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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sasuke 27 Navi - Part 1

Title for Navi - Sasuke 27 edition!

It's that time again! This is Sasuke Navi - which is a 1 hour special promoting Sasuke 27! Previous Sasuke Navi's can always be found on my site (Sasuke 26, Sasuke Navi 25, Sasuke Navi 24, Sasuke Navi 23, Sasuke Navi 22 and Sasuke Navi 21). Massive thanks to Jason again for helping us with the paid service (WIST) and to Supersheep for hosting a stream for the community. Sorry for the technical disaster for the live feed but all things will be clear for tomorrow's broadcast of Sasuke 27! Massive thanks for Jams for helping us all out in getting a clean copy of the show so I can do this blog! Everyone online at that time was able to see it thanks to their help! It's wonderful seeing everyone support each other in viewing Sasuke. That's what makes this experience so fun! Btw.. mental note I'm going to take my time with these blogs.. I don't want to get sicker than I already am.. LOL

As you can tell already .. this is Sasuke 2011.. granted.. this sucker was recorded WAY back on July... , 2011 but it won't air until tonight in Japan. Full times, etc. are available here. And unlike G4.. Japanese actually enjoy showing the Americans TOGETHER with the rest of the tournament.. okay.. happy thoughts.. happy thoughts.. I'm not here to bitch about G4.. Lalalalalalala.. I know that the 2011 background is confusing the hell out of people here in the United States but it's actually very simple. They put the year of Sasuke according to when it airs even if there was another Sasuke 2011.. this one is "Fall/Autumn" even though we all know this was summer.. but that's.. semantics.... anyway.. The show starts out with 1997 where they began Sasuke as a special for Banzuke.

Bunpei Shiratori 白鳥文平

No.. Bunpei will not be competing. They did a montage of the thrill of victory and agony of defeat from previous Sasuke's. I just chose this one simply because I miss him! :(

And you know I was going to include this one as well. So strange seeing the old Sasuke events though. I miss Shinji as well!

They mention that Ninja Warrior is sold all around the world

and have had trials of their own just to get on the main show

As we see Shingo getting pwned.. again.. they remind us that up to this tournament they have had 2600 attempts but only 3 victories

Poor Bunpei getting close to no avail..

and who could forget the gut-wrenching loss of Takeda in 24 with Nagano weeping in the background?

For those who are new.. here's your first winner, All-Star Kazuhiko Akiyama 秋山 和彦 This was televised in October, 1999 during Sasuke 4

Then in October, 2006 during Sasuke 17 we crowned Allstar - Makoto Nagano 長野誠

Then in January, 2010 during Sasuke 24 we crowned the Leader of the New Stars Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (or for me (Cliffer #3) the latest winner

So.. we have 3 winners out of 2600 attempts

But.. we now have 4..

WHAT? Yep.. read it and weep.. we got a winner in Sasuke 27!

And because we know TBS loves him.. David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル

Farid 'Cat' Isham モハメド・パリド・イシャム from Malaysia

All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 aka Mr. Sasuke

and.. not sure.. we'll explore that later

Wow. they are showing Okada? Anyway Yuuichi Okada 岡田祐一, who maintains 星空パーク in Saitama, where UNCLI and co. go to train

And this is where the banner was in the program. 7 PM local time .. WATCH!

oh boy.. we got more dramatic stuff from Yamada..

and.. LOL Nagano already missing Takeda from Sasuke 26...

.. decides to teach his CHILD how to cane him :p

Anyway from the left is wife Asami 阿紗 美 and their baby boy Kaiou 塊王 who is growing up ridiculously fast.. he turned 2 in June.

Hmm they seem to have someone literally from the Tohoku disaster from March 11..

and we have.. RYO!!!!!!!!!!!! Ehem.. Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒

and Okada again.. something with a car...LOL omg they WIND the Escargot with a rope tied to a car???? ahahahhahahahaha

This screenshot paid in blood by G4.. sorry.. LOL Couldn't resist..

And the heavily edited crap has been sold all around the world.. up to 153 countries now..

But enough of that crap.. no really.. TBS just inexplicably cut directly to Last Battle.. LOL It was actually quite jarring..

Anyway if you can't figure out who the hell this is you need to be shot.. anyway.. Makoto Nagano 長野誠 (Captain of the 28th Konpiramaru)

STOCK FOOTAGE!!!!! ehem.. Way back in August, 2010 Nagano was actually invited to the USA for ANW2.. seems that didn't matter this year forANW3 since they only asked for his clothes this time..

Anyway as you can see Nagano was introduced to the crowd along with current Sasuke Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Sasuke 24) and former world class sprinter and perennial favorite Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

Nagano by far was the most recognizable though as they crack out the chart to prove a point..

My goodness they love charts.. LOL But hey.. those are effective!

anyway.. staring at the chart we notice his proficiency! During Shin Sasuke where he debuted in Sasuke 7 (even though he was cut.. LOL) he made it to the 3rd stage 6 times.. including 3 straight finals (which this picture illustrates from Sasuke 11 back in March of 2003.

During Sasuke 12 he was painfully close to winning.. That aired in November of 2003.

And obviously we know this picture by heart as he got ready to defeat Sasuke 17 and become the 2nd ever Champion of Sasuke

A very happy Nagano wakes up to a day of Sasuke Malaysia back in May, 2011

And for those geographically deficient.. this is where Malaysia is.. for those who really have no clue.. Japan is the top right string of islands and that's Australia at the bottom of your screen.

Where apparently more 50% of the population are fat.. no really that's what they are talking about as they show some woman plowing down on some chips.. IN PUBLIC.. OMG... LOL

And TBS is hyped that it made the local newspaper! Sasuke in Malaysia!

Meanwhile in typical TBS fashion.. you see them entering with a camera on a meeting already in progress

Sasuke Malaysia committee hard at work with TBS to comprise the obstacles to Sasuke Malaysia's 2 stage course

and here's the Half-Pipe Attack ハーフパイプアタック

meanwhile in a secret garage in Malaysia..

every obstacle course lover's dream.. the building of an authentic TBS made obstacle :p This is the Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 (what G4 calls the Warped Wall)

and these are the Rokudantobi 六段跳び (what G4 calls the Sextuple Steps)

Meanwhile.. in downtown Putrajaya in Malaysia....

They put the course in the middle of town!

as you can see.. TBS and Sasuke Malaysia organizing committee did an awesome job in designing the course!

Even the HPA looks menacing in black!

Jumping Spider

Warped Wall painted

and as I blogged about before.. this was the press conference the week of the tournament

nice banner :)

Master control inside a tent

Nagano doing the testing for SM in front of dignitaries and officials

Glad he did the Jumping spider because the rain doused the HPA where he eventually fell

This woman approves :) Thaaaaaaat's right :)

Ack. I need Armin or Johan to identify this guy..

LOL Nagano looks like he's going "he's going to do.. what??"

Luckily he doesn't hurt himself in the attempt

meanwhile another dignitary/official..

and they all clap that he didn't douse himself in water! LOL

anyway the day of the competition has arrived!

They had a 2 stage obstacle course with 100 (cough.. +) people going!

Mental note G4.. THIS is what contestants want! SADDLE CLOTHS!!

Though this guy doesn't exactly know which side is right side up!

speaking of #59 Johan Yusof! Hey I see you shadowboxing!

and if you read Armin's friggin' awesome blog of that day you will know who all of these people are!


and the man of the hour has arrived!

And I like the thought pattern of these woman.. Let's.. watch..

Lucky bastards taking pics! Aweeeeesome!

Nagano truly getting a hero's welcome

they shut down traffic.. for..

a classic Sasuke lineup! HO!

LOL Sorry.. that HPA in black just looks awesome

they had the jumbo tron as well!

Yay a woman!

boo down on the first obstacle..

and for good measure some dude face-planting on the Jumping spider!

and Superman can't fly..

I don't even know...

Either way nice theatrics to end his run!

The whole crowd lining the streets in both directions were animated

and channeling his inner Takeda.. he will laugh at your defeat!

"It is more difficult than fighting monsters!".. lol that's an exact quote...

Exciting! Exciting! Especially when waiting for our turn.

I will try next year if I could please!

Day 2 marked a huge event..

the arrival of the Prime Minister to watch Sasuke Malaysia!

Nagano was surprised and nervous that he was going to meet him

Surprise visit from by the YAB Deputy PRIME MINISTER YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Introduction to the course and surrounded by staff and officials and heavy security

Nagano is introduced to him

and gets to shake his hand :)

And while bowing the PM poses for pics LOL

friggin' awesome baby!!!!

attempt at the HPA

and the landing is squishy!

meanwhile we get someone who is about to finish the first stage!

Hmm.. they added another ledge to help people up since there's no rigging like in sasuke to pull yourself up from


Nagano approves!

meanwhile stripping at the starting line is Cat!

A die hard Nagano fan he dressed like him! mwahahahahahha (after all he was stalking him the day before LOL GO CAT!)

Cat on the Jump Hang

and easily up the Warped Wall

and Cat during the Final (a small replica of the Sasuke 17 final which btw was my favorite)

going up the rope

and hitting the buzzer!

and like 100 people pulling him to safety.. LOL

Damn.. I wish my final was a lot shorter like this..

Hey it's the thought that counts and we only had one winner anyway!

Go Cat! We'll see you in Sasuke!

A happy Nagano going to congratulate Cat

LOL they are dressed alike it's totally cool

Nagano lingering...

Nagano with crazy hands

probably making unrealistic expectations..

but I don't care .. let him do his Vanna White impression

meanwhile in yet another playground that rocks..

palm trees and Nagano.. need I say more?

And doing a Rocky impression by jogging over a bridge..

oh yeah.. abrupt cut to Maguro Festival! LOL

overcast day but they still had the obstacles

Showing the Demonstration times

All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟

Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己

All-Star Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩

LOL and notice the amount of women gathering...

Uhm.. what is Takeda doing with his arms??

btw they were raising money for the disaster victims

Music change and we are in Miyazaki Prefecture..

Nagano family slowly going somewhere

Omg.. they are praying in a family shrine (btw I think this is his parent's house.. a guess really but his parents do live in the same town Nagano was born in)

Moment of silence please

彌助 Yasuke(Died at age 79)
For those who haven't figured it out.. Nagano just lost his father. This was Yasuke Nagano (pronounced just like Sasuke just replacing the letter S with Y so it was Yas'keh)

Strange seeing this clip now. This was Sasuke 10.. the one that he showed up all cocky and overconfident

In the crowd.. as was with Sasuke 7-9.. was his entire family. Wife (at the time), Children (2 boys) and parents

which included his father Yasuke

P.S. This is the Nagano family during the wedding to Asami back in January, 2009

we all know what his cockiness led to that tourney..

Though we know where he got his sick sense of humor from.. LOL

btw yes those are the Nagano boys in front of his dad.

By far the most somber moment of Navi.. him talking about his father's passing and how close they were. Mental note.. Nagano became a fisherman following in his father's footsteps. They were very close

Awww.. Makoto age 4 and his Dad 44

I would assume that's Makoto wearing white next to Dad.. unsure.. he does have an older brother.. but I doubt they would have put a picture of him without mentioning who was who

That's Asami in the middle doing double peace signs, Kaiou sitting on Grandpa's lap with Grandma holding the sign and Makoto doing a peace sign. Unsure who the person in the wheelchair is.. that might be his older brother..

Yasuke Nagano - Rest in Peace
P.S.. I found out something disturbing.. his father passed THE DAY OF THE MAGURO FESTIVAL...

Makoto will continue his father's legacy of fishing in his honor

meanwhile TBS reminding us of Nagano's latest suckitude.. this shocker back in Sasuke 24...

and this geronimo in Sasuke 25...

and this wtf in Sasuke 26...

and who could forget Kaiou in the arms of his mother calling out for Papa?

needless to say Nagano doesn't want this to be a lasting image...

so he's training his butt off!

lol Scruffy Nagano wanting to do well

Tense..... oh.. new pendant.. 2 necklaces.

and carrying the Japan banner..

Most likely this one...

meanwhile in Dramaland™ it's Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己

He's been associated with Sasuke in some way since Sasuke 1 back in 1997.. earlier than that if you count Banzuke

He's been to the final once back in Sasuke 3

and has been photographed doing various jobs

The family metal factory (his wife's family not his)

currently he sells beers in baseball stadiums..

while training to once again take on the Final tower

Yes this is his FRONT yard

Where he trains relentlessly

prays and prays

and .. almost gets burned.. o_O

he looks more in shape this time... I'm happy they aren't doing a fat measurement like last time..

And because TBS loves to remind you of failure.. this is him in Sasuke 4..

and IMO the worst failure of all time.. falling off the final mat after completing Stage 3 in Sasuke 6

yet again falling off mat but less painfully in Sasuke 10...

and yes.. TBS hates you.. Mr. Sasuke Crying.. take a drink!

Will he or won't he?

meanwhile let's go down to the ballpark!

where you see him suit up to sell beer!

creative use of the Sasuke towel..

where he's easily recognized and has a niche to sell beer

and pose for pics!

and meet fans

ZOMG it's Mr. Sasuke! Giggle giggle

awkward moment of being yelled at "MISTAH SASUKE!"

I see he's creative in using his celebrity

cue dramatic pose

I see he's finally added that top bar.. the one he hasn't had in a while..

and practicing the hell out of the one obstacle that has his name on it

we all know the Jumping Spider

and the warped wall

and because TBS LOVES charts...

after a few missed attempts he catches the top bar.. (he usually caught the one below it which we all know would be a miss)

and more training on the Jumping spider

Training like a maniac to get passed stage one finally before Ube comes up with another gif

another awkward moment.. "Oh Mr. Sasuke.. your muscles are so.. delicious"..

will his training pay off? Who's cuisine will reign supreme?

yep he's 91 folks..

Yamada striking a pose

Btw.. this video replayed like 10 times.. This is the Sasuke commercial. Filled with obvious spoilers

But THIS commercial reaaaaaally is a spoilerific event. Open at your own risk


Unknown said...

Thank you Arsenette, for everything over the years including the All star fans (I'm not on it, haven't had the time, but peek over there occasionally) and this summary.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure you're at All Star fans, but I thought you were at some point. Regardless, thanks also for at G4 (they're not showing until MARCH???).

lampini said...

k so I read on sasuke pedia that nagano failed the uch. first is this real did nagano really make it to the cliff hanger. second if it was him was he the guy in the trailer that failed the uch fifth ledge

Arsenette said...

Howdie :) I haven't been on Webjam in about 2 years and deleted my account but happy it's still going!

Yeah a Japan Times article said it won't be until March...

Lampini I haven't touched the blogs for anything past this one so I won't address what happened until I get there :) Boards are a good place to talk about it though. There's already a lot of discussion about it :) And yes Sasukepedia is correct as I know they do a good job in getting correct information. :D

Anonymous said...

Going ™ crazy, aye?

Anonymous said...


I've found a torrent for sasuke 27 but i don't find the navi special
And i really like to see it first
Anybody know where i can get it ?

For those who don't know how to find sasuke 27 : try "SASUKE2011秋 torrent"

Arsenette said...

The Sasuke Maniac Forums (link on the Links section on the right side of this blog) has them. I don't do the links simply because new ones are found every day and old ones are updated. Don't post a question on the forums.. just send a Private message to a moderator for information on how to find it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thank's fot this quick answer

I was actualy scared to be spoiled if i go on a forum but i'll do that

Arsenette said...

Not a problem :) I'm currently working on Part 3 of this blog so I was up ;) Enjoy!