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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sasuke 22 - Spoilerific Review - Part 7




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 22.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI Spring 2009 (1 hour review of Sasuke 22 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!) Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


Daisuke Miyazaki offering his point of view (Hey there's Keita Tomino again with Nomura)

Okay.. finally Takeda's turn.. he gets up from FINALLY tying his shoe laces and does a couple big hops to get his energy up.. now to fix the wedgie.. Oh.. notice.. why bother with one can of Sasuke Spray when you can do TWO cans of Sasuke spray...

TBS showing that Takeda still holds the record in success percentage overall at 64.7%

And he is the first ever to clear the Shin Cliffhanger (He did so in Sasuke 21)

Previously I called this sucker the pwnhanger...

.. btw.. this guy REAAAALLY knows how to celebrate..

Ah yes.. the look.. lemme explain.. no wait.. that will take too long.. lemme sum up..

This is Cocky Takeda™

It's an evil look he has when he knows he's confident. It comes out in all sorts of places.. Maguro Festival when taunting Nagano.. Bug in Miki.. when taunting Nagano.. Muscle Park.. when taunting little girls..

I can almost hear him say "I'm so happy .. oh so happy".. (dude totally doesn't own a poker face.. I mean seriously.. he doesn't even know wtf it looks like..)

Reporter asking him something while he has a totally "What'chu talking about Willis" look..

.. you mean you have to THINK about that Takeda? Of COURSE you think you are going to pwn the first stage so you can revenge the last tournament loss...

"Ooooooh baby I'm feel good!"

Let's recap what's going on.. It's stage 1.. 91 people have gone.. 5 have already cleared.

Takeda being introduced to the music of.. Ao no senshi 青の戦士 ("Blue" or "Pale" Warrior) from the Star Ocean EX (anime) soundtrack

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 - Firefighter from Gifu, Japan

LOL I'm still snickering.. he's jumping out of his own skin!

mmmm.. eskimo.. mow..? MOW? /sigh.. it's iced cream.. mmm.. iiiiiiiiccccccceeeeeee creeeeeeeeeaaaaamm.... (and that's totally my house..)

TBS reminding you that the All-Stars have failed you..

Poor Kazuhiko Akiyama :(

Shingo Yamamoto and his big feet

.. having a sudden urge to face dive.. off a plank..

TBS is evil aren't they?

Wow a Yamada clip that doesn't involve crying!

What sucks is that he had the landing too..

.. yep.. 0/3 on the All-Stars

wtf.. why are they showing him at the Jumping Spider already? help me they better not G4 this on me..

I swear if they are already spoiling this for me..

oh.. this doesn't look good...

Apparently after doing that they want you to buy water from Beyoncé

Toshihiro Takeda 竹田敏浩 back in the starting blocks

.. I'm getting deja vú..

.. Oh sh.. look at the trampoline..

.. nononono.. doesn't look right..



Oh I hate you TBS for spoiling this one!!! Stop trying to outdo G4 on this crap..

At least he found it funny.. he's.. laughing..

.. correction.. he's.. cackling.. (I think heard a NANDE in a girl voice..)

and in shock.. I don't ever remember him screwing this up before..

Wish I saw the back of the shirt though.. I like the EMS shirts..

.. did I explain how much he's laughing?

Crowd is stunned!

All-Star cam™ Akiyama in red and behind him is Yamada and next to him in white is Taiwan's Lee Yen Chi リー・エンチ

Katsumi and Lee are watching...

.. and he fell.. Poor Lee.. he's sooooooo heart broken.. he's throwing his hands up in the air..

Wow.. Yamada showing emotion! Wait.. agony for Takeda!

Lee's so frustrated he's already moving away back to the beginning to allow Takeda some time to recover..

I think this is the most animated I've seen Yamada in ages..

Nagano is .. crushed..

Aww man.. as far as he is concerned.. this is Sasuke 19 all over again.. he's the last All-Star Standing.. again...

Shingo Yamamoto.. /sigh.. reminding you.. with friends like him.. who needs enemies? LOL

LMFAO.. he's openly mocking Takeda as he is coming out of the septic sludge..

I don't know Japanese but only a few words I learned in Anime.. yes.. I know.. horrible place to learn Japanese.. but.. I know a couple phrases..

"What was this?" is what he is asking..

then opens his arms in air to simulate getting into the position on the Wall..

LMFAO.. he's totally mocking him!

I guess it serves Takeda right.. because.. after all... he was leading up the charge for mocking Shingo for failing the plank part.. the easy part.. of the Half Pipe Attack.. again...

I mean.. I can almost hear it now..

Shingo: Dude.. I totally beat this obstacle..

Shingo: Dude you suck.. I beat you today..

Shingo: In fact.. I have the best record of the All-stars today.. how do you like dem apples?

Toshihiro is now contemplating a comeback answer..

.. and nothing is coming to mind.. all he can do is laugh.. hysterically..

He's totally having an attack of the giggles..

Takeda: I cannot BELIEVE my luck today..

Takeda: I mean.. I had it.. I was totally already in the 3rd stage..

giggle giggle giggle..

Takeda: Man Shingo is going to be a pain in my a$$ for the next 6 months..

Meanwhile.. not laughing.. is Nagano having a fit of depression...

Suck it up folks.. this was an epic moment.. I'm blogging something nice about Yamada..

Nagano is just about to implode and Yamada is standing right by him and comforting him..

But sorry if I find this a little funny.. Yamada is like.. I don't know.. checking out the perimeter.. he's totally checking his left.. then his right.. then his left again.. then his right.. is he keeping Nagano from being kidnapped or something?

Anyway.. back to the moment..

Nagano can't even breathe he's so stressed...

All the while you have Yamada just lightly tapping his back to try to calm him down..

I don't know what he's saying.. but it doesn't sound pleasant..

He cannot believe what he's seeing..

Man his hair looks crunchy here.. freshly dyed.. no roots.. /sigh..

tap tap tap tap..

familiar Nagano depression™ pose

oy.. I'm not feeling confident about his chances today.. seriously.. has anyone done the math? What is his percentage of failure when Takeda is eliminated?

Meanwhile.. let's see WTF just went wrong..

Doh.. too much UMPH and he missed the center of the trampoline (also explains why his foot caught on the outer casing of the square

Totally not getting the height he is used to.. he usually FLIES way past this..

Yep.. he's totally not getting this.. body position totally wrong..

I can almost feel his stomach dropping

body is tensing up LOL he is totally trying to fight this drop into the water..

His feet hit the outside mat of the trampoline stand

Oh btw.. Toshihiro Takeda.. death by Jumping Spider

Dangit I want to see the back of the shirt..

Takeda: Dude.. can you believe this??..

Takeda: No words can express my emotions..

So lemme show it to you with facial expressions..

This.. is sooooo not happening..

I mean.. I totally saw myself on the 3rd stage..

Did I tell you that out of all the All-stars he has the sexiest voice?

Takeda: Omg I totally had this!!!

Baaaaaaaaaaaka.. (actually he didn't say it but he looks like he did)

Taiji Ishimori 石森太二 - Noah Pro Wrestler - Death by Jumping Spider

Tomohiro Matsunaga 松永共広 - Japan's Silver Medalist in men's wrestling at the Beijing Olympics (also competed in Sportsman #1 and Sasuke 21 - Stage 2 competitor) - Death by Jumping Spider!

Naoki Iketani 池谷直樹 - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル - Death by.. er.. Time up on Warped Wall?

Kawashima Takayuki 川島孝幸 - - Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル

Death by Slider Jump

Ah yeah the kid with the white spikey hair.. MM kids did well today! They got really far!

Nagano's frustration and stress level riiiiiising.. (LOL Check out Akiyama's face)




.. ahh.. wait he's all dramatic.. LOL

Dude is still going..

okay this is the most prolonged gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I've heard coming from him..

Takeda is still folding his towel..

.. wait.. I think he's done?

Daisuke Miyazaki warming up

Paul ANTHONY Terek waiting his turn

Rugby player Tomoki Kitagawa 北川智規 - He placed 4th in the 2009 Sportsman No. 1.

Looks likes his team is 3 time champion

Rugby player Tomoki Kitagawa 北川智規

Rugby player Tomoki Kitagawa 北川智規

Gaaaaaaaaaah.. he fell of Iketani style into the water from the Spider Walk!

And down he goes..

Death by.. er.. I just still techincally Jumping Spider

Miyazaki going "okay that sucked"

This part is funny.. Takeda STILL trying to pump some life into Nagano...

The funny part is that he is GOING to hit him hard.. then stops his hand halfway in the air..

And decides to do soft punches instead..

See what I mean?

This continues on for a few frames I cut out...

Distressing to see Nagano in Sasuke 19 mode..

I see Terek's gotten into the Sasuke Spray as well..

Ah yes.. the friendly rivalry with the Sportsman #1 winners.. Terek calling out "Daisuke" (and pronouncing it correctly folks...)

Good luck!

Tehheeh Paul never letting go of the Sasuke Spray

Kitagawa's interview

How does it feel to be in the starting blocks at Sasuke again? (or something like that... a little hard to hear)

Terek: It feels good! It's time for some revenge I guess!

Video of him pole vaulting

And doing the javelin throw

And the reason why the Jump Hang doesn't exist anymore.. Exhibit A..

He's made it to the 3rd stage before

And made every single obstacle look friggin' small..

Paul ANTHONY Terek concentrating for his run

Paul ANTHONY Terek - Olympic Decathlete and former Sportsman #1 winner

Dang he makes this thing look small.. LOL

Revenge on the Jumping Spider that took him out in Sasuke 19!

His first try at the Half Pipe Attack

And Success!

Misses the first pass on the wall though

but passes it and is now making the Slider Jump look.. oh so small..

Look at this thing.. LOL He's massive! LOL

Down he goes to meet up with the Jump Hang Net :p


Nagano intently watching..

Some things just don't need captions..

... lol meanwhile.. Daisuke could care less.. LOL

.. ANd he knows he got busted for yawning!

Seriously folks... and yes I'm a geek for saying this.. Dude is TIRED.. he just came from doing a Handball Tournament where just the night before he was in the Final (his team took second) and has virtually no sleep! Okay.. enough excuses.. it was still funny :p

Terek getting himself out of the water.. HOW DEEP IS THAT THING?

He was doing fine though.. Looks like he was trying to catch as high as he could..

But he seemed to have let go of the pole a wee bit too early and didn't get a good grip on the net

I can almost hear the net going "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET for relegating me as a secondary obstacle!!"

"It was good to get through the spider wall but dissapointing still.. dissapointing.."

.. sorry distracted.. I still think he's cute.. even if a bit young.. Oh well and thus endeth the American hopes..


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Takeda! Woohoo!
I can't stand Beyonce. Bletch. Bet that water tastes nasty.
Wow, Yamada looks like he's gnashing his teeth even! Oh my!
T's been totally hanging out with N for too long. Giggles.
David Bowie had crunchy orange hair like that way back in the 70's. Doesn't look any better on N.
Awww, poor Kewpie Doll.
Great facial expression to go with that epic Ahhhhhh.
Paul ANTHONY Terek! Can I have a bite?
The rugby player looks kind of like a Japanese John Frusciante (RHCP guitarist)
Maybe he'd have done better if T had slapped that sh*t out of him?
Paul ANTHONY Terek! The dude looks like a holiday feast to me. Sorry, but it's true.
Wow. Never seen that exact expression on N's face.
I am soooo stealing your Terek pics. The man is fine, fine, fine.

Arsenette said...

Aahahah you DID catch Yamada gnashing his teeth together :) It seemed like he was trying so hard for people to like him this tournament after the massive failure of his dramatic persona of 21 :p

And yes.. I'm passing popcorn on Terek.. he is quite the fine specimen .. provided he doesn't have that dopey hat on..

TigerOfHaughton said...

Hey, Elsie. I haven't posted before because I didn't have a blogger account. I just got one. As usual, I really enjoyed the blog. Really dissappointed that none of the All-Stars completed the first stage, though. I hope all six will clear the first stage in the next tournament.
I like the pics of Yamada comforting Nagano. I didn't get to watch Sasuke when it aired, but I saw some video clips on YouTube, and I saw Takeda's run. When Yamada is comforting Nagano, I don't know what Nagano is saying, but Yamada is saying "Daijobu, daijobu, daijobu," which means, "It's OK, it's OK, it's OK."

Arsenette said...

Thanks Tiger :) Glad you got to see some of the tournament though you can see the whole thing online now. Just have to know where to look :D There are torrents of the whole tournament online as well.

Appreciate the Yamada translation. I figured that's what he was saying and it was a nice moment from him even if I didn't like the rest :p He does truly like Nagano so it was a painful thing to watch Takeda drop from the sky.. only to see Nagano go into a fit of depression. Hope they have a better time of it in the next tournament and the upcoming Maguro Festival on the 25th-26th.

TigerOfHaughton said...

I think Yamada was more relaxed this time. He seemed nervous and a little distracted right at first, and then again right before his run, but for the most part he seemed relaxed and alert.