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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - August 31-September 1, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events. For those of you who keep asking how you can see and record this I created a blog to to show what I did in terms of recording through TVU. Hopefully that will help ya'll to figure out where and how to catch this on your own and even record it!

Musical Chairs! Who will reign supreme! (Opening of Sasuke Maniac this week)

This week we had a couple new announcements that Ube blogged on. Sasuke 21 still seems to be taping on Sunday, September 7, 2008 with an airdate of Wednesday, September 17, 2008. So to quote Ube.. September 17th! 6:55 to 10:48! Be there or be square! (NOTE: This is is Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 5:55 am - 9:48 am Eastern Time Zone USA)

Okay! First up this week! Crap.. no name from Week 3 - oy.. Ube missed his name again this week!

Anywho.. this week in Sasuke Maniac (Week 6 of Qualifying if you are counting)! Will we see the end of the Qualifying Rounds! Will they extend it to the next week? Will they milk it for what it's worth? Will I ever see my Nagano and Takeda in the beach!?? Enquiring Minds want to know! Okay okay.. lemme see the TV lineup.. From tonight… mania qualifying mark, he finally decided what was best moth ten system? Large storm settlement ...... okay.. we got moth's now.. I wonder if somehow they turn holy when they hit the course? Okay.. lemme check the actual Sasuke Maniac Page... SASUKE held in the holy land of the biggest qualifying, "summer 2008 trial, he" finally climax! The men's speed increasingly fierce battle! And too many men appear! Finally SASUKE berth appear to hang man! SASUKE only eight have the hang of the ticket? The remaining 14 people is a challenge! unexpected end to the battle…!? Okay.. so today is the last day! And they are going to hang men... I want dead people folks! I was promised an assasin a few weeks ago now... I want dead people!

Oh crap.. No name takes a header... Log strikes again!

So this week promises the end of Sasuke Qualifying! We got 12.. or is it 14 left? Oh heck I don't care.. bring them on! We start off with the prerequisite replays of who made it.. who hasn't, etc. For a recap.. there are 8 slots to Sasuke 21 this year! Times are key so whoever are the fastest 8 on the final (second) stage are through to Sasuke 21.

Dude.. I'm soooooo embarrased.. but my hair rocks.. I have waaaaaay too much gel in my hair to not look hawt.

Whoops running behind :p yeah yeah the first guy drank of Midoriyama's septic sludge.. on to the next guy.. oh boy.. I can hear G4's Forums exploding.. WE GOT A FREERUNNER! Okay.. they show this kid Satou Jun from Week 1... UH OH. WARN THE G4 FORUMS. HE'S FREE RUNNING! Or is it Parkour.. Free-running.. oh I don't care.. LOL They show the clip of Levi (hits) Meeuwenberg (sorry Ube I had to borrow that :p ) from 20. Wait.. or do we call him SPECIAL GUEST LEVI NEUEMBERG?? Oy.. and you wonder why I hate G4.. they can't even spell their own champion's names... I digress... and when did he become a special guest? Dudes.. he's your friggin' champion for ANC2.. Morons...

Satou Jun running with his Freerunning Posse...

Anywho.. Satou Jun has his own fluff piece we didn't see before. He's inspired by Levi or something.. they show a bunch of his stuff... his friends and a video of Levi and a couple clips of Levi in Sasuke 20.

Satou Jun flying high in his own fluff piece

Levi (hits) Meeuwenberg video (probably this one) featured in Satou Ju's fluff piece

16 year old Satou Jun getting ready for his run

Satou Jun's posse totally representin'!!!!

Satou Jun's ahead of schedule...

Okay, they are doing something different this week.. Note the top right of the screen at the timer... they have numbers in red. This connotates reaching the wall by 23 seconds and change. So basically you can tell if they are running slower or faster than the top time.

Satou Jun using his legs on the Sky Walk... er.. Power Hanger...

Satou Jun makes it into 2nd place! Nice time! 48'72

Satou Jun: "WHO'S your Daddy!"

MUSICAL CHAIRS! Awww Azuma Masahiko is now eliminated - everyone else.. pick up your card.. move to your left.. Except you Asa.. you are still in first.

Another no-name! Couldn't find him in my other blogs either.. Eyes are bleeding.. anywho Ube says' he's university guy.

Already 3 seconds behind the spit time at the bottom of the wall

Doh.. header off the logs.. ouch face plant into the padding..

Missed the next guy too.. he went to jump on the ropes.. and totally whiffed..

Next is the guy that qualified 2nd behind Asa Kazuma back in Week 1. I didn't know his name then - Ube tells me his name is Matachi Ryo

Matachi Ryo's room.. INCOMING FLUFF PIECE! Ooooooh I want his wall.. check out his photos! It's all glossy and stuff :D /passes popcorn

Matachi Ryo's room.. More pictures

Matachi Ryo's room.. Sqqqqueeak! I see Nagano dead center! Oh.. I wonder how he got in Sasuke to do this? Wait.. was this another event? Nagano has a T'shirt.. not his black wifebeater™ shirt.. oh and Bunpei's there.. wait.. THIS WAS BUG IN MIKI!! (Checking out the dude in the left.. his hospital blue/green shirt.. yep that's BUG IN MIKI alright)

Matachi Ryo's room.. More pictures from BUG IN MIKI

Matachi Ryo's room.. Looks like a bar hopping pic.. I don't think anyone is sober in this picture.. :p

Matachi Ryo's room.. Dude has a cliffhanger in a closet.. no wait.. that's his room.. God these rooms in Japan are small.. Hope he doesn't wake up in a panic.. having steel wedged in your forehead sucks..

Matachi Ryo's flying! Check it out he's a full second ahead at this point!

Matachi Ryo's BLOWS into 1st place! Wow 48"28! Good Lord!

Matachi Ryo: "What's my time.. I wasn't paying attention.. where is it.. "

Matachi Ryo's time .. all dramatic (LMAO TBS).. it's all like world record time with the official time taker.. thingamajig..

Takami is gutted.. he's out..

Asa Kazuma is on pins and needles.. he can't believe how fast Ryo went! He's visibly nervous.. does he think the next group of guys will surpass him sending him home? I think he thinks it's yes..

Matachi Ryo's is officially our first Qualifier to Sasuke 21! Why is that? Because of the last few competitors.. mathematically he cannot be surpassed even if all the rest of the field beat his time!

Top 3 group hug! Matachi Ryo, Kazuma Asa and Satou Jun

Incoming Fluff piece! So.. who's stronger.. the person doing the push ups? or the chick holding him up? mwahahahahh ehem.. sorry.. Kawaguchi Tomohiro from Week 3 (I have him listed as one of the Sasuke Park All-Stars) training with his wife. They show his previous Qualification attempts.. he wants revenge Ube says.

Kawaguchi Tomohiro is looking ready and willing to pwn the course.. wow he's serious..

Kawaguchi Tomohiro is on FIRE.. check out his split time.. he's already on the logs and he's almost 2 full seconds ahead!

They keep going back to Asa Kazuma who seems to be having kittens while he waits for these fast guys to get through the course.. he's NERVOUS.. and right now.. he can't believe his eyes..

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! Kawaguchi Tomohiro annihilated the course! Dude.. that was ridiculous! 46"64 WTF!?!?!??!

Asa Kazuma: "Wait.. what did I do? 48??? Did he just pwn me by 2 full seconds?"

Kawaguchi Tomohiro's friends (I think these are the Sasuke Park All-Stars) are beside themselves with happiness!

Holy crap that was so wrong.. Wow.... (Ryo and Asa are dumbfounded by what they just saw)

Kawaguchi Tomohiro is our second Qualifier to Sasuke 21!

Next on the docket are the other 2 Sasuke Park All-Stars - both from Week 3. Both of whom made it to Sasuke 20 but failed to finish the first stage.

Kanou Takaaki got the furthest out of the Sasuke Park All-Stars in Sasuke 20.. but he timed out on the final rope wall.

Nomura Hiroki failed at the Jumping Spider in Sasuke 20

Kanou Takaaki is up first!

Kanou Takaaki is running WAY behind the leaders at this point

Kanou Takaaki finishes.. with a 51"35.. ouch.. he's in 8th!

Asa Kazuma is now holding back tears! He's officially qualified!

Craftsboy: Wait.. what did I.. crap.. that means I'm out..

Kazuma Asa is now our third official Qualifier to Sasuke 21!

Kanou Takaaki can't believe his luck.. 8th.. He's going to need a friggin' miracle!

So this is where we stand now... yep.. you guessed it.. THEY ARE GOING TO MILK IT TO NEXT WEEK!! Bastards.. we have too many to go and almost no time left on the show...

Nomura Hiroki is next.. wow he's almost 4 seconds behind and he's not at the top of the hill yet!

Nomura Hiroki is devastated.. he's just too slow.. doesn't even make it to the top 8!

Satou Jun just found out.. he's in!

Satou Jun is our fourth official Qualifier to Sasuke 21!

Next week! It's Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE (Spray) Katsumi Yamada running to keep up with his Assassin! (Mr. Miyagi).. ugh.. I expect a fluff piece to take up the entire show...

Anywho.. see you all next week! Almost done! Then it's all previews of Sasuke 21!!! Whoot! Next week they tape Sasuke 21.. the following is another Sasuke Maniac then the following Wednesday is the actual airing! Yay! Almost.. there...

Update: Confirmed Qualifiers:

Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (From BUG IN MIKI)

Kazuma Asa 朝一眞

Jun Satou 佐藤惇

Tomohiro Kawaguchi 川口朋広

Ryo Matachi 又地諒

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I won't be able to take off work to watch! I assuming (with great confidence) that you will have something for us?