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Friday, October 14, 2011

Sasuke 27 - Spoilerific Review - Part 11


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Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 27.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well.. March, 2012.. Yes.. you read that right.. another 5 months after taping this event back in July... Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Got sick with headaches again this year and am still recovering from an inner ear infection.. yum.. Anyway.. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 27 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 27 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.. P.S. I will NOT be covering ANW3 on this blog especially since it aired a couple months ago and I prefer to blog about everyone at once.. not in isolation! Thanks!


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

23 up but only 6 clears.. now for the favorites

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 and while he was a World Championship sprinter.. he unfortunately was NOT an Olympian..

Okuyama has been steadily progressing each tourney. This was from Sasuke 20 where he made it to the 2nd stage

In Sasuke 24 he made it all the way to the final

at 39 years old being the oldest finalist ever!

he has a cliffhanger in his new home

and this is where he works

due to his long hours

he can only train at night!

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 kicking butt at 41!!

Shingo is still here I see. Yay! wtf is Nagano doing?? LOL

ah he's peering around the metal opening to yell encouragement to Okuyama

and the Okuyama Familycam™ - Wife Sachiko, Son Takaya and daughter Lilia

clear on the Slider Drop

nice transition across the gap on the Double Salmon Ladder

transition to the Unstable Bridge

cleared gap nicely

onwards to the Balance Tank

clear on the balance tank

next is the Metal Spin

You know I thought I was safe from Sato Hiromichi when I found out he wasn't competing today.. /facepalm

OMG he's training a midget zombie army

ugh.. shudder.. sorry.. back.. and he's cleared!!

Nagano yelling..

YES he did it! Hurray for the old guy..

sorry but I just marvel at this technique.. I.. lurves it..

he makes it look so damn easy..

doh.. and I spoke too soon as he released the wall a weee bit too quickly and it almost landed on top of him LOL


hurray for the old guy! I have a chance!

Okuyama Familycam™ as Lilia is literally bouncing with joy!

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行 - SECOND STAGE CLEAR!

wait for it.. THERE.. omg .. emotion.. you see it? Fist pumps.. stop the presses Okuyama shows emotion omg!!!

at least he doesn't have Nagano trying to HOLD his wife's hand this time..

Oh.. TBS Stalkercam™

Nagano sharing a tender not-so-secret moment with wife and child

he's so cute!

and Nagano is not staying to be interviewed.. again.. LOL

Dude.. hug your family..

Ehhhh.. no..

BTW as an aside.. Ube posted:
About an hour and twenty minutes left in the show by the way.

LOL those are some pretty beat up shoes.. LOL

LOL what's he cringing for? They smell or something?

Next is the new American Ace!

and TBS loves him :)

I wonder if they are going to have the course pics at each of the obstacles again? LOL

TBS showing the obstacles in stage 2 that they don't expect him to suck on since he has them

Sasuke 26 he showed he could do the Double Salmon Ladder already so he shouldn't suck here..

and he cleared the 2nd stage the last time

and being a midget at 180 cm.. I mean geez.. LOL j/k David..

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル

clear on the Slider Drop

powering through the Double Salmon Ladder

also catches the penultimate rung

onwards to the Unstable bridge

cleared gap (lol look at this time..)

Balance tank just fine

metal spin next

Metal Spin clear

also a proper clear on the first wall

and the second

and on the 3rd wall

nice easy looking clear from David!

and the list grows to 4 Americans!!

Nagano who can't see what's going on is relying on sound

Another clear as he's looking up to where...

Yuuji is set to go

David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル - SECOND STAGE CLEAR!

LOL he looks soooooooo stressed...

and something is causing a weak smile..

awwwwww Lee and Shingo went out to be with him :)

meanwhile, alone at the top trying to defeat his demons..

We all know he's a shoe salesman for Haruta Shoes in Tokyo

and.. the 2nd stage the last time he was here in Sasuke 25 spooked him the hell out..

talking about the Double Salmon Ladder.. so yeah it's definitely on his mind.. even before the tournament started..

Training for it

Someone's caught his attention

Leader of the New Stars Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (or for me (Cliffer #3)

ah.. that's what caught Yuuji's attention..

Slider Drop clear

Yay! Nice clear again on the Double Salmon Ladder gap

Unstable bridge..

cleared gap

balance tank is okay

getting ready for the Metal spin

whoot! Clear on the metal spin

LOL Nagano is satisfied.. he is now getting ready for his run

First wall

Second wall

Oooooff.. I can do this..

also dropped it early.. Yes everyone.. send Christmas Card to Levi!.. wait.. Hanukkah card? Oh.. Yuuji's Japanese.. New year's card should be fine :p

YES! Back in the 3rd stage baby!

Happy ANW :)

Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 - SECOND STAGE CLEAR!

Nagano being told to move up and get ready now for his run

Ah yes.. Shirts that are still not available for purchase even though the fanclub was supposed to be open a few months ago...

This was awkward.. interview with Yuuji while Nagano is being introduced clearly blaring in the background

he can't control any of that..

meanwhile Kaiou and Asami look on. Kid's got endurance.. it's waaaaaay past his bedtime

TBS as usual putting the pressure on..

showing the metal spin fails of this tournament

will he succumb to this as well?

since we know of Sasuke 15 (the heatstroke Sasuke which also was taped in July as this one was)

where .. he fell on the Metal Spin

and girly giggled in the water as the announcer totally freaked out

replay of the fluffpiece from earlier

wow this intro is long.. LOL

Allstar - Makoto Nagano 長野誠 back at 100!

Dude.. is this thing further each time?

someone get him a step ladder!!!

Giggles.. sorry.. he's just fine.. he's learned to jump...

kicking ass on the salmon ladder

and over nicely over the gap

now the Unstable bridge

nicely over the gap as well

onwards to the Balance tank

and time for sponsors...

this Nagano in the zone with the Sasuke Spray sponsored by...

You know they are going to cut him off midair..

oh he's taking his.. wait what time does he have left??

Nagano familycam™

here we go... dude he stayed there what.. 10 seconds?

uhm.. yeah..

aaaaaand hanging on!

Oh.. oh.. he's going to jump on the jumbo tron..


LOL Poor Asami is freaking out bouncing around and Kaiou is hanging on to dear life..

meanwhile.. Klaxon blaring.. hello...

Nagano telling me to shut up as he LIFTS the walls..

Uhm.. you may.. want to uhm.. hurry??

Dude just WALKED.. he.. friggin'.. walked.. he's not Shingo.. he won't DIVE for it.. he's waaaaay too cool for that.. ahahahhahaha

OLD MEN RULE!!!! ahahahhaha

check out that stroll.. I swear he's channeling Takeda in his absence..

yeah yeah dammit I can count.. I've done the body clock..


meanwhile Takasui crowd is losing their minds.. while Asami is desperate for a high five...

LOL She finally gets it as the guys finally get a clue..

now EVERYONE is high fiving..

I love these scenes :)

Okay dude that was close...

I see Yamada came out of hiding

and ANW is happy.. LOL Strat is over the moon.. 3rd stage with Nagano.. SCORE!!

Allstar - Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - SECOND STAGE CLEAR!!!

because I can dammit..


TigerOfHaughton said...

Glad to see Nagano back in the third stage. I wish Shingo and Yamada had cleared, too. Come to think of it...Nagano and Yamada have never been in the third stage together. And I wish Takeda had competed. If we get a Sasuke 28, I'd really like to see all 6 of the All-Stars compete. If Sasuke does end soon, I want to see all 6 of the All-Stars compete together one last time.

Is Levi Jewish? Cool. Btw, Chanukah is at the end of December this year. It coincides with Christmas. I think it starts on December 20th.

Arsenette said...

I know when Hanukkah is ;) I was just stating that I didn't know if he was or not as his name sounds Jewish is all.

Kamran said...

In Sasuke 28 Shingo will be yamamotoring through the course just like Stuart Hall claimed he used to.

And Nagano will show Yuuji what it takes to be a real man.

Arsenette said...

"a real man"? You do realize that by that statement you are damning every contestant in that position including Takeda who chokes more than anyone ever in Sasuke?

Kamran said...

Sorry I didn't mean it in that way.IF you think other people will interpret the comment as you did then please remove it.

Arsenette said...

Nah don't worry about it. I just think people get carried away. Being 100 is a Huuuuuuuuge huge pressure pot. Going back to every 100.. each of them has crumbled but Nagano. I don't think anyone understands how he does it.. LOL

jenn said...

Re: that oh-so-wonderful backpack ad featuring Sato: I thought of you when that aired, and that they just had to include him somehow. (g) Also, thank you for giving me another reason to rewatch this - I didn't catch how wonderful Strat's reactions were before. I don't blame him for the awesomeness - I would probably be acting the exact same way.

jenn said...

Double posting, because I wish I could edit a comment instead. Maybe I shouldn't have posted about that Sato ad - I saw it twice in a half hour tonight while watching TV Asahi's Sunday morning kids' block (although seeing it once is pretty common). I think this ended up invoking his presence.