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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sasuke 22 - Spoilerific Review - Part 6




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 22.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI Spring 2009 (1 hour review of Sasuke 22 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!) Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Next competitor is coming up and ready to go!!

Sasuke is "en fuego"

Whoot! It's Okuyama from Sasuke 20!

Yoshiyuki Okuyama 奥山義行

This is him getting pwned by Michael Johnson.. but he did well!

For those who don't remember he made it to Stage 2 during Sasuke 20 (but was cut from the Sasuke 21 broadcast.. /groan)

Okuyama Family cam™

Okuyama Family cam™ (Daughter is 5, Son is 8 and they don't say jack about wife :p)

He's cruising through the course like it's standing still.. wait.. it is standing still.. anyway.. he's doing farking awesome so far.. here is is pwning the Jumping Spider

Okay.. Slider Jump time...

About to let go..

WHOOT and he catches just fine! Still have plenty of time!

Okay he's giving me a heart attack.. going down the lower end..

and reaaaaaally getting close to the water..

Almost to the top and STILL has time!

Unless a major calamity happens he will pass this!

He must have gotten stuck somewhere near the top because I thought he had more time than this.. LOL but YES! Clear 4! Wow at this rate we are going to see a LOT of clears!

Okuyama relieved!

84 UP and 4 clears!

Wow.. dude actually SMILES!!

Okuyama: I'm so tired.. and relieved!

Mitsuomi Takahashi 高橋光臣.. Death by Jumping Spider

Ryo Shirai 白井涼 - Death by.. oh that sucks.. timed out at the Rope Wall!!

Kazuhisa Watanabe - 渡辺一久 - K-1 Fighter - Death by Jumping Spider

Sato and Wakky were disturbed by that last death

Watanabe: Yeah.. that sucked..

Wakky ワッキー - Comedian and former Sportsman #1 Winner

Getting set up for the Jumping Spider

Aaaaaaaaaaand.. he sticks it.. sorta..

.. Nooooooo.. he drops from the sky as soon as he moved forward

LMAO Top middle section.. it looks like Kenjiro Ishimaru 石丸謙二郎 is having waaaaaaaaay too much fun laughing! (So is Hanglider Man! Mr. Octopus is still processing)

Okay for Sasuke geeks.. (Dude in the middle bottom.. kinda reminds me of Kota Honma.. or am I imagining things?)

Ishimaru is having way too much fun.. oh and Octopus must have not seen it as he's asking Hanglider man :p

Wakky is having hysterics

Daisuke Miyazaki and his lunch lady hairnet thing...

.. felt that last fall .. right about hee-aww.. (is dude totally feeling his nads? Someone watching in Tokyo thought he did.. That's his story and he's sticking to it.. LOL)

Wakky had this.. precariously.. but he had it!

.. aaaaaaaand then he lost it..

Wakky: Okay I'm way past frustrated (P.S. He's my age and wtf does he look 15 years older than me??)

Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道 .. and his grin.. I feel someone else in Tokyo barf.. I mean.. why is he 90??? /sigh digressing badly..

Sasuke 20 he had issues with the warped wall

Sasuke 21.. same thing..

So he went to see an expert.. he went to the Shiratori Shrine!

Missing All-Star Bunpei Shiratori 白鳥文平

Reason why he's not here :( Get better Bunpei!!

Sato explaining that .. I don't know.. neither does Bunpei either! LOL

Hiromichi Family cam™ (Sons are 11 and 8.. again.. no age on wife! LOL) - they are surrounded by Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル members

Sato Hiromichi 佐藤弘道 .. and his grin.. GOD this man loves the camera...

Sato passes the Jumping Spider

.. and here comes the wall...

Hiromichi Family cam™ showing family in agony..

.. taking his time...

.. holy crap.. it DID work.. Shout out to BUNPEI!!

Hiromichi Family cam™ - they are all having kittens (LMAO check out Rie Komiya having kittens too on the far left of your screen)

Hiromichi Family cam™ - bouncing hair everywhere!

Still having hysterics.. I mean seriously.. he hasn't won this thing.. get a grip..

.. this should annihilate him..

Sato about to dismount the Slider Jump

.. WTF.. he.. CAUGHT it??

HOLY CRAP.. he.. caught it.. uhm. wow.. okay he's going up..

.. gingerly going down the obstacle.. I'm in.. shock.. I think I'm I'll throw up if he passes..

K he's getting stuck.. still.. wow.. check out the time..

TBS would rather play with the Nintendo DS..

Mario RPG.. go get it..

Play Sasuke on your Japanese phone. and get pwned like Shingo.. go .. dooo eeeeeeet

I don't think 20 seconds is going to be enough ..

Holy crap I will seriously throw up if he makes it.. he's got 5 seconds..

O.. M.. F.. G.. YOU have GOT to be kidding..

.. wow.. 90 down.. 5 clears..

Dude looks like he's in shock.. you have no idea how much in shock I am at this time.. I mean.. friggin' justification for the number? wtf..

Hiromichi Family cam™ reminds you we don't know how old his wife is :p

Hiromichi Family cam™ showing pandemonium by the Muscle Musical camp

Hiromichi Family cam™ shows how Hiromichi's wife almost decapitates their older son! LOL

He's struggling for air..

Levi in the zone getting ready for his turn

Daisuke genuinely looks happy to see him clear!

Meanwhile Shingo curses and looks on in utter disgust... Nagano smiles and Takeda asks Yamada how it feels like to get pwned by SATO HIROMICHI..

Yamada is not pleased but is clapping anyway.. LOL

Yamada tells Takeda to stfu.. while Shingo is still utterly pissed..

Takeda and Yamada still going at it while Nagano notices he's on camera..

Nagano: "Oh sh%# I have to clap.. Shingo wants the ground to swallow him while Takeda just wants to clear his nose on the whole thing..

Nagano is going "see? I'm happy.. really.." Do you see him gritting his teeth? LMFAO (dude Takeda take it easy on the booger..)

Sato doing the "I just pwned 3 All-Stars.." dance.. Aww hell he's going to be impossible for the next 6 months.. my condolences to all those poor children who already get used on a daily basis by him.. /sigh

TBS reminding us that they need to shorten the course by 1.55 seconds so this travesty won't happen again..

Duuuuuuuuude.. that was soooooo close..

Hiromichi Family cam™

"I'm pretty confident"

"I have to be"

/sigh this means I have to blog about him in stage 2 as well.. gaaaaaaah okay okay okay.. grats Sato.. at least you justified the number.. (P.S. He gave Bunpei props for helping him on his blog.. I almost.. almost forgive him.. LOL)

The confident Levi Meeuwenberg or as Ube says "White Sasuke Jesus" and the last hope for G4 to get on the map

ANC2 winner Levi Meeuwenberg

TBS is already pissing me off by reminding me about the flips.. this is Sasuke 21.. right before the Jumping Spider

and the one that pissed me off the most.. the warped wall..

This I didn't mind.. the run was over and he was celebrating

Levi Apology Tour™ from Sasuke Navi

Here's Levi freaking out Nagano on open ocean (Levi Apology Tour™ from Sasuke Navi)

Levi gets hooked up by Takeda (Levi Apology Tour™ from Sasuke Navi)

Log grip no issues

.... it wasn't an apology tour.. he doesn't give a flying.. f..

.. nails the jumping spider..

Slider Jump..

Something doesn't look right..

Did he try to one hand it? Only Terek can do that.. Ouch Karma can be a beotch.. and I don't even believe in karma..

Crowd reacts then is silent

Allstars looking on..

Levi must have dropped into the water by now - Nagano's reflexes are much faster than his friends.. or he saw the hand..

Aaaand.. Takeda goes back to doing his shoes..

The only ones majorly concerned are Yamada and Nagano

Okay.. Takeda finally reacted..

They are all kinda looking for each other's reaction it seems..

Shingo nailed what went wrong..

Not enough strength to one arm it?

Though from here it looks funnier because that gesture means something else entirely in the USA.. LOL

Dang how long does it take Takeda to tie his shoes??

Aaaaand everyone goes back to what they were doing..

Seriously dramatic music incoming.. I mean.. seriously dramatic music coming in.. Checking replays to see what happened.. seriously it went by so fast I didn't even see it

Yeah.. he didn't get enough "oomph" into the net so he was forced to try to one hand it when the pipe slider didn't hit squarely. Seems like he let go a weeeee bit too early as well

I'm still shocked.. I'm still pissed that he has a horrible cocky attitude but dude's ridiculously talented.. I expected him to be in the 3rd stage contending again.. I'm still in a bit of a shock

But probably not more in shock than Levi right about now

He's seriously in shock.. never thought I'd see this so early in the day though

Interesting exchange here though.. TBS is being very deliberate with their choice of videos to show today.. both with Levi and with the All-stars.. showing what most people don't see normally

Yamada is being a lot more chatty in the background.. usually he kinda hangs with Sato and vying for screentime..

Takeda trying to get Nagano's attention

But he misses it and Nagano looking at Takeda.. He's now seriously concerned right now..

Meanwhile Levi is still trying to figure out wtf went wrong

and just when I start feeling sorry for him.. TBS reminds me what pisses me off about him..

Yet another replay of him going into the Jump Hang

He didn't allow both ends of the pipe to hit the end of the rail and got caught by surprise on the end of the Pipe slider jerking right at the end and he let go by one hand

He had no hope after he let go of the pipe since he was still a bit too far to recover. Unlike David Campbell who was going INTO the net in full force that his body got caught and giving him another opportunity to save himself

Alas this is the last of the G4 chances. The reporter says "Levi I can't believe this happened" and Levi still in shock laughs and responds "Yeah.. I'm not quite there yet either" then just looks away in disbelief and starts to stare at the course behind him again..


pjwasz said...

Don't you think you're kinda going overboard with the pics?

MG (KSx4) said...

Nope! I don't think she's going overboard with the pics. :D In fact, they add a lot for me since she like to insert in witty comments and you can see emotions on people slightly change in every screenshots, i.e. Yamada. In fact, the more, the merrier! :D

xdarkskylightcloudsx said...

I don't know why you're so negative towards Hiromichi Sato. Did you know he was #100 in viking. He's an awesome competitor and would have cleared the first stage those last times if he didn't fail on the wall. Happy that he did better this time around he was really impressive in second stage too.

Rufus said...

I personally love the massive amounts of pictures you put in- esp. after Levi's fall. I'm going to print them out and make a little flip book for myself :)

slam74 said...

I'm trying to figure out what Hiromichi Sato does. Is he some sort of actor or musician?

Now that I've seen links to #1 Sportsman, the placement of some of these guys now makes more sense. Last Sasuke I was like, who is this Wakky guy, and why does he have such a high number?

Arsenette said...

Sato is a celebrity or what they call in Japan - a Talento. He's done a bunch of Monster 9 stuff in the past and even hosted a muscle series for them. He's currently a host for a children's show.

As for being negative it's actually widely known that he hates kids actually and is it for the celebrity :p He looooooooves the camera :p

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

That's a smile? I thought it was an angry ferret. LOL
Too bad about Ryo. I wanted to see more of him. :-)
OMG! Wakky! That had to hurt! Or else he's just really, REALLY flexible.
If hairnet handball guy is feeling his nads, they are really hanging low...
He's so plastic (Sato) he better not get too close to those torches. bletch.
Damn he's BEAUTIFUL! I miss Bunpei.
Rie Komiya is so beautiful, too. She should have better taste than that. Maybe she's friends with Sato-wife. Oldest son is a cutie-patootie, isn't he?
ummm... perhaps I don't curse enough, but what does stfu mean?
Is that Nagano's hand? Look, it looks like it's two feet longer than the other one.
Lord that Sato is so unappealing. ick.
Maybe Takeda just didn't want to piss off Nagano by acting unconcerned? I'm just saying. At first he (T) looked like he was happy about Levi's fall.

Arsenette said...


Got it now? :D