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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sasuke 21 related update - Landing the Quadruple Toe-Loop!

Norio Haryu's photo of the Final Tower for Sasuke 21 ©Norio Haryu
Blog translation: Today in the morning to go to the program was recorded
The sun was strong, tanned, but summer is over and that black
Ube my hero has come up with a great list of competitors for Sasuke 21 that he found in addition to the ones already shown on mine (that were all over Sasuke Maniac, TBS's site and person blogs)

Norio Haryu's photo of the Final Tower for Sasuke 21 ©Norio Haryu

Blog translation: Finally "SASUKE 2008 Autumn" by the ONEA to SU
Broadcast Day, September 17 (Wednesday) 18:55 to 4 hours.
The result is really
Please check it out

(from Ube's blog) Former J-Leaguer and now free announcer (meaning he's not connected to a TV station not that he works for free) 波立紀夫 Norio Haryu. He's been in several of the past SASUKEs but he keeps getting the digest treatment.

I checked out his site and he had these 2 pictures (above) from Sasuke 21.

Blog Translation: Now, days ago, "SASUKE" There was a recording!

Much to work with Kubo, who has been director. It is delicious watermelon! ©Yuriko Takahata

(from Ube's blog) Also, one of your announcers will be Yuriko Takahata 高畑百合子.

Blog Translation: Reporter did a spot start with Jun-chan and Yashiro

We also work hard to update, How do you do to the roots of lily-SU!

September 17 (Wednesday) broadcasting ☆. After all advanced to the Final Stage Enjoy the broadcast ☆ © Yuriko Takahata

(from Ube's blog) Comedy ladies Moeyan モエヤン (remember them from the race around Tokyo on SASUKE Maniac?)

Moeyan comedy team with Wacky © Moeyan

Blog Translation: You can get away to return home during clubbing!
Thanks for the message
Today is a radical, a fall of eggplant Yee-ha
I, with a different job!
Today, he is, how the recording was to
Collecting the regulars, he has to
Athletes with an entertainer who was wacky

Broadcasting, as soon as they are determined to
Tell!! Enjoy!
Today it was hot way back

Checked out the TBS page for Sasuke Maniac this week, Sunday, September 14, 2008: They finaly updated the Sasuke Maniac page.

SASUKE2008 fall

September 17 (Wednesday), according 6:55 minutes to

Special four hours!
21 finally held in the second SASUKE!!
The Magic Castle impregnable steel challenge the 100 most powerful people!
Beijing Olympic medalist and the entertainment industry who!

SASUKE All-Stars, and more attention to athletes!
SASUKE hot men to challenge the truth of the matter!


snowy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't comment on every blog post you make, but read I'm going to be in fan girl heaven this weekend. Thanks again for making all this available to folks.

Arsenette said...

Aww I appreciate it :)

Trust me I don't expect eveyrone to read everything.. though I know quite a few that do... but I know at some point some people will do it for reference.. or more fodder for video tributes and slideshows LOL