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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sasuke 21 - Spoilerific Review - Part 1



Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 21.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D Sorry for the misspellings.. I was exhausted when I wrote this! For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from G4, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Because you know I start with Nagano.... :D

Okay mental note.. what do you get when you add.. Sasuke 21.. a Rambling Rican.. Nagano.. and a camera? Give up? I MIGRAINE!!!!!!!!! I friggin' took OVER 4 THOUSAND 440 pictures.. WTF!!!!!!!! okay sorry.. had to get that out of the way.. After Sasuke 21 I had to take a nap.. my fingers hurt.. I swore I was getting carpal tunnel from just the clicking (but I'm happy... I had more pictures than I needed..) and my head was about to explode.. so after a 3 hour nap.. well.. .. been working on this all day..

American Ninja Warriors - Brian, Levi, Luci and Mark

Anyway.. I'll be doing this in chunks.. even cut down it's like 800 pics.. so I'll do this Part 1 then work on chunks so ya'll can read it! I am happy (if not a bit flustered) that so many of you were waiting all day for this.. Quite frankly I'm floored.. but still.. it's an experience of a lifetime to share your thoughts with people you don't even know.. and they LIKE it.. go figures.. it's the pics.. I know.. :D Anyway.. GET ON WITH IT!

Uhm.. Damn.. Makoto Nagano without a shirt.. WHAT A WAY TO START! (okay okay.. Levi is there.. so is Bunpei, Takeda, Katsumi *cough* Mr. Sasuke)..

For the sake of time (AND SANITY) a lot of the beginning is cut. Please see SASUKE NAVI if you want to see who was portrayed in the opening. First part was in black and white which was cool.. they showed the failures of the Japanese and the triumph of the American.. oh you don't believe me? Check out their bablefish disaster for today!

I am woman hear me roar.. oh wait NAGANO is roaring.. mmmmmm yeah.. Rawr™ Whoever in TBS managed to get his shirt off.. the female population (and probably some of the males.. ) love you.. absolutely LOVE YOU!!

SASUKE2008 fall "in countries around the world to break through the national qualifying tournament, the world's strongest line-up! Beijing Olympic medalist in the luxury of going to war! Pinch Japan to seriously challenge the world!" First participated in the third stage in advance! American hero Levi declared complete domination of American popular VS No.1 complete domination of Japan's Makoto Nagano prestige on!!professional sports No.1 challenger in re-Daisuke Miyazaki's handball in the end moving!! ▽ Henry Beijing Olympics wrestling gold Katsumi YamadaVS Matsunaga, 42-year-old silver-life mobile phonesCM VS first battle Dante popular 54-year-old wonder Kenzirou Ishimaru VS VS wacky Hiromiti Sato

Sasuke Roar for Sasuke 21.. YEAH BABY YEAH!!

LMAO They are declaring war against everyone else that's not Japanese! Restore Honor! God I love the hype! It's a gameshow.. but I'll bite :D (Go Puerto Rico! Wait.. he's Mexican.. aww heck. GO NAGANO!) Okay.. oh.. wow.. we start like RIGHT away..

Matsuno Flying disc guy!

Mental note.. I'll be borrowing a lot from Ube.. because first.. HE ROCKS.. second.. HE ROCKS.. and third.. he pays attention.. LOL I forget half these names and I'm too friggin' tired to research.. get it? Got it? GOOD!

Matsuno Flying disc guy! Death by Log Grip!

Passion Yara wow.. he's pumped!

Passion Yara.. Death by Jumping Spider!

Not bad for the comedian! Btw.. quick note.. this is moving fast.. like .. no filler.. no Sasuke Spray.. This.. this bodes very well.. okay back to the action.. and they already cut the 3rd person..

Double Dutch champion Oda Kenta!

Double Dutch champion Oda Kenta! Death by Log Grip!

Miyamoto Yuke! He's a monk!

OMG! He's falling backwards.. hanging on.. sliding.. sliding.. RIPS the platform.. and .. and. he MAKES IT! Passes the sextuple steps!

Miyamoto Yuke hanging on .. LITERALLY!

Miyamoto Yuke.. Death by Jumping Spider!

Time to cut 3 more people!!!!!!! Okay.. Next we got the first of 13 Muscle Musical participants!

Wan Jen! He's from the Muscle Musical!

Wan Jen! Death by Jumping Spider!

Wan Jen! The acrobat struts his stuff! He's SUPPOSED to do this..

Hirayoshi something! He's a bodyguard!

Okay this dude decided he wanted a whole suit.. problem is.. he wanted to strip nekkid too! So.. insert next picture.. notice.. THE TIMER STARTED!

Hirayoshi something.. stripping..

Hirayoshi something! Death by Pole Maze! (He tried to dismount it.. and fell INTO the septic sludge!)

Higuchi-kun of Higedanshaku

Higuchi-kun of Higedanshaku.. Death by Log Grip!

Louis Yamada the 53rd (GOD I love that name LMAO!!)

Louis Yamada the 53rd.. Death by Sextuple steps!!

First shot of Toshihiro Takeda and Makoto Nagano having too much fun with the deaths :p Wow.. even Yamada is enjoying it!

... I swear.. Toshihiro is EVILLE.. he's cackling just a wee bit too hard.. EVILLE I say!

Ku Honpei? He was an Olympic trainer.

Ku Honpei? He was an Olympic trainer.. so good he.. well.. he fell OFF THE PLATFORM BEFORE THE SEXTUPLE STEPS!!!!.. I .. don't even think he failed it.. he didn't even TOUCH the first one... did he? Death by stupidity..

Oh that HAD to hurt!!!!!! He's next.. name? Iono...

Oh! He's the guy from Sasuke 20 that crushed an orange or apple.. or some fruit.. he didn't get far in that tournament..

Okay.. I still don't know his name LMAO (nice job.. I can't lift weight above my head..) Torisawa? (LOL Ube you asking me? I can't read Kanji!)

Torisawa Katsuhide 鳥澤克秀 Death by Log Grip.. u!

Kanui? Kamei I think... it's okay Ube.. I'm fried too..

Kanui? Kamei I think... ooooooooh overshot the landing and fell in the water!!!!!! So Close!!

Digest time! I don't know who.. Darvish Mohammaed? Sure..

someone called Brian Phillip Harlow?

Ida Koji (40's representative from Sasuke Trials.. Just check September.. it's all there)

Takahashi Mitsuomi .. I think.. dunno he died at the Jumping Spider..

Nomura Masaki! I like him! I think he was a hearthrob when he was younger and he's great at his age! Yes.. too old for me.. but he's just regal lookin'.. ya know?

Nomura Masaki! awww.. Death by Jumping Spider! Nice! Better than last time!

Kenjiro Ishimaru (also another favorite of mine) is cheering his buddy Nomura Masaki for a job well done!

Ishimaru Kenjiro.. Awww back in October, 2006.. he was THIS CLOSE TO FINISHING STAGE ONE!!! Grrrrrrrrr

Ishimaru Kenjiro getting ready for his run! It's been.. a couple tournaments? I lost track.. brain is officially goo..

Ishimaru Kenjiro WOW! Jumping Spider! Awesome! GOGOOGOGOGOGOGO

Ishimaru Kenjiro OOOOOMGGGG!!!! HE beat the Half Pipe Attack!!!! (I'm crying at this point.. mental note.. if you are as emotional as me.. boxes of Kleenex are bought by the case in BJ's...)

Ishimaru Kenjiro.. OMFG!!!!!!!! He friggin' caught the edge! HE beat the wall! HE beat the wall!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! (I'm sobbing.. I can't see these pictures well when I clicked)

Ishimaru Kenjiro Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

OMG.. I agree with Sato!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Bastard Yamada.. completely unaffected.. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! THAT WAS EPIC!! (.. cough.. you can't do that.. cough..)

Ishimaru Kenjiro.. I feel for you man.. I feel for you!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK NEXT YEAR!!!!

Ishimaru Kenjiro explaining he couldn't hold on.. he tried.. he really did.. Wow I'm still psyched!

Tatsumi! Muscle Musical Guy!

Tatsumi! Death by Jumping Spider

Digest time! Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show.. Death by Sextuple Steps

Mori Wataru 森渉 - death at the Jumping Spider!

Luci Romberg - American Ninja Warrior!

Luci Romberg OMFG!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!

Luci Romberg NOOOOOOOOOO! Aww.. wow.. what a GREAT RUN! Death by Half Pipe Attack!

Luci Romberg just seems to lose her grip.. Still a great run!

Aww the All-Stars are enjoying her run too!

And they see something... yep.. wait for it.. wait.. for it..


Luci Romberg GREAT JOB! As Ube says - Not the first stage but the farthest a woman has gone since Chie Nishimura (Sasuke 2).

Digest! 13 year old dies by Log Grip!

WOW they digested Creepy Model Guy!

OMG.. and the Hang Glider dude too!

Okay.. first half hour of a 4 hour show.. yeah.. It's a long day LMAO!!!!!!! Please hang around for Part 2 of Sasuke 21 blog.. (Upcoming soon...)


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