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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sasuke 27 - Spoilerific Review - Part 6


(PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3) (PART 4) (PART 5)

Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 27.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D (Just remember.. the USA Broadcast of this.. will be.. well.. March, 2012.. Yes.. you read that right.. another 5 months after taping this event back in July... Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Got sick with headaches again this year and am still recovering from an inner ear infection.. yum.. Anyway.. For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 27 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 27 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke and even a couple of runs that were cut from the official broadcast!. Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist.. P.S. I will NOT be covering ANW3 on this blog especially since it aired a couple months ago and I prefer to blog about everyone at once.. not in isolation! Thanks!


(Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!!)

And to one of my favorite soundtracks.. the montage of competitors set to take the course next.
Yamada starting to stretch

David breathing

Wakky doing that Naito dance...

And Nagano lookin' hawt..

Up next.. hey! Takeda exists! nooo.. he's not dressed to compete.. dammit.. I guess he really isn't competing.. /sigh I hope he comes to a decision on whether or not to compete again. I for one want him to continue competing. :)

LOL Nagano looks like he's covering the Sasuke Spray again..

So.. will Shingo's hat come off today? Will my husband be right again?

Meanwhile I'm thinking what fantastic way is Shingo going to wipe out this time? Because seriously.. he has to be the goofiest competitor in history.. no one else has the string of bad luck the way he does it..

SHIFT CHANGE (Thank God.. ) Veteran announcer Keisuke Hatsuta 初田 啓介 is back ya'll!
(shoving the idiot announcer Ogasawara whom I can't stand back down to #2 :p )

All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟
btw.. we are at 81 now.. lol what a friggin' rollercoaster

If ya'll don't know by now what he does for a living.. ya'll don't watch the show..

especially since he's been in every friggin' Sasuke tournament there's ever been. Here's Shingo pimping short shorts on his very first appearance 14 years ago!

He's made it to the final stage twice!

This is his wife Eiko 英子

We've chronicled his career from gas jockey to Area manager

Now he's the boss

We've also seen him get married and build a new home in Tokyo

Seems like Takahashi he likes putting up his family name in Romanji

Seems this is his front door

And because this is TBS.. life would not be complete without pointing out your failures.. they break out the chart.. This inexplicable lapse of brains happened in Sasuke 20

and because we know he hates the Balance Tank.. he jumped waaaaay to early and failed it in Sasuke 25

and this was his last failure.. being ripped off the Rolling Escargot in Sasuke 26

Hey this looks like stock footage.. LOL

This isn't though.. he went back to climb Mount Fuji though.. something has been bugging me.. Climbing Mount Fuji is definitely a unique experience, but there's a saying in Japan: "Everyone should climb Mount Fuji once; only a fool would climb it twice."

So.. he did it twice.. hmm.. just sayin'

Now.. hat on.. or hat off..

Okay here we go!!!!! Yay no stupid foot grazing over water!

I'm sure he's hoping revenge on this stupid snail

Yay! LOL his feet glow..

Dangit.. I want Takeda back competing..

I see also Yamada found a pulse LOL

He's surprising the hell out of me... could he be reading my blogs? LOL Nah....

I see Nagano is yelling again too

Okay.. . giant .. swing.. hat still on.. c'mon Shingo..

Yay! Clear on Giant Swing.. hat still on though..

wow no pause between that and the Jumping Spider..

Whoot! Not a problem though..

Hat.. dude.. still on..

LOL Takeda is practically glowing in all white there in the background..

C'mon.. land this stupid thing..

Okay.. he's down.. but hat is on.. will he fall somewhere?


and that....

Phew.. okay made it to the wall.. still has hat on.. I'm getting nervous..

Meh.. I hate the walk... You should know how high this is by now dude..

Okay still he made it!

Lee and Nagano looking intently

and a clear for Shingo made Nagano jump and hoot for joy!

Dude you are doing fantastic!!!

LOL I just noticed Shingo's smirk on his photo.. LOL He can never take just a simple picture! Aahahahhaha

Okay! We know he's done the Cannonball Run in Viking before so this should be okay



Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. HAT WAS ON DAMMIT.. Hubby wins.. again.. DAMN CURSE!

Rushed it and he tried to stop his momentum bringing him tumbling down...

Crowd seems surprised though.. LOL

Seriously.. hat on.. first stage.. not good..

Nagano yelling instructions

and right about .. here..

and.. yeah...

Nagano disgusted just turns around..

LOL Camera trying to follow Nagano as he just walks away

Hmm Takeda is pretty far back.. trying to stay away from Camera range?

Oh.. he' s pissed.. "WHY DID YOU RUSH?!?!?!"

Meanwhile.. Takeda is just cheesing in the background...

LOL Nagano starting to smile as Shingo is smiling back at him

Hey I have to commend a married man wearing his wedding ring. Seriously.. I love that :) Much love for Eiko!

Gah.. I hate it though when hubby is right.. damn hat curse strikes again!

LOL Though he does have a sense of humor

How can anyone be angry at him when he has a great smile like that? (cue Sasuke wipe)

Glowing shoes and all signal when he lost control..

and all his momentum was backwards when he stopped trying to move forward. Most have been able to recover if they kept moving forward.. but he skidded backwards and stopped moving his feet

Unfortunately no hope to grab onto something by here..

awwww he knew it and was already screaming

All-Star Shingo Yamamoto 山本進悟 - Death by Spin Bridge

Mottainai! Majide!!

Meanwhile Yamada is practicing again

Looks like he's mentally going through the Jumping Spider?

Yep.. Jumping Spider.. and even in this one.. he's.. late..

Okay shocking.. from 81 to 82.. I just don't know what to do with myself right now.. we went in order? LOL

Up next we have a Olympian! Remember they had a montage of random Olympic Dudes? Well here's one of them apparently

恩田祐一 Yuichi Onda (Olympic Cross Country Skier)

safely across the Step Slider

Uhm.. they randomly cut to Yamada getting ready for his run LOL but.. his number is not even close.. wtf... he's 91...

anyway going back in time to 82.. he mounts the Rolling Escargot.. really high...

Yeah.. that's what I thought..

恩田祐一 Yuichi Onda - Death by Rolling Escargot

See? 91.. oh TBS TBS.. stop taking cues from G4 in editing.. Anyway we get to stare at Takeda's but for a little bit and remark at the Shingo farmer's tan that is making his shoulders glow LOL

Yamada's got his game face on

Oh boy.. incoming dramatic fluff piece.. LOL This one is new.. okay.. seat buckled?

Yamada was there from the very beginning in Sasuke 1 back in 1997 where he was Mr. Banzuke then.. yeah..

Sasuke 3 he made it all the way to the final stage

TBS reminding us of his spotty work history

Factory belonging to his wife's family..

and what he currently does for a living since he has trouble holding down other jobs..

yes.. that's his FRONT yard

He's done everything to get back to his winning ways

including surviving solar flares..

But he's been up and down ever since. Sasuke 4 he couldn't get past the what seems weak now.. the Cliffhanger

and to date the most painful of his fails.. falling off the landing mat just inches from the final in Sasuke 6

He also got close in Sasuke 10 but fell backwards

and because TBS loves bringing this up.. the infamous Yamada crying clip where he said "Sasuke is my life"

Back to his inconsistent jobs

and his part-time job now

Will he fail again like in Sasuke 15?

.. and Sasuke 23?

and (insert tournament) fail the Jumping Spider again?

or die at the wall again?

Speaking of the wall he did something to finally make the wall higher at his home

though.. he still keeps grabbing the bottom bar first before going up to the top bar..

and apparently is inconsistent on the Jumping Spider

Though he's been training hard and can get it some of the times

Which Yamada will we see?

OMG.. TBS is doing a crying montage? I ran out of drinks and I don't even drink!

LOL TBS must really hate him for doing this..

Will he cry?

Will he retire.. again...

Or will he finally triumph?

He's praying to the Gods now...

Meanwhile.. you can take a bathroom break because this introduction is going overtime...

Seriously.. they went up and down the course like twice LOL

Hey.. I want this as wallpaper...

Finally getting back to the Start line

Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己

Doing fine across the Step Slider

carefully mounting the Rolling Escargot

and he's clear

Nagano intently watching

Yelling encouragement as always

I see Takeda just moved up.. we know you are there bro.. just give it up

no problems on the Giant Swing

deeeeeeep breath on the way to the Jumping Spider

and he sticks! Will he fall off now?

Nope he seems to be in control this time

But first.. commercials...

and we go back in time to bring you these important sponsors! (No seriously.. they need more of these to bring back Sasuke from the dead)

Okay he's doing well on the Jumping Spider!

Nagano praying he sticks this..


and he can go down the line... LOL The other guys aren't so sure and they watch to see if he falls off?? LOL

Okay.. on the way to the Half-Pipe Attack


He touches back to try again

calmly lands

and safely across the log

... and.. completely grinds to a halt.. /sigh

Dude.. you got 40 seconds left.. you do NOT stop and contemplate..

K there here goes nothing... this wall doesn't have the lower bar you can grab onto with your right hand..

.. and he baaaaarely touches the top..

Nagano yelling encouragement again

the other guys not as confident slowly trickle in..

oh.. he's not confident either..

I agree with Ube.. you can literally see him give up. It's all over his demeanor.. he gave it all on the first run

now he's just walking around the bottom seemingly lost

after another 15 seconds he tries again this time grabbing it!

but let's go..

must be frustrating to watch..



and he lets go..

Poor guys..

especially you know that he just doesn't have enough time

they just turn around since it's too painful to watch

and.. Nagano stares at the clock to confirm his suspicion...

He's just wasting time now wrestling demons and running out the clock.. not sure in which order..

well he tries again..

not much closer

shocking.. he's showing emotion again..

body just droops at the sound of the klaxon blaring

He tries one more time and you can see how close he is

and.. it's over finally

Takeda just smiles

You know they expected this though.. especially when he failed the first go up the wall and mentally checked out

meanwhile.. Wakky doesn't want to say or do anything..

again Yamada with emotion. He poured everything on that first pass

actually I much prefer seeing him do this than what he has done in the past

better that he shows he actually cares

which is a shame since he actually had a good run up until that point

Just here.. he gave up.. and I hate seeing anyone do that

and he knows it. Maybe he'll fill in that gap on the wall he should have done years ago and do better next time

Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 - Death by Time up on the Warped Wall.. again


Kamran said...

Why wasn't Takeda competing?
What does his job have to do with it?

Arsenette said...

Seems his new job does not want him to compete. That's all we know right now.

Chaki said...

I totally agree with you about his homemade wall. Hiro and I saw it and we agreed that it's way too easy to grab the bar with your fingers than hang onto that wall...

maggie_kos said...

Shingo Yamamoto is 37 ?!?!?! He looks sooo young, and he's just 2 years younger than Nagano Makoto...He really hasn't changed much since his first appearance in the show...he's got the same (or worse) boyish charm...

He makes me wanna hug him every time I see him...;) apart from those moments when I feel like strangling him for making silly mistakes...

And that kid is 37...?

Arsenette said...

Seems the rumors of his job not wanting Takeda to compete were wrong. He hasn't decided if he's going to compete again due to his new job. He's not sure if the risk is worth it yet as his new job as a rescue helicopter squad would be impacted should he get hurt on the job. No decision has been made yet as to whether he will compete again.