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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update on the Sasuke DVD Petition

As many of you know that for quite some time (I think almost 2 years now in total) I've been working on an project to try to get Monster 9 to talk to TBS to release Sasuke into a DVD collection and/or box set. I sent a proposal with details and options they can use including a Region Free DVD so it's not just limited to North American (region 1) or Japan (region 2). In June, 2009 I created the page on my blog about the project and of course the online DVD Petition.

Months went by without any kind of acknowledgment let alone an answer until today. I had sent a reminder a couple days ago and even asked if the show was canceled since the ratings for Sasuke 25 were catastrophically low in Japan. I assume that is what prompted the response. Either way we have an answer I can share with you.


We have read your email.
At this point in time, there are no plans to end SASUKE.
Because of this, there are no plans to sell DVDs. Moreover, since there is a time lag between Japanese broadcasts and broadcasts overseas, for now DVD releases are not realistic.
This is our company's current situation, and we hope for your understanding.
Thank you.
(Thanks David K. for the translation)

So the long and short of it is this.

a) Sasuke is NOT Canceled. So that alone is great news! Sasuke 26 will be produced. We hope the ratings will rebound (I'll blog about that later) and we have many more years of enjoyment.

b) They DO want to create DVD's for Sasuke BUT because overseas is so far behind the TBS official broadcast they do not believe it will be in the foreseeable future.

USA still is 2 tournaments behind.. granted they will show 24 this weekend but everyone else (except Taiwan) is almost 5 tournaments behind. It means also that if they do make DVD's it will be at the end of Sasuke's run and when everyone else catches up. It seems they are taking into account that releasing them now will jeopardize the airings in the different countries. So although we do not get DVD's now, we can get DVD's in the future after Sasuke has run it's course. As an example - Takeshi's Castle was finally released in it's entirely AFTER the show went off the air. Given that information.. I hope it will be a loooooong time from now!

Thanks to everyone especially on the Sasuke Maniacs' site for help with the project and the more than 700 signatures from around the world with nothing but word of mouth to continue the project. It was wonderful to see so many signatures from various countries were Sasuke/Ninja Warrior doesn't even air!


2D2Will said...

Three thing:

1) Couldn't they release the Sasuke DVDs in Multi part volumes? For example, volume 1 could be Sasukes 1-10 and then a couple of years later they can release Sasukes 11-20 in volume 2 and so on.

2) There are VHSs/DVDs of Takeshi's Castle? I love MXC, but I would like to see more of the original.

3) Apparently there is a Takeshi's Castle game for the Famicom. I want it. I also want a Famicom.

Arsenette said...

1. Well they could but I think they want to do one big one and get it over with. Logistically speaking it's a lot cheaper to do one set then constantly doing sets, etc. Also if they just sold Ninja Warrior to a new country.... and they are only in Sasuke 1-5.. well you see where that goes.

2. There are 2 DVD's but they are sold in Japan (available at but it's Region 2..) As for the USA version there are MXC DVD's that include I think 1-2 episodes in their entirety but not the whole set which is what I would love to see.

3. There were a few things attached to the original Takeshi's castle and I think more than just that one game.. but I don't know off the top of my head.

Ultimately I"m happy they finally got back to us. I closed the DVD petition and we got an answer. it's not exactly what we want but they didn't say they were not going to at all at any time. Just not right now.

Gives me hope of more Sasuke's in the future (not just 26 which is now confirmed).

2D2Will said...

Oh I know about the MXC DVDs (have all of them). Great show.

Most computers these days can play any DVD regardless of region and even if they can't, there are other ways around it.

Perhaps I should buy the Banzuke GBA games. Portable systems aren't region locked.

Arsenette said...

You do have to remember that M9 by comparison to the other companies is really small so they don't have the disposable cash to produce DVD's in intervals. While we are used to it here in the USA we are used to big corporate studios. M9 is not at all like that. If I have to wait until the end though then so be it. I'm happy they didn't just say flat out no.

Agreed on the region thing being bypassable but still.. I would prefer an ALL/Free region thing so I can watch on my TV :)

Teheheh let me know if you end up getting the game. And for heaven's sake.. GET SOME SLEEP :)

Chaki said...

Hey, I like the banner for this post!

Rufus said...

Arsenette I thank you for updating us and starting the petition in the first place! At least we know they're listening!

Arsenette said...

Thehehe thanks Chaki I had fun doing that last year :)

Hey Rufus! Howdy stranger :) Theehhehehe yeah I was pretty amazed that they did listen. Strange thing though I'm cheering for them not to do DVD's because that would mean the end of Sasuke.. LOL

Parkerclay said...

If anyone know where I can find the results of all the competitions, please let me know.

Arsenette said...

All competitions can always be found on the wiki I have listed on my page at all times :)

Unknown said...

For the record the Takeshi's Castle episodes on the Takeshi's Castle DVD are NOT original unedited episodes of Takeshi's Castle. They are heavily edited from the original show.

Arsenette said...

Ah cool thanks :)

Unknown said...

I found your blog while searching for "sasuke dvd". Thanks for the information. It is a bit sad but heartening nonetheless.

Arsenette said...

Ah cool :) I hope since so many things are changing that this will be a part of that. Only time will tell though :(