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Friday, April 24, 2009

Sasuke Emotions - My next Sasuke Tribute

"Sasuke Emotions" - ©Arsenette

Back in August I did my first Video on YouTube in tribute to Sasuke. I had a lot of very nice comments and was very happy people enjoyed it! I was however frustrated with the Windows Movie Maker. This time was no different. The music track kept slipping and every time I tried to edit midway through the video to try to synch it with the music it was like performing surgery.. with no anesthesia.. The ending I had to guess at in a few places where the music cuts would end up.. I chose Sasuke 21 and Sasuke 22 footage since it's by far the best quality video I own out of all the Sasuke's... at least until Monster 9 finally releases a compilation of all Sasukes to date on DVD.. /sigh.. a girl can dream.

Quite frankly I have no idea how on Earth I got my hands on this piece. Must have been off a torrent.. cough.. GIFT from someone.. First off .. aaaaaaanyway.. I've had this on my Zen for a while now and for some reason I kept thinking of Sasuke everytime I heard it. My brain just works that way. I think the other day I was talking to a friend of mine saying that I was so distressed that my life goal of becoming a film editor never did pan out thanks to my health issues. Aaaaaaanyway.. the song is called "Maestro" by Hans Zimmer. It's from a movie I've never heard of, or seen or plan to see.. I will however get the soundtrack eventually. I love Hans Zimmer and I own plenty of Soundtracks to movies I can't stand or have never watched :p

Either way.. I did this partly because I really love this show.. and thanks to the interview with Nagano.. I'm a little worried we might not see a Sasuke 23.. In the meantime I'm happy JET TV announced their Sasuke 22 showing (May, 2009 in Taiwan) and also in May is a string of appearances of All-Stars and past competitors to Muscle Park (including Katsumi Yamada, Shingo Yamamoto and Toshihiro Takeda on both the 2nd and the 5th) in celebration of Golden Week. This weekend is also Maguro Festival :)


uNCLEsAM098 said...

Good video, I liked it :)

At first I thought it was funny where there was much success and laughter going on, and then Yamada failed, followed by Shinji failing, but then when you showed Nagano failing I got the picture.

Arsenette said...

Well this tournament sure is a roller coaster ride! Glad you liked it! It's a different take on most tributes.. usually people go with songs with words.. I prefer the visuals doing all the talking :)

TigerOfHaughton said...

Love the video, Elsie. Great job!

Chaki said...

Picture perfect editing!

Anonymous said...

Great work Arsenette, awesome video, i loved the difference of emotions. Its summarizes how things can change so quickly on this course. You can be so high and then be brought down to the lowest of all levels. I really enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the "lack of confirmation" re: Sasuke 23 is just Japanese Modesty talking. He doesn't have a date, he hasn't been asked to appear, etc.

It's not that he's heard discussion that it may not occur, it's just that he hasn't heard any details.

That's my guess and I'm sticking to it :P.

crazykid said...

Great job, Elsie!
Sasuke-more emotional changes than a bipolar person.
Surprised you put Sato in there.

Arsenette said...

Yes! I wanted to show the emotions because it really is a roller coaster ride and knowing that before each new show kinda prepares you for the unexpected. That said it is a fun ride going Gaaaaaaaaaaah and whoooooohooooooooo back to gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. I think that's why I like the show.. it's not scripted for someone to fall.. or win..

Hey Patrick! Both Sato and Yamada are there because whether I like them or not... they are a part of the show :D Besides they have their following and Sato did have a great 22 :p

Jason yeah agreed on that though TBS does wait forever to tell Monster 9 if they will continue or not.. it's not like it is in the USA. Though it is odd that he's very careful about how he puts it (meaning Nagano) because he really is not sure if it will be back this time unlike other times. I like your optimism and will do my best to be just as optimistic. I'm hoping their winning their timeslot convinces TBS to give them at least another 1-2 tournaments.