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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sasuke 27 Navi - Part 2

Title for Navi - Sasuke 27 edition!

Part 1 can be found here

This is Part 2 of Sasuke Navi that aired on October 2, 2011. Sorry it's taking me long to get this up but I am sick again.. Inner ear infection among other things. :p

We change areas again and arrive in Minami-Sakurai Station (南桜井駅) which is a train station in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

.. and I know who this person is.. since I know this house.. LOL

and if that's not a clue.. ya'll don't follow him on Youtube or read my blog.. LOL

Yuuichi Okada 岡田祐一, who maintains 星空パーク in Saitama, where UNCLI and co. go to train

Here's the list of obstacles has in his backyard.. Ya'll can find them on Sasukepedia.. I'm not doing all that...

Here are the many entries and photos and videos and whatnot over the years that Okada has submitted for consideration

He is most known for his Youtube lately.. where he puts videos of endurance as he trains extensively for Sasuke

Here you can see Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒 listening to his friend Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3) on technique in Okada's backyard

and several STQ'ers (or Sasuke Trial Qualifiers), Trials competitors and even Sasuke competitors all training in his backyard over the years

Current Sasuke Champion Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (Cliffer #3)

I'm told his daughters are Sora and Noa and they are CUTE! Omg I loooooove the pigtails!!

meanwhile.. in the back of the family van.. Okada is jerryrigging something to the back..

LOL that's his wife Kaori lining up the minivan????

OMG THEY WIND UP THE Rolling Escargot with the CAR???? Aahahahhahahahahahaha That's priceless!!

That's hysterical.. on top of that wife Kaori is threatening to dissemble the obstacles if he doesn't do better next time in Sasuke! Ultimatum! You heard it here first! LOL

Will Okada's beloved backyard.. (I'm told cost over 1,000,000¥ to build.. (that's about $13k in US...) over 5 years) have to dismantle his pride and joy???

It would totally suck if I have to break down that backyard.. so like.. no pressure.. really...

And this is his image of him on the starting line of Sasuke 27! Tune in at 7 to find out!

Meanwhile.. sporting a do-rag.. oh.. that's RYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooooh fluff piece.. Ehem.. Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒

Ehem.. Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒 whom I've been following for awhile now so it feels weird seeing him grow up..

btw if you haven't noticed.. he's a painter.. not an artist.. an actual house painter

I WANT THAT TOWEL DAMMIT! Why can't Monster 9 sell this overseas? I'd totally buy it!!

aaaaah a Sasuke All-star shrine.. with all the signatures..

and Yuuji and Yamada (yes.. yes.. he's a fan.. not sure if I can forgive him for that.. LOL)

And he's met them plenty of times! Nice.. 5/6 Allstars!

He's so shy it's shocking to hear him speak.. I think this is the most he's spoken in all his life.. LOL

btw something I didn't know from before.. This was a calligraphy he did when he was a kid

Can you guess what it says? KANZENSEIHA 完全制覇

Ah yes.. let's go back and see how may friggin' times this kid has had to go to Trials.. now.. this was Trials for Sasuke 20 back in 2008.. just as I started to blog.

And again in Sasuke 21 also 2008 where he actually made it to Sasuke. This was actually my first trials blog back when Sasuke Maniac on TBS television still existed.

Ah yes.. I remember this.. /cries.. Sasuke 22 Trials where he was thrown in a tug of war.. and Ryo's group lost... that group had to do 800 meter run and he didn't run fast enough to be automatically selected to the next round ... so yeah he was eliminated

Sasuke 25's trials (after a long absence of trials.. thanks M9.. /sigh) where Ryo was so happy he got this as part of the trial.. he smoked everyone else and was back on Sasuke!

Don't think this is recent but he's had to go through a lot to get here again. Just like the rest of the Sasuke Trial Qualifiers (even Yuuji) getting even SELECTED to try out was a process (he was not chosen to compete in Trials in the past)

Meanwhile for those who follow my blog you know where this is.. this.. is Ryo's room.. be prepared..

yes that tiny room has all those life-size obstacles! LOL

How he sleeps in here is beyond me.. LOL

We've followed his progress for a few years.. I do hope he gets past stage 1 finally.. he's so friggin' talented!

I had to have this explained to me. THIS is his mother's house. Yes.. that's his mother. Her name is Miki. Young isn't she?.. she could be my age.. shudders the thought that I'm old enough to be Ryo's mother too.. LOL

Awwww she has a bunny! Yes.. I'm staring at the background.. Considering all the stuffed animals and bunny and Winnie the Poo plushies.. this place is the 100 acre wood!

Miki is his Mom's name. Btw this is important.. and might be long.. but.. his parents are divorced. Ryo lives with his father (remember that room we know? that's his Dad's house). THIS is his mother's house.

Why is this important? Because in Japan when you divorce.. you don't ever have contact with the other person who left.. including children. So it is HIGHLY unusual to see his mother at his events over the years. We haven't seen Nagano 2 sons in some years..

Those remember that UNCLI sign from the last Sasuke he was in.. the person in the middle with the hat was his mother (just above "cliffer")

Miki again here at Trials (wrapped around a Sasuke towel I am coveting..) for Sasuke 27 so it's important for Ryo to keep the tie with his mother even though society in Japan accepts one parent disappearing from the children's lives after a divorce. Ryo seems to not accept that term and has kept his tie with his mother and include him in everything tied to Sasuke. I love him even MORE now!

Speaking of Sasuke 27 trials.. which apparently we will have to pay for to even see.. /sigh

Seems he did the event and must have done well to be featured here!

not sure what that graphic means.. maybe #2 qualifier?

The course ended at the top of the Warped Wall

as he celebrates with a rebel yell at the end of the stage (after hitting the red button)

Miki cheering her son in the few moments they have to share together

Ryo Matachi (Cliffer #2) 又地諒

Back in Sasuke where he belongs!

Oh.. I "think" that's Yuuji on the far left, definitely Kawaguchi in the middle and looks like wow Ryoma is back? Once I get a better pic of this I'll fix it in the blog.. or.. I can wait until later when I get to the blog of Sasuke 27!

We are back from commercials.. Everyone by now should know this date by heart..

Date of the Tohoku disaster

Always difficult seeing these pics.. so I didn't put all of them up

A letter written to TBS by someone in this region was received. I'm told it was a son asking for his father to be included in Sasuke

Iwate prefecture I think as well

Hidenori Sasaki 佐々木博紀

Seems he's applied to Sasuke before actually

This is from a video he sent back in 2009

at which his backyard had a Sasuke training course

aaaaaaall the way up there (sorry .. the camera was moving a lot in this clip.. person was walking)

My course was .. right about here..

Scary to think the water got all the way up there.. P.S. the writing on the door is "Demolition OK" 解体

even in the ruins of his old house.. he trains

and trains.. for Sasuke

Don't know which one wrote the letter but it seems these are his sons

I'd want to cry as well.. he's doing a good job in keeping it together

Meanwhile we got a montage of ANW with David looking imposing! LOL

Doing a brief summary of the Americans.. no wait.. ANW then.. er.. ANC.. er.. uhm. G4 guys.. LOL This is of course Levi Meeuwenberg リーヴァイ・ミューエンバーグ and specifically from Sasuke 21 back in 2008

TBS fondly remembers Brett Sims ブレッド・スイムス whom they really liked (this was from ANC1 btw and tied to Sasuke 19 which aired in 2007)

A clip from ANC2 where Levi and Brian made it to Sasuke 20 back in early 2008

Then came the ANW's with ANW1 which was tied to Sasuke 23 back in 2009 where Brian returned to Sasuke again

Then they cut to Sasuke 26 which was tied to ANW2 where 10 Americans like David dominated with 4 people in the 3rd stage in early 2011 (technically late 2010 but .. you know :p)

For once they got the reference and location right.. LOL Back in May, 2011 which seems like eons ago now.. ANW3 taped in Los Angeles, California

Where they had a Sasuke shrine so to speak.. I still facepalm whenever they screw up "緑山" or "Midoriyama".. THE STUPID WORD ALREADY MEANS GREEN MOUNTAIN YOU DOPES... /sigh.. let G4 take the credit of having redundancy in Mount Green Mount.... it's a TBS lot you idiots..

since they didn't bother to actually invite any of the Japanese to return..

much to their chagrin.. their clothes were the only ones invited back.. This of course was Nagano's wifebeater™, tabi and one of his saddlecloths

Takeda's orangie pantsu

and right next to it was Shingo's hat.. of which my husband wants royalties for noticing it's curse.. LOL

ANW's format was simple. Zerging the course for stage one with over 300 participants.. then taking the top 30 times (which is not shown LOL) and taking the top 15 from semi's to boot where they pick the top 10 to compete in Sasuke

Montage of fails and whatnot from ANW3

And the part that most Sasuke fans hate.. that God awful Boot camp the competitors are subjected to..

At least this time they listened to the competitors and made better food arrangements.. because ANW2's boot camp was downright ghetto when it came to the food..

and the whole point why TBS did this in the first place.. they had to explain to the Japanese audience they the HELL they don't have a Stage 3 competitor from the previous competition come back to Sasuke when everyone else is back.. This.. is Brian Orosco ブライアン・オロスコ

Seems G4 found it necessary to bring everyone back to trials even though no one else in the world who gets that far in Sasuke is subjected to such stupidity.. I know when the Japanese qualifiers get to the 2nd stage they literally go on record saying they are happy not to be thrown back into trials.. apparently G4 didn't get the memo.. how else will they make ANW legit anyway? It sucks in the ratings so seriously.. this makes no sense to subject them to this..

it's just so damn retarded that Sasuke competitors that actually friggin' DOMINATE the REAL course.. which btw is the whole point of the DAMN TRIALS in the first place.. are forced to return to trials.. W.. T.. F.. G4 needs to learn a thing or two about courtesy.. something at least TBS/M9 have extended to everyone regardless of their country of origin for the past 14 years.. anyway.. enough G4 hate for one blog post..

Here is the ANW3 top 10. I wish they didn't have to be subjected to the circus that is ANW.. to think.. even if these guys kick ass in Japan.. they still have to re-qualify the next time.. /facepalm

Here's Strat btw (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY.. ehem..) they show clips of the top 10 and put their jobs.. which is important for TBS.. they build the Sasuke roster according to it.

and sporting shades to scare off the Japanese.. LOL David Campbell デイヴィッド・キャンベル

and because we know TBS absolutely loves him.. here's a fluff piece! He's an artist!

and a musician!

and the part that makes TBS drool.. he's got a life-sized Sasuke built! so what if it isn't HIS backyard.. it's in the family.. and he built the damn thing! mwahahahhaha

meanwhile they love putting up reminders of failure.. this is Sasuke 26 where he fell off the *Ultimate Cliffhanger アルティメットクリフハンガー

of which TBS loves he was one of the first ones to build

Americans arriving in Japan.. notice they showed the subdued video rather than the one NBC showed? LOL

Predicting victory this time!

SASUKE USA! (Yay... sorry. hearing those words made me very happy :) Especially that they pronounced it right! Then again.. Levi isn't in this group.. okay okay I'm digressing..

We have finally gotten to the day of the competition which btw was in July..! And even the famous have to GET IN LINE!!!

Holy hell.. they let Ryoma back on camera.. seems M9/TBS forgave him for the whole breaking NDA thing from back in Sasuke 23.. LOL anyway.. I see Kawaguchi, Hashimoto, Kishimoto..

ASA!!!!!!!!! He's back!!!!!!! Sorry.. remembering Sasuke 21 where Ryo made it and I blogged about it? Well Ryo and Asa both were in the prelims together and both made it to Sasuke 21. Seems Asa FINALLY got out of Trials!
Btw I got a translation for what the Kanji means:
魂:meaning spirit or soul, so his back is meant to read "The spirit of Sasuke or the soul of Sasuke"

内藤大助 Daisuke Naito (Former WBC Flyweight Champion)

That's him now less bloodied

Seems they have an array of Olympic Medalists that apparently are no named because they only showed their sports! LOL

one being some chick they liked her pic from..

speaking of some chick.. 城下麗奈 Rena Joushita (Hurdler)

長谷川恒平 Kouhei Hasegawa (Amateur Wrestler)

and.. wow.. who's butt did he have to kiss to get back on the show?? LOL I can't believe he's back! Anyway.. for all you classic Sasuke fans.. Kinnikun is back!

Yay! Wakky is back!

/sigh.. now TBS is making me nostalgic.. for the love of everything holy.. BRING SPORTSMAN #1 BACK!!!!! Anyway.. this is なかやまきんに君 Kinnikun Nakayama (Comedian)

and way back in 2006 during Genoijin Sportsman #1 (that's the Celebrity one to qualify for the Pro Sportsman #1 later in the year) なかやまきんに君 Kinnikun Nakayama (Comedian) became Champion

meanwhile the following year in 2007 was the last of the Genoijin Sportsman #1 tournaments that marked the win of Wakky ワッキー

Wakky ワッキー who we keep saying is the current champion since another Celebrity one hasn't been made!

Kinnikun and Wakky doing a schtick that includes breast poking...

杉村太蔵 Taizou Sugimura some former politician turned talento

菊地幸夫 Yukio Kikuchi (Lawyer/Talento)

ハイキングウォーキング(鈴木正志・松田洋昌) Hiking Walking QTaro Suzuki and Hiroaki Matsuda (Comedy duo)

Yay! It's Malaysia time! This is Cat!

Btw Brent coming out of the bus is signaling the Foreigner's section of the program LOL

Sasuke Malaysia winner Farid 'Cat' Isham モハメド・パリド・イシャム

omg I love this picture. ANW3 Finalist proving to the world that THEY HAD NUMBERS! Take that friggin' NBC, Comcast, G4, K-Swiss.. whoever the hell decided to make them take off their numbers..

Meanwhile.. the Sasuke stars are coming up. Here is Mr. Sasuke!

and Current Champion Yuuji who gets almost zero respect from TBS.. /sigh

hang on.. stopping for greatness.. okay.. I'm good.. it's friggin' Nagano

Yuuji Urushihara 漆原裕治 (or for me (Cliffer #3) wanting to be 2-Time Champion.. maybe then TBS will respect him.. probably a lofty goal.. not the win.. the respect! LOL

All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 aka Mr. Sasuke

All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 and Sasuke 17 Champion

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