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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sasuke 27 Navi - Part 3

Oh! They are showing runs again on Sasuke Navi!!

This is Part 3 of Sasuke Navi that aired on October 2, 2011. Sorry it's taking me long to get this up but I am sick again.. Inner ear infection among other things. :p

The classic Sasuke lineup in front of the Final Tower!
This is Fall/Autumn Sasuke 2011.. though we know it was taped back in July.. LOL

.. I see they didn't bother putting Yuuji in the front again..

I see Strat with a silly grin in the back.. LOL, Kojima, Kinnikun and Wakky line up at the front.. and I see Kongo with a freshly shaved dome..

Oh! I see Nagasawa on the far left... I think.. Oh I see Yuuji shoved in the 2nd row.. far left as well.. /sigh even a bunch of comedians I don't really watch.. or know.. are lined up ahead of the current champion.. /groan..

Even on the main pic you don't see Yuuji.. /sigh just his shirt in front of Nagasawa. Still as much as I am not a fan.. Mr. Sasuke gets more respect than the current Champion. At least Nagano is front and center though.. Seems Shingo is late again.. wait.. I don't see Takeda either.. wtf..

anyway.. time for HO!!!!!!


Well.. I've seen the course already back in August.. okay okay I'll behave...

Now they flash spoilers at the top because well.. that's TBS.. and Japanese television LOL

And a view of disappointment..

Here we go.. some runs that will be cut from the main broadcast! LOL 1st Stage here we go!

No number obviously and the name given on the far left is actually the announcer..

Less annoying announcer Fumiyasu Satō 佐藤 文康 (and this is what he looks like)

Okay here we go. 平井孝明 Takaaki Hirai (SDF member)

and he does well on the first obstacle the ① Step Slider ステップスライダー

and we know they moved this obstacle from the previous location.. ② Rolling Escargot ローリングエスカルゴ

and he rip off it.. 平井孝明 Takaaki Hirai - Death by Rolling Escargot

濱田真 Makoto Hamada (Aichi Masters Bodybuilding contest 2nd Place)

Well across the Step Slider

onwards to the Rolling Escargot.. but he stops to readjust his foot!

But.. it doesn't help him as HE rips off it

a mix of laughter and dismay LOL

濱田真 Makoto Hamada - Death by Rolling Escargot

oh.. I know who this is.. well.. maybe one of them.. not sure which. I was hoping he made the main broadcast tomorrow.. /sigh.. That is a Jaguar btw..

Now to see who's running.. I assume his son is going first.

Those of you might remember Jaguar Mechanic Hidenori Nagasawa 長澤 秀則
We couldn't quite get the interview to fruition but we know he competed again today! And if history is correct.. he's going to get cut from the broadcast..

Here is his son 長澤拓夢 Takumu Nagasawa who is 14 years old

A bit of backstory for Nagasawa whom TBS seems to like to cut from previous broadcasts.. he has a great sense of humor about it though.. he even predicted if he achieved Kanzenseiha he'd get cut anyway.. LOL

He is a mechanic for Jaguar Japan

He's passed the First stage before!

This one was Sasuke 16 back in 2005

Since then he's had a knee injury that caused him to have surgery. He chronicled his whole story on Youtube (From beginning to just before Sasuke 23 - yep you guessed it.. cut from that too) in an awesome video!

This is his home where his own obstacle course lives on his roof aptly named "Sky Park"

Where his son also trains

Okie dokie here we go! It's now his son's turn to compete!

doing well on the Step Slider

onwards to the Rolling Escargot

and the end makes you upside down!

so he just flops his body safely onto the mat!

Dad looks on proudly

Oh.. new obstacle.. this is the modified version of the ③ *Giant Swing ジャイアントスイング which of course is identical to something Supersheep designed for Sim Sasuke.. just saying..

okay off the springboard into the air to catch the bar

Oh.. he piked and the force pulled him off the bar!

Awwww Dad is disappointed..

K he was doing good here

but he didn't expect that motion and his body went into a piked position

so when he swung over he just ripped off the bar

and straight onto the landing platform base

長澤拓夢 Takumu Nagasawa - death by Giant Swing

Did I remind G4 that he is 14? Still he did a good job on his first run. I hope he continues to train and come back! Next time TBS show his father too!

next is 増山聴介 Toshiyuki Masuyama

easily past the Step Slider

onwards to the Rolling Escargot

Whoah! That didn't last long..

almost relieved that this was the spoiler video.. was hoping it wasn't for one of my favorites.. I know.. I know.. but you know.. just saying..

literally didn't get a full rotation..

a sheepish 増山聴介 Toshiyuki Masuyama - Death by Rolling Escargot

*Rolling Escargot ローリングエスカルゴ now do you see why it's called that?

we see a model of it.. which means only one thing!

Yasuo Aoki 青木保夫 - or better known as creepy sculptor guy to me.. most likely cut from the main broadcast.. again.. since he's here on Navi..

he's.. 83 pounds.. SOMEONE FEED HIM!!!

and I thought my room was a mess.. seems he does all of his sculpting on the floor of his flat

amazing talent..

and we see previous Sasuke obstacle mock ups

Geez.. people would gladly pay for these than sit in a pile..

trying to find words.. but well.. yeah..

I can barely see his arms.. someone .. seriously.. feed him.. we are see him wither away before our very eyes..

okay back to .. Sasuke.. he stutters again trying to find an angle..

Well he barely touches the first obstacle..

but down on the 2nd.. Yasuo Aoki 青木保夫 - Death by (insert random first obstacle here) Step Slider

Ishimaru just smiles

Aww he's going to be cut as well from the main broadcast.. and he doesn't live in the Kanto region either.. which means we had to send it to him just so he can see himself on Sasuke!
Anyway they are calling him Mr. Crusher because in Sasuke 25 he bent a frying pan!

Then in Sasuke 26 he bent a wok!

Oh I'm seeing a metal drum.. oh.. and I see Kanno.. wait.. he's got a huge ice pack on his shoulder.. this isn't good..

anyway the reason why you see Kanno is simple. They are actually really good friends. You can see them goofing around in this video last year

and.. he starts to bend the drum.. ggrrrr.. this is tough!! He finally bends it into submission!

then tries to bend it even more but to no avail

Kanno is cheesing in the background LOL


dude doesn't care his friend is hurt but Kanno at least is quick on his hands and deflects it. You saw it! Attempted murder! LOL

Shinya Kishimoto 岸本 真弥

and to quote Ube from several blogs ago.. "time to invade his privacy".. LOL

most of you have seen video of this demonic obstacle he built.. on his Youtube Channel

I still don't know their names but he has 2 cute daughters!

and off we go! Easily past the Step Slider

He doesn't want to make the same mistake twice.. he trained hard on this obstacle

Safe landing!

Now onto the modified Giant Swing

and.. whooooooooooah.. he didn't let go and is falling backwards!!!

he manages to get back on the bar and swing back the opposite direction for another try!

okay.. that was scary..

Now.. ④ *Jumping Spider ジャンピングスパイダー

and.. Success!!

okay.. now the modified ⑤ *Half-Pipe Attack ハーフパイプアタック that broke Drew's leg because of the landing.. is next..

and he's on the other side

whoaaaaaaaah.. he didn't let go and almost fell in because of the momentum..

Safely across the log.. btw.. I don't like this landing.. seriously.. I know it already broke someone's leg.. please get rid of it.. change it back if necessary..

now to the ⑥ Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 or Warped Wall to most western viewers

did I explain how much I hate competitors stopping to see the height and walk back slowly?

he wasted more than 5 seconds doing that..

but first.. this commercial that they played incessantly.. PLEASE WATCH AS WE SEE THE 4TH KANZENSEIHA!..

meanwhile back on the Warped wall he MISSES the first pass...

He gets ready to do the wall again..

and fails again!

oh this is not good..

The kids are losing their marbles!

Yuuji, Okuyama and even Shingo are dumbfounded..

.. Shingo is now aware of how much time has been wasted..

It's such a shame. He trains on this thing.. maybe not enough stamina since he's doing his upper body training more than that? Akiyama has the same problem!

He can't believe where he failed this time...

neither can his daughter (on the right of the screen)

as he slams his hand down.. Shinya Kishimoto 岸本 真弥 - Death by Time up on Warped Wall

Hope we see him again. Keep training!

I see we have come to the end of the Preview show as they start flashing across the screen the people for the main broadcast - 内藤大助 Daisuke Naito (Former WBC Flyweight Champion)

なかやまきんに君 Kinnikun Nakayama (Comedian)

Wakky ワッキー

Hidenori Sasaki 佐々木博紀

Yuuichi Okada 岡田祐一

All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 aka Mr. Sasuke

All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 and Sasuke 17 Champion

and carrying the Japan banner..

Most likely this one...

Thanks for reading and hopefully everyone is psyched for Sasuke 27!! See you soon with Sasuke 27 on October 3rd ONLY on TBS JAPAN! Everyone else has to wait until NEXT YEAR MARCH.. /sigh Thanks everyone for being patient while I got sick.. again.. please continue to be patient when I finally finish Sasuke 27 in the next week or so. Again thank you so much to Lost in Ube for getting the names and kanji for each of the competitors! Thanks again to Jason for the WIST stream again, Jams for recording it and thanks to Supersheep for streaming for the fans!

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