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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sasuke Tribute Video

I had a bunch of requests to blog about this. I put it up on YouTube last week and am surprised at the comments. Grateful but surprised. Some can't find it unless I send them the direct link. Dunno why.. but here it is..

My Sasuke Tribute Video - Created August 4-5, 2008

I've been meaning to do this for a while but I've been frustrated with the Windows Movie Maker. I was a film major in college back in the 1990's and adored their video editing station. Jog wheels.. two video screens to see source and final footage... insert editing.. yeah.. I missed all that. I'm stuck with assembly editing and scrolling bars instead of timed out frame by frame editing.. still.. it's "okay".. The quality of the videos were "eh" to begin with but I had fun doing it. I still get the "why didn't you put so and so in Sasuke such and such on this part" and where's such and such. Short answer.. I either didn't have the footage, footage sucked or.. I didn't want that clip in that spot.. or my favorite.. I didn't agree.. do your own :)

First off .. the music. I have a bunch of Anime and Video game music I bought from Japan. I usually rip them to MP3 since I don't have a working MP3 player anymore so I use the Windows Media Player to shuffle all of them and play them while I'm on the computer. This song always had me thinking of Sasuke. Dunno why.. but I picture things like this when I hear music. I guess once an Editor.. always an Editor.. So.. I finally just put it on the timeline and Frankensteined this together. Music is from the official Guilty Gear X Soundtrack and the song is called "Burly Heart".

I didn't have all the footage I wanted but it was a first try. Maybe once I get better footage that doesn't totally screw up when I convert it to YouTube I'll try again. For now this is it. I fully expect someone to get pissed off I'm using their footage so don't be surprised if it's ripped down. I wish more people saw the show as it was intended to air but alas we are stuck with G4 (notice I didn't use any of their footage .. yes.. it was on purpose :p). So for as long as it stays up.. hope it inspires you to watch the show.


Mr. Mike said...

Nice montage Arsenette! So why didn't you use the part when...just kidding, it's a nice video and I'm glad you had fun putting it together.

Arsenette said...

LOL! Glad you liked it :) I did have fun despite my getting used to current technology.

tricia said...

As always, you've done an excellent job. Thanks for putting so much of your time into your projects - it really shows.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

SuperDuper, Elsie. thank you very much.

SlipOn said...

thank you!