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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - August 3-4

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events.
Hmm.. it's August 3rd here in the US so it's going into August 4th in Japan as I type this. As noted in my previous blogs we noticed that Mr. Sasuke Katsumi Yamada was going to be appearing in Muscle Park on the 2nd and 3rd of August. We knew the August 2nd one early on but found out the 3rd was added now that they were selling a game at the same time.

Mr. SASUKE Katsumi Yamada in Muscle Park on August 2, 2008 ©Muscle Park

I checked last night before I went to bed and noticed they did a small thing on the Muscle Park Blog site with a few pictures. Doesn't say much about what he did but they did say that they plan to do more tomorrow when Shingo Yamamoto shows up again. Hmm.. I guess I'll have to see later to find out what happened. I want to know if he passed the obstacles... hmmm maybe he didn't want to tell Nagano he didn't pass them after all? LOL

Mr. SASUKE Katsumi Yamada hotdogin' while Shingo Yamamoto looks on in Muscle Park on August 2, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Anywho.. I woke up the following day and Ube posted the links to the second Muscle Park Blog showing the Sunday, August 3rd appearances of both Yamada and Yamamoto. Shingo looks great! Looks like they had a lot of fun promoting the rerelease of the game (with updated obstacles). Check out Ube's blog to know what they are promoting.

Oh btw.. get your MUSCLE PARK BLING!!!!!!! There are no words... seriously.. no words... ©Muscle Park

Anywho.. today's Sasuke Maniac promised a couple things.. God I love Bablefish.. Here are the translations for this week... When you saw the Channel line up the actual information said this " Katsumi Yamada rampaging maniac, he's successor!! ▽ shock debut college athletes No.1" Hmm.. as RiderRengeru from the G4 boards pointed out.. sometimes.. well.. sometimes Bablefish gets it right.. So we have confirmation.. Katsumi Yamada is a rampaging Maniac..

GERONIMO!!!!!! Poor guy taking a header into the septic sludge at the opening of Sasuke Maniac this week. Part 2 of Qualifying!

It gets worse.. when you went to the TBS website for the description of Sasuke Maniac this week it said this..

SASUKE holy places in the history of the largest qualifying in summer 2008 trial, he" held! (okay.. they are now promising a religious experience...) Approximately 1,000 copies of choosing from among the applicants exceed the 80 men who boast body! (hmm.. boasting bodies.. oh.. they must have been referencing the Damn Yankee taking a crap picture from last week.. oy..) Aomori prefecture north to south, from the oldest to the youngest 15 years from the age of 55 firefighters, teachers, host, sports instructors, cosmetology, dairy farmers, carpenters and national boundaries are beyon slam! (and a beer.. in a tree.. sorry.. had to get some Strange Brew.. kinda fits.. doesn't it? oh .. I am digressing badly..) This week is the son of the famous foreign talent, (Enquiring minds want to know...) And MISUTASASUKE emerged from the Assassins! (er.. we got Ninja Gaiden in here now?) What is a dream ticket to the big stage SASUKE who hang of it! (ooooooooh they are referring to Mr. SASUKE's protogé as an assassin? Ay Madre de Diós... )

Why does this guy look familiar? Something about him I can't place.. Ube says it's Makoto Yahagi.. stay tuned..

Okay.. so we have bloody holy experiences.. let's see what this week holds... Ube's blog for today can be found here!

Someone else I can't identify during the opening of Sasuke Maniac

Another contestant I can't identify - Opening of Sasuke Maniac

Then we come to the couple we all have been waiting for.. Mr. Rampaging Maniac himself.. Katsumi Yamada! Oh.. and his Assassin ... wait.. have to go back to my previous blog on Part 1 of Qualifying to figure out this poor dude's name.. hang on.. Nope didn't have him there.. Ube says his name is Miyagi Takuya (So if I reverse the last name and first name... Takuya Miyagi .. can I call him Mr. Miyagi? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase?)

Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE and Mr. (assassin) Miyagi :) HA! That stays :) Wax on baby!

Okay introductions are over and we start immediately on the first group. What? No introductions? No subplots? No fluff pieces? Wow.. poor guys..

Group 1 competitors - The No-Name group

Group 1 sole survivor (Borrowing from Ube's blog - No one matters except the guy from Toyama, Azuma)

Well that's quick.. everyone else got pwned except for that one guy! No interviews.. thanks for watching.. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kent and Andrew Gilbert in a .. strangely awkward moment...

Next is Damn Yankee.. you'll see why I say that in a moment... They go through this long fluff piece where they show his letter (all in Japanese) and envelope explaining why he should be there. Hm.. Ube tells me his father is a foreign talent. Explains the reason why his Dad speaks Japanese! Awww Dad's not competiting.. baaaaaaaaaka..

Have Japanese letter will travel!

Group er.. what group are we in this is moving quick this week... Okay Group 2

Group 2 - Contestant 1 - Andrew Gilbert

And this is why I call him Damn Yankee.. What is he doing? Oh well.. whatever floats his boat.. even if he does look like he's taking a dump!

Group 2 - Contestant 2 - Action man Sawamura Kyosuke

Group 2 - Contestant 3 - Haiyuu Kobayashi Hirotsugu (wow .. a Japanese guy with 3 names? I've never heard of that!)

Group 2 - Contestant 4 - Yamazaki Daisuke

Group 2 is introduced and Damn Yankee does his.... er.. dance? or is that a Ginyu Force move? Oh heck I don't care.. I'm officially getting old.. moving on.. Group 2 starts and right off the bat.. we get to the Destiny Rope.. Dohhhhhh.. premature exit...

Damn Yankee gets pwned by the exit of the Destiny Rope..

Drama on the hill.. first time I see 3 of them going for 2 flags!!!!! Who's going to make it?

Kobayashi (right) slips and ends up second to Yamazaki (left)

Kobayashi (middle) finally gets his flag -Yamazaki (foreground) won while Sawamura tastes the bitter defeat that is getting to the top .. third.. No Sasuke for ju.. back of the line..

Hmm Mr. Moody Makoto Yahagi seems to be next.. Oooooooooooooooh I know why I remember his face...

Holy crap.. next is the poor guy that's been TRYING to get on Sasuke forever! Okay.. for me who came to blogging late.. here's the count so far..

Makoto Yahagi - Sasuke Qualifying (Muscle Park) - September, 2007 - (For Sasuke 19) Pwned by the Salmon Ladder..

Makoto Yahagi - Sasuke Qualifying (Mount Midoriyama) - January, 2008 - (For Sasuke 20) Pwned by the faster guy who got to the .. Shoulder Walk thing before he did.. thus eliminating him in the process...

This is Makoto Yahagi.. NOW do you recognize him?

Yep.. he should be easily recognizable now for those of us who saw the Maguro Festival and BUG IN MIKI! Dude.. just send your tape to TBS and don't try qualifying.. they might actually take pity on you.. gah.. he's back for ANOTHER try for Sasuke (this time 21) in Mount Midoriyama Qualifying...

Makoto Yahagi at home with Mom... Did they just come back from a funeral?

K Group 3 is next.. and.. er.. uh.. Makoto Yahagi is not in this group? Okay that's wierd.. someone misplaced his Fluff piece.. okay who's in this one...

Group 3 are Four teachers! Gotta love when they all congratulate each other BEFORE they start :) Group 3 Group Hug :)

Group 3 - Contestant 1 - The first is from Shiba and is a 44 year old! Looks like a former runner.

Group 3 - Contestant 2 - Sasayama Tomohiro

Group 3 - Contestant 3 - Nosei Eigou

Group 3 - Contestant 4 - Katsuyoshi ... I pledge alliegance.. to the flag.. of the United States of.. oh nvm .. wrong country. He's happy to be here.. be still his beating heart.

Doh.. Sasayama getting pwned by the Jump Ring.. It seems Nosei was there first.. I see his arm sticking out of the septic sludge..

44 year old trucking up Heartbreak Hill while Katsuyoshi is up first!

Awww the 2 teachers congratulate each other again :)

Hey he's a cutey.. what's his name? Fujimoto Masashi is an American Football player.

Group 4 winner (they didn't bother telling us who else competed against him LOL - Fujimoto Masashi wins easily.

Fujimoto Masashi's interview after his crushing of Group 4

Hmm.. Group 5 competitor and his wife like shopping in craft stores...

Group 5 lining up!

Group 5 - Contestant 1 - Ogami Teruyuki is a chiropractor

Group 5 - Contestant 2 - I'm too sexy for my paddle... Something Koichi

And this is too sexy for my paddle groupies..

Group 5 - Contestant 3 - Koide something

Group 5 - Contestant 4 - Crafts boy

Looks like Ogami Teruyuki and Craftsboy made it!

Ah.. and the moment we all have been waiting for.. *gulp* Mr. Miyagi the Assasin! Uhm.. he's got industrial size SASUKE SPRAY!!!!!!!! Ube will be proud :)

Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE and Mr. (assassin) Miyagi :) with one of the other contestants.. lemme see if I can figure out.. nope I have no name.. he's the FireFighter guy representing Takeda.

Mr. (assassin) Miyagi doing running up Mr. SASUKE's wall outside of his house

Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE showing us how to do the rumbling dice.. Dude.. that is soooooo 2005.. Lose that and update your jungle gym! Besides.. it must be really friggin' loud living next to the El.

A tender moment with Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE and Mr. (assassin) Miyagi

Okay.. after spending some quality airtime in Mr. SASUKE's house (God I hope Bunpei Shiratori comes back.. because we sooooooooo need to see his backyard Shiratori Shrine which pwns this backyard...)

Group 6! Bring out your dead! There's an assassin in your midst!

Apparently this group represents the Allstars - Yamada, Takeda, Shiratori and Yamamoto.. You'll see what I mean in a sec.. I can only assume they mean by jobs?

Group 6 - Contestant 1 - Representing Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE (Ube.. this picture is for you!!!) is Mr. (assassin) Miyagi

Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE is a proud pappa.. awww.. that's my little assassin :) Don't I look hot in this classic white wifebeater™ t-shirt? I'm way too sexy for this shirt..

Group 6 - Contestant 2 - Representing Firefighter Toshihiro Takeda (have no idea what his name is)

Group 6 - Contestant 3 - Representing Government Office Worker Bunpei Shiratori (no clue of his name either)

Group 6 - Contestant 4 - Representing .. HEY Shingo Yamamoto doesn't work for Shell? He's a Mobil guy.. oh nvm.. he's a gas jockey I guess.. (no name either)

Soooooo.. will I get to see Mr. SASUKE again? Yep.. he and Mr. Shell guy (Yamamoto Representative) won Group 6.

Mr. Shell guy qualifies to the next round!

Mr. (rampaging maniac) SASUKE and Mr. (assassin) Miyagi all triumphant.. I want to see the bodies.. I was promised death and destruction.. oh well.. I get a photo op instead..

Group 7.. FINALLY I get to see Makoto Yahagi's next attempt as qualifying for Sasuke!

Wow another Makoto Yahagi fluff piece? Wow.. he's getting famous .. I hope he qualifies this time... Hmm he works at the post office it seems.

Giddy post office worker chick on the right hasn't seen Makoto Yahagi's sculpted body.. she's giddy in anticipation ZOMG he's taking off his shirt!!!!!

Makoto Yahagi exposing himself to his office workers.. I can hear the squeals of Giddy post office worker chick!

More squealing in the background as they check out his back

Okay.. if I'm not mistaken.. that's TWO Fluff pieces for the price of one... Makoto Yahagi better make it.. TBS is going to crufify him if he doesn't...

Group 7 - Contestant 1 - Kagaya Yosuke totally representin'!!!!

Group 7 - Contestant 1 - I'm sorry.. is that a dude or a chick?? I'm not sure if Enquiring minds want to know... Ishibashi Yuki is a host... I think that explains it?

Group 7 - Contestant 3 - Makoto Yahagi looking all moody

Hey I remember them! They are all from qualifying (I recognize the dude in the middle with the glasses)

Group 7 - Contestant 1 - God I hope his shirt is not an omen... Misago Kazuo.

Group 7.. the anticipation mounts.. will he make it?

Anticipation mounting.. time to go to commercials.. gaaaaaaaah.. they start up.. do the first couple obstacles.. and Commercials AGAIN! Someone is falling asleep in the master control room... okay we are back.. that was weird.. Okay.. back to the start again.. this is bad if they keep doing this.. he must not make it or something... Okay.. Time for Jump Ring..

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Makoto gets pwned by the Jump Rings! See him as he dives into the water... /sigh..

Dude/chick Ishibashi Yuki is the only survivor of Group 7...

Makoto Yahagi can't believe his luck.. I mean.. I feel so sorry for him right now.. he can't believe it..

As we go to credits.. they keep showing Makoto Yahagi as he struggles for words.. I mean.. he can't get the words out.. it's sooooo heartbreaking. They then cut to spoilers for next week but I have too many pictures as it is LOL I swear I'm going to max out my picture quota on blogspot before Sasuke 21 is over LOL.

P.S. I couldn't blog about Makoto Nagano today.. dangit.. and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.. where are my beach pics! Must see.. beach pics!


tricia said...

Would you seriously wear that bling? If those 4 contestants represented the Allstars because of their occupation, does that mean that (BIG GASP) Yamada has a job? Is he the rep/spokesperson for Sasuke Spray?

Arsenette said...

OMG I have nooooooo idea if anyone would wear that bling.. I was looking at it going .. you have GOT to be kidding me.. but.. it's there..

LOL Not sure what Yamada has.. representing.. Talento = celebrity in Japan right? Maybe it is that LOL Oh heck I have no idea LOL

Rufus said...

That bling looked like a cute key chain to me... in which case, YES, I WANT ONE.

And hey, I don't know if you caught this, but that good for nothing G4 played the first Sasuke last night! It was pretty cool!

Arsenette said...

Hey rufus! Yeah.. they didn't do.. that badly.. cut Mr. Sasuke through his run.. missed the elimination of Bruce Lee look alike.. ran through the broadcast like a bat out of Hades... miswrote someone's name.. ran them completely out of order... yep.. about par for G4 :p

LOL Sasuke Bling. If a keychain yes.. I'd .. store is somewhere to say I have it. Dunno if I'd wear it in public though.