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Monday, August 4, 2008

Reasons why I wish we had more television coverage here of Sasuke Related .. stuff.. Part 2

2 lucky bastards posing with Toshihiro Takeda and Makoto Nagano ©MRT
I woke up this morning and I checked my email and almost fell over. Ube sent me a link to 2 sets of pictures. One was from MRT (the Miyazaki Prefecture Television Station (TBS affiliate) that broadcasted the Beach sports Miyazaki Prefecture Competition on July 26, 2008) and the other was a blog of someone who went.

Takeda Toshihiro (left) and Nagano Makoto (right) autographs ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

Outside of the jarbled Bablefish translation I got from the webpage it didn't say much as to what they did. Which is fine because I'm too busy utterly distracted by the contents of the photos...

Nagano (wearing a black shirt..) climbing the rope portion of the obstacle ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

Staring at the pictures I've determined the the left side of the screen there is a trampoline.. you jump it.. grab the rope... make your way through the poles (sorta like devil steps? or is it jumping bars?) then on to some cliffhanger (you can see it better on Takeda's picture).

Nagano doing jumping bars ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

Judging by the position of the person taking the photos it seems that this is the second portion of the obstacle. When I see Takeda's pictures below this you can see another set of obstacles.

Takeda doing jumping bars ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

This is what I got from the translation. Warning.. incoming bablefish disaster:

10 final stage, but no one clear until the end. With two, he's the whole process both 51 seconds clear.

Takeda doing the cliffhanger ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

According to my previous blog and the rules for the final stage: Final - BEACH JUNNGLEGYM - TBS television is known for his "SASUKE" training machine is the venue! so far is only 10 fit men and women. So it seems Takeda and Nagano were the only 2 to clear and seem to have tied with 51 seconds each.

Takeda and Nagano talking to the press.. My GOD.. Nagano is BURNED.. look at the shoulders! ©Mu-YUKIMI's blog

I guess we have to see if TBS rebroadcasts this in Sasuke Maniac. We already know they live broadcasted this on TV for 5 hours... /sigh.. I want to see it... So in the end.. I got my wish.. Nagano did NOT wear those horrendous track pants.. he did wear black (who wears black to the beach???.. er.. Nagano does.. and a black shirt too...) but they were SHORTS! He does show his legs LMFAO! Takeda is looking mighty fine as well :)


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Ahhhhhh... smacks lips and sighs heavily...

Much thanks, my friend.

Arsenette said...

Thank Ube.. I would have never found this LOL! I got my beach photos and he had shorts.. I should be happy.. but I want more pictures Dangit! There was a 5 hour broadcast.. I want that too.. I should be grateful.. I should be.. /cry

Anna said...

Thank you both!!! Though I've been MIA from Pam's site these days (work + no computer = UGH), I'm still keeping up with everyone's blogs. I was delighted to see the eye candy this morning!! :)

Arsenette said...

Hey Anna :) didn't see your post there :) Missed ya as well!

ArtemisFowljr said...

Niiice niiice pics...
Nagano weating shorts! Mmm less chocolate before blogging next time...I guess i'm allucinating.But it is a nice one!
Really, Nagano is burned, his shoulders seem to be a nice purple color! can't see if Takeda is burned too, but i guess it woulnd't be a problem for a fireman...ok, bad joke, I know.
Anyway, I whished there were events like those in Italy!! /cries and shouts waking up the neighbours

Arsenette said...

LOL you are just as sick and twisted as I am :) Mwahahhahahaha ehem.. And yes they were both crispy.. it's just that Takeda is so dang white sometimes you don't notice until you notice he's buuuuuuuurned.. Nagano is naturally darker skin anyway so the burn looks deeper. But they are both equally extra crispy :p

Oh and trust me.. same thing here in the USA. I wish they had events like this here too :)