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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - August 24-25, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events. For those of you who keep asking how you can see and record this I created a blog to to show what I did in terms of recording through TVU. Hopefully that will help ya'll to figure out where and how to catch this on your own and even record it!
He was uber fast this week and since I went shopping and had company I was late :p
This week we had a couple new announcements that Ube blogged on. Just before Sasuke 21 they are holding a Sasuke Festival near the TBS building in Yokahama, Japan. The event is 2 days in a row on the weekend of September 6 and 7, 2008. That announcement was made by Monster 9. The other announcement was a totally made for TV event on Monday, September 15, 2008 - Sasuke All-Stars vs. Muscle Musical "Dream Team". I can only assume it's going to be more of an event like we say in July, 2008. This announcement was made on the Muscle Musical Site and gave no other details. Stay tuned!

Mr. (assassin) Miyagi is intently looking.. He's sniping down the competition with his eyeballs.. Fujimoto Masashi sitting behind him with a towel around his neck.. must be the fashion in Japan...

Okie Dokie! Week 5 of Sasuke Qualifying! (Week 4 and previous can are here) We are supposed to be at the Final broadcast if I check out this week's bablefish disaster! Sasuke going to war maniacs! Daisuke Miyazaki handball qualifying tournament ▽ incandescent Gekitou! Astonishing record Right off the bat I already know they are going to show Daisuke Miyazaki's visit to Muscle Park, etc. on August 17, 2008...

Daisuke Miyazaki (left front) chomping down on a Monster Burger with his handball buddies on Sunday, August 17, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Muscle Park Blog updated their site with Daisuke Miyazaki and some handball guys visit to Muscle Park over the last weekend (I think it was Sunday the 17th of August, 2008) so I can only assume that is what they are going to talk about this week. More translations from the TBS site reveal this: SASUKE held in the holy land of the biggest qualifying, "summer 2008 trial, he" finally to the climax! Approximately 1,000 copies of entries from more than choosing the best stage of survival is 80 to 33 people were narrowed down! Final men to bare fangs stage time trial! And repainting of the next fastest time! have come thick and fast! Only eight have only a dream ticket to the big stage SASUKE who hang of it! NYUHIRO miss the moment of birth! And, Mr. Miyazaki, Daisuke handball, SASUKE determine the tournament 21 times! At Odaiba events and practice in the park, he closely! So is his incredible performance?

Okay just from the translation alone .... we get a confirmation that the 8 seats at the end... Okay here we go! Clips from the previous 4 weeks and we are reminded about the musical chairs! Well they start off with the prerequisite clips from the previous weeks and right from the onset.. you see someone new come up and beat someone on the musical chairs section.. Okay.. remember that whole prediction picture? Throw it out.. they were teasing the hell out of us.. That's not the final 8.

First clear today! Hashimoto Koji sports instructor from Week 3 clears with 49"91

With that run he is now in the number 2 slot bumping everyone down the musical chairs. Kasey (thanks Mom for the correction) Cummings drops to 4th place on the list now.

Hashimoto Koji sports instructor puts his number and name up!

Takami Toshiharu from Week 1 is next to clear with a 51"89

Kasey Cummings now in 5th place - "Oh well!" (paraphrasing... I don't think he said anything)

Next up we have a couple wiffing contests..

Ube says this is a firefighter.. if it is.. he's from Week 3 - Poor guy just lost his balance and fell off the platform after the 2 logs.. thing..

Next was the Mobil Guy from Week 2 - He missed the Jump Ring...

Poor 44 year old Teacher sitting in the hot seat... will he be eliminated?

The answer is yes.. Kubota Takayuki From Week 3 (he's the sports instructor to disabled people who had his own fluffpiece) - His time is 50"26

Awww Poor 44 year old Teacher is gone...

Azuma Masahiko is the next clear with a time of 54"56 (He must have been in a group of No-Names before because I don't recognize the name)

Ida Koji's time in the hot seat was not long... another gone..

Kazuo Yamanaka from Week 1 did not do well on the Destiny Rope.. took a long time dangling then just could not dismount the obstacle.

More Wiffing Contests.. Cue the Blue Danube Music!

Sakuma (not sure which week either.. must have been another no named group) just totally wiffed on the Rope.. I mean.. not sure if he even got his hands on it.. Waaaay too much swing..

Dude/chick Ishibashi Yuki from Week 2 totally missed the Jump Ring...

Yamazaki Daisuke from Week 2 is next to clear with a 51"77!! Everyone get up and move to your left!!

Kasey can't contain himself "Oh my God..." .. and because this is a Japanese program.. they put the subtitles to what he said... In .. English.. uhmm.. shouldn't they have translated that to Japanese? Oh I digress... Aww Aoki the Construction Worker is next on the chopping block..

Kasey is biting his teeth.. he's in the hotseat.. will he stay here?

Nope... Murakami The Hairdresser from Week 3 has just cleared with a 49"59! Into Second! Everyone else get up and move to your left!

Awww Kasey takes his sign... Bye Bye Kasey!

So then they talk about 12 more up (getting used to the Kanji for that.. if I read that right..) so apparently they are going to make us wait another week to find out the Final Final... Bring on the Handball dudes! Not much just a bunch of photo ops in 3 places over the weekend in mid August.

Daisuke Miyazaki is in Sasuke Park in Muscle Park getting interviewed

Fangirls having Kittens!

Same Fangirl (and her other friends) also having kittens... awwww they think Daisuke is cuuuuuuuute!

If you didn't know.. he was a 2-time Sportsman #1 Champ!

He also played with the balls and vacuum cleaner.. wow.. do they charge by the 15 minutes? Whoops....

Extreme close-up of Daisuke's John Hancock on a T-Shirt in Muscle Park

Oh! and they have his sneakers on display too! Both glass-encased!

Daisuke again talking to the crowd and showing that he almost beat the Monster Box World Record! That's his name and number on the bottom of the box!

Oh.. and they showed his entire run from Sasuke 20

4 of the Handball Guys ended up going to the Sasuke Park area to see how they fare... Apparently they only tried the Salmon Ladder.. I guess they thought that was the easiest?

Apparently First Handball guy didn't do so hot in the Salmon Ladder..

Apparently Second Handball guy didn't do so hot in the Salmon Ladder either..

Much to the delight of his teamates.. bastards...

Apparently Third Handball guy sucks just as bad..

Daisuke Miyazaki hoping he can pwn it .. apparently does..
Yay.. Go Team!
Last glimpse of a clear... guess we have to wait for next week... not a whole lot of spoilers anway.

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