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Monday, December 13, 2010

Experiments that cross time - Edo Special

At long last! This is a show called 時空を超えた大実験! (Experiment that cross time!) that I missed way back when it originally aired on TBS Japan on October, 30, 2010. I first heard that the show to be part of Supamoku but then TBS changed the time and date of the show and instead aired this special as part of a Saturday special. Thanks to the wonderful Sasuke community I'm finally able to blog about this show! This show features the Sasuke All-stars Makoto Nagano 長野誠, Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟, Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 and veteran Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次. The premise of the show was to recreate Edo period rituals. The part that the Sasuke All-Stars were tasked with was to transport a block of ice from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo... Thank you to Bret Mayer for his awesome support in helping translate the entire friggin' show.. hopefully I took notes correctly.. Now.. as a warning.. sometimes the text I have may not entirely correspond with the text I may have on the screenshot.. sometimes I goof in lining up the text with the translation.. so bear with me okay? And now without further ado.. 時空を超えた大実験! (Experiments that cross time!).

Beginning 400 years ago..

the Edo Period was a time of peace

that lasted over 200 years.

Okay I'm not going to translate EVERY frame.. but this special was made to try to recreate rituals and events that happened during this era. This is a painting depicting life in Japan during the Edo era.

This gorgeous map of Japan was the first map of Japan made using surveying techniques (circa 1800's)

It was created by a man named Inou Tadataka 伊能忠敬

It took Tadataka over 17 years to travel all over Japan to complete this map

Comparing the Tadataka map to the modern day maps of Japan.. there is only a less than 0.2% margin of error

During this time it was super rare that ice was available

So it literally had to be carried from Mount Fuji to Tokyo

氷 = Ice

The task was so arduous that it was decreed by the first Shogun of Japan Ieyasu Tokugawa 徳川 家康 that it should be done only once a year

So.. what does this show want to do?

Yep.. you guessed it.. RECREATE THAT!

Oh look! It's Kenji!

Oy vey.. this is going to be an interesting show.. LOL

.. he's crying??? omg...

Okay.. our hosts! Atsushi Tamura and Silvia Katou

Celebrity audience participants: Hinano Yoshikawa on the left, Eri Kohinata in the middle and Tamao Nakamura on the right

Toshifumi Fujimoto (from the comedy duo Fujiwara) on left Yuuta Nakano center and Takayuki Haranishi (also from Fujiwara)

The lady is just saying they are going to learn about some of the amazing feat people during the Edo period accomplished

With no refrigeration, even generals would only get one ice during the summer. It was done after June 1st of every year. It was the Day of Ice or Ice Festival

So.. can we carry ice from Mount Fuji to Tokyo in modern day?

Here's Mount Fuji in the distance in Yamanashi Prefecture

And at the base of this enormous mountain (read.. VOLCANO.. ehem..) is the Narusawa Ice Cave (Narusawa Hyouketsu or Ice Cavern)

Home of.. well.. Ice!

This is Tokyo Tower in .. well.. Tokyo!

Oh. and the distance between both of these places is 170 km (over 105 miles)

This ginormous piece of ice obtained in Narusawa weighs 60 kg (over 132 lbs)

Back in the Edo period.. this was carried by two people at a time in a large container called a nagamochi (or "long carrier")

This is the Nagamochi.. and that alone weighs 40 kg (over 88 lbs)

So altogether the package being carried weighs 110 kg (over 220 lbs)

So.. who do we have carrying this thing? Why.. the Sasuke All-Stars!

Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 - The first ever Champion of Sasuke

Sasuke Veteran and (Snowy's guy.. LOL) Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次

Mr. Perfect attendance Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

And the world's strongest fisherman Makoto Nagano 長野誠,

Hey Kenji is not an All-Star but he's one today dammit!

Supporting our All-Stars is this biker guy who actually is a great dramatic talent and athlete. He is the Leader of the Yasuda Grand Circus (or Yasuda Dai Circus 安田大サーカス) who's referred to as "Danchō" (sometimes Danchō Yasuda 安田団長 who's real name is actually Hiromi Yasuda 安田裕己)

Okay here we go! They now open the compartment up to load the ice in.

The box is filled with layers of protection to help mitigate ice melting

As you can tell the compartments are along the outside of the box

They wrap the ice in cloth, matting and those green leaves (kumasaza) dictionary says Sasa veitchii

The ice is wrapped in matting first then wrapped in cloth

That's shoved in the center section while the leaves are put in the outside compartments

Back in the Edo period this was then carried on foot by 2 people at a time.

This this is going to be heavy.. that's friggin' 220 pounds folks..

First to carry this monster is Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次 in the front

And bringing up the rear.. wait.. Shingo is carrying it first? Dude.. you broke your shoulder.. anyway.. it's Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

There is much groaning and omg's... as Nagano jumps in to try to help steady this thing

Who's cuisine will reign supreme? Sorry.. wrong show.. LOL

Meanwhile back in the studio you have the comedy duo try to carry this thing. Laughter ensues.

LOL The host reminding them that they have to carry this 105 miles...

Oh.. fantastic.. this was done IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER.. July 12th, 2010.. wait a minute.. wtf.. ooooooooh crap.. this was just 6 DAYS before the opening of Muscle Park Chitose 千歳マッスルパーク! LMFAO!!!! Oh hell that explains everything... carry on.. I'll talk about this later..

Okay! Day 1 - 9:00 AM and it's 23C (73F)

Rebel Yell ya'll! I think it's 行くぞー (which basically means HERE WE GO!)

.. just remember how happy they are.. LOL

Immediately.. Shingo.. LOL Dude.. I swear.. anyway.. he's going "stop shaking it"

Secure it from the side! As Nagano races to secure it from shaking

Akiyama now gets the other side as they start to transport this thing

And off they go!

.. 5 minutes later.. they have to drop it..

Shingo's shoulder.. (oh I saw this coming a mile away..)

Boy this is going to be a long trip.. LOL Nagano is now taking over the front and it seems Akiyama is now in the back

Shoulder is giving him problems already

So they seem to agree on carrying it in tandem

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 is now up front

10 minutes later.. Akiyama is up front and Nagano in the back

Aah it's no good.. trade trade!

LOL Shingo's back on it again..

A few minutes later it's Nagano in the front having an attack of the giggles because HE can't carry it anymore...

My goodness they won't get to Tokyo this way!!

OMG.. they've only traversed 100 METERS! (328 Feet)

It's taken 2 HOURS to traverse 3 km (1.8 miles)

Problems are the shoulders.. it's tough.. real tough

Akiyama already in agony but has an attack of the giggles..

Shingo is always smiling.. we all know he has a bum shoulder.. he's messed up a Sasuke FINAL because of it..

Group meeting.. Nagano stating the obvious about the shoulder problems..

So they decide.. screw it.. we do this 4 man!

UP WE GO! (or Heave Ho) "Se no!" せーの!

It divides the weight between us

Shingo stating that it's easier now!

It's now 1:00 PM and it's 31C (88F)

Dancho wants to know if they need a break

That didn't take convincing LOL

They notice the melting already....

5 hours into their expedition...

Dancho asks if anyone is hungry..

Shingo: I'M HUNGRY!!!!

It's now 3:00 PM and it's now 29C (84F)

Soba noodles!

A meal for kings

Though I'm not so hot on sashimi.. I recognize that God invented fire...

There is like no conversation.. LOL Everyone is stuffing their faces!

The box is set away from the sun hoping the air conditioner in the building keeps the ice from melting further

Seems this was also done back in the day and they called stopping stations (inns, restaurants, etc anywhere with shade) a Himuro 氷室 ( which literally means Ice Room)

7 hours later.. and you hear chanting.. "Issei" 一斉 means "all together"

Issei! (they chant back) Issei!.. though right now they are tired so the chants are not as strong..

Shingo is hurtin'.. Nagano seems to be just pushing..

They take a break again to discuss better ways to hold this stupid thing

They suggest trying the trapezius

Nagano again taking the lead

Hopefully this will help hold the weight

Shingo is demonstrating

Seems to be going fine...

Until Akiyama basically calls it quits and goes back to holding it on his shoulder..

Shingo's having back problems now and is holding his side

They need a break

Basically collapsing on the street now

Akiyama is feeling it all over.. and has an attack of the giggles

Nagano can't stand up straight and is getting pain on his side

Shingo's hurting too..

8 hours into the challenge.. through construction....

9 hours into the challenge...

It's getting dark and they still can see Mount Fuji..

Picking it up after a break again

And Kenji misses altogether and practically drops it

They regroup

Right now they lost their coordination

11 hours into the challenge..

They discuss how dark it is

And that they should start back up when it's light again

Business Hotel is up ahead

Day one is done as they check into the hotel

They bring the ice inside to put under the A/C the modern day Himuro

There is so serious groaning going on

Nagano is amazed at this challenge

Worse off is that it is said that 2 people at a time carried this thing.. and they are struggling with 4 people

On this first day, the magnitude of such an amazing feat begins to sink in..

13km (8 miles) down and 157 km (97 miles) to go

It is now 20 hours into their adventure and it's the 2nd day and currently 5:00 AM

They check on the status of the block of ice...

And realize there's a lot of melting.. so they throw out the water and repack it

Off they go again..

Remarking how much lighter it is without the swishing water...

They can't believe how huge Mount Fuji is.. they still can see it

We haven't moved away from it at all!!

They keep seeing the Volcano and keep wanting to hurry

Let's move we can still see this thing

22 hours in...

Shingo is in dire straights..

They stop again..

They are comparing their muscle aches.. both knees are being tortured..

Nagano particularly is breaking down

The group decides that Nagano is in the worst predicament of them all right now

Shingo's knee hurts too

Fighting through the pain they walk for an additional 5 hours straight

27 hour mark and Nagano's voice goes supersonic as he sees the lake.

They have arrived at Lake Yamanaka 山中湖

1:00 PM and 30C (86F)

Nagano has another idea...

He's thinking that with the temperature being so hot..

He believes that the melting water still being in the box with the ice might melt the ice faster..

So he suggested to find a way to get rid of the water without having to take it out of the container themselves..

Voila.. drill a hole!

He seems proud of himself LOL

Er.. lost track what this was.. but who cares :p

They need to stop again..

Akiyama's shoulder is really bothering him

Nagano just collapsed in pain...


Mount Fuji is taunting them in the distance..

33 hours in... chanting Issei..

now.. 35 hours in.. mumbling Issei..

They notice the signs for Odawara and Gotenba

Hour 36 and it's 9:00 PM on the 2nd day

They .. stop at a hospital 病院... omg..

That.. is a compressed knee it seems..

Who does it belong to??

Makoto Nagano 長野誠....

Seems his knee is at his limit

They try to massage it for now and get a night's rest and prescribe pain killers

It's now day 3.. 46 hours after this challenge began.. and it's 7:00 AM

They are back trooping along

Seems there is an obstruction ahead..

The road narrows where there is no way they can safely pass the road without causing an accident or worse..

So they shove the box in a van

And drive for 5 minutes until the highway has space on the side to walk.. in the meantime.. they pass out..

Akiyama is barely able to get out of the van..

both Akiyama and Nagano are having serious issues walking straight

Hour 53.. just when it couldn't get worse.. it's now raining..

2:00 PM Still raining but the temps are now 25C (77F)

They need a minute...

Nagano's painkiller just wore off...

He needs a break.. possibly to take another pill

Seems like it.. there's a vending machine he's going for...

off they go into the countryside..

Hmm .. seems their next destination is Ashigara Pass.. that doesn't sound good..

Nagano is lookin' haggard..

Hour 57, Day 3 and it's 6:00 PM

It's apparently all uphill from here... and they fear that it will get dark in the middle of the mountain journey..

While Nagano is now just about wrapped like a mummy and chucking pain killers..
As a total aside.. how often do we see Nagano in shorts.. just saying...

He doesn't think it's a good idea futzing around in the dark and the pass will be hard on the knees

So the decide to pack it in now and get a place to rest until morning and tackle the mountain pass when it's light.

Day 4.. 5:00 AM and it's hour 68 on their journey.. and btw.. It's POURING!

Hmm this part was confusing but thanks to Bret I know wtf is going on

Seems these are well wishes from people they met yesterday

Apparently when they went to stop for the night some local people gave them sweets! LOL

Dammit! They took my idea! Girls having kittens!

And baby girls having kittens in training!

The music in this section is hysterical honestly.. hard to explain.. it's supposed to be a tender moment but Akiyama looks like he smelled something .. wrong.. LOL

The message of support from the local kittens.. er.. children in the neighborhood has lifted their spirits....

They swear they will make it to the end.. for the children (and no I'm not making this up. LOL!!! Damn you TBS.. )

But then.. omg.. something horrible.. what has befallen them.. wtf... cue music..

Just when they got restarted ..

Akiyama's body just said.. NOPE.. not happening..

He literally can't stand up..

He's on all fours now trying to get up and he can't..

.. hospital for the second person on this team.. the chick watching in the studio is having hysterics now.. she must be an Akiyama fan too!

Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦 and it's his turn at the hospital

Seems he got a wicked sunburn as well.. wait.. this apparently happened last night (the hospital.. not the "can't get up" part

His sunburn is so bad his skin is peeling off already

after the sadistic nurse put alcohol or something equally stinging on his shoulders she wraps him up for the evening..

Fast forward to the morning.. and Dancho cries out in horror..

Dude.. you are not peeling.. your SKIN is falling off...

Just lifting his arms is painful since it rips the skin when he does it since he's holding that massive contraption across his shoulders..

Dancho steps in.. he can't allow Akiyama to continue .. so there is no choice..

He's taking over for Akiyama as the 4th person carrying that ice box

Akiyama now has the sign which I forgot to figure wtf it says.. LOL

I'm sure by now Dancho is kinda wishing he wasn't doing this.. LOL

So with the switch.. it's off to Ashigara Pass..

This will be the hardest part of the entire journey.. crossing the mountain pass. This cuts the distance between and then it will be a straight run to Tokyo on the other side of the mountain

30 minutes into the climb up the mountain pass...

Oh.. he's not happy.. he's wondering how much further until Tokyo.. LOL

Akiyama now has Issei duty

An hour into the climb

They see the sign for Kanagawa Prefecture just 5 km (3 miles) away

2 hours in and still chanting..

Each time they show them they are in a different position.. Dancho is now in the back with Kenji and Nagano is up front again with Shingo.

They stop for a moment and the torrential rain is ponding on top of the box.. and more importantly.. they can't figure out if the ice is melting faster because of all of this rain

I'm sure he's getting a migraine.. I mean wtf how did he get into this mess... he'd rather be fishing..

.. stopping for greatness...

passing popcorn..

Shingo is looking worse for wear

getting a look at the incline of this road..

.. heavy...

5 hours into the climb.. they see the remains of an ancient road!

Road to Akasaka

Hmm.. so.. they now are going to cut across a mountain on some cobble stoned ancient road out in the middle of nowhere..

And the grunting begins as they turn off the paved road...

Remember.. it's friggin' raining..

And they got gipped.. the road is now turning to mud.. the cobble stones are now few and far between..

Geez.. they are reaaaally in a lot of hurt right now..

Craaaap.. they are slipping down the mountain as Dancho runs up ahead to try to get his part of the bar..

This is turning out to be a disaster...

Now there is barely a road at all..

They are forced almost single file..

Nagano needs to stop..

Nagano's knee is killing him...

Shingo.. always oblivious to everything can't help but laugh at the situation..

Nagano is barely here..

Kenji is about the only one not falling apart at the seams.. at least outwardly..

Akiyama has low bridge duty..

He has to scout ahead for these low branches that are blocking the path

Akiyama notices they are slipping behind him

They can barely stay on their feet as all kinds of mud and slippery leaves are dancing around their shoes

Nagano is willing himself to go on right now..

An hour into the road from hell..

They are exhausted..

Now Kenji is getting the attack of the giggles..

Shingo is joining in as Nagano looks like he's going to puke..

Nagano ain't laughing..

Up and at it again..

And they barely can keep it together

2 hours in that demonic road the edo period people put on the mountain to torture people..



Even with this new-found information.. they are still struggling..

Body is willing them out of this horrid road..

Yes.. road!

Screams of Yatta! Go around (I did it!)

You'd think they made it to Tokyo as they have a huge celebration!

Even Nagano is smiling!

High fives all around!

Nagano gets some love!

Then the realization hits .. we have to keep going..

.. and it's still pouring..

Back to work...

76 hours into their .. adventure.. it's Day 4.. 1:00 PM

It has taken 8 hours to cross that mountain pass.. so Nagano was right about not going in at 6PM the night before..

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! The celebration is short lived..


Translation. Seems they have been monitored by some medical personnel along the way.. (not sure where)

Seems that they are not allowing the All-Stars to continue for medical reasons.

Kenji is gutted and starts to cry

They are depressed because they essentially failed the challenge

er.. not sure what this says..
Edit: 江戸時代の人間に勝てなかった... which means that they were not able to beat the people of the Edo Period
Thanks Ube!

Their bodies have been so ravaged by 3 and a half days of hauling the ice that a doctor had to stop the test

Akiyama was in the hospital

And so was Nagano who fell apart physically the worst out of the All-Stars

The original weight of the ice was 60 kg (132 lbs)

It now has melted all the way down to 25 kg (55 lbs) in the 76 hours they have been going

The journey for the All-Stars has ended but there is still 105 km (65 miles) to go!

Is this how it will end??

The host is in shock..

Now there is a funny conversation how they were thinking this was so tough on them they might not be able to appear in the next episode of Sasuke!

and Sasuke is huge for TBS but TBS doesn't push our program at all!
(LMFAO it's so obvious even to THEM!)

Meanwhile (remember that there were other challenges in this 2 hour special.. the All-Star one was just one of them so they are cutting in and out of this challenge.. they are now rehashing.. again) they lament the passing of the All-Stars..

.. but.. what is this??

It's DANCHO! and in typical TBS fashion.. "he's carrying the hopes of everyone who was sidelined by the doctor stop"

Apparently.. since the Doctor Stop only applied to the guys who were toiling with the box for 3 days..

and Dancho only had it for a few hours.. it seems he was not affected by the Doctor Stop that made the All-Stars stop the challenge.

Dancho.. alone.. "I can see it! Kanagawa!!"

Will he make it the final 105 km???

They show how they took the ice out of the heavy container and he creates a backback out of it!

He's carried it already for half a day.. it's now 1:30 PM and it's 32C (90F)

Okay seems they backtracked.. it's 3 hours from the restart point and he sees the city

He's hauling now.. since he knows the ice is melting faster this way

4 hours in and he's tired but still going

5 hours in.. still jogging..

Starting to see signs for Yokohama

The ice is melting so fast now.. his shorts are DRENCHED!

Finally! The first sign for Tokyo.. and it's.. yikes.. still 83 km (51 miles) away..

Dancho takes breaks to catch his breath

it's now dusk

it's now 10:00 PM ...

He's gone for 11 hours straight...

he figures that the ice won't melt as much at night.. so he keeps going..

Yikes.. looks daunting when you realized he's basically halfway...

Following morning and the pack feels heavier to him to the point that he needs help putting it on from the camera crew..
LMFAO on her shirt..

he's going down Old Tokkaido old east coast road basically and he mentions "it's feels like the Edo period"

7 AM..

Apparently he's being recognized as he hears cheers from people yelling his name

More cheers behind him

96 hour mark since this nightmare began and he's getting honked at by cars.. but he's so tired he can't even lift his arms to wave back

He's now getting girl screams of DANCHO!!!!! Hanging out of the windows and everything! LOL

Hour 97.. remember.. though he didn't carry the ice from the beginning .. he did start with the All-stars holding the sign.. now he's holding everything.. poor guy.. his head is dropped completely..

No rest for the weary.. he's eating while he's walking..

Dude got some stamina I swear.. he's willing himself to go on right now..

Day 5, hour 105.. and it's 4:00 PM and he's made it past Yokohama station.. btw ya'll.. Yokohama is where Midoriyama is :D btw.. it's raining again...

It's now 5 PM and he's still going and it's still raining... however the rain also cools him down and lets him pick up the pace a bit

Sunset on Day 5

Ice is melting considerably now..

he's been at it for 13 hours straight...

he sees a sign and he goes ballistic.. TOKYO!!!

TOKYO!! He's made it to the city border

He's so ecstatic to be in the city limits that he starts to run!

Then of course his body tells him to stop.. after all Tokyo is a HUGE city..

he's traveled 167 km (108 miles..)..


He's hauling again.. he can see it!

It's only 3 km (1.8 miles) away now!

Wheezing.. he's running to Tokyo Tower!

Carrying the hopes of the fallen.. (Shingo)

Dancho carried on with his teammates in his heart! (Akiyama)

And where they fell (Nagano)

Through tears.. Dancho continued.. for them (Kenji)

Yatta! HE made it! He's here!!!


IT'S OVER!!!!! 170 km!!!

And 110 km by himself!

Tokyo Tower sure looks pretty right now..

We started off with 60kg of ice..

As all 5 carried it into place...

Is there any ice that survived?


It's small.. but he still has a piece!

2.2 kg (under 5 lbs)

In 110 hours it has melted to 1/30th it's original size

Kenji Takahashi 高橋賢次

Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山和彦

Makoto Nagano 長野誠

Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

lol.. wtf is Shingo doing.. is he hugging the log??

Happy log.. Nice log.. I love you... he's friggin' smiling. LOL He's lost it..

And the hero of the day .. it's DANCHO!!

The studio celebs are happy!

This has been a TBS presentation..

Good night!

Thanks a billion to all involved in making this blog happen! To the generous and anonymous awesome fans who got this video to me. To Bret for taking time out of his day to help me translate this ENTIRE THING.. thanks for being so patient with me! I crack up when I watch this show and realize what was going on during this time. That explains why Nagano was not at Muscle Park.. Dude was probably in the friggin' hospital!!! LOL Akiyama was there but doing minimal stuff while Takeda took the spotlight and did the Sasuke Park demonstration. Wow.. when you put things in perspective.. July sucked for them.. poor guys.. LOL The next time TBS comes calling.. I'm sure they will ask.. "omg.. what is involved this time and how long will it take for me to recover?".. LOL!!!!


2D2Will said...

Wow. If I was an entertainer/personality in Japan and someone pitched this idea to me, my reaction would be, "What are you nuts?"

lostinube said...

The part that you're not sure what they're saying, at least on the screen is 江戸時代の人間に勝てなかった... which means that they were not able to beat the people of the Edo Period.

Arsenette said...

LOL MOFP - yeah.. I'm sure the All-Stars will be a weee bit more careful the next time!

Thanks Ube! I'll add that now.

snowy said...

Very dramatic...and insane. I couldn't help but dissolve in helpless giggles at Nagano's droopy drawers (cf: photo captioned, "He needs a break.. possibly to take another pill.")

Arsenette said...

Aahahah yes! Everyone had droopy drawers problem.. Maybe Bunpei's clothing designer wasn't available? LOL

TigerOfHaughton said...

Great job on the blog, Elsie! I feel bad for the guys having to stop like that. I'm still impressed that Shingo was doing this with a bad shoulder. I also feel sorry for Akiyama having that sunburn. I had one like that one time. I had gone swimming, and I used sunscreen, but I put it on BEFORE I changed to my swimsuit, so I didn't have any sunscreen on my shoulders and back. I got a sunburn as bad as Akiyama's. Red, peeling skin is no fun, and makes it painful to take a shower. Still, I'm impressed that they went on for so long with their various injuries. Wonder if this show will have them try some other Edo period event later on? Anyway, thanks for doing the blog. It's cool.

Arsenette said...

I'm sure the guys will think twice before agreeing to something that strenuous! LOL There were more challenges performed by different people. I wasn't sure what they were. The video I received was devoid of the other ones.

ArtemisFowljr said...

Nice job :) The challenge itself is interesting, I love this kind of things. Obviously having four Sasuke guys doing it makes it *more* interesting, LOL.
I'm really impressed at how long they went on even if they were -both physically and mentally- falling apart.
Must have sucked to be forced to leav the challenge halfway through. I didn't expect this to be so hard on their bodies. I mean, I kenw carrying the thing would have been hard, but...ending up at the hospital? Ew.
If I ever get to Sasuke... I'm gonna bite Shingo. You're shoulder is already messed up, man!! Sigh...
Poor Nagano was really falling apart, and Akiyama's sunburn must have been insanely painful as well :(
Also, props to Dancho!! He did a great job, man.I already liked him when I saw him in Sasuke 20, but now he's my new hero, hahaha.

P.S. "The message of support from the local kittens.. er.. children in the neighborhood has lifted their spirits...."

Chaki said...

What a great job on this... I can't help think maybe they used the wrong wood or that the structure was much heavier than the original model used in Edo....

I am glad the doctor stopped them from getting seriously injured.

It certainly didn't look like fun. Well, at least they had time to recover for Sasuke. LOVED Atsushi's stab at TBS...

Anonymous said...

The sign reads 献上氷.
I guess you could translate it as "An Offering of Ice" or something, lol.
I loved reading this post.

VenusHeadTrap said...

Happy belated comments day! (or something like that) It took me a while to get to read this post, but finally got to it.

I'd like to say it was one of your stronger bloggings! in the traditional RR sense LOL. It felt painful just READING let alone being there, I would collapse under that weight so fast I can't even SPEAK of doing that (this is coming from someone who has climbed SOME mountains on foot)

Just great :)

maggie_kos said...

It looked like an attempt on All-Stars' lives...

Arsenette said...

Aahahahahah couldn't agree with you more :)