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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sasuke 25 - Spoilerific Review - Part 2




Sasuke spoilerific review ;) Warning.. incoming blog of Sasuke 25.. if you don’t want to know.. you have been warned :D For a preview of this event.. Please see SASUKE 25 NAVI 1 hour review of Sasuke 25 with fluff pieces of all the major players in the upcoming Sasuke!). Oh.. and as Ube says: If you are from the G4 Forums, DON'T POST THIS THERE. They expect everyone to stick their head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist..


Massive thanks to Ube for his help on the names in English and Japanese of all the competitors!! Thanks to scnoi and Sasukepedia and the SASUKE データサイト (Data site) for the kanji

Irubudo Etin (approximate translation) イルブド・エティン is a baseball player from Burkina Faso in Africa.

What he looks like without the baseball hat in the shade - Irubudo Etin (sp?) イルブド・エティン is a baseball player from Burkina Faso in Africa.

Doooooh he shifted his body weight and gets stuck in the rolling log.. but he's manually turning it.. and makes it down the bottom!

LOL he runs up ONTO the trampoline of the Jump Hang but balks at it..

Runs back and sees if he's okay to go again since he didn't go off-course.

He's good to go... er.. testing it didn't help.. LOL

His cheering section from the African All-Stars all groan collectively

Now Takeda is cupping.. er.. wait.. seems they thought that was funny too... Though Shingo still chillin'

Nagano milking it for the camera since they have to stand there anyway :p

Or maybe he's having flashbacks of his demise to the Jump Hang in Sasuke 10? You know.. he might be thinking that after all..

Irubudo Etin (sp?) イルブド・エティン - baseball player from Burkina Faso in Africa - Death by Jump Hang

Ladies and Gentlemen the only professional comedian in Sasuke.. wow.. after the saturation in Sasuke 24 they went the complete OPPOSITE route here..
This is Dandy Sakano ダンディ坂野 and he represents Ishikawa 石川県

Ishikawa 石川県 Prefecture

They had a loong fluff piece for him .. this is the final shot!

.. his fluff piece was longer than his run.. as expected. LOL

This is Dandy Sakano ダンディ坂野 - Death by Dome Steps

Fast Forward time! Time for the painful eliminations of the day!
P.S. Please forgive my translations.. Was relying solely on Kanji.. so I may be way off on the Romanji
Kotaro Tokuda (sp?) 徳田 耕太郎 - Representing Ehime 愛媛県

Kotaro Tokuda (sp?) 徳田 耕太郎 - Death by Jump Hang

Hiroyuki Megumigawa? (sp?) 恵川 裕行 - Representing Mie 三重県 - Death by Jump Hang

Kumagai Seigo (sp?) 熊谷 成悟 - Representing Iwate 岩手県 - Death by Rolling Log

Nakao Osamu 中尾 修 (sp?) - Representing Saga 佐賀県 - Death by Jump Hang

Mitsuaki Tanaka (sp?) 田中 光昭 - Representing Nagano 長野県 - Death by Jump Hang

Hideyasu Taniuchi (sp?) 谷内 秀康 Representing Nara 奈良県 - Death by Jump Hang

Dan Yoji (sp?) 段 洋司 - Representing Tokushima 徳島県 - Death by Jump Hang

Hiroshi Matsuki (sp?) 松木 大 - Representing Hyōgo 兵庫県 - Death by Rolling Log

Phew.. back to people we know! Up next is the Poster Child for all the under 21 G4 rejects who can't get on Sasuke because Ninja Warrior doesn't allow anyone under 21 in ANW.. Btw.. he's 18 and this is his 4th trip..

Jun Sato 佐藤惇 is here representing the Prefecture of Tokyo 東京

Prefecture of Tokyo 東京

Jun Sato 佐藤惇 is one of those kids who's into that newfangled sport called Free Running フリーランニング (lol I did that stuff growing up but we didn't have a name for it .. they just called us crazy :p)

Jun Sato 佐藤惇 jumping off buildings

He's really quiet and reserved for a kid in this sport..

He lets his work do the talking.. he made it to the 2nd stage in Sasuke 23 with friggin' 19 seconds left on the clock

More jumping off things.. (yeah I have stitches from doing this.. LOL)

TBS got constipated and was thinking of prunes..

Jun got grossed out by the constipation joke...

Okay off to the Jump Hang (which is new to him :p )

Not a problem as he goes up the netting

Time for the Bridge Jump

Hmm I hope he doesn't get hurt like the last time...

LOL he just thought of that and is wiping the crud out of his hands...

LMAO and lifted his pants to get better grip!

Okay didn't cream his shoulder on the landing of the Log Grip

No hesitation on the wall

GERONIMO.. wtf.. he's ONE HANDING the Circle Slider???????

Geez he's completely out of control!

... who the heck designed the support girders that low??? he's ducking under!!!!!!

Okay okay.. we are finally at the last 2 obstacles!!! This is the Tarzan Rope

And the Rope ladder (I keep calling the Rope Wall because I can :p )


Wow.. 18 up and 1 clear.. gotta love that lottery putting these impressive guys up early!

Freerunners in da house!

Collective golf clap from the 2 champions (LOL I swear Nagano is giving Takeda marching orders now..)

Because Takeda complied with it and is now clapping. Shingo is determined to look cool.

Jun Sato 佐藤惇 is relieved and actually smiling! LOL

Now he's sucking wind.. LOL

I'm gathering that TBS is now poking the All-Stars saying "see? a kid can do this course.. you old guys can do it too.. it's not an impossible first stage.. "

TBS: "you doing it, right? Right? No stupid fails today .. right?"
LOL Shingo biting his bottom lip trying not to crack that smile..

Shingo: Stop that!!! I don't need anymore pressure!!! I hate you all!!!

Nagano: I'm not Takeda.. I don't do bold predictions..

Nagano: Ya'll just like putting me on the spot .. don't you?

Jun is lucky he's as tall as he is.. his form sucked.. LOL

Yep.. he did only catch that with his friggin' fingertips!!

He's now careening out of control!!

I'm sure I heard screaming around this part...

LOL he's doing everything he can to hang on!!

Wow he had a LOT of momentum to dismount like that..

LOL and completely out of control he's about to go face first into the support beam...

So he's barely straight and now he has to duck under.. wtf... who designed this? Midgets? (okay okay.. camera angle makes it worse.. but it seems low..)

Ahahahahahah Jun's hands are massive on that red button.. STOP DAMN YOU STOP! CRUNCH...

Jun Sato 佐藤惇 is on to the 2nd stage.. this time hopefully without an injury!

wtf.. did you see that crap on the dismount? How low is that thing?

God I can sooooo use a beach trip right now.. This is the Prefecture of Kōchi 高知県

Sakamoto Ryoma 坂本 龍馬 who apparently is a magazine editor is representing Kōchi 高知県

Sakamoto Ryoma 坂本 龍馬 - Death by Rolling Log

As an aside.. check out #41.. you won't see him ever again in this broadcast.. LOL sorry.. just having fun with TBS cuts :p

Yuuji Kira 吉楽 雄治 is a carrot farmer! He represents Niigata 新潟県

.. he's.. still.. nah he can't be...

OMG yes he still has the carrot in his HAND! ROFL!!!!!

LMAO TBS checking out his grip to see if he mounted the Log with a carrot..

Without carrot in log or in Jump Hang he's doing well!

He's going up on the Jump Hang

And as Ube reminds me.. this is the famous Yuuuuujiiiiiiii scream in the commercial and opening video.. and no it wasn't Urushihara.. it was this Yuuji...

Yuuji Kira 吉楽 雄治 - Death by Bridge Jump

You can see he lost his balance on the last swing and went in sideways trying to grab the rope

The Carrot farmer friend is not happy

Yuuji Kira 吉楽 雄治 can't believe his luck!

Hiroshi Imai 今井 裕久 is a Daruma craftsman representing Gunma 群馬県

Thanks to a friend of mine I know wtf he's doing.. He's painting the first eye of the Daruma so he can remember what goal he's trying to achieve.

He will only color in the 2nd eye if he has fulfilled his goal.

Oh oh... I guess he's not coloring the 2nd eye...

Hiroshi Imai 今井 裕久 - Death by Dome Steps

He apparently made children laugh!

Pop star segment.. Manager must have paid money to get this much coverage on these guys.. I'm still trying to wash out the video of their manager spending 5 minutes talking the first time they came on this show.. oh well.. the have fans..

Tetsuji Sakakibara 榊原徹士 and Yoshiya Seki 関義哉 will be the representatives..

.. he looks like a bishonen anime character..

Oh look.. a kitty!

This little bastard made me yawn...

TBS is still having kittens...

Yoshiya Seki 関義哉 from boy band Shinsengumi Rien 新撰組リアン is Representing Kyoto 京都府

Doh.. he barely made the steps!

And barely made the Rolling Log!

Having failed the Jumping Spider before.. he's hoping he has better luck with the Jump Hang...

.. nope.. face plant!

Giggling girls find it funny

Tetsuji Sakakibara 榊原徹士 is laughing.. he shouldn't be.. he will be drinking septic sludge too! I'm sure of it!

Yoshiya Seki 関義哉 - Death by Jump Hang
Mental note.. Boy bands don't do trampolines

Ryoji Higa 比嘉 良二 works at Muscle Park in Tokyo but he is originally from Okinawa 沖縄県

Damn that Azumanga Daioh anime.. now I'm chanting OKINAWA.. OKINAWA.. OKINAWA.. (stupid Tomo..)

Ryoji Higa 比嘉 良二 working the crowd at Muscle Park in Tokyo

Hmm.. he's up to a trampoline obstacle.. every single Muscle Park employee has royally sucked on the Jumping Spider.. will he break the trampoline curse?

Damn he made it! LOL I was hoping he failed so they would feel the need to build a lifesize replica of this in their park! LOL

LOL Sorry.. he's doing well! He's going up.

Survived the Bridge Jump

BARELY survived the Log Grip as he climbs up praying he didn't touch the water

And.. he's totally not going to go up this thing.. oooooh does that mean they'll build another wall replica??? Golden Week is coming up...

Oh he's close but no cigar!! He gave a valiant effort but to no avail.
Ryoji Higa 比嘉 良二 - Death by Time Up on Warped Wall

Muscle Park Employees and friends watch this in slow motion..

Oy this blog is going to kill me.. another set of Fast Forwards..
Shoshi Watanabe (sp?) 渡辺 翔史 - Representing Hiroshima 広島県

Shoshi Watanabe (sp?) 渡辺 翔史 - Death by Dome Steps

Akihito Shiozaki (sp?) 汐崎 彰彦 - Representing Wakayama 和歌山県

Akihito Shiozaki (sp?) 汐崎 彰彦 - Death by Dome Steps

Hmm.. new meaning to Fish and chips..
Seihisashi Murayama (sp?) 村山 清寿 Representing Miyagi 宮城県

About to approach the bridge jump.. (btw this is his face.. did the best I could..)

Seihisashi Murayama (sp?) 村山 清寿 - Death by Bridge Jump

Politician with a teddybear? Hmm.. Data Site says he won a National contest as a Saigō Takamori 西郷 隆盛 Lookalike (to us "The Last Samurai")
His name seems to be Toshiya Hitoshino (sp?) 斉野 俊也 and he represents Kagoshima 鹿児島県

Toshiya Hitoshino (sp?) 斉野 俊也 - Death by Dome Steps

Do I even want to know.. looks like a monster wedding.. Hmm .. seems the thing on the left of the picture is a Namahage which is part of the culture in this region of Japan.
Tsuyoshi Kuroda (sp?) 黒田 豪介 - Representing Akita 秋田県

Tsuyoshi Kuroda (sp?) 黒田 豪介 - Death by Dome Steps

Tomoyoshi Azuma (sp?) 東 義智 - Squash player - Representing Kumamoto 熊本県

Tomoyoshi Azuma (sp?) 東 義智 - Death by Log Grip

Tomohiro Hirai (sp?) 平井 智宏 - Carpenter - Representing Fukuoka 福岡県

Okay this was something I didn't know.. I've seen a bunch of people balancing but they are not allowed to advance if they use their hands.. Ones in the past that did always fell..

So because he passed the obstacles while using his hands he was disqualified.
Tomohiro Hirai (sp?) 平井 智宏 - Death Disqualification on the Dome Steps

Pejun ペジュン - Cartoon artist representing Korea 朝鮮

Pejun ペジュン- Death by Dome Steps


VenusHeadTrap said...

*sigh* loved it. I don't know what was harder on the eyes, this, or your old black layout!

Arsenette said...

Oh I'll mess with it some other time.. trying to get this stupid format to work in all browsers was pissing me off.. LOL This sucker is staying put for now..

ArtemisFowljr said...

Yep, loving it. Oh and Benus I'm totally ok with the background, because I'm IN LOVE with blue :P
Anyway, Shingo made me laugh a lot...looking cool and gooofy a the same time, only he could have managed to haha.
Oh and I yawned with the kitten too LOL!

VenusHeadTrap said...

lmao Benus now that is a first, I'm serious I haven't heard it before this point. It is a good thing that it came from someone I know and love instead of a sworn enemy ;D