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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sasuke 21 related updates!

Makoto Nagano rockin' the summer tan and ... dyed hair.. ehem.. beating Shingo Yamamoto in a mini-game called "Dream disk showdown" (LOL) in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park
Between Ube and I we've been either emailed stuff from other Sasuke Fans.. he finds stuff or I find out stuff (not much but I do LOL) and the past 24 hours have been a flurry of information coming out about Sasuke 21, Muscle Park related events, Monster 9 related merchandising, etc. Here's what we know so far.

Makoto Nagano about to chow down on the Monster Burger in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

At the top I start with Ube's post for today! He found out there will be an update to the Sasuke/Kunoichi/Sportsman #1 Game! (the update to that game that Yamada did a few commercials for) I wonder if they will use Yamada again for the advertising or use Nagano... Enquiring minds want to know... Ube has all the details so check out his blog in the link provided to find out everything there is to know about that :)

Makoto Nagano's one-handed shotgun in a mini-game in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park (P.S. According to the blog.. he won a free gift LMAO)

Since my blog on the Muscle Park grand opening of the new park and the updated park.. Muscle Park updated their website to include even MORE pictures from that day. Nagano was apparently there all friggin' day and did all the attractions (and won a free gift in the shooting gallery where he one-handed a shotgun...), botched the baseball game (Surrounded by the gallery, was a little shy w (which means "laugh")) and ate their friggin' monster burger.. poor guy.. no wonder he fell off the Shin-Cliffhanger.... They make note that the one he ate was 17 cm in height.... (6.7'ish.. inches high..)

Makoto Nagano getting Shingo Yamamoto out of the crowd to participate in the Grand Opening of the revamped Sasuke Park in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Okay the translation for the above picture on their website was ridiculous.. THIS is what was written " Come and visit me in private his Kuma Susumu Yamamoto, who ★."..... uhm.. that sounds.. not rated G.. Anyway.. after Nagano did his run (see my previous blog on this..) Shingo apparently was watching from the sidelines unbeknowngst to Nagano. In that same blog I mentioned that Shingo was a bastage for showing up late and not participating.. I'm passing out the humble pie because boy did participate and there's proof!

Shingo Yamamoto doing the arm-bike in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Shingo Yamamoto doing the Shin-Cliffhanger while Makoto Nagano watches in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Shingo Yamamoto doing the Salmon Ladder while Makoto Nagano seems to be yelling at him with his microphone.... in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Shingo Yamamoto doing the arm rings in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

Doesn't if/where Shingo failed any of the obstacles only that he complained "This is too informal" when coaxed by the crowd to do the obstacles. Apparenlty they picked a few people from the crowd to participate after Nagano did.. and after those went Shingo was coaxed into doing it. Maybe they'll show that in Sasuke Maniac next week since they sprung Nagano's event this week.

Muscle Park Employee/MC, Makoto Nagano and Shingo Yamamoto participating in the "Q&A" section of the event in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

What followed was a Question and Answer with both Makoto and Shingo. They were asked if they were rivals.. I wonder what the answer was :p (all of this is using the translator program and reading the page)

Makoto Nagano and Shingo Yamamoto signing autographs and meeting fans in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

People who got autographs were people who had pre-purchase tickets for this part of the event. Lucky bastages.. Looks like they did this for hours according to the article.

Shingo Yamamoto and Makoto Nagano posing with the Sasuke 20 Tenth Anniversary T'shirt they both signed in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

From there they went to the store and signed a T'Shirt.. okay.. Why did Shingo just sign aaaalll the way to one side? Makoto left him space on the right... Idiot... LOL Oh well I'm sure that's in display in the store. Yep.. checked the translation " With two autographed T-shirt at any time [Park] SASUKE can see! ぜひ、見にきてくださいね★ We invite you to come see me please ★"

Makoto Nagano and Shingo Yamamoto in a Kinjiro Park in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

The guys did a bunch of mini-games together and this one was in Kinjiro Park with the vacuum cleaner and balls.. Looks like Shingo won this one.. I'll refrain from the obvious jokes I can say here involving balls.. and sucking..

Makoto Nagano and Shingo Yamamoto in a Kinjiro Park in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park (P.S. What on earth is Makoto staring at? LOL)

They did a few other things that have pictures on their website (I just picked my favorites :) so definately check it out! From all things I see Shingo is now quite an active promoter of Sasuke these days which I find fantastic! I can only assume since he lives in Tokyo it's easier to do the Muscle Park events, etc. rather than travel out to other events way from the area (though he did do 2 outside events already).. Speaking of. He's going to be in Muscle Park on August 3rd (the Day after Katsumi's exclusive day on Saturday, August 2nd).. apparently Shingo and Katsumi are going to be in this event in Deck's Tokyo Beach (which is where Muscle Park is physically located). According to this announcement Katsumi Yamada (Mr. Sasuke.. Spray..) and Shingo Yamamoto will be in this event

■ ■ Event Date: August 3 (Sunday) Decks square Decks Tokyo Beach (Seaside Mall 3 F)

● 13:00 ● 16:00 (not sure if 3 hour period or 2 separate events from 1 PM and/or 4 PM.. I wasn't sure about that translation.

Makoto Nagano and Shingo Yamamoto posing in front of the Monster Box (and Shingo holding a Monster Box toy) in Muscle Park on July 19, 2008 ©Muscle Park

So definately we are in full Sasuke 21 swing with the re-release of an old game, updates on the Muscle Park appearances (past and present) and the upcoming Sasuke Mania this Sunday. And to think... we are under 2 months before Sasuke 21.. oy.. I hope Ube and I can keep up!


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I love this post. Shingo was looking mighty fine in those jeans, was he not? Nagano looks pretty good too. Hope he feels better for the next competition. The pics are great, thanks.
Still don't have my head back from "vacation mode" or I would have surely had something to say about sucking balls... :)

Arsenette said...

LOL SKW you know how much I was holding back on that post.. :D

So happy to see you back! We missed ya!