My argument still stands... doesn't belong the course since it's not a freerunning course.. BRIAN didn't do it and neither did Levi in Sasuke 20 which was BOTH of their introductions.. it's a question about appropriately demonstrating certain skills.. Open course.. go for it.. competition.. HECK no. :)

Nagano getting interviewed... sorry I'm distracted.. whats' around his neck? A chain? or gold rope? It doesn't move like a chain.. I'm mesmerized by it..

I don't know either Nagano.. I can't understand Japanese.. but .. I'm still passing popcorn..

I'm running out of popcorn.. Girls.. get me some Ice cream.. I like Butter pecan..

He looks a heck of a lot more relaxed right now.. doesn't he? Hey it's my blog.. deal with the Nagano adoration :p

Reliving the Sasuke 20 Stage 2 "faceplant into the water at full speed™" maneuver

Remind me.. don't piss off Takeda.. I think he wants to break his back LOL! Mental note.. Nagano is a masochist..

Nagano: OOOOOOOOOOOW Not THAT hard.. I felt that in my spleen!

Okay.. that looks like a nervous giggle..

Yay Shinji's there :) Hi Shinji "Flying Teabag" Kobayashi! Sucks TBS cut your run.. again..

Looks like Shingo and Bunpei are nervous for him

Nagano's face is turning all serious now

Producers might be getting ready or something.. he's tensing up now

Pass me Doritos... They go well with Butter Pecan Ice Cream..

99 have finished.. 8 have passed!

Holy crap.. remind me to not piss him off.. Nagano in the zone before he starts..

Ube's right.. this guy is smooooooooth across the course.. makes it look effortless.. he's dang nearly jogging through the course.. I mean I haven't seen him run once.. setting up for the Half Pipe Attack

One handed grab off the wall.. Dude is so short LMAO

Nagano slows down to acknowledge his fans chanting his name.. he knows he's going to pass easily

LOL Nagano talking to his friends who are yelling at him from the side. He doesn't.. and never cared for Times on this course.. A clear is a clear. (Takeda might however dissagree ;O )

Nagano slowly strolls to the red button and gently taps it to stop the time.

NOW he celebrates :D

Nagano Fanclub a.k.a. his coworkers (I think.. was in the past.. not sure this time around) Anyone know what those sign say? I've seen them for years.. I can't read Kanji!

Shinji yelling something out to him (anyone know what?).. Replaying just before the buzzer is hit to stop the time.

Okay stage clear :) NOW they celebrate! Ube says: Shinji Kobayashi has shirt that says SASUKE BAKA on the back... Shinji.. I love you :D

ANC Guys celebrating as well!

Nagano surveing the course. 100 competitors. 9 clears!

I'm listening to the announcer.. I'm picking up words here and there.. just interesting they mentioned Nagano's performance and Levi's performance back to back.. rewind it.. it sounds really interesting .. anyone got a transcript of that?

Not a bloody clue.. but he clutches his heart a lot. Usually signifying he put his heart into it..

I don't think I've ever seen him stare INTO the camera before..

Anyway.. Stage 2 is next..

Part where am I .. Part 6 (I think of 9) is next


Anonymous said...

your right, that look in Takeda's face when he is getting ready to slap Nagano's back is murder intent. I think it's just the screen shot you got but I love your blog and waiting on the next one. You do us so good. *passes Doritto's and Butter Pecan Icecream Sandwhiches.* Yes they make those, I have them in my freezer right now.

pamwax said...

All the blogs are great and so are the pics. I need to talk to you about that.

I agree 100% about Levi. Very poor taste. And it came back and bit him in the ass. He did say stage 2 was easy...guess not too easy.

Anonymous said...

I need to play a bit of Devil's Advocate here. While I admit that I only got a rise out of the Warped Wall flip and that 3 tricks is 2 too many, I find issue in telling someone how they can express themselves. For all we know, someone may be annoyed by Takeda gunning it all the way through or Nagano slowing to an amble at the end.

Also, the entire proceedings had some light jingoism added in. The whole Japan/USA(/Taiwan) arms race can easily help skew views. I also have to wonder if the G4 contingent decided to intentionally play up the baka gaijin angle a little.

Just my 2 cents. I do understand everyone's opinion, though.

Arsenette said...

Oh I agree Joe :) Though the whole "Japan vs everyone" was added to the broadcast in post production. No one was thinking that at Sasuke :p THe course is always the enemy.. not the people .. which is why I love the show so much :)

As for Levi.. I mentioned it's a personal taste thing. Some loved it.. then again it's usually people from his generation. Same ones who thought that was appropriate from an Olympic Champion like Usain Bolt who has a heck of a lot more cred (both in medals and street cred).

As for G4.. I never liked their view to begin with .. and I have 2 months to dread what they are going to do.. I expect an assault of epic proportions LOL

Pam definately let me know when you need anything you have my email and phone :D

I'll work on the blogs later tonight and tomorrow I'm taking a break from blogging for a few hours to let my brain decompress.. last 2 days have been overwhelming.. in a good way.. but a lot more than I had originally anticipated!

Panther.. mmmmmmmmm Ice cream sandwiches..........

Chaki said...

You do capture the best shots which in some ways makes it more interesting than on tv where it just goes by in a flash.

Some info: Nagano fanclub banners are typical fishing boat banners, for good luck and bountiful catch. One says Makoto Nagano (big letters) small overhead says "Aim for it - Completion" (I can't go back now to check what the other one says or I'll lost what I've typed in so far...

But it's not the "Sasuke Prince of Smile" one they had in 19. I was totally embarassed for him. At that time, the Japanese media had a "Prince Handkerchief" of baseball a "Prince Bashful" of golf. So I guess his coworkers decided to dub him "Prince Smile" of Sasuke. The other princes were sweet, wholesome TEENAGERS and kind of fit the image. It was never used again. TBS never once called him "Sumairu Oji" either.

The back of Takeda's shirt says "Breakthrough" Kind of interesting, wonder whether he got it especially made??

Chaki said...

The smaller banner says the name of his boat and "Bountiful catch."

Chaki said...

I know you are such a triva buff, so before I forget...

The fluff on Takeda is a scene of him training guys for the national firefighter rescue force competition. It's very prestigious and Takeda got selected for Sasuke because he was the reiging Central Japan regional champion. But now he's a trainer. He says training for Sasuke is nothing compared to training for that competition which is so grueling "it makes you throw up" (his words).

mrkaizoku said...

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but does anyone know where I can download this? Just looking at the screen caps doesn't do it justice.

Not that I'm not super appreciative of said screen caps, it's just not the same if I can't hear it.

Arsenette said...

Thanks Chaki for all the updates! Oooooooooh so nice when someone actually is bilingual and can catch all that!

I recorded it when it happened but I don't post it anywhere. YouTube has been so far getting clips and others have been emailing each other but I can't post anywhere where they might be .. usually they don't last long because TBS and G4 are militant about their videos being online.

Unknown said...

I completely agree about Yamada being a complete bastard....the thing is, after Akiyama completed stage 1 for the first time in forever back in Sasuke 16, he actually congratulated him. But he wasn't exactly doing better then than he is now. What's happened since then?

Unknown said...

TBH I really wish there was no American Ninja Warrior. Since that piece of crap is being shown constantly, I can never find the real Sasuke anymore. I don't mean to offend anyone who is an ANW supporter, but I just think the Japan version is way better. The obstacles are better, the competitors are better (well, maybe not Yamada, but we won't get into that), and you don't get any of the showboating with the Japanese that you get with the Americans.