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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sasuke 22 - Spoilerific Review - Part 8




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 22.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE NAVI Spring 2009 (1 hour review of Sasuke 22 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!) Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE.


We've seen him laugh.. we've seen him cringe.. we've seen him yawn.. we've seen him shocked.. now it's time to for Mr. Handball! Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔

As usualy they ask someone else about him.. again.. it's Nagano..

What's he saying? Iono.. but it's Nagano so he's in the blog.. bite me :p

.. btw.. biting is rhetorical.. not even hubby gets to do it.. and he's allowed.. only nibbles.. and then only a little bit of that.. so .. yeah..

Nagano and Takeda were there to be shocked and "ooooh" and "aaaaah" with him in the 3rd Stage of Sasuke 21

.. and as usual.. Takeda will laugh at you when you fail.. LOL j/k he was in awe that he passed an obstacle

This is about as far as he got before his hands just went bye-bye - he did well though.. but Dai's death was by Devil Steps

Here we are.. only 5 passes and a lot of surprises.. the highest to actually pass is 90 and.. it's Sato.. gaaaaaah okay okay happy thoughts happy thoughts.. breathe..

It's now dusk..

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔 getting ready for his run.. boy he looks tired.. already raccoon bags under his eyes..

Daisuke Miyazaki 宮﨑大輔 - 3 time and current Sportsman #1 Champion

Already to the Half Pipe Attack (the same that took him out on Sasuke 20)

.. and.. huh? again??

LOL he did it again! He overshot the landing and just stayed on the rope to get another pass..

Landing successful

Clear on the Warped wall

Nice catch on the Slider Jump! Seems like he's taking the safer route by going over.. but I think he's going to get caught in the net..

He's breathing really hard at this point.. I mean he was laboring a bit through the whole stage but now he's sucking wind.

He's seriously running out of gas right now.. the whole weekend is taking a toll (for those who forgot.. he had a championship handball tournament he just came from)

Oh this is painful to watch.. he has no hope with the little strength he has left..

Yep there it goes.. oh that's so sad - Death by Time up on Rope Wall

Aww.. he's just taping his fingers on the plank. Just ran out of time.. a couple tactical mistakes.

They already know it's not possible to up the rope wall that fast... so it's not a hurry hurry hurry thing..

It's all now down to him - the last of the guys who made it to Stage 3 the last time.. and the last of the All-Stars.. again..

He's just shaking his head at this point

Man he looks like he's laboring in his movements and he hasn't even started yet! He's totally depressed :(

He goes to drown his sorrows on TWO cans of Sasuke Spray.. atta boy..

Iwanaga Sho 岩永生 (who apparently was cut) and Masakatsu Izuma 猪妻正活 - Miyazaki's handball teammates

Reacting to the news...

Irk meter rising.. Levi is asking why he timed out?

.. seriously.. he ASKED why Miyazaki timed out? Was he not watching?

Meanwhile.. like a surgeon.. Takeda is preparing to do damage to Nagano's back by putting a pink towel first..

Sorry.. looks like a brokeback moment.. just awkward.. wait.. he is going to break his back.. but not in the .. nvm..

Nagano doesn't seem to be ready..

LOL paused pictures give people funny faces.. check out Akiyama.. wtf is he looking at?

Akiyama looks like he's smelling a bad fart while Takeda is still messing with that damn pink towel trying to keep it from falling.. oh.. and Takeda's got that grin again..

Maybe Akiyama's got something rancid in his mouth.. wait.. nvm. he has Nagano's SHOES.. he's probably swaying from the stench.. nvm.. poor Akiyama..

I see Levi inserting himself in the pack

Looks like a drive by more than anything

LOL no one is paying attention to Levi.. while they all wait for Nagano to goop himself with Sasuke Spray

Yamada giving advice?

Dunno but seems no one else is paying attention LOL

Meanwhile poor Miyazaki who desperately needs some sleep is still depressed up at the top of the Rope Wall.. I mean. he hasn't even pulled himself up onto the plank

He slowly gets up and pulls himself over

Painfully looking at the buzzer but doesn't touch it.

TBS reminding us of what went wrong..

This alone cost him

/sigh that's about as far as he got when he timed out


Nagano acknowledging the crowd.. he's the last of the Mohicans..

Takeda STILL futzing with the towel.. it's like he is looking forward to maming Nagano again...

.. maybe he's a sadist?

Or Nagano a masochist..

Enquiring minds want to know :p

Looks like Shingo is up to no good.. he doesn't smile that often or that eville..

Hmm I'm blaming Takeda.. looks like he's up to something and got caught by the camera.. while Shingo is still laughing from whatever it was

LOL Shingo must have found out he got busted because now he's all grimacing..

Unless the whiff of Nagano's shoes hit his nose.. I mean.. he is next to Akiyama..

LOL I love Ube: "Highlights and privacy invasion of Makoto Nagano's life."

Nagano's last run.. death by Gliding Ring.. wait.. GRINDING Ring.. okay I feel much better now.. (Stage 3 - Sasuke 21)

Asami Nagano's due in June. Married in January - From Sasuke Navi

Asami whipping Nagano back into shape.. sorta.. - From Sasuke Navi

Wifecam™ - Baby bump!

Wifecam™ - awkward point "GET.. IN.. MY.. BELLEH!!"

Wifecam™ - Baby bump! Prayers for safe and healthy delivery!

Wifecam™ - Dunno what she's saying but there is quite a bit of laughter

Takeda gets his wish..

This.. folks.. is to relax him...

I reiterate.. to relax him..

LOL the force exerted by Takeda is.. uhm. disturbing.. he IS a Sadist..

Hasn't registered yet..


Poor Lee Yen Chi リー・エンチ looks like he's just witnessed an execution

And for those of you who actually think this doesn't hurt..

Just ask Brett Sims from Sasuke 19.. ©Brett Sims (this is what it looks like without the towel..)

Now that his spleen is firmly attached to his chest cavity..

Again.. time to fix the pants.. DUDE.. GET NEW PANTS! THE ELASTIC IS WORN!

He doesn't care.. he feels noooooo pain..

Takeda is actually a camera hog.. check him out checking himself out :p

Last man standing in Stage 1

Five guys already passed like.. I don't know.. an hour ago? LOL j/k Still.. it's a surprise who has made it so far.. all the Regulars and All-Stars expected to pass have all failed up to this point

For those who care - His theme is now playing - "Last Battle" from X (TV Series) OST 2

Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Everyone's favorite Fishing Captain Bada$$ of the Millenium

And suddenly.. again.. since Takeda.. I don't feel confident after seeing him grimacing, etc. during his introduction.. just getting the Sasuke 19/20 vibe.. ya know?

Off he goes.. crosses fingers..

First try at the Circle Hammer - success

Jumping Spider.. clear

Wifecam™ -Apparently she was reaaaaaally worried about that..

Wifecam™ -She seems quite relieved.. whoever is standing next to her .. LOL she's having kittens!

Makoto clears the Half Pipe Attack

He's now getting ready for the Warped Wall..

No problems there!

Okay here we go.. this is the part I'm worried about..

Suddenly TBS decides they want everyone to do the Hustle.. okay.. I need some serious brain bleach folks..

Muscle Musical マッスルミュージカル - Go see it!

We are back to a worried Nagano face..

Getting ready to ride the rail..

LOL after seeing Paul ANTHONY Terek hunch over.. you get the gist how short this guy really is..

Doh.. first try he gets the pole stuck on the little stopper they have to keep it in place

K second chance..

Wildly kicking down the rail..

Eep... he's pitching reaaally badly..

GAH! Straight DOWN!

Totally sucks to win a bet.. I knew he would fail here after Takeda was eliminated..

Nagano .. laughing again..

Nervous.. Relieved.. Embarrassed.. take your pick.. he smiles on everything :)

Frustrated I'm sure but at this point he can't stop laughing

I'm still crushed.. but you can't help but smile when you see him

Crowd reaction

Stunned and frustration.. except Aoki.. I think he's blind..

Shingo: Duuuuuuuuuude. WTF...
Takeda: Thaaaaaaaaaat's gotta hurt..

LMFAO They seem to be laughing..

Yep.. LOL Only friends are so cruel to each other like this :D

Shingo again perterbed at something Yamada said..

Takeda is just eavesdropping..

UP THERE.. you see? UP THERE!

Shingo: Dude you had it!

LOL looks like the next 6 months is going to be quite interesting for the All-Stars!

A mixture of wtf and aww man..

But knowing them they will all probably tease each other over the massacre

Though something tells me that Takeda is going to poke extra fun at Nagano for missing

See? He's a sadist I tell ya..

He can't wait to mess with Nagano..

Meanwhile back at Wifecam™...

Wifecam™ - AND she burries herself under the sign for a few seconds..


Wifecam™ - I still can't believe it!

Well.. one good thing.. outside of not being sharp... he is looking much better than he did last year around this time.. healthwise I mean.. Just a year ago he was in the hospital not knowing if he would compete in Sasuke 20... oh how drastic his life has changed in one year.

He's STILL staring at that bar.. I swear it's going to haunt him for the next six months..

He was wobbling all over the place

Again.. like others before him.. the bar is shifting along the rails..

All that forward momentum is going to his feet

And he tries to pipe slider end like he usually does to get enough momentum into the net

He lets go WAY too early

And drops almost straight down

Barely laying fingers on the net. Not even enough to really grip it..

No control just going straight down with no hope of recovery

And just a freefall

Another angle as he's flailing his legs in the air trying to get stable

Bar is all wonky and getting stuck along the tracks

And thus endeth the dream of the All-Stars - Makoto Nagano - Death by Slider Jump

Nagano giddy again and laughing before anything is even said to him

Reporter looks like she's ready to cry and he's laughing

Frustration is building in his face again

I can almost see him over analyzing what he did wrong over and over and over and over.. it's written right across his face

Get some rest Nagano.. see you in six months!

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