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Friday, December 31, 2010

Makoto Nagano Sings!

Cover of the Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki CD
友情と闘いの軌跡 CD

Edit: 3/13/11 - I updated below the English Lyrics to the song.
Edit: 4/6/11 - Youtube video was removed as was indicated previously (was a preview video announcing the song). Information about actual release is being sifted through and as I get them I will update this page (all the way at the bottom of the post).
Edit: 5/25/11 - Forgot... but added the full English Lyrics and Romanji so people can sing along if they like.
Edit: 7/1/11 - Readded video from new official Facebook page.

Music・ Pr・Video_NetSizeVer

It's finally happened! All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 has released (April, 2011 release is expected) his first music CD where he sings and plays guitar. He did pretty good on his first venture! We wish him success! Lyrics below.

Edit: 3/13/11 - I updated below the English Lyrics to the song. Makoto Nagano wrote the lyrics for the song and has been arranged and music was composed by Hironori Kaneko 金子裕則.

Lyrics: Makoto Nagano 長野誠
Music: Hironori Kaneko 金子裕則.
English Translatio: Carol Hui Akiyama

(An Ode to) The Fighting Spirit of Men

I am starting to run, to leave behind evidence I existed
To a place where there is the tears and sweat of men, but also strong bonds

No matter how tough things got, we were all there together
To encourage each other, to compete and to take on challenges

And the times when I got afraid, my buddies, you lifted my spirit and kept praying
So all I had to do was believe, to believe in myself and go

Keep on going, towards tomorrow
No matter how broken down you get, always pick yourself up
Don’t get defeated by your greatest opponent – yourself
So one day, you can turn these tears of defeat into tears of joy

You are also starting to run, to fulfill your dreams
To that place where you can shine, where your lives have meaning

With the sun setting on your backs, you still dream and challenge yourselves
No matter how deep you fall, you always crawl back up

So one day I will see you shine, and shed tears from my heart
Because your happiness is my happiness


We are starting to run, to find some meaning in our lives
It is a place of defeat, hopelessness, pain, sadness and tears
But… (Chorus)

It’s my life, is the stage.

* * * * * *

Romanji version: Carol Hui Akiyama

Ore wa ima hashiri dashita ikita akashi o nokosu tame ni
Soko ni wa otoko dachi no ase ya namida ga ari, kizuna ga atta

Donna ni kurushii toki mo, kimidachi wa soba ni ite kureta
Hagemashi ai, kisoi ai, idomi tsu tsuketa

Osoreru ore ni kiai o ire, inori tsu tsukeru nakama dachi
Ato wa jibun o shinjite, shinjite susumu dake

Sa a yuke! Ashita ni mukatte
Don na ni uchi kuda kare temo
Akira mezu ni tachi mukae
Makeru na! Jibun to iu saidai no teki ni
Itsuka no hi ka kuyashi namida o yorokobi no namida ni kae yo

Kimi dachi mo ashiri dashita idai ita yume o kana eru tame ni
So ko ni wa onore o kagayaka seru basho ga ari, jinsei ga atta

Senaka ni yuuhi o abite, yume o oi, idomi tsu tsuke
Don zoku ni oto sare temo, hai agatte kita kimi tachi
Itsuka no hi ka kimi dachi no kagayaku sugata o mite,
kokoro no namida o nagashitai
Kimi dachi no yorokobi wa, ore no yorokobi dakara

Otoko dachi wa hashiri dashita
Ikiru imi o sagasu tame ni
Soko ni wa zasetsu ya zetsubo, kuya shimi ya kana shimi ga ari, namida ga atta

It’s my life, is the stage

Cover of the Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki CD
友情と闘いの軌跡 CD

American Release Information:
USA Amazon Information: Release date is May 11, 2011
Title of CD: Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki
  • This is the MP3 worldwide release of the songs. There are 2 songs (each with their own karaoke (or instrumental) versions. First song is the single I was writing about and the second song is a Takasui company song.
  • The CD is $3.96 USA
  • Songs individually are $0.99 USA

Itunes information: Release date is May 11, 2011
Title of CD: Yujou To Tatakaino Kiseki
  • The CD is $5.16 USA
  • Songs individually are $1.29 USA

Japanese information:
Japanese Amazon information: Release date is May 11, 2011 (thanks Tiger for finding it!)
Title of CD: 友情と闘いの軌跡
  • The CD is ¥ 800 (approximately $9.50 with the conversion rates)
  • Songs individually are ¥ 200 ($2.37 USA)
Music JP Ringtones:
  • Release date 5/11/11

Mora Information:
  • Release date 5/11/11
Mora Win Information:
  • Release date seems to be today 4/6/11.


ArtemisFowljr said...

Oooh this is awesome :D I kept cracking up while hearing the song... hope we can get the lyrics soon, I'm so curious.
Perhaps he can sing a duet with David next time they meet :P TBS would love it for sure, just think about all the fluff pieces they could do...LOL

TigerOfHaughton said...

That's Nagano? WOW! He has a beautiful singing voice! It doesn't really surprise me that he sings though. I read that karaoke is very popular in Japan, and a LOT of Japanese people develop a talent for singing. I wonder if any of the other All-Stars sing, too? Anyway, he sounds really good. I hope this works out for him.

Pittsburgher said...

Are you kidding? This astonishes me!

GTONeko said...



Awesome!!! He definitely sounds pretty good. Guess with all the times being out at sea, other than training, one's gotta take their mind off being on the ocean for so long from time to time.

....and of course, from what I briefly saw, it comes out the same day as the 26 broadcast.

Unknown said...

maybe this can be his new theme for sasuke!! haha

Unknown said...

this has to be his next sasuke theme... haha

Anonymous said...

English translation is 'Place of fighting and friendship'.

Arsenette said...

It was not a direct translation word for word since half of it wouldn't make sense structurally. A lot of care went into the full translation of the song. I'll post that when it's officially released... and no I didn't do it ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry(moshiwake), I was just posting my own translation, in case anyone was curious.

Arsenette said...

Readded the video but from Facebook this time. I figured this one won't be taken down since it's his official FB.