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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post your questions for Timothy Coombs!

ティモシー・クームス Timothy Coombs (University of Central Florida Professor/Ebay Auction Winner)

Interview time again! This time it's Timothy Coombs whom most people remember as the ebay Auction winner from Sasuke 27! Here is a link to the blog entry with his run as we all know NBC has not shown his run and G4 whom I expect will cut his run won't show Ninja Warrior until March, 2012... Just like I did with Michael Milner (from Sasuke 20), Lucy Romberg (Sasuke 21), David Campbell (from Sasuke 22) and Bret Sims (Sasuke 19 and 20) I'm posting this here and on both the Sasuke Maniac Forums and G4 boards, and on Twitter. For this blog just use the comments section at the end of this entry. I'll only keep the questions open for a short time. I figured since everyone will be checking the site for Sasuke/Ninja Warrior stuff I might get a lot of responses really fast.

Guidelines - please don't get too personal. I also have the right to not include all the questions and he also reserves the right to not answer all the questions :P Also - please keep this thread to questions only. Once the blog is done I'll create another thread with the answers and of course the blog entry. Also please keep all of your questions in the same post and try not to ask too many multiple questions.

Feel free to state your name or username (especially if posting as anonymous), age (optional), City (or state, country, etc.) and your question and I'll send them over to Timothy to answer. Thanks again Timothy!


Anonymous said...

Did you know you were going to fail the Rolling Escargot the second you started spinning? Thank You

Anonymous said...

Do you think the auction was right or do you think a world wide lottery would of been fairer ?

P.s congratulations on getting as far as you did .my biggest fear would be going weak from being nervous and not making the first obstacle .

Anonymous said...

I have many more questions should I ask or wait a little while as you told me off last time for asking to many also should I email Nagano a well done

Arsenette said...

Just add them all at once then piecemeal. Just be mindful that someone is answering your questions and be respectful about the questions.

As for what you do with Nagano that's your decision.

hdm_1 said...

G'day Tim, this is hdm_1 from East Coast, USA.

Congratulations on making it to Sasuke! That in itself is a dream few of us could hope to achieve.

A few questions for you:

1. Did your fall from the Rolling Escargot come as a total surprise to you, or was this obstacle something that you had been worried about?

2. Had you made it past the Rolling Escargot, how do you believe you would have fared on the remainder of Stage 1, and what do you believe would have been the most formidable obstacles there?

3. When did the eBay auction occur? How much training and prep time did this leave you prior to the competition?

4. Did you have any time to socialize with the other Sasuke competitors? If so, do you have any interesting recollections or stories you would like to share?

6. Could you talk a bit about pre-Sasuke your training routine? Do you feel it was sufficient for Sasuke?

7. What are your future plans for Sasuke? Will we be seeing you on a future ANW competition? If you do plan to compete again, will you be making any changes to your training routine?

Again thanks for taking the time to entertain these questions, and best of luck to you in future competitions.