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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sasuke Maniac - July 20-21

Sasuke Maniac - A 1/2 hour show that runs every Sunday night (into Monday) on TBS in Japan featuring Monster 9 events.

Daisuke Nakata getting jiggy with it in last week's program - Banner for this week's show

This week was a bit unexpected. The last month or so both Ube and I could not see TBS on our favorite program (KeyHoleTV) but unlike Ube.. I could see it on TVU... I guess it paid to have it in my favorites.. or probably because he's region blocked (which sounds more likely than anything since he's in Japan and I'm in the States). I just haven’t watched since most of it was one long advertisement for comedians running around Tokyo. They continued that for a while and did something tied to Sportsman #1 but each time I missed it with either bad headaches or not being home. Pam from SasukeFans ended up showing a couple screen caps that showed that Daisuke Nakata is back! (for those of you who forget who he is.. check out the earlier Sasuke's.. (Started from Sasuke 8 and on with a break in 2004 when he was involved in a very serious hit and run accident messing up his hands permanently.. hasn't been the same since. He's now better known as Shunsuke Nagasaki's trampoline coach since of course Daisuke is an Olympian himself and 7 time All Japan Champion). I know him best as the only Japanese with Mick Jagger lips...

This week's show brought to you by.. Muscle Musical! Wait.. we are watching Sasuke Maniac.. oh.. same difference... (part of the opening credits to this week's show)

Ube’s blog for this week can be found here!

I checked today’s Sasuke Maniac… and was looking for another Supernova Birth Humiliation translation from Bablefish.. Check this one out… Also new SASUKE2008 finally starting to fall! 聖地緑山を目指すトライアルの開催が決定!緑山 holy site to be determined at trial goal! 鋼鉄の魔城に挑む全国の猛者たちを紹介 National Steel's Magic Castle 猛者 are a challenge! 男たちの熱き思いとは…!? Hot men's thoughts and is…!?

Daisuke Nakata's try at 2 meters and 60 centimeters (about 8.53 feet high)

Hot men’s thoughts?? Thanks Snowy for picking that line out.. hmmmm.. so.. I have to check out this week’s events.. must see hot men’s thoughts… Speaking of Hot men.. July 19th was the grand opening of the new Sasuke Park in Muscle Park. Nagano was part of the celebration and even tried to conquer the new course. I’ll blog about that later.. that deserves it’s own entry.. yes.. yes.. it does.. precious...

Yeah baby Yeah! Daisuke succeeds at 2.6 meters.

Anyway.. I went back to my trusty program and it was there! It was back on KeyHole! (thanks again Snowy for letting me know it was back on the lineup during the day here!) Ube’s warning me it might cut over to another channel soon.. I hope not.. c’mon KeyHole! I can’t use Clipper on TVU… 20 more minutes to go.. so far so good.. Wow the Madonna scandal with A-Rod there in Japan? I guess they love their baseball there :p

Another look at Nakata's successful jump at 2 meters 60 centimeters

10 minutes and counting.. Ube’s warning it’s going to change after JSpo.. please don’t let it happen.. c’mon KeyHole! Stay on TBS! Stay on target!! If it changes and I have to watch it on TVU.. I can’t do screen caps since they show it in Flash format… 3 minutes to go.. praying it stays on.. otherwise I'll just watch in TVU and find out some way to do screenshots later in the week for next week. If I don't find an alternative soon.. I'm royally screwed..

Reverse view of Nakata's jump at 2.60.. hmmm Ube and I noticed the bar moved.. some body part made the bar vibrate... yeah.. something hit it.. wasn't his feet.. wasn't his knees.. wasn't his flat tummy... oooooooooooh yeah.. that hit it.. wonder .. oh.. get mind out of...

Sasuke Maniac this week is shaping up to be a glorified commercial for Muscle Musical! Oh who the heck cares.. It's Monster 9.. it has Nakata.. Bring it on.. Apparenlty they are doing some "Trampoline High Jump" Competition. They reshowed that picture of Nakata doing the happy dance after his jump and reviewed the jumps of the other guys. Apparently a bunch of guys who do Muscle Musical took to the stage and decided to have a mock competition using a high bar (like decathletes and pole vaulters use) to jump over with the assistance of that stupid mini trampoline. There's a bunch of guys I don't know but apparently they are all from Muscle Musical.

The Four Qualifyers for the Trampoline High Jump at 2 meters 70 centimeters.. who will reign supreme? Wait.. wrong show.. Hmmm.. someone I don't know.. another I don't know.. Iketani and Nakata..

I pick up from the 2.70 mark since they showed the 2.60's with a few misses and a few wins. The four I noted are the ones that qualified past 2.60 and are going to try 2.70. I can only assume they are doing this for fun and filler while we all gear up for Sasuke 21.. mmmm.. Sasuke 21.. ehem.. anyway.. doesn't look scientific at all.. after all .. it has a booster seat...

This High bar needs a booster seat.. maybe they used telephone books.. or maybe it was complaining it couldn't reach the table to eat.. either way.. baby high bar needs 2 booster seats.. aww.. poor high bar..

I am hardly paying attention.. but the guys are lining up to beat this thing. Wow.. what is up with Naoki Iketani? How much weight does he want to lose? He's emaciated! I'm all for being fit but dude if I can see your ribs.. you are trying way too hard.. I mean he looked like crap falling off the Spider walk part of the Jumping Spider in Sasuke 20.. but this is unreal! I mean.. look at the bones!

Naoki Iketani channeling his inner Skeletor.. getting ready to jump 2.70 meters.

Another look at Naoki.. he's.. thin.. look at his face! His cheeks are sunken in now!

Iketani happy he jumped 2.70 Meters successfully!

Iketani's run to 2.70 meters was successful. Everyone seems to be happy.. including Nakata! /sigh so nice when you see rivals cheering each other on!

Daisuke cheering on Naoki after Naoki's 2.70 meter success

Now it's time for Mick Jagger.. I mean Daisuke Nakata's run at 2.70 meters. He looks focused.. I mean dang.. he's a trampoline champion.. this should be a piece of cake.. right?

Concentrate.. Concentrate.. I have to beat Iketani..

Pwned.. nope.. Daisuke's first crack at 2.70 meters was a dud..

On the flip side of the coin.. Iketani always the smug.. laughing at Nakata's downfall. He must be paying attention to the All-Stars lately.. wait.. he's always laughing at people..

Iketani enjoying the spectacular crash of Daisuke at 2.70 meters.

Round 2 of 2.70 meters for Daisuke Nakata. Takes a couple practice runs.. bounces of the trampoline to figure out how much it gives him.. stares at the bar...

Nakata: You'll get yours bar.. I swear it.. I will jump over you..

Nakata's second run at 2.70 meters. Shows what he did last week too.

The chyrons for the show are great. They show a blip of their show for Muscle Musical (brought to you by your friends in Muscle Musical.. now on tour until September.. get your tickets now!) and then a graphic representation of the other runs (I assume from last week and/or the following.. not sure how long this has been stretched.. who know..). Looks like he missed the first of 2.50 meters and 2.70 but passing on second.. will the second chance here allow him to advance?

GERONIMO!!!!!!!! Notice that Nakata's body is nooooooowhere near above the bar.. this time you know which body part hit the bar..

DOWN GOES NAKATA! DOWN GOES NAKATA! So it's just Iketani and random Muscle Musical person I'm sure will get a lot of attention now in Sasuke 21.. wait.. lemme see Ube's blog to see his name.. Yoshikawa Yoshiaki. I assume Yoshiaki is his first name? I'm sure I'll be corrected soon™.

Each stage had a great opening picture.. this is soooo Monster 9. New height to beat is 2.80 meters (approximately 8.85 feet)

With everyone else eliminated it's down to Yoshiaki Yoshikawa and Naoki Iketani.. hmm any information on either from our friends in Muscle Musical (checks their performer's list) Yoshiaki is born in September 20, 1978 and was some sort of Gymnast. Rad 2006, Japan won the championship rotation grazing - wtf is Rad? LOL Gotta love Bablefish) anyway.. back to our show..

Nakata now waiting in the sidelines puckering his Jagger lips.. somehow I can feel Holly saying something about those lips..
Rad performer Yoshiaki Yoshikawa waiting for his shot at 2.80 meters! Wow perfect record so far!
Iketani: "I love myself sooooooooooo much! I love myself! I love myself!" (sorry.. couldn't help it.. he's just stretching)
The reaction from the peanut gallery when Yoshiaki Yoshikawa goes down at 2.80 meters.

Yoshiaki Yoshikawa's defeat at 2.80 meters

Yoshiaki Yoshikawa fails at the first attempt at 2.80 meters. Everyone seems tense now.. even Iketani can't watch...

Yoshiaki Yoshikawa concentrating hard on what he needs to do to jump 2.80 meters..

Naoki Iketani can't watch as Yoshiaki Yoshikawa gets ready for his last attempt at 2.80 meters.

Yoshiaki Yoshikawa's best score was 2.70 meters since he was unable to pass 2.80 meters.

After Yoshiaki 's defeat it's now up to Naoki to stand alone as champion of this mock event. Will he do it? Will he reign supreme? Iketani is going to juuuuuuuump.. oh yeah.. they do have commercials… Axe is getting in the marionette thing.. freaky..

WTF another marionette commercial.. this time .. it's an Axe commercial.. (yay found a You Tube video of this horrific commercial.....)
Axe.. buy it now.. because Marionettes are freaky... (P.S. Found the old one Ube and I were referring to.. You Tube Link)

Back to Iketani.. Nope.. can’t jump that high.. down he goes! He tries for second chance! Can he doooooooo eeeeeeeeeet? Nope.. crash and burn again!

Peanut gallery reaction to Naoki's demise at 2.80 meters

Back to commercials again… Tiger woods commercial J Gillette Fusion Back in English! Okay! back to our regularly scheduled program.. already in progress.. Looks like we have 2 winners today! Yoshiaki Yoshikawa and Naoki Iketani!

Sportsman #1? Hmm I thought it was Muscle Musical.. anyway.. Winner number 1 of the Trampoline High Jump is.. Yoshiaki Yoshikawa - completed up to 2.70 meters.

Winner number 2 of the Trampoline High Jump is.. Naoki Iketani also completing a jump at 2.70 meters!

The 2008 Sasuke thing that they eluded to in the description of the show was refering to Qualifying rounds for the Summer competition of Sasuke 21 (September, 2008 we are hearing which was last year’s as well – some debate over day). They seemed to use the old Cliffhanger.. was it done before they revealed the new one? Seems like they have been doing this for a while now since they seem to be doing mini biographies.. construction worker hauling off stuff.. from a parking lot? Some guy with a haggered wife.. wow.. Anyway.. seems like they are going to be doing this from now on. Might take a break unless they put Nagano back in the title again.. speaking of.. that Muscle Park blog demands some attention.. I'll do that this week sometime! :p

Parting shot from thsi week's show. Blueprints of the course they designed for the Qualifications.. looks like they built on as opposed to relying on the Muscle Park Course.


tricia said...

Great work Elsie. Yes, Naoki Iketani has looked much better. He needs to throw on a shirt.

Arsenette said...

Yes.. please.. he needs a shirt.. :) Thanks Tricia! P.S. I added 2 youtube links - on of the Axe commercial from this week and the other of the previous campaign with the marionettes.. also freaky..

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thank you very much Mistress Elsie. You ARE the GODDESS!

Where to start... Nakata's mouth is much more succulent than Jagger's. I couldn't imagine kissing Mick Jagger, he might swallow me, but Nakata... that's an entirely different proposition. He is the cutest little thing. Wish that pic of him lying on the ground with his leg partly raised was bigger. With those big legged shorts he's wearing... I could have gotten a show. tehehehe.

Yes, yes, yes!!! I want to bite them! Gently.

Iketani looks postively awful! What is up with him? He looks like he's sick, but then... if he was sick could he still be so athletic? Poor little Kewpie Doll. He needs feeding up and lots of loving care. He doesn't look like he's getting either.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

And thos commercials are NOT cool. they make me shudder.

Arsenette said...

I was happy to get a good of a feed from KeyHoleTV to even see half of this. Seems like the picture is a lot more clear this time around so the screenshots are better. I wish they were bigger too so we can see the finer details :)

I knew you'd appreciate the lips commment.. heck.. there were a lot of closeup pics and I picked the puckered one just for ya :) As for anything past what I showed ya on the legs.. those things are smart.. they show past more than the thigh so sorry I couldn't accomodate ya.. he's not brave like Bunpei.. no short shorts from Nakata.

OH! I forgot to mention "Kewpie".. was too burned out this afternoon to mention it. I was too shocked by his appearance. I think instead of sick he's overtrained. It happens to the best of them.. I'm sure that's what is happening to him.

Glad I found the YouTube pics so you can share in the WTF.. with me and Ube (and everyone else watching for that matter!).. strange strange commercials. Funny.. we have Axe in this country and we get the ones from this guy slamming himself up against a wall to feel clean.. what is up in that marketing department?

lostinube said...

Yoshikawa is a rhonrad/German Wheel champion (example of the German Wheel here:

He and Morikami have their own features within the Muscle Musical I believe.

The girl at the end is the guy's (Akira Aoki) daughter not his wife (he's a single father). Not sure if those were clips from last year's trial or what. Either way, as I said before, they'll probably squeeze at least a month out of this (they were still doing SASUKE Trial stuff all the way up to the week the last SASUKE aired).

Arsenette said...

Thanks Ube! Ooooooooooh it's wheel! Wow.. didn't know they had championships for that.. Looks cool and I'm already getting dizzy watching it LOL Oy.. you can pinch your fingers easily on that..

This will be the first time I start seeing Sasuke Maniac pre-season since the first one was the one right after Sasuke 20. I look forward to watching what they show though I'd find it hard to blog since I'll be running to your site going "what did I just see??" LOL

Massive thanks for all the information so we know what we are looking at :) Makes it much more enjoyable!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thank you so much Ube. I saw a guy perform on one of those once at a Shriner's Circus in Orlando. it is sooooo cool. One of the best circus acts I've ever seen.

I'm looking forward to all your blogs on it Elsie, as they drag it out. So kind of them, really. What a great way to stretch it out and also build excitement. Now... if they could just get it on one of the TV channels here in the US, that would be fantastic. Why can't g4 show that instead of that stupid Hurl! show and that super stupid Code Monkeys show? That would be fantastic, eh?

BTW Mistress Elsie, what are you doing up? I thought you went to bed hours ago? :)

Arsenette said...

I went to sleep to early now I'm bright eyed and bushy-tailed LOL Figures...

Oh don't get me started on G4.. I haven't the energy LOL. I still pray TBS does a DVD for the series.. Lord knows they have enough footage for a farking collector's edition in a hefty case!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I hear ya, sister. They could put one out around Christmas time every year for the next Decade and not run out of footage. Jeez, we need to pair up as a "marketing commpany" and sell our ideas to these monster9/TBS people.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

And I need to proofread my posts before I hit the button. :)

Arsenette said...

We need a spellcheck just for me LOL!

Rufus said...

Wow, that's great. I have been missing Daisuke (and his platypus lips) ever since Sasuke... #17? Was that the last one he was on? I think so. I hope he decides to compete again. Thanks for posting this :)