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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - August 17-18, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events.
Before I start this week's blog I blogged just before this to show what I did in terms of recording this week through TVU. Hopefully that will help ya'll to figure out where and how to catch this on your own and even record it! Anywho.. I finally was able to screencap TVU this week (since unlike last week - TVU was showing TBS and not KeyHole..)

This was my view this week. See above how I got TVU to run through VLC Media Player (and recorded it!!) Whoot! Opening of Sasuke Trials part.. er.. 4 I think..

Mental note.. when I wrote this blog Ube didn't get his blog up. He is region blocked through TVU so he can't get it... and it wasn't in KeyHole.. so his blog is delayed until he gets the video. Anywho.. in it's stead Ube did a great blog on Sasuke Related Links! Please check it out!

Akira Aoki (thanks Ube!).. he has his own fluffpiece this week! Mr. Construction Guy!

Anywho.. so far it's a great weekend :) Hubby's birthday was yesterday and I went out to dinner twice for his birthday :) Yay! Anywho let's check out this week's bablefish disasters... Naruto Gekitou mania! NYUHIRO debuts on the opening stage last birthday! Consecutive major storm... Okay... let's see what the main page says for this week... SASUKE soon be held just before the tournament 21 times, largest in the history of the Holy City qualifying "In summer 2008 trial, he" will be held! 80 to 80 on the Hot thoughts, he and limb, had crashed into nationwide! Final battle is finally ready to rush the stage! Loose in qualifying last spring to the chagrin of the crash and has been totally loving family man with dreams for life and limb to fight the man, he dedicated man Nike did you smile…!? NYUHIRO miss the moment of birth!

Mr. Construction Guy's fluff piece.. Akira Aoki apparently he has his own nifty course at home!

Okay I get the gist.. no funny comments up to this point unless since the joke of hot men's thoughts have been a total bust so far :p Anyway.. I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to record it and/or screencap it.. and I finally got it to work. They start out with the prerequisite wipeouts of last week and.. er.. major spoilers for this week.. (God they are horrible with that... remember this for later...)

If you missed it.. (shame on you :p)

Week One - Qualifying (Stage 1)

Week Two - Qualifying (Stage 1)

Week Three - Qualifying (Stage 1)

Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki.. has a baby cliffhanger in his kitchen!

We are now in Week Four of Sasuke Trials Qualifying for Sasuke 21! Apparently this week they start with the last group of Stage 1. It's the guy they keep showing before... Ooooooooh I remember him.. Back during the blog of the Muscle Musical guys competition.. the ending scene of the show had these construction guys.. one of them was hauling away some pipes and crap... Ube had a really funny mock dialogue at the end of his blog for that week. He's the guy with I thought was the haggard looking wife and son.. and apparently it's his daughter and son! Oy.. poor girl.. Anyway Ube found out his name - Akira Aoki.

I want that flag :D

Anyway this is the update to the last group of Stage 1. Dunno why they waited until this week to do it.. but oh well.. With Ube's blog not around at this point .. I only know one guys' name.

Group 1 - Contestant 1

Group 1 - Contestant 2 - Arashida

Group 1 - Contestant 3 - Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki

Group 1 - Contestant 4

Group 1 is set!

Apparently it didn't matter what their names were... Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki is the only one to survive it!

Group 1 - 2 guys dive for the water! See Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki fly!

Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki s the sole survivor of Group 1 from Stage 1!

List of Stage 1 survivors.. hmm I thought there were more.. anywho... this is the list!

Okay.. I hate when TBS does this.. or should I say they are stupid for doing this.. but hey.. I'm a spoiler gal so bring it on... check the next 2 pictures carefully.. watch the backgrounds... carefully.. these are MASSIVE Spoilers... provided by TBS themselves.. You'll see in a moment why these are spoilers.. just log this in your brain.. and then come back to it later to see what I mean about this...

Spoiler pick #1

Spoiler pic #2

Okay the following are a couple pics of the course with the TBS graphic as to what it is they have to do and numbers and crap like that... Ube can probably make more sense of this so I'll do the best I can with what I got. You start off by doing a Destiny Rope.. with a twist.. you'll see shortly what I mean... Next is this thing.. sure reminds me of one of the Kunoichi (Female Sasuke course) obstacles.. I wonder if anyone is going to straddle that and sing soprano? Enquiring minds want to know...

Somehow.. I think TBS was being cruel but putting a Kunoichi obstacle here...

SkyWalk? Is this the SkyWalk??? it's basically a baby cliffhanger.. sorta...

Long ladder bridge over troubled septic sludge...

Casey Cummings from Hawaii is fired up! Oh.. he seems to have found some clothes.. maybe temperature dropped?

Mr. (assassin) Miyagi is so hot he's got a towel! or is that sweaty... oh heck I don't care..

Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki fresh off his win in Stage 1!

Okay we start off Stage 2 of Sasuke Trials! I believe I keep hearing "Final Stage" so this may be it for the course. Oh.. what's this? We got Casey Cummings from Hawaii! His Stage 1 blog entry can be found in Week 3 of Sasuke Maniac.

Casey Cummings from Hawaii.. flexing for Final Stage!

Okay.. he's totally a reject from the Ginyu Force.. I swear it... WTF is up with all the posing? I mean if you are going to pose.. do a good one....

Anyway.. since he is the first one up I'll go through the course with him in detail so you know what to expect for everyone else.. and that I'm trying to cut down on photos! LMAO

Okay.. First off.. there are 4 poles. You MUST maneuver up one.. under the next.. up another.. under the last one.. You cannot just jump over them in any order.. it's over under over under.

From there you go on another Destiny Rope.. with a twist. You see these 2 X boxes? You start on one rope that's marked off.. then when you get to the other X box you must SWITCH ropes. Get it? Grab one rope.. halfway switch to other rope and complete it. Casey in this picture has just switched to the other rope.

Another Jump Rings obstacle. Though for some odd reason I see a bunch of people getting stuck on the actual run down.. not sure if the pole is sticky or something.. but a lot of momentum is being lost. Casey kinda bounced around in this but managed to make it across.

Another Heartbreak Hill in this one.. thankfully he didn't do some retarded airplane thing going up.. since this time this is not the end.. we are in the middle of the course right now.

Here's the Kunoichi split balance logs .. thing.. I'm sure there's official name here.. but right now I'm too tired to go looking for it :p I might for next week but this week this will do.. oh.. I did jinx him didn't I? Mwahhahahaha DING!!!!!!!!! He did manage to get through it.. if not a bit .. injured.. (giggles.. .. you win....)

Okay.. is this the SkyWalk? It's basically a Cliffhanger (just one bar) up along a wall.. They must have seen that horrid Cliffhanger in a box that G4 came up with LMAO

Loooooooooong ladder bridge... to the end where the red button is waiting

Casey Cummings finishes Final Stage at a time of 1:02:10

Okay from this point on you start to figure out what I mean by spoilers.. watch the next photo.. carefully.. you see it yet?

Casey puts his card up under Number 1 (being fastest) and his card says "02".. which means 2 seconds off one minute..

Next is the 44 year old Teacher from Shiba! Still don't know his name. His Stage 2 blog entry can be found in Week 3 of Sasuke Maniac.

Okay! The Teacher is next on the list with a time of 1:09:06 he takes a seat next to Casey as #2

Next is a fast forward.. I can't make out who this person is.. but he takes a bath when trying to dismount the Destiny Rope.

Tako Yuusuke (yep.. Bruce Lee.. not.. ) from Week 1 has just missed the rings... down he goes and is gone from the competition...

Another one bites the dust.. he loses his balance on the balance logs..

Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki is next! His time is still behind Casey at a respectable 1:04:25

Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki takes over Spot number 2 bumping the Teacher to number 3.

The 3 survivors so far checking out the action from the 8 seats (presumably 8 slots to Sasuke 21)

Ida Koji from Week 3 flies uses his long arm reach to his advantage! He has his own fluff piece again but it was the same as last week's.

Ida Koji gets to the finishline at 1:05:68

Ida Koji and Casey Cummings shake hands as Ida Koji puts his name in Slot 3 pushing the Teacher to Slot 4

Crafts boy from Week 2 and his girlfriend/wife/otherwiseconsidered.. apparently are expecting!

Crafts boy lining up to take on the Final Stage!

Craftsboy is STELLAR! Check out his time.. he's the first sub minute finalist! at 51:49

Casey Cummings remarking I'm sure about "dang.. he blew me out of the water..." Oh. .and he seems to have found clothes...

Crafsboy is uber! He's now the top spot!

Craftsboy take his spot on the top with a time of 51 secs

Casey is being really nice congratulating everyone.. okay.. he poses like a Ginyu Force reject but he has manners to congratulate EVERYONE.. even the guy that just pwned him..

Next we have Asa Kazuma from Week 1 - if you didn't recognize him.. he's the one with the SASUKE PANTS, bling and bodypaint...

Ooooooooooh I see how TBS is trying to add a religious experience.. the skies are clearing or is it the second coming? Anyway.. Asa Kazuma is next..

Asa Kazuma pwned the course! He's now first with a staggering 48:67 in a near flawless performance!

Asa Kazuma doing the Rebel Yell! He's uber happy!

Everyone is on their feet! Partially because he's that good and the other reason is because he's just bumped everyone to the left... Musical chairs anyone?

Asa Kazuma taking his place in the first place slot.. Teacher is down to 6th and there are 8 spots.. this is going to get very interesting soon...

We are now at the end of the broadcast and we are getting massive spoilers.. now that you know how the chairs work I'm going to do a couple predictions.. follow me on this...

The last shot of Sasuke Maniac for this week - Mr. Miyagi getting congratulated by Mr. Sasuke...

Now for the real spoiler... Back in week.. oh.. lemme check.. Okay last week - Week 3.. there was this final shot... You see it yet? Now.. go back to the top of this blog and see 2 other people in there .. right? Okay time to analyze..

MASSIVE spoiler from Week 3... Check out this lineup..

Okay .. my guesses.. Asa Kazuma looks like he's the first one still. Granted if you saw his run live.. it was flawless and FAST.. it's going to be a hard time for anyone to beat him.. also explains the reason they seem to be using his mug shot a lot in just about every Sasuke Maniac even if he himself wasn't featured.. next seems to be Mr. Miyagi (Mr. Sasuke's assasin).. 3rd seems to be Craftsboy followed iby Casey Cummings who apparently got cold, bored or both.., 4th seems to be Mr. Construction Guy Akira Aoki in 5th while Ida Koji looks to be in 6th and the teacher in 7th.. which an unidentified and somewhat dejected person in 8th. Obviously I have NO idea if this picture is the last one or not.. but this is a massive spoiler pic.. I have no clue how the rest will fare but let's see next week how they do! PLEASE don't email me asking for more spoilers.. I'm only going by these photos that TBS put in Sasuke Maniac.. I am not privy to private information :p

Daisuke Miyazaki (left front) chomping down on a Monster Burger with his handball buddies on Sunday, August 17, 2008 ©Muscle Park

P.S. No Nagano this week /cry.. I want beach pics!!!!!! OHHHH and btw.. Muscle Park Blog updated their site with Daisuke Miyazaki and some handball guys visit to Muscle Park over the weekend (I think it was Sunday the 17th of August, 2008)


snowy said...

Asa Kazuma kinda reminds me of Shinji Kobayashi. Stinkin' fast with 'tude.

snowy said...

...and was it me, or did it look like Hawaiian Flag-drawers Dude's man-teats were pixillated out?

lostinube said...

We were both wrong. Casey is still there. He changed his clothes but he's number 4. Aoki would get bumped off before him but he's still there in the group picture.

Aoki is in the white baggy pants and Casey is before him. Asa is number one.

Arsenette said...

Not sure the video was good enough to really know if it did it or not.. I think it's just the bad quality more than them having to edit out anything LOL

Ube you're right. Before you went to sleep I had to sit and stare at the picture. Once I started to blog I realized who was there.. going down my list. I doubt this is the end but then again.. it could be. I think I wrote my predictions at the bottom. I might have a few people reversed. Once I realized Casey had clothes on it became clear he was in the middle. Looks like we got the assasin and it seems like the 44 year old Teacher is still there! Granted in 7th.. I have no idea who placed behind him in 8th. Your thoughts?

mauikarine said...

Aloha I am Kasey's mother, I think he did a great job. He is a polite kid and always a exhibits great sportsmanship.You should see him surf and skim board.When he was 4 years old he played ice hockey ,snow boarded and half pipe skater. I am so proud of him he is really a great son.
He wore the American flag . Aloha Karine

Arsenette said...

Aloha! Thanks for the correction on his first name :)

Sorry for poking fun at the airplane and hotdogging but it was hysterical to see :) I do enjoy however how much he interacted with everyone there with a positive attitude. I know you can't tell us if he made it to Sasuke 21 just yet (just one more day to go to find out) but please let him know that I'm happy he came to Japan to try out and that TBS allowed him to come!

I'm hoping that helps us all who want to see more Americans go to Sasuke events without having to go through G4.

And hey I'd like to blog on him :D