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Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Maguro Festival

第18回串木野まぐろフェスティバル - 18th Annual Maguro (Tuna) Festival poster

As was with last year (Part 1 and Part 2 from Sasuke Maniac coverage).. and the year before that.. Makoto Nagano appeared again with his friends in the Maguro Festival in Kushikino. He promoted it in his most recent radio interview. It was the 18th Annual to be exact and it took me a bit to find the above posters but yay I found it.. after the fact.. LOL. Long live Google.. At some point I expect the pictures will be on Nagano's site but kinda depends when they get a chance to update it. Judging by the timeliness of the previous entries it might be a while it might be as we speak.. we don't know. As for the rest of the pictures here Ube found for me :) Yay go Ube!!

Nagano: "Yamada dude stop following me.. I want you to go hee-aww".. ©personal blog

When Ube found these photos for me I was dying laughing at this set of pictures from this blog. First before I start.. we know that 5 of the 6 All-stars were there. Toshihiro Takeda, Shingo Yamamoto, Kazuhiko Akiyama, Katsumi Yamada and of course Makoto Nagano. Seems like Bunpei Shiratori was again a no show to the Maguro Festival. His last apperance was in 2007. These pictures were priceless! This first one was funny because it looks like Nagano is telling Yamada to beat it.. I mean there is no place to sit for him so he's telling him to shove off :p This is also the first picture you see of Akiyama's new do.. keep that thought for a moment..

"Here's how you Kanzen Seiha kid." (LMFAO for that quote Ube) ©personal blog

This was one was priceless in so many levels.. including the fact that he's about to light up a cigarette right next to the kid and of course Ube's priceless quote :) I mean we all know by now he's a chain smoker.. it's just funny when it's shot on camera... ya know? I see Nagano is not disappointing and wearing his new clothes! I'm sure I'll bitch about these pants next year when I realize he hasn't changed them..

Please don't grow the back to complete the 1980's mullet look.. ©personal blog

And the last of this set of pictures.. /sigh.. W.. T.. F.. is up with Akiyama's hair? I mean.. what.. gives?? O.M.F.G. I think he got into the gallon of hair dye that Nagano uses and teased it with Takeda's hairgel and then blow dried it with Shingo's hairdryer.. I'm sorry but it looks hideous.. I want the old Akiyama hair back.. /cries and pouts.. He looked great in Sasuke 22! Now he looks like he's wearing a wig..

Takeda jumping on the wall while Nagano watches ©personal blog

These next set of pictures comes from this blog. These capture more normal pics of the course (though that tower thing is pretty tall... I wanna see what's on it and how they used it.. )Yes.. I know.. Geeky stuff..

Nagano being introduced to the crowd ©personal blog

I can't tell from this picture if they got new Sasuke T'shirts or not. It's hard to tell from the front and every other picture they have their jackets on because it wasn't that warm this year.

Takeda, Nagano, Yamamoto and Akiyama with 2 unidentified fans ©personal blog

Shingo has a funky hair problem with the wind while Akiyama's hair doesn't look as frightening as the one blog earlier.. still.. I want that other one from Sasuke 22 back.. but all in all I'm still happy he's back no matter how his hair freaks me out.. Just wish Bunpei was well enough to go but apparently he isn't. I wonder if there will be a BUG in MIKI again this year? Either way I'm happy there were any pics as quickly as they were this time around. Until I see Nagano's page with the best pics of all these will suffice for now :) Again major thanks to Ube for scoping them out for me :D


snowy said...

Thanks! I tried to find the poster and couldn't...glad you did. Great blog as usual.

Totally agree on Akiyama's poofy hair. I could live with some poof, but the color's got to go!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

That hair is just... well, you know. Wrong.

Great blog (thanks to Ube for the help you recieved) Akiyama... someone needs to take you aside and 'splain some things to you...

TigerOfHaughton said...

Shingo is in serious need of a haircut! And yeah,Akiyama needs to lose the hair color.

Panther said...

*giggles* I agree with what you say in the pictures, however, the last one it looks like Takeda is holding up his pants.

I want the Akiyama old hair back also. Maybe we should hold him down and shave it lower. I miss the "Blowfish" look.

Arsenette said...

Yeah Snowy that poster was a pain in the nards to find! I though the Kushikino site would at least have the poster but they deleted the announcement of the Festival by Monday morning from their site! I think this is one of the sponsors pages that put it up. I found it in a couple sites that all seemed to be sponsors but this one had the best picture :) Though I do admit.. they have to update that Nagano photo.. he hasn't had one tone hair in ages.. ahahahah

Ube's awesome isn't he? We goofed around all night trying to find pictures and stuff that wasn't on mixi and was happy to find some so early. Usually people take a while to add them to their blogs. SKW I totally agree that Akiyama needs some 'splaining from someone.. LOL!

Tiger I thought so too! or something else.. he had that funky hair in Sasuke 22 as well. So long as he doesn't wear that goofy hairnet thing that Miyazaki wears..

Long time no see Panther! Was thinking of you when I saw the pics and I totally missed Takeda hiking his pants! ahahahhahahah Great eye :) I was still recovering from Shingo's hairtossed disaster.

Still it was fun watching them all :) Wish Sasuke Maniac was still around so we had a video of it..

Chaki said...

Good luck. I have to go against the popular opinion and say... don't choke me... I like Akiyama's new do!! It's more... fashionable?? Guess he was tired of sporting the sporty look for so long, he wanted something different. I think he'll convert back pretty soon.

MG (KSx4) said...

Thanks for posting this blog! Mucho appreciated it. Keep up good work, Arsenette! Your contributions are truly magnificent.

Arsenette said...

LOL Chaki you can have your own opinion without being flogged.. hard.. LOL J/K :) It's just too poofy for me.. in the last picture it didn't look as startling.. just that one it looked like he stuck his finger in a socket.. ahahaha

Thanks MG :) this was fun and I take no credit for finding the blogs. I just had waaaaaay too much fun with the pictures because they were priceless this year!